It is not enough to stand under the cross to be saved

All these events are truly happening, even though we can not see them. We only see the signs through which we enter into these sacred mysteries. Jesus on the cross can not be alone. If we come under the cross, we have to co-suffer with Him, we have to be grateful to Him, and we have to raise our hearts to His Heart in order to cover up before Him the image of the abomination, the blasphemy and the insults of the world. As the Church, we are the consolation of the Blessed Mother, the consolation for the weeping John, Magdalena and holy women, those few under the cross who wept. We have to remember that it is not enough to stand under the cross to be saved. We have to co-suffer, console, sympathize and ask, regret for sins and love, first of all love. Coming to the Holy Mass and standing indifferently towards the dying God, we change into vain onlookers, cruel in their indifference, and increase the suffering of Christ instead of having compassion for Him. And by sinning if only in thoughts, we join the executioners. Being so close to the cross, we have to be the most careful, because here hangs in balance the fate of the world. We are the closest to God’s love and we can hurt it the most. Thus, nobody, like the Church, can comfort or increase the suffering of the Savior, because nobody was allowed closer to the cross and to the Savior.


Translated from : Tajemnica Mszy świętej według św. Ojca Pio na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 39 –