Volume 2



Dear reader, I am giving you the second volume of “The Messages for the End Times that are upon us”. From what I see, Lord Jesus was correct when He spoke in the first volume about the reaction of the world and people to these messages. In many circles, they were accepted with joy and they are already the source of conversions.  Unfortunately, the negative response in the form of a decisive attack took place just as quickly. It began as soon as 48 hours after their presentation at the Niepokalanów Hermitage in Grzechynia. An unexpected attack came from those closest to me who were also unsympathetic or undecided about us going to Brussels in order to propose a change of the European Union flag.

God’s actions in the modern world are difficult to comprehend to many people. Many desire and even wish that Lord Jesus would not enter into the space of their personal lives and that He would not cross their boundaries (Mt 8,34).  Some go even further and say that His revelations, intervention and actions ended two thousand years ago. In this way, they want to close God’s mouth at all costs.

However, God is active in the world and among us. He uses man as an instrument of His grace and His work. A special example of God’s work in the twentieth century is Saint Padre Pio and sister Rita. These two blessed heroes, not only through the gift of words, visions and prophecies, but also through mystical works were a living sign of the influence and revelation of God. Thanks to God’s intervention, through them, His grace was experienced by Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty, the Primate of Hungary (1892 – 1975) and Pope John Paul II (1920-2005). (Antonio Socci, “Father Pio. The Secret of Life”, p. 171, Henryk Bejda, “The Secret of Salvation, An Unknown Episode of the assassination. Did Sister Rita Save the Pope?”)

In his great pride, the modern man does not want God, does not want to hear his speech, does not allow any of his interventions. That is why, in today’s world the prophecy of the prophet Amos resonates very strongly: I hate, I abhor your holidays. For when you offer me burnt offerings and your sacrifices, I hate it, and I do not want to look at the sacrifices of fattening oxen. Go away from me with the noise of your fists, I do not want to hear about the sound of your harps (Am 5, 21-24). Many priests of Christ’s Church also went this way, putting themselves in the line of the final dissidents. Therefore, for this rebellion against listening to God and for ceasing to worship Him, they will be paid with God’s curse, which God will cast on them and at the same time curse their blessing. The Lord God will do or is already doing it, because they do not take it to heart (Mal 2, 1-2).

The Lord God’s request for this rebellious world is as follows: Recognize your insignificance and dependence, and then you will be able to see My Love. An arrogant soul will never understand the extent of love that I embrace it with, for it will always look to see whether My Law, My Words given through the little ones of this world, does not offend it.  You arrogant soul, humble yourself, because the time of this kingdom of self-sufficiency is coming to an end and you will not even notice as you will stand naked and vulnerable in front of your Creator to justify your time on earth.  Pride will not find the words to speak.  I tell this to you, you must start seeing now, because later you will not be able to see and given over to satan’s kingdom, where I will not be able to do anything for you anymore.  Now, I am still calling and asking you to take off the crowns from your heads, for the gate of Heaven is too narrow for those who fail to bow before the Creator to pass through it. (Messages for the End Times, which are upon us. June 26, 2010, volume 5)  Today’s man is not aware of God’s kindness towards those who love him.  He is not a haughty God, but a God of trust and closeness.  He expects from man entrustment, full of confidence and closeness.  Tell My children, let them not treat Me as a stranger,  an imposed God.  This is not to be understood by you, how ready I am  to lean down to a man. (Messages for the End Times, which are upon us, April 11, 2010, v. 4, typescript).

God, choosing Agnes for His tool, desires to show the world how he loved a person who is weak, helpless and only rely on Him. Through these messages God wants to show His love to all pagans. In reference to this, in all the volumes presented, there are enclosed all conversations and descriptions, because God desires to use this way in order to reach to people. God made, that from His Will Agnes received grace that is not solely hers, but through this grace she became His instrument through which God can show His love to people. God chose her as an imperfect child to shape her, and at the same time to show the world His Own perfection. God, leading Agnes in such a way, also leads anyone who wants to hear His Voice such way. God in His perfection loves every man with infinite might, and using her as an example shows us His patience, tolerance and inconceivable love. (…) Because your path is the way of a full conversion, starting from falling in love with God, through sacrifices, sufferings and a complete devotion for My Glory. I want to show you to the world as my chosen, who by My love I brought out of misery and brought on to the very heights of faith. My child, as the weakest and the smallest creature, you have been found and sanctified through Me.

Now I am your only Lord, and you serve Me with delight, for I have impressed My Holy Will on you and you will serve Me with full dedication. I want to show to your brethren how very much I love the humble souls, who do not exalt themselves with their intellect, which can see what a vast misery they actually  are next to My Majesty. Children, I am not saying this to humiliate you, but in order for you to see the truth. You are nothing with your machines and wise books. With one act of My Will, everything this will turn to dust. Do not think that anything except prayer and penance can save you. Only My infinite Mercy protects you from annihilation, for in spite of your infinite misery, My Beloved Son has been given up and suffered for you, for the love I have loved you with knows no boundaries and the sacrifice which is made for you is interminable. I love every man. For Me his misery does not go into account, but the love and trust with which he addresses me, the only God. If a man regards me as his King, then I will appear to him as the King of Mercy. But if someone is afraid of My reign, then he will see the righteous King, and then his soul will tremble because no one will be able to hide from My Just punishment (Messages for the End Times, which have just arrived, 17 V 2010, vol. 4 typescript).

