ORDO MISSÆ – Catechesis 8


Holy robes and incense smoke were not only supposed to protect Me against human unworthiness, but also to protect priests against their own sinfulness and the evil spirit, to whom the incense conceals holy things, including priestly souls, and whom its fragrance suffocates more than the sulfur fumes in Hell. Priestly vestments: the cassock, the chasuble, the cape and the veil, like the tunic, the linen trousers, the belt and the tiara in the Old Order, protect the priest from his own weakness and inclination to evil. Holy robes are like an armor, which does not allow the evil spirit to gain access to the priestly soul.


I have ordered Moses to make two silver trumpets, which will be convoking the Israelites to set off on their way, to the place of destination. The sound of trumpets was to remind Me that I have chosen this people Myself, I called it and promised to protect it from the enemy. Daughter, realize that every ringing of the bell reminds Me today of this once made promise. Every time when fear overtakes you, the sound of bells summons My care and protection against all enemies. (…)

Write that each procession is an image of this first path, the path towards the liberation of the body. Today it has grown to its proper measure; it is the path of liberation of the human spirit. I set out Myself on this path together with My beloved people, among the toll of bells and little bells, among the singing and the smell of incense. Let it be for you a lofty moment, because every procession is a convocation of today’s Israel to rise from its comfortable resting place and to set off on its way.

Translated from : Orędza na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, t. 29, Grzechynia 2017