Fancy letter Iwant to talk today about the request that you direct to Me in all needs. In the words “Give us this day our daily bread” is contained your request for everything that you need. It is not necessary to enumerate these things to Me, because I know perfectly what you need. The essence of this request is not the listing of your needs and desires, but the confidence and simplicity of a child, who gives itself into the hands of the Father.

When a child comes into the world, the parents care about it in its helplessness. For Me, your helplessness never ends, and even though I show you more or less concern in different periods of life, it is only an external image of My concern, while the real concern for you is always constant and unchanging. I called you to life so you may live. If earthly parents do not leave children alone to themselves but provide them with all that is essential for life, how can you think that I, who am Love, would leave My children without care and without means by which they may live and fulfill their vocation? How can you accuse Me of such cruelty? My concern for man is so obvious that you do not need to ask for all these things that you need, but it is sufficient to trust. However, you have received this prayer in which you ask Me for the daily bread so you would not be afraid and remember that everything you receive and possess comes from My hand.

This request contains in itself the supplication for material goods and for spiritual goods, which are more necessary for you than the material goods. For your souls must be carefully nourished in order not to die, in the same way as your bodies. I, as a spiritual Father, nourish your souls with invisible food, whose value and power you will get to know only at death. You can not see the real dimension of this nourishment, because your eyes see only in the sensory way. You can not see your souls after their reinvigoration or when they need food. All will be revealed to you. The nourishment of your souls is deprived of a sensory taste, but it has a spiritual taste. You, however, barely receive the symbols of what is infinite, so you may believe more easily.

Now the most important. The request for “bread” must be a request for the “bread” that the Father wants to give to you, not the “bread” that the world gives to you. Do not ask Me for the “bread” of the world, because your Father will not feed you with evil. By asking Me, you have to be ready for My answer and receive the “bread” that I am giving to you. By asking, you have to be ready to receive. My gifts are not always intelligible to you, and often you reject them, even though they bring you what you are asking for, but not in the way you wished. For I think about your eternal happiness, and you only about the temporal one. I think about the happiness of your souls, and you about the happiness of your bodies. I think about the future of your children – in God, and you – in the world. You do not recognize that I give you more than what you are asking for. Naturally, I also care about the needs of your bodies. This is clear and I have already told you about it, but by fulfilling them, I never forget about your souls, which I have loved above all else.

So accept each “bread” of Mine that I give you. Eat it and you will be healthy. Anyone who consumes My “bread” will live and will not die, because I can not feed a child poison. I always bestow upon him the plenitude of love and I reflect this love in My gifts. Eat what I give you, and drink what you will receive from My hand, and you will fulfill your vocation and receive your reward. Do not choose what you should eat and drink, do not pick and choose from My gifts, because you need everything that I give you. If I give, I always do it for an important reason, and it is not indifferent to you which gifts you accept and which ones you reject. Thus, by asking Me, you have to ask with full confidence and do not pull back the hand when you receive. I will not harm any of My children. I am God – the Father. Trust is the basis for asking and obtaining graces, precisely trust. All depends on it. Boundless trust completely enslaves Me towards the soul, for which I desire to strip Myself in order to endow it.

In hands full of trust I can entrust everything that is the most precious. Learn from your Mother – Mary, who received the gift of My Son, and Her answer was an opening, boundless opening to the grace that carried for Her and the world infinite good, regardless of how much it came to Her to suffer for this gift. I expect from you full trust and openness, so that I may gift you according to My Will. Never treat Me as a God who serves to man for obtaining material or spiritual goods, and who can be bought off with minor acts of worship. I never limit the soul, fulfilling its deepest desires in a way that is proper and only known to Me, but I do so according to My Will and in compliance with My time. Souls which “use” worship for the fulfilment of their desires sometimes receive what they ask for, but never reach the plenitude of happiness that I have planned for them. To receive plenitude, the soul must get rid of its own desires, and desire to fulfill Mine. You receive graces through My immeasurable kindness, but truly asks the one who asks for what I want to give, and not for what he himself desires in his limited way of knowing. Humble souls receive the infinite and eternal good, and thus those that let Me to do with them according to My Will and fulfill My desires in them. And My desire for the soul is always to make it Divine, and thus similar to Me. The soul – daughter of God, a soul that is free, pure, happy and eternal, living with My life and sharing My eternal happiness. My momentum in making the soul happy is huge. Let Me make you happy according to My momentum, not according to yours; according to My greatness, not according to yours; and according to My knowledge of happiness, not according to yours. Boundless trust is the basis of happiness for the soul. For trust, you will receive everything.

Translated from: Głębia Modlitwy Ojcze Nasz na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2015, p. 49-55 –