Faith in the effective praying of the holy rosary


Mother of God:  I desire that My love for Poland be recognized. I do not expect homages above the station, I just would like obedience in the fulfillment of My will. (…). I am departing now, leaving you My life in the mysteries of Salvation, to highlight once again the importance of the holy rosary.

The praying of the rosary is also a grace, which can be obtained for the entire nation. Fatima transformed Portugal in order to save through it the whole world. Today, My eyes are directed to Poland. The grace that has been entrusted to you, the mysteries that Heaven shared with you, are binding. You have to pray with faith for all of Poland to catch hold of the rosary. Let the rosaries that you offer Me in the intention of Enthronement be recited in the best way possible, and then My help will become more visible. Faith performs miracles. Also, pray for all of Poland to turn in the direction of the rosary. You know, My children, that I can accomplish this; the will and sincere sacrifice will be sufficient for Me. Let the rosary Jericho, which I always await with joy, be for you a holy time. The world changed through the mysteries contained in the rosary. If you want to change it now, the only thing that remains for you is the rosary. No longer talks, not expectations. I ask you to pray with your whole heart. I do not ask you for more, I ask you for more “fervently”. If the rosaries, which you say, were said with greater focus, they would have a much greater power. These reflections serve you for this. By the power of these mysteries and the power of the sacrifices contained in them, the Sacrifice of God – My Son, with the sacrifice of man – Mine, good is reborn in the world and evil is reduced, weakened. Believe Me that one well said rosary has the power to change history. Therefore, when saying your rosaries, do not do it mechanically, but put your whole heart and faith into the fact that it is not indifferent to the world, and especially to Me, if you will say it or not.

Your rosary can be decisive on the fate of the world and of your Homeland. It can cause that many other people will receive the grace of finding Me through the rosary. Your rosaries are worth their weight in gold, they are this grain separated from the chaff, which brings abundant fruit, they are the fruit of trees planted by Me. Remember, it is so important, and remember not to waste more opportunities to transform the world by your sacrifice; remember about the faith that moves mountains and have it. The rosary teaches faith and trust in the fact that the Word of God always brings the promised fruit and the promises, which God makes in His magnanimity, are always fulfilled. I come to encourage you to make further sacrifices and to devote yourselves to pray the rosary with your whole heart. This is the gold for which I will buy you freedom. Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 123-125

Image credit: ”Our Lady of the Holy Rosary” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.