Lord Jesus:  Write my words. The first sin. The greatest, the most common and the most widespread sin of priests is pride. Moreover, it is also the source of all other sins. When I was creating mankind from nothing, I conferred dignity and rights upon it. The priesthood is the highest human dignity, but it is not above the law. The angel that I exalted fell down. This is also the case with the priests to whom I gave the most. Instead of showing Me more and more gratitude, they forget about Me, staring more and more at themselves. The more they stare at themselves, the less they see Me. And so, instead of diminishing themselves, so that I may become bigger and bigger in their hearts, they feed their ego, and push Me into a further and deeper corner of their heart, until finally they throw Me out of it completely. For there is no place for two kings in one kingdom and sooner or later one of them must die. The priest either kills himself, giving himself up as a sacrifice together with Me, or he kills Me, becoming My executioner.

Now look carefully at yourself. Let Me examine your heart. How far did you progress on My path? Consider if you perceive the danger of this sin within you? Do you ask Me for My opinion before you make a decision? Do you try to act in everything as I would act? Do you ask Me for help? Do you ask persistently and humbly? Are you able to accept My inspirations if they are not after your thoughts? Are you able to accept remarks on your own topic with love? Do you consider their rightness before you reject them? Do you wonder what you should improve in yourself? Is the advice of those who love you valuable to you? Is it possible that you are wrong about an issue and others are right? At last, is it possible that those who irritate you are on a higher level of holiness than you? Do you allow the thought that the mistakes of others are a lesson in humility and patience for you? Do you understand that your mistake reveals the truth about you? Do you need My help to convert? Do you need conversion? If you do not perceive sin in yourself, you are already a great saint or a great sinner. Humility always chooses the second option.

Nurturing and developing the virtue of humility in oneself is the most important thing in the fight against the sin of pride. You should fight it, humbling yourself in spirit before Me. After all, man is only dust and ashes. All the rest is My and exclusively My grace. Your family is My grace. The values, faith, and tradition that you have derived from it are My mercy. The Church and the nation in which you were born are My work. Your abilities, from inborn traits to the acquired ones, are also My grace and My guidance. I have prepared you for the work I desire to carry out through you. Not that I do not have anyone better, because I can create who I want and whenever I want. Only and solely because I love you and I desire to give you a place in My Kingdom; but to be able to do this, I have to share My work with you. For only the heirs inherit the Kingdom. You must accept My grace to be able to garner undeserved merits. For with what have you deserved My grace, not existing? How did you deserve to be created by Me? Now, I want you to realize that the worst sinner consists of the same dust and ash as you. If you are not in his place, it is only so that you would pray for him and help him rise. On that account, I have protected you from many sins, but not from all, because then you would have become proud like the son of perdition himself. Human frailty caused by the original sin is to protect man against the devil. Although this seems to be a contradiction, it is a truth to which you have not yet come to.

Consider today in your heart how thin the line between holiness and sin is. How poor and weak the vessel, into which I pour My Divine grace.

Translated from: Rekolekcje Kapłanskie, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2018, p. 28-42