YEAR 2012

YEAR 2012


9. The place of the Mother of God in the Church


Mother of God:  My daughter, today, on the day of My feast, I also wish to surround Fr. Piotr with My particular care and blessing. So you will write down these words for him:

Beloved Son, you fill Me with longing and love, by fighting for My honor and place in the Church. For this Church, I have offered all My sufferings, so it may grow in love and faith. The Church, which wants to deprive itself of the care of its Mother and remove Her secretly, is not on the path of God, because I did not choose Myself for the Mother of the Savior and your Mother, but this has been entrusted to Me by the eternal Will of God. Thus, whoever degrades Me, exalted by the Highest God, is not worthy to be called My child and the child of the Highest God.

My daughter, write down these words: The Church which abandons its Mother is no longer the Church, but an open wound on the Body of the Savior. This wound festers and infects other members of the Body of My Son, filling them with bitterness. I would like all Polish priests to remember My love and to seek My protection with great zeal. I would like the priests to have a particular recourse to Me in prayer, so that I may guard them from errors and from choosing the wrong direction. All those who do not want My help and love are orphans, who, the poorer and the more confused they are, curse the hand that feeds them.

For that reason, My Son, I bless you and thank you for defending My honor. I will reward you for this love with quite a particular place in My Immaculate Heart, which I put with full trust into your hands. Spread the cult of My Immaculate Heart, because it is the true Ark of Salvation in these troubled times.

Translated from : Bóg mówi do Kapłana. Grzechynia 2015, p. 69-93