3. Purity is a proof of love


God the Father:  I created mankind to give Me glory. I created it out of love. The lie of today’s world consists of convincing mankind that there is love besides God that is true, beautiful and eternal, and it is worth sacrificing one’s life for it. So looking for the right partner to live this illusive love takes people the entire life, still not satisfying their desires which, devoted to sin, will never find satisfaction and peace. The soul ruled by evil spirits is filled with fear and the love that she expects to experience is a daze, which makes you see things differently than they are in reality. The daze blinds with sin. Man sees man as Satan wants, and as long as the temptation lasts, he sees him better, more beautiful and more perfect than he really is. This blindness covers obvious flaws, infirmities and sicknesses, and even ugliness. The love of the world is based on mutual egoistic exploitation, in which man is a divinity demanding reverence and adoration.

My children, the desire for love that I have implanted in the human soul cannot be quenched outside of Me. Only with Me and through Me you can attain real love and receive it in marriage. As true, beautiful and eternal, I am the source of true, beautiful and eternal love. Satan, the king of the kingdom of sin, possesses neither truth, nor beauty, nor stability. He is a cruel executioner who plays with your dreams for one purpose. He wants to make you unhappy forever in his prison, from which you will never come out again.

A world devoted to the authority of evil has developed all means of temptation and deception of mankind, so that purity would disappear from the face of the Earth, and yet My grace is above the world. Once you understand that impurity breaks the bond of the soul with God and by the same token leaves her in the hands of spirits of destruction, desire to keep purify with all your heart and My grace will be your strength.

The sin of impurity is in its nature so contrary to the perfect and pure nature of God, that it tears the soul away from God regardless of whether it is committed in thoughts, words or deeds. In its every form, it kills the sanctifying grace in the soul, and thus it is a mortal sin. That is why Satan so eagerly develops his snares in this sphere, because in no other he does take away souls from Me so easily. By developing the world of the senses, he develops physical weakness in man. For it takes strength and valor to combat these temptations; discipline and obedience, and not slackness and laziness. It is there that impurity enters, through idleness and an effeminate heart. Keeping faithfulness always requires valor. It is faithfulness towards the King, to whom it is worthwhile to show a fervent heart. Only an ardent and loving heart is capable of faithfulness. And you owe the King faithfulness until death, so give Him your bodies and will, so he can create an invincible army out of you.

What I desire from you is complete purity, which in the name of God rejects everything that leads to impurity. I cannot describe the delight with which I look at souls who, out of love for Me, remain pure and fight for it with all their strength to prove their faithfulness to Me. For purity is proof of love. I value it above all other virtues because it creates a strong bond between the soul and God, similar to human marriage ties. The sin of impurity breaks this bond completely, so I cannot rely on the one who easily breaks this bond so precious to Me.

The reward for purity is My faithfulness and My right hand, with which I fight on the side of the one who guards his heart for Me. I will jealously defend such a soul, because faithfulness captivates Me to such an extent, that I attach Myself to such a soul in a particular way and I have a lot of patience for her. I can say that I give My heart to such a soul and I cooperated with her in all her good works. For faithfulness, I pay with magnanimity, because for Me it is a proof of love. I can only base My action on and I can only trust those who are faithful to Me. I base My works and plans on them. The rest receive and lose My grace. I have mercy for them, but they are not suitable for any task.

Write, daughter. My true friends, leaders of My army, guard their gaze for Me. They do not give it to every creature, but look away from what might be a temptation and a snare. They do not give away their gaze to everyone, but they keep it in discipline and abstinence for higher purposes. My leaders are not looking around curiously and stupidly, losing sight of their goal, lest their enemy approaches them. My chosen ones possess the wisdom to choose what is good and despise evil. For the eyes are the gate to the fortress, in which lives the King of kings. The one that I place at the gate must be vigilant and cunning, so as not to let into the fortress the King’s enemies, who will mislead the guard with an agreeable appearance and speech, in order to murder the King. This is My fate in the hearts that are not vigilant and valiant.

Satan’s anger reverberates throughout the world through the media, which are permeated by a hostile tempting power. The one who feeds on them will not preserve purity, because the temptations in them sneak in as if through the back door. You will not notice them; you will be already defeated, filled with images that will tear away your hearts from Me. Beware of these hidden enemies. Beware also of those overt ones who mislead you, requiring reverence and admiration for themselves. Women who wear immodest outfits, and these are all those who, instead of hiding their body, emphasize it, enter on the warpath with Me. They will be punished for other people’s sins still during their lifetime, and then after death. If they obtain husbands, they will not be faithful to them; and if they do not obtain them, this will be My punishment for seducing the husbands of others. For other people’s sins are also adultery.

