End of the Way of the Cross

Lord Jesus:  My son, as you contemplate this Way of the Cross, open yourself to the Truth and let it penetrate your heart, so that it may be wounded and healed at the same time. I am giving you the meditations of My Heart, so you would know who you are in My Heart and how much I have thought about you during My Passion. I value your love above the love of women (2 Sam 1, 26). Remember, I will be the King and I will rule, but you are second to Me (1 Sm 23, 17). Alter Christus – Second Christ. I bless you and strengthen you. As it were, I call you to a new life in Me and in your vocation. Let My Spirit resurrect your heart, fill it and guide it. Amen.

Prayers in the intention of the Pope to obtain an indulgence: Our Father… Hail Mary… I believe in God…

Translated from: Rekolekcje Kapłanskie, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2018, p. 136