Becoming aware of God’s presence

The cure for very many physical and spiritual afflictions lays in becoming aware of My presence in the soul and the body and in the adoration of this presence. After the Holy Communion, My Flesh and My Blood are located in your body. My Blood combines with your blood and circulates throughout the entire body. You have within you the highest good, the source of eternal life, the sanctifying force a drop of which saves and heals millions of souls. The power of My Blood is unimaginable for you. Everything that you are able to obtain from My Almighty Father, you obtain it thanks to this Blood, through the power of which have been opened the gates of Heaven and the graces of Heaven. Each request is a request for My Blood, because it is this Blood that obtained everything for you. (…) So be aware, when receiving Me in the Holy Communion, Who dwells in you and what is the power of His presence. At each Holy Mass, you are located under My cross. From this cross, rivers of My precious Blood are flowing upon you. Who will stand under that cross and will await this Blood with adoration, will obtain propitiation through the power of this Holy Blood.

Translated from: Bóg uzdrawia i czyni cuda, Grzechynia 2016, p. 13-15