Union in God

What happens during the time of the Holy Communion is extraordinary and unheard-of. I enter into your soul and into your body as God and as a Man, because you receive My Soul and Divinity, but also My Flesh and My Blood, which unites with your blood. I am united with you in a strict and real way. You feel bliss, having in yourself the highest Holiness and Power. (…)

This joy and happiness, which I feel while dwelling in a soul who loves Me, is not equal to anything. I am then the closest to a loving heart, which desires Me. If the soul gives herself into My possession and does not reserve any rights for herself, then this joy is complete and turns into total bliss. For the soul who makes Me so happy, I am ready to accomplish great things, impossible things. Thus, ask Me then, because you captivate My heart and assuage My anger. Every Holy Communion perfects the soul, gives her a part of Me and makes her holy, because she possesses God.

Listen, this is the act of your complete surrender to Me, when I come to you in Holy Communion. The extent to which I will rule over you depends on the level of your devotion to Me. Because I also give Myself over to you into your possession. Do not I come to your soul in order to dwell in her? Do I not diminish Myself to the form of a small bread, so you may receive Me? Child, God gives Himself to you as a Holy Host, which you can honor and love, but also desecrate. I give Myself completely defenseless to you and I expect that you will also remain completely defenseless and dependent on Me.

Have full confidence in Me. Do not leave anything for yourself when I come. This is the moment in which I show you My greatest love for you, and the moment in which I expect the greatest love from you. Fall on your knees and love Me with your entire soul, for behold, I am taking possession of you, child. Open yourself completely to My grace, for there is no limit to My mercy at that moment when you open yourself to Me, soul.

God the Father, seeing such a union with his Son in man, even if he did not want to hear out his prayers, He does so for the sake of His Son. You possess Jesus, you unite with Him through your sacrifice, and you become souls that are the most desire by Me, souls filled with love. Even if I did not want to bless a soul, even if I did not want to hear out her requests, I do so out of consideration for My Son, whom I recognize in this soul. (…) In your requests, always refer to My Son; then I cannot refuse you anything.

Translated from: Bóg uzdrawia i czyni cuda, Grzechynia 2016, p. 16-19