Request for prayer


greet you, My daughter. Do not be afraid of calling Me “Mother”. I desire that people see the true Mother in me, close, alive and loving. I am not different in any way from your mothers as a Mother, because I desire happiness and love for you. However, I am the Mother of the Only-Begotten God and for this reason I have received great honors. You, however, remember that I still remain your Mother, even when I sit on the throne in Heaven. I will never stop being a Mother and I will never stop loving you.

I desire very much that people see in Me their Helper. I am on your side, fighting for your Salvation. I pray for you to My Son, to obtain for you the graces needed for Salvation. Pray together with Me. I come again to call you to prayer.  I have asked you for love and prayer. For prayer is the turning in life towards God. Prayer transforms priorities and gives sense to the life of man. Prayer calms and transforms the soul. If man suffers due to anxiety and can not find relief in his pain, it means that he is not praying, because prayer always obtains God’s consolation and the Holy Spirit descends on those who call Him. God sends His angel to those who suffer, so that he would fortify them. Pray, and then you will experience consolation.

Pray properly. Prayer is not a recitation of formulas. Prayer is a conversation with the Father. Prayer is a conversation with the Savior. Prayer is getting closer to the mystery of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is a trial of faith, which repeated slowly strengthens the faith and makes it a tool to win graces for all mankind. Prayer is entrusting oneself to the Will of God. Prayer is a thanksgiving professed with the heart, not the lips. Prayer is remaining with the heart in Heaven. Prayer is the relocation of one’s heart to Heaven and the worshiping of hidden truths within it.

My children, I want to teach you to pray, since I repeat to you on and on: … “Pray”, but you do not understand Me. Your prayers are rushed. Your prayers are the fulfillment of duty. It is not enough. I want prayer to become your life. An act of love and faith raising up to God. Learn to live like true children of God, constantly staring at their Father and looking for an example in My Son as the perfect Son of God. In imitating His life, you will fulfill your own and achieve perfection. I am asking you for conscious prayer. In addition to prescribed prayers sent to God, also strive to send Him your own acts of love, and this does not mean at all words. It can be a look alone combined with the desire of the heart. All you need is to desire God’s presence and help to receive His help. The more consciously the prayer is said, the greater value it has.


Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 37-39

Image credit: “La porte du ciel” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.