Prayers to Saint Agnes

Favorite Prayer of Saint Agnes

Jesus, alive and real, hidden in the white Host,
in front of You I stand in my littleness,
so you may deign to bless my thoughts and deeds
and make me holy in the manner of the Mother of Love.

I am Yours forever, I want to serve you faithfully,
so strengthen me with the Spirit and keep me from sin.
In Your small Form are hidden my treasures,
let me know Your beauty, when I will leave the miserable world.


Daily Prayer to Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes, my patroness, who entrusted yourself God to the end and with joy suffered death by martyrdom for the One, who died for all of us, I ask you humbly, deign to intercede for me in every minute of this day and obtain for me the grace of selfless  service to God and neighbors. Let your prayer give me comfort in times of trials and torments. Be my friend in times of loneliness and abandonment, and obtain for me from your Spouse, Jesus Christ, the eternal happiness in Heaven. Holy innocent virgin, who paid the greatest price for preserving fidelity to Christ, obtain for me the grace of complete purity of the soul and the body. Amen.


The attributes of Saint Agnes

In iconography, St. Agnes is represented as a young girl with a lamb in her arms or at her feet. Her attributes are the palm and the sword.

It also happens that she is shown with two crowns – of virginity and martyrdom, and next to her burns the pyre upon which she was thrown.

Often, she is also shown with very long hair, which grew in a miraculous way and hid her like a mantle, when she was stripped for defamation in front of the crowd.  The earliest likenesses of the martyr date back to the 4th century.


The patronage of Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes is the patron of:

  • children
  • youth
  • maidens
  • virgins
  • purity
  • fiancés
  • girl scouts
  • gardeners
  • victims of rape

Translated from: Nowenna do św. Agnieszki na podstawie textów św. Agnieszki z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2015, p. 58-61