The Merciful King (2)


God the Father:  I have so much for you and you ask so little. You do not even ask for the minimum of what I can give you. Do you know this child? (…) I love man so much, that giving him from My immeasurable Mercy is for Me an immense joy. (…) Tell all children that now is the Time of My Mercy. If you want to ask Me, then ask and I will fulfill your requests, because I have such a softened Heart My child that you can obtain everything. Tell them how Loving I am and that I am waiting for these requests.

(…) Tell them about Me. Whatever they will ask Me for through the Passion of My Son, they will receive. Because the time is coming to an end, and I have not yet given away half of the graces.  What are you thinking?  What for did My Son suffer so? So that I would loose you all now? Do you think that I will not fulfill the request, for which My Son was so horribly tortured? I want to have you all in My home without exception. You all have to sing praises here.

If someone loves Me, but doubts his salvation, doubts that for him I will save his entire family from hell, then he does not know anything about Me! He does not know how Merciful is My Heart! For one soul, I would even save a thousand from hell. Do you think children that I do not have mercy for you? That I do not see how you have been lead astray? Vain is your struggle now, when you are in his claws. Only One is powerful, before whom the devils fall on their faces.  Seek His help. Implore Him. I will not let you go to perdition. Ask Me for help, and I will uproot you all one by one and I will hide you in My Merciful Heart from the Wrath of God. Do you know Who I am Daughter? Do you see My Power?

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 55-66