Novena for the time of fear (2)


God the Father:  Listen My child. Trust Me. Guard My words in your soul. Write them down carefully and follow them. The disease of civilization is a ubiquitous defect of a society that is well-developed in material terms, but not in spiritual terms. The development of mankind fructified in material prosperity, which in turn plundered souls. This civilization did not develop under the spiritual influence, because prosperity plundered souls of their goods.

The sweetness of cookies will not overflow onto the soul. One cannot overfeed the body so that something from this would pass onto the soul. The sweetness of cakes and the delicacy of fabrics will not overflow onto the soul, and the intellectual ability of the mind will not make the soul outstanding either. The human soul feeds on God. Material prosperity does not give her any of its own. It plunders her of her goods and makes her dry, indifferent and hardened. In order to protect oneself against the tide of corruption, man should value penance as a means to develop the soul. It is an antidote to a soul living in an overfed body. For the senses overflowing in all goods, it is the only antidote. Penance is the good of the soul. The feeding of the soul, however, takes place in the sacramental life of the Church. Frequent participation in the Holy Mass and reception of the Blessed Sacrament nourishes the soul and makes her fat in My eyes. However, the condition for obtaining graces flowing from this sacrament is the regular participation in Holy Confession and the maintenance of the soul in sanctifying grace.

So cleansed and revived, the soul bears the mark of a fat sheep. I have especially loved these souls and I desire to heal them with the power of My grace flowing from the constant presence of My Holy Spirit in them. The diseases that affect these souls are the same from which suffer souls deprived of grace. However, in these souls I want to act; I desire to heal them because I especially care about them. Before we tackle the diseases of the body, I want to heal the souls. The diseases of souls are consequences of sins, from the original sin through the societal sins and other people’s sins, until the personal sins of souls.

Every sin is a lack of love and its loss. So the wounds of man suffered through sin are the remnants of a wounded love, a lessening in perfection. By the same token, they cause psychological and physical sequelae related to sin. That is why all diseases are rooted in sin: in personal sin, in societal sin, in someone else’s sin, and in the original sin. I will describe these types of sin later. Now I want to assure you that they are all healed equally. They are all healed with love. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, maszynopis, Grzechynia 2020