The best Mother and the best manager


Mother of God:  I want to be a Mother for you, I want to give to you, I want to give unceasingly. I want to collect the fruits of My efforts, but above all, I want to give. Every mother knows that while caring for a child, she thinks only of him. She does not expect anything in return for her love. Only when the child grows up, she wishes to receive love and gratitude in return. That’s why today, I think only about giving, and when you rise in grace, I will wait for your love and gratitude. You will show love and gratitude for Me by caring for My good name, for the respect to which I am entitled, and for My place in your homes, in your families and in your countries. Right now, however, I care only about being able to give. I want to give you as much as possible, and I can give where my grace is accepted. The more gladly you will accept My gifts, the more abundantly they will flow from Heaven. What you need here is the attitude of a child, who looks in awe at each gift that he will receive, without disdain for anything, because he knows too little to recognize if he receives a valuable object in the eyes of the world, or not. I also give you gifts the value of which you can not properly discern. Therefore, you should accept them all with equal joy.

Every one who entrusted himself to My care is under My particular protection, and I myself care for his needs, growth and safety. So there is no question about any coincidence. I am the cause of everything that happens. I expect that by asking for My care and entrusting your fate to Me, you will believe that you are henceforth in My hands, and in this way you shall accept everything that will happen in your life. It is very important that you start to perceive all events differently. Perhaps you lose your footing, perhaps you feel confused and surprised by the turn of events, but I do not. I never loose My footing, and so you stay safe, being in My hands. Thus, do not waist time for worries and sorrows, for unjustified fear. I am a Mother. Who is afraid in the hands of a Mother? Don’t you know that I have received the authority and wisdom? I can protect you. By being afraid, you deny your faith in Me and in the graces, which I have received from my Son.

Evangelize with love and peace. Leave the worries for your Mother, and grow in faith and trust. Henceforth, perceive your life as a manifestation of My will. Hand over with love everything that you need, not fighting for your own, but entrusting yourselves with humility into My care. I, who never wasted a grace entrusted to Me, could I waste the gifts that I will receive from you? And if you are afraid to give them to Me, can you deny Me when I will reach for them myself? I will make the best use of them for the glory of God. Thus, do not refuse Me anything that I ask of you, because if I ask, it means that I need it. Allow Me to enter in your homes and take everything that I need, as a mother, who at any hour and at any time of the day, has the right to reach for the toy of her child. In the same way, I want to enter in your homes and take without asking everything that I will need. Can you deny your Mother? So surrender to Me willingly everything for what I will stretch out My hand, no matter whether these will be material or spiritual things, whether I will take away your property, your health, your good name or the love of your close ones. How can you know what use I will make of your possessions? However, have confidence that I always multiply a hundredfold the property entrusted to me. You will not do better yourselves.

So entrust to Me all your treasures, entrust to Me your possessions, which you got from My Son. I will multiply them for you. I will make a blessed use of them. Do not be afraid, but depend completely on My management, so you will not be ashamed on the day when you will have to pay back the talents entrusted to you. Then, you will just point to Me and say: ”We knew that we would not be able to multiply the treasures entrusted to us in a way to please You, Lord, because we are lazy and weak. So we gave them all to the manager, to whom we know that You entrusted yourself your entire wealth, so he may multiply them for us in a way to make You happy”. You will be rewarded for your trust, and your possessions will grow in such a way that they will fill the entire world with wealth. They will be enough not only for you, but also for those who did not have anything. They will also be saved by receiving from your excess. I will multiply your sacrifices so that the excess, which will result after their multiplication, will spill over the entire earth. I bless you My children and I go happy, because I know that now, when my plans are unveiled to you, you will open your doors to Me and I will be invited to all your secret chambers, so I may take and give when I want.


Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 18-20