YEAR 2010

YEAR 2010


1. Son, do not subside in the fight!


My son, do not subside in the fight. Your deeds and your burning heart are pleasing to Me. I, God, support you and protect you. This little handmaiden of Mine will also serve you with My voice. I will speak to you through this child, and you listen to My voice, with which I support you in your service. You are My chosen to preach about My Kingdom. Do not collapse on the road. Many adversities are still awaiting you, but I, My son, am with you all the time. You have received My gifts in abundance to proclaim My Glory. Now go and teach, because for this reason I have sent you, My faithful priest. I have few servants so faithful and open to My call. I opened your mind so you may see through the plan of evil and prepare the way for Me. And now go and teach. It is I, Jesus Christ, saying this, your beloved God, who will never abandon you. Amen


2. Should the priest write a letter that he regrets and apologizes?

3. They do with him the same that as did with Me

4. Mother of God, will you say something to the priest for his 25th anniversary of priesthood?

5. The national enthronement of the sheep. The beginning or the end?

6. I am his shepherd


Translated from : Bóg mówi do Kapłana. Grzechynia 2015, p. 9-15