Marital chastity consists of subordinating married life to the laws of God, which command the spouses to conceive and raise the offspring that God will be willing to give them. The purity of the clergy assumes total abstinence in thoughts, words and deeds through faithfulness to the One to whom they gave their bodies. I guard the body of the priest as My own, and My jealous love towards priests desires above all their purity and it kindles a great wrath against those who do not guard it. The priests should avoid all occasions not only for sin, but even for the emergence of temptations. If they do so, they have a helper and a protector in Me. Then I Myself guard them and I fill them with My Divine strength. Celibacy is a great grace and freedom, so that a man of flesh and blood could become an angel. If the priest gives Me completely his masculinity, I give him wings to hover above what is human.

In the sixth commandment, I forbid you not only to commit adultery in deeds, but also in thoughts and words. It does not become to speak about unclean things to the lips receiving the Body and the Blood of God. It does not become to look in an unclean way with the eyes that God has formed to see Him. Guard your purity so that you will be able to see God after death, because every impurity impairs the soul and distances her from God. Later, only the living fire can cleanse you and enable you to see Me. Blessed are the pure in heart.

I bless you, child, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


4. Causes and consequences of breaking the ninth commandment


God the Father:  The ninth commandment sounds: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.” This is a commandment of great weight. It forbids entering someone else’s marriage not only by deed, but also by mere thought. Everything is apparent in the eyes of God, and only a mere lustful thought or gaze is a slap in the face of God. I established marriage as a Holy Sacrament. It is holy because I concluded it with My supernatural power. The spouses belong to each other by virtue of this grace and by virtue of the same grace they belong to Me. I defend marriage with my own breast and the one, who steps into its sanctity with a mere lustful thought, strikes Me directly.

A woman becoming a wife ceases to belong to the world. Her appearance and restraint in behavior testify to her respect for her husband and to the Sacrament, which she has concluded. If a married woman tries to attract the looks of other men by her appearance and behavior, she is already committing a sin, being guilty of someone else’s sin.

A woman’s destiny is to have one husband and she should stop at that. If for the sake of her own vanity, she covets the recognition of other people’s husbands, she commits a sin against the ninth commandment, which forbids to covet other people’s husbands and wives. This is not only about carnal lust, but about any lust. Vanity is lust. Greed is also.

When choosing a husband, a woman must accept him with everything that he possesses, and with his entire characteristic background. Some of these things will meet her expectations, and some she must accept and stop at that. The lust for a better husband’s family, the admiration for the resourcefulness and eloquence of other men, as well as their money and position, lead to marital betrayal. The wife must accept her husband with his family and wealth, his preferences and character traits, and then she will be a happy wife, not directing her desires outside of the marriage.

A man choosing a wife for himself must choose a woman with whom he desires to grow old, so he should love his wife. Only a woman who loves can fulfill the life of a man so that he will not direct his desires beyond the marriage, and her pregnancy, crises, and old age will not be for the man a detriment to the love and sweetness of domestic happiness. If the love with which a man enters into marriage is superficial and shallow, it rather deserves the name of lust, which will pass at the first difficulties. Then, the man who is immature to love will begin to direct his desires outside of the marriage, to escape from marital crosses and duties.

Marriage is a responsibility, so it should be concluded with great mindfulness, because it is a decision for the entire life. All nascent desires for someone else’s wives, their abilities, beauty or friendship should be suppressed in the bud. The admiration for some physical or spiritual quality can turn into desire, and it is already sinful in itself, because it pertains to someone else’s property.

So the man should stop at what he has and appreciate the gifts of the Creator; and if the choices he made are a consequence of sins and are rather a cross, the only hope to improve this state of affairs is to humbly accept the cross and fall in love with it until it becomes sweet. For if the unhappy ones in a marriage were to make so much toil and effort in the goal of saving and improving their marriage as they direct at feeling sorry for themselves and telling others about their cross, they would heal their marriages and could live for many years in happiness.

Therefore, coveting other people’s husbands and wives leads to the breakup of the marriage, spiritual destruction of children, quarrels and further sins. The secret of the joy of marital life is in showing satisfaction with what one has and the appreciation of God’s gifts. Temptations should be suppressed in the bud and one should avoid the opportunity for sin through excessive conviviality and a penchant for entertainment.

