Saint Agnes:  I have told you about the most important things that were reviving and supporting our faith. God is the giver of all good. If only man opens his heart to Him, God fills it right away with gifts. The full opening of the heart takes place during the sacrament of penance, which is a personal encounter of the soul with her Savior. No one, who has not carried his faults without a quick hope of forgiveness, does fully understand our situation, but it happened that we did not have the possibility to receive this sacrament. Apologizing alone, and even reparation done on one’s own, did not however bring comfort and help because they did not give absolution to the soul. Only the priest has this incomparable power, that in one moment he annihilates all her sins. How many times we have prayed to receive this sacrament. You, except for rare cases, are never praying for it. You can do it every day and you do not realize how great a sacrament you can participate in when you only want to. This is another grace preserved for you that you do not notice. It is only the absence of the priest and the lack of the possibility to give him his sins that makes man able to perceive the great mercy of God in this sacrament. The sins, which are confesses before the priest, simply cease to exist. Jesus forgives them to us on the cross. He is suffering so that we may start everything all over again.

The priest grants absolution in the name of Jesus; it means that God Himself forgives entirely everything that man regrets. The heart of man is then completely emptied of all sins, open wide, so that God may penetrate inside it with His grace of forgiveness and healing. Then true miracles happen. In the soul of man ensues a flourishing of graces. Just as removing a tumor from the body makes the body start working in the right way, in the same manner the soul freed form the burden of sin begins to fulfill its tasks as planned by God. The encounter with God in this sacrament is entirely real. One needs to make use of this gift, because before death often everything can not be said anymore. There is always too little time. This is a true encounter with God on Earth. A full opening fructifies with the fullness of graces. In my days, it was often the case that after a good confession healings ensued not only in the soul but also in the body. The soul and the body of man are closely connected, and one should look for the causes of diseases in the soul, among sins. Those are not always one’s own sins and then the sacrament will not bring healing from the disease, but in the majority those are one’s own sins and their confession with faith and their true forgiveness and remission by God bring healing. The most important thing about which the contemporary world forgot is the belief that this sacrament removes sin from the depths of the soul and from the surface of the Earth. The chance to receive it can always be the last one; this is why one should not hide any smallest sin, if one is aware of it. You need to open up your heart completely and allow God to enter inside it and call by name its every sin. Otherwise this sacrament is not fully realized, and neglecting it brings great damage to the soul and this soul may not receive the grace of good confession before death. The more one values and respects the sacraments during life, the more grace he will receive through them for the time of death. Amen.

Translated from: Życie sakramentalne pierwotnego Kościoła według św. Agnieszki, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2017, p. 62-65