ORDO MISSÆ – Catechesis 7


Today, I want to show to you a division that should never be ignored. It is very important. It is the division into secular things and sacred things. All things that are intended for God, made for the service of the Church, and especially those meant for the glory of God as elements used in the celebration of liturgical acts, are sacred. To use them for secular purposes causes their desecration and is a sin of pride. Not only you are not allowed under any circumstances to drink from the chalice intended for the liturgy, because it is exclusively dedicated to the celebration of the highest Sacrifice and only the priest is entitled to use it, but also you are not allowed to burn for yourselves candles intended to and sanctified on My Altar, or burn incense intended for Me for your own pleasure, or use liturgical vestments for any secular purpose. (…)

Sacred things that have been damaged and are no longer fit to be used for My glory, must be burnt or worthily kept as relics. They can also be buried in the ground. However, under no circumstances they should be sold with the goal of melting them down or using for lay purposes. Even items serving to maintain order in the holy place should be used only in that place. You must not take home flowers from the Altar to rejoice in their fragrance. They are already holy and belong exclusively to God, in order to bring Him glory with their scent.

Translated from : Orędza na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, t. 29, Grzechynia 2017