Prayer can change the fate of the world


Fancy letter Listen to Me. I do not come to you to arouse your fear, but to prepare you for what will happen. The punishment that hangs over the world, is great. Pretending that it does not exist will not help. I pray and I call you to prayer, but it is getting worse in the world. My prayer must be supported by your prayer, that’s why I come and ask. I am trying to make you aware of the danger that threatens you. You do not want to hear about it, but that will not help to distance it. Prayer can change the fate of the world, it can change the fate of mankind. The justice of God will not cease to exist and will certainly speak, but God’s anger can be assuaged, and for this reason I am coming precisely to you.

Pray. Do not stop praying with faith. Satan loses many souls because they are not aware of his presence and action. People are not afraid of Satan and his power over them, and he is the prince of destruction who tramples My works and harasses My children. The world succumbs to him, because it does not know him. The world succumbs to him, because it does not believe in him. The world is subjected to him through sin and lack of prayer. Satan does not have any power over those who pray and call for God’s help with humility. The only way to persevere in the good is to completely sacrifice oneself to God. Those who belong to God in name only will not persevere, because a great fight is being waged, in which the weak in faith will not be able to persevere. Everything is possible with God, but without His help, human souls are permeated with sin and become slaves to Satan. You ignore the danger and My warning because you do not see the evil that surrounds you. You have become accustomed to evil, you let it into your homes, and, on the contrary, you forced Me to leave them.

My children, I reveal Myself to you as your Mother and I warn you against a danger that you do not see. Satan wants to lull you to sleep for this time, which is decisive for the fate of the world. I desire to awaken you, so that you may use the time of God’s Mercy. The whole world is submerged in lethargy and focused on things that will cease to exist in a moment. Only God is eternal. Only love has value. All the rest is fleeting like fog. You must believe Me, because when you will see it, it will already be too late. I am calling you to prayer with your whole heart. If you hear My words, listen to My call.

Your prayer will decide about the fate of the world. As long as I can speak, I will be coming everyday and everyday I will be cautioning mankind. After, it will be too late and the time of mercy will change into the time of justice. Pray now. Do not wait for the old age, which you might not live to see at all. Believe Me, this time on Earth is only a trial in which you must choose the Lord of your future life and the kingdom in which you will stay forever. The choice is being made on Earth, and thanks to your free will you can choose for yourselves, but it is a choice forever. You can only choose once, and then there is no turning back. Your every decision determines your will and your choice. After this life, eternity awaits you. Eternal life with My Son, in His love and glory, or on the contrary, life without God, without love, with the son of perdition, in endless suffering and hatred. Then, I will not be able to do anything about your bad choices. Your every action places you in one of these places and determines your father. Take My words deeply to heart and do not give in to apparent lukewarmness. If you reject God as a Father, you can not be His children. Whoever does not give glory to God in this world also will not be giving it to Him in the next world. Accept the truth about the trial to which you are subjected before your return to Paradise. It is not so difficult. All you need to do is to acknowledge God as your Savior and carry out His Will. I am teaching you His Will in all the places in which I appear. You just have to wake up from lethargy and start to live consciously every day, living in God and for God already in your lifetime. Trust Me that only He can give you the happiness that you desire. I bless you. Amen.

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 31-35

Image credit: “La porte du ciel” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.