The Army of Mary – The Order of Mary

 i-29want to tell you about the role that has been appointed to Me by God in these times, in which He looks upon the Earth with great sadness. On this Earth, planted with His merciful hand, is growing sin so great that it already obscures the sun, whose rays break with difficulty through the crust of unbelief and unrighteousness.

However, My Daughter, I can never say and you also should never say that there is no more hope. There is always hope because God always is, and God is the hope of mankind. If God did not desire to save man and to save the world, He would not have revealed His Son. Thus, there is hope and it always remains, in spite of all the events in the world. I want to show you how to search for that hope which you are losing while looking at the actions of the rulers.

The Earth governs itself by its own rules on Earth, but Heaven rules over Earth, and not vice versa. Thus, the Earth is always the subject of its Lord. I want to bring peace by achieving victory over the world through My Immaculate Heart. The world will fight with Me and those who belong to Me, but it can not defeat Me, neither those who entrusted themselves to Me. The fight, the real fight, which takes place in the world, is a fight between the world of evil and the children of truth. You are oppressed so that the glory of God may manifest itself in you. I will lead you to war with the invisible forces of evil that want to defeat you, yet remain invisible for the world of the senses, not for Me. I see the evil that spins sinister plans and I know the power that may oppose them. If you remain very close to Me, you will always follow the right path and will not succumb to doubt. I always know the way out and I can walk you through this time of darkness. The fate of My children is in My hands. Follow Me by imitating Me and listening carefully to My advice. Through you, who listen to My voice, I wish to defeat evil and restore peace upon the world.

God appears to be forsaking the world, leaving it to its own sin and the consequences of sin, but I remain close to you from the Will of God, in which God shows you His love. My admonitions, tears and miracles are the light for the world, so it may recognize its sin and turn back from the road leading to the eternal abyss. I would like the world to know how much I love it and how much I care about all those who remain in it. My children, if you want to join in My prayer for the world and also be the light that will stop countless souls from self-destruction, listen carefully to My voice and fulfill My requests with zeal, not picking and choosing among them. I ask you for things that are necessary for the conversion of mankind and for the alleviation of the anger of My Son. I ask you once again. Do not talk to Me about love, but show it to Me by fulfilling My requests. You will show Me your love if your hearts will follow the commandments of love.

The world will not convert if even those who call themselves My children will not fulfill My will. I ask you to pray wholeheartedly for the dying world and for sinners, whom disbelief brought on the road of perdition. If sin will not be stopped and atoned for, the world will destroy itself. You can not look back at others. If you have heard My words, it means that precisely you have been called upon to fulfill My will and save mankind. The prayer for which I ask you is sincere, humble and greathearted. It is a prayer that goes beyond the problems of your homes, a prayer reaching all corners of the world and reaching Heaven. Pray for the whole world, so it may turn towards God, undertake penance and conversion. Keep hope while praying for sinners. Believe in the power of your prayers, and leave the time to God. Do not lose hope and pray, entrusting your prayers to Me, and I will make use of them.

I ask you to pray the Rosary. The Rosary is My most powerful weapon against the forces of the enemy. Pray the Rosary every day, and not only from time to time when you feel such a need. Also, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, because this prayer immerses the whole world and all the sinners in the immeasurable mercy of God. Only this remains to the world, to apologize and to ask for mercy.

Remember about visiting the Blessed Sacrament. Where the Blessed Sacrament is truly loved and revered, there Jesus will remain among you. Worship the places where resides My Son, because disbelief spreads on Earth like the plague, taking away My Son from mankind. Try to make a resolution, so that the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament would not be only upon feast days, but possibly frequent and sincere. I do not ask for hours of prayer, but for remembrance and worship that you show My Son and gratitude for His sacrifice, in which He remains locked in all the Tabernacles of the world.

I ask you to fast as atonement for the sin of gluttony, with which one insults the goodness of God and unjustly divides His benefits. If you could relocate to places where one eats as often as you fast, surely you would comprehend My words. It is not much, what I ask you for. However, give Me this “not much’’, and I will multiply this sacrifice and gain nourishment for My children. Why are you still lingering with the fulfillment of My will? I wish that you make resolutions and observe them. You have received the graces to follow Me, now do not linger on the way.

I also ask you to participate in the sacraments of the Church, the Holy Mass, the Holy Communion, and the Sacrament of Penance. Rejoice from the grace that you still have so many priests and seek their gifts by making use of their ministry. Pray for priests, entrusting them to my Immaculate Heart.

My children, preserve faithfulness in your conduct. Let what is in your hearts be the same as what is on your lips. Let your actions attest to the truth of your words. I need your sacrifices, but many among you read off My words as requests directed to saints or lonely people who have a lot of time to devote themselves to the service of God. Of course not. I direct My requests to all believers, from little children to the elderly, from singles to large families. I do not choose you among the worthy and the unworthy. Help Me, please, for those who do not hear My words and remain asleep. If they do not obtain help from you, I will not manage to rescue them.

I call you all to sincere prayer and penance. Join your prayers and all efforts with My requests. Do not surrender in the fight. I will lead you to victory, but My army can not consist of one fighting division and a hundred listening to the fight. I am calling all of you to fight. Do not linger with the fulfillment of My requests, because life is much shorter than it appears to you. Only later time stops. Today it rushes, always leaving you with little time for penance and conversion. If you want to transform the face of the world, if you want to accomplish something great in your nation, apply yourselves wholeheartedly to fulfill My requests.

Start today already to realize My will. You will be able to rest all eternity, but now get to work and introduce into your life these noble resolutions, because if you do not do this now, you will be planning improvement until death and I will never receive from you what has been promised to Me. I bless you all. My call should be an honor for you; meanwhile many of you hope that I speak to someone else. If only those who vowed Me love will fulfill My will, then I can already accomplish a lot, but this is just the beginning, the start of what I want to do for the salvation of mankind and the world. Amen.

Marian Rule
The Marian Rule

Translated from : Message from the Mother of God [in:] Messages for the End Times that have already come forth (typescript), vol. 25, Message from 31.01.2015

”Mary renders your cross lighter” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.