Novena for the time of fear (3)


God the Father:  Listen, human faults immerse souls and cripple them with unbearable weights. Sin destroys man’s natural relationship with God, and precisely because of that, it is the greatest enemy of man and should be hated as such among people. Every sin destroys the soul and creates a wound in it. Sin is a lack of love, so the wound that arises is a loss of love. In the place of the lost love arises fear. Do you remember what Adam and Eve did when they sinned? Hiding is a reaction to the perceived fear. The original sin opened man to fear, which man did not know before. From now on, man is struggling with a lack of trust towards the Creator and always feels some sort of fear.

Depending on what is the personal development of the soul and her state in regard to God, she feels a greater or a lesser fear. The consequences of the original sin have spread to all mankind, but it is not the last sin that is burdening all generations with fear. The societal sin is a sin proper to entire groups of people, nations, factions and social strata. The compounded sin of each of these groups affects the entire community, which is related to the sinners. In this way, the sins of priests are a burden to all people, and especially the members of the Holy Church, because the anger of God, which they bring upon the Earth instead of mercy, weighs on all mankind filling it with fear. For the priest has the power to divert My anger from the people through propitiation, and through his own sacrifice, to make satisfaction for the sins of the souls entrusted to him. This calling is the intercession for the Earth, and especially for its chosen people and thus the members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Holy Church.

National sins, such as genocide, the destruction or the oppression of another nation, avenge themselves on all members of the oppressor’s nation. This national fault causes fear in the entire nation. Another type of sin is someone else’s sins that arise through depravations. These sins not only cause bad effects on the sinners themselves, but also burden with fear the souls of the people who brought forth the depravations, and through their bad example were the cause of other people’s sin. This type of sin has very broad effects, and penance for it can be imposed until the end of the world. However, already in this world, the man who became the cause of depravation suffers from fear, the reason of which he cannot grasp and he treats himself with all human means, from psychologists to sorcerers. Nevertheless, this does not help and the anxiety caused by the wound suffered through sin, heavy in consequences, terrifies the soul from morning to night. These people, often without knowing the reason for their fear, escape from it into the world of drugs and sinful pleasures, until they reach a tragic end.

A personal sin is an individual wound to the soul that can arise in her, because it also has the indirect effect of someone else’s sin. If man suffers harm, this sin, although not his own, leaves fear in him due to the loss of primary innocence. A faultless wound arises in that way, but indirectly causes bad human relationships in the future. This kind of sin, however, is best removed by removing sin from one’s life and soul by Holy Confession. In addition, the wounds arising as a result of sin are healed by the sanctifying grace in the soul, and thus directly by the Holy Spirit, who being Himself a personal Love, fills the soul and all her wounds with love. However, the issue of the conscious acceptance of this grace by souls remains and these messages serve this purpose. I desire to teach you the internal acceptance of love that has the power to heal all your wounds suffered through sin. We do not have to dwell on these wounds; this interior is cleansed through the Holy Confession. All that remains is the matter of healing them. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, maszynopis, Grzechynia 2020