Divine motherhood and human motherhood


Mother of God:  I would like to come to you with a message that is key to the understanding of My place in the world: I am a Mother. Through My higher motherhood, I have obtained the grace to intercede for you as a Mother. Today, I want to make you realize why I was called a Mother and what it means. I want to leave you messages, which will show Me to the world in a new light – as the Mother of humanity.

I have already told you that My motherhood is a grace, which I have obtained by the Divine motherhood. Under its provision, I was gifted with the children of God, which My Heart conceived in pains, in order to beget them to a new life through the participation in the redemptive suffering of My Son. I have told you that I conceived in pain, because the grace of conception and of birth of all My children is contained in the secret of the Cross. In it and through it I have received My offspring.

My offspring is the fruit of My virginity. Perfect virginity resulted in Divine fertility, bringing into the world the Son of God, and with Him the entire progeny of God. As far as My virginity was pure and self-denying, as extensive are its fruits. And so, the height of virginity brought the height of fertility, bringing Me perfect motherhood, otherwise saying – full motherhood.

On this basis, I want to show to all of you that as much as I am truly the Mother of the Savior, in the same way I am truly your Mother, because I have received the grace of the Divine motherhood and the human motherhood under the same merits. Both these motherhoods are inseparable because by receiving Jesus under My Heart, I have received Him with all who belong to Him, and I became a Mother at the Father’s side, I became the Mother of all things. Christ is God. Being the Mother of God, I am the Mother of everything, because God is all there is.

However, the motherhood about which I wish to speak is personal, most genuine inwardly and unique. By choosing Me for the Mother of his Son, God gave me a share in His Divine parenthood. He divided His paternity in two and made Me a Mother, remaining Himself the plenitude of fatherhood. Yet, I want to show you that if I was gifted with participation in the parenthood with which God has endowed his Son, how much more assuredly I was gifted with parenthood in the human sense towards the entire offspring of God. The Son of God is the pinnacle of grace, which God has given to Me. The children of God are My children by virtue of this first grace, which I have received. Human motherhood is contained in the Divine motherhood.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 21-22