The rules that I have set out for you in the ninth commandment should be an iron rule, from which no concessions are ever made. This applies to spouses as well as to those who remain unmarried. Both are burying their happiness by breaking this commandment. Those who touch the sanctity of marriage bring a curse upon themselves; firstly by coveting themselves, and secondly by violating My holiness. I bless you, My child, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


8. Third cardinal sin of priests – impurity


Lord Jesus:  The third sin. The sin of impurity ravages the ranks of my sons like the plague. The sacrament of the Holy Orders enables the priest to live in celibacy. If he obeys the prescribed forms of behavior, he is safe and the grace of God protects his souls. If he is impertinent towards God, he quickly loses this grace and falls into sin sometimes for the entire life. Daily prayer and participation in the sacraments give the soul of the priest a great strength. However, a lack of humility in approaching one’s own weak nature leads to a nonchalant treatment of the basic forms of maintaining security against the attacks of evil spirits. Nature never surpasses grace, just as man never surpasses God. Conscious exposure to temptation ends in sin; therefore, allowing situations that may disturb the inner peace of the priest already is a sin of pride.

From the beginning, the church taught about the forms of restraint of the priest towards the faithful, so that instead of fighting temptations, the priest would not allow them to arise. Meanwhile, no norms of behavior apply to priests today. They do not fear for their souls, because they do not fear Me. They do not avoid all forms of media, whose primary goal is the moral depravation of societies around the world. They also do not avoid meetings with women, treating them as a natural form of entertainment, as if they were still in the world and had the same duties and responsibilities as the rest of society. Meanwhile, the fate of the world weighs on them, and Satan follows them wherever they go, because for every absolution of the sinner and for every man converted to God, his hatred and deception towards the priest are intensified.

The priestly soul is great in the eyes of God. The priestly sainthood is a constant reality, even though the priest as a man is imperfect. However, as a second Christ, the priest remains the mystery of God’s presence. God is present in every Sacrament. This is the essence of all the Sacraments. The priesthood is not a temporary Sacrament, but a lasting one, for the priest receives an indelible mark. This means that God, acting in the Sacrament of the Holy Orders, divinizes the souls of the priest and inhabits his body in a way known only to Him. However, He is actually and constantly present in the priest, the second Christ. Saint Paul warns that the one who unworthily consumes the bread and the cup of the Lord is guilty of the Body and the Blood of the Lord. Meanwhile, the priest is My Body. The priest is My Blood. Cursed is the one who extends a lewd hand for the Body of the Lord. He is guilty of the Body and the Blood of the Lord. These are the heaviest sins against the Sacrament of Priesthood.

He who kills the priest kills Christ, but he who seduces him kills him twofold. For he kills his souls and kills Me in him. The murder of a priest is a lighter sin than his seduction, because the holy martyr’s blood of the priest poured as a sacrifice joins with My Blood and sanctifies souls. The seduction of a priest is the heaviest sin because it violates My grace. His blood, instead of joining with Mine in a sacrifice, spills like poison on souls and kills them.

Every sin gives birth to sin. Every sin of the priest takes away My grace from mankind, so it gives birth to many, many sins and many deaths. Satan, knowing these mysteries, set himself the goal of seducing all My sons and precipitating them to Hell. For killing them brought him temporary satisfaction and great losses out of consideration for the sanctity of their martyr’s blood. So now he does not want to kill their bodies, but their souls. This is the third world war with the priesthood, which you expect so much. The evil spirit is patient and persistent in his action. He introduces himself to you as an angel of light, deceiving your naive hearts with love. Remember, however, that where there is sin, there is not even a bit of love, but only the emotional illusion that Satan can arouse just as he does by casting enchantments. Sin has nothing to do with love. This should be your guide in the examination of your own hearts. Love excludes sin, and sin excludes love. Thus, priests succumb to Satanic delusion by falling in love and leaving Me for women. Apart from lust, in which Satan joined and imprisoned them, nothing else will unite them, and the curse will never leave their home.

So examine your heart now. Examine your friendships; do they serve the glory of God or you? And if you, in what? Does your ego need adoration? So how will you be able to adore Me, being adored yourself? Will you not graciously turn to those adoring you? Thereby, will you not turn away from Me? Do your relationships leave you uneasy? Do you attend meetings where someone attracts you? If you remain in this state, you risk losing eternal life and play with Me. Cut off from yourself any relationships, temptations, and attachments that threaten your priesthood, because if even if I saved you from the angel of death once or twice, it does not mean that I will save you again. This message is My third time.  The third and the last.

Consider today the great brilliance of Solomon, the great abundance of My graces for him, and his great fall in the arms of women who have seduced his heart, so that he broke the covenant with God Himself. Consider how I suffer all your services if I do not have your heart. To those who call: ‘‘Lord, Lord’’, but turn their heart towards a woman, power, or another idol, I will say the words: ‘‘I don’t know you’’.

Translated from: Orędzia o czystosci, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 67-99