Beginning of the retreat


Lord Jesus:  Today, I desire to open My lips to the priests, whom I have called for a particular participation in My Divinity, in My humanity, and in My Redemption. With the sign of the Holy Cross, I begin the priestly retreat in which I desire Myself to dwell with you as I did with My disciples on Earth. Today I desire to tear out the priestly heart from the world and its concerns. I turn My gaze to you, priest. I want you to leave earthly matters for this time, in which I will be speaking to you. Do not interrupt our time with the concern for this world. If you want to feel the fruits of this retreat that I will personally conduct for you, try to distance everything from yourself, at least for this time when I am talking to you and when you are talking to Me. If you do not calm down, you will not hear Me properly and you will not understand Me. Also, you will not feel My gaze, which will be examining, injuring and healing your heart. Thus, let the first day of the retreat be a preparation for hearing My voice. When I called Elijah for a meeting with Me, he went up on Mount Sinai and waited for Me in the cave. So he distanced himself from the earth, climbing towards the sky, and he focused his gaze within. Let all the whirlwinds and storms of necessary and urgent matters roll over you. Hide your heart and do not go outside. Only My call, which is peace and solace, like a gentle breeze, should open your eyes. Come out to meet Me, for I will speak with you one-to-one.

So the first day of the retreat is a time of preparation and tranquility for further work, in order to start the proper meeting already the next day. This preparation should include prayer and fasting. The priestly Way of the Cross should be said from the first to the last day, and prayers and work should be offered in one’s own intention, so I may open, brighten, heal and sanctify your priestly heart. It is also good to ask someone pious for prayer at this time for a deep experience of the retreat and its proper fruits. This first day is a wait for the Holy Spirit, so prayer should especially encompass the devotion to His Person. I bless this time, this prayer and your heart.

Write down My call. Because I loved the priestly heart and My love remains perfectly faithful, I desire to show a particular grace to My sons. When I was stepping on Earth, I surrounded Myself with the Twelve. Today, I personally call your heart, priest, to a close friendship with Me. I want to have you among My loved ones and I have called you for this. It is precisely you that I have chosen so that you would get to know Me best, receive the most grace from Me, and take the closest place to Me at My table during the time of the eternal feast. I made you a priest. The retreat, for which you have been called, is My personal desire to live with you these days in great closeness and truth. My personal concern for your life and your heart. During this time, I will teach you and reveal to you the truth about you. You can also ask and you will receive an answer. I am not calling you to admonish you. I am not calling you to praise you. Together, we are to fulfill the Will of the Father. I am calling you to show you that your heart is of great value to Me, and your love means more to Me than you can comprehend.

Translated from: Rekolekcje Kapłanskie, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2018, p. 21-23