The Merciful King (3)


God the Father: (…) I am a God so Merciful that man is unable to understand this Mercy. He can only believe in it and trust it, but not understand it. Therefore, you will not explain it child, but preach it. I am very pleased with your simple faith in Me. You believe that I am always waiting only to cuddle you and and hide you in My Mercy. It is so. You can not imagine it, but I have let you know how Good I am, how I love My chosen child, and how I love each child who will trust in Me in such a way. I bestow special graces upon you, so that everyone may see that I love you and that you are chosen by Me to proclaim the truth about My Mercy for sinners.

(…) You are My dearest child, and your sins, little one, have burned down in the fire of My Love. Nothing remains that would tarnish your soul, and now I only decorate you for Myself. And I say this to you, poor sinners (…) For Me, this child was born and lives in Me, and My joy and love for her are so great, that her little human heart is unable to contain all My graces. I would give anything to this child, but I have to do it slowly, because no man is able to receive My graces if I do not prepare him in advance. The bigger the graces, the longer the time of purification and of preparation.

My children, I am telling you all this so you may see that your life is not lost. Although you sin much and insult Me cruelly, although you waisted your entire life, this time is nothing compared to the eternity that is awaiting you. I am telling you this today.

I gave you this child as an example. If you repent touched by My grace as she did, you can become My dearest children. I will love you and take you under My protection. The Father does not favour one child over another, but gives him according to the love that the child shows to Him. If you will believe in how Good I am, if you will see in Me the Merciful Father that I am and surrender to My Will, I will love you and exalt you.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 56-57