The Rev. Piotr Maria Natanek





Yes child.

Would You come to me?

I am with you little one. I love you.

And I love You very much. I apologize that whatever I do today is wrong. What is happening to me again (…) ?

Do not cry little child. Jesus is with you.

Jesus, hug me. Take away the evil spirit that is presently haunting me.


Little one, I am with you. Cling to me. I know that you are being afflicted by the evil spirit(…)

Is it You Jesus, who is speaking?

Yes little one. Do you love Me?

I love You as I never loved anybody (…)!

Very well, little one. So, avoid all unnecessary thoughts and activities today. Think only of Me and how much you love Me and we will endure through everything.

I love You and I will always love You.  Out of love, I entrust myself completely to You, Beloved Rabbi of my heart.

Very well little one. Remember, that I’m with you all day and all the time. Although you do not see Me, I am with you and I am supporting you. I love you my little one;  you do not take your eyes off me.

Okay(…) Should I work?


Yes, there is but a little time. Prepare everything and let’s go to print it. Everything will be successful. I love you little one and do not lose faith.

Yes, Master.

Amen little one. Amen.

Amen, Beloved.


My dear angel?

I am with you.

What should I do? (The Lord Jesus made me prepare a printout for my Confessor priest, but everything was going wrong, one thing after another was messing up, it was unbelievable that fulfilling this simple command seemed impossible. When Lord began to comfort me, I was completely broken down).

You must think of something.

Can I ask Jesus now?

Yes, you can.



I am here my little one.

(…) Is it vital that I deliver this printout, this Monday?

Yes child, it matters to Me great deal.

Do you want me to find a solution to my problem on my own?


Yes child. I know it is difficult for you, but it is My Spirit that leads you my little. Do as you feel that is right, agreed?

Yes. I love you, My Sweetest Master. I adore You, The Sweetness of my heart. I love You madly and I am all Yours.

Very well, little one. I’ll talk to you tonight.

During pilgrimage?

Yes (…) Your God loves you.

And I adore You.

Amen, little child. Return to your obligations.

During the Holy Mass, I fixed my eyes on the image of the Holy Trinity in the main altar. God the Father in this picture seemed so beautiful and real that I could not stop looking at Him, and the love for Him grew so much in me that I did not know what to do, to that extend this feeling permeated me. I could also feel Him, His Love, with which He looked at me and said: Daughter… At one point, I felt Him lifting me towards Himself. I was as a small child. He was lifting me towards Himself this way several times. I was fulfilled with such a happiness that I was in tears, so I bowed my head low in order not to attract any attention from other people.

At another moment, God the Father stroked my cheek. His hand was warm and as large as all of my head. It is impossible to describe the security and happiness that comes while feeling Him as a Father. He is such beloved as there are none, even the most loving “you” persons in the world. I looked at the picture and noticed a shining rays of brightness around the Holy Spirit. Then, during the blessing, I knelt down and felt God the Father, standing in front of me and holding His Holy Hand on my head.

Through the entire pilgrimage (Night, walking pilgrimage to Niepokalanow), friends and strangers approached me. Everyone wanted to give me something. It was so intense and evident, that I felt as if I had an inscription on my forehead. And Jesus said to me:  See how I love you?


At some point, someone put a small statue of the Baby Jesus into my hands. Because the Lord was already preparing me for this, showing that He is present in His images, and when venerated in them, he comes alive, I hugged the Baby  Jesus, and He seemed to look back at me with a Lively Eyes.

Unfortunately, the figure was for everyone and I had to pass it along. Soon afterwards, however, it was  returned to me, and at the last stage of the pilgrimage I got to carry it. During that time, there was a terrible freezing and windy weather. I wrapped the Child in a shawl and pressed it under my coat close to my bosom. When it was windy, I hugged it and protected it with my arm even more. All the time I was watching whether He could breathe and whether He was comfortable there. Although I knew that some folks would look at me as if I was deranged, I felt that I was not carrying a doll, but a small, defenseless Jesus.

When I bent over to kiss Him, I heard His quiet, soft breathing. For a moment He made a louder sound , but did not cry. He was breathing quietly and evenly, and when I heard it, I was so moved and touched… Here I am carrying God in my unworthy hands. When I leaned again to kiss Him, I saw and felt His little Hand touching my face in the same way infants do. The Infant Jesus was  touching my face in the same manner during the Holy Mass before Host Elevation. And then I came to notice that His Tiny Hands have red Wounds, in the same place where the Hands of Christ were pierced. Wounds were also visible on the Child’s feet. It was a terribly painful sight.

I said: Lord, but it is only a Child. And Jesus responded: Yes, but it was in My Infancy when I agreed to undergo My Sorrowful Passion.



Yes child. I am here and I am waiting for you. Later on, you will jot down everything. I’ll help you. Do not be afraid that you will forget. I will give you My Spirit.

Beloved, let it be so. Everything the way You wish it.


Very well, my little one. Finally, we can talk. I liked it when you caressed Me as an Infant. How much you loved me. I, God, am so Lonely in this world. So few people love Me like you do. And I am the most worthy of this love. Why don’t all of you believe?

Beloved, Holy Rabbi. People are so lost, that they are not even aware that such Love exists, that everyone is really searching for You and not for the ideal relationships. The perfect relationship can only be with You and through You, True Love.


Yes it’s true. They strayed away. Nothing without Me is holy and they will not be able to build anything because love without God does not exist. What is left is vain desire to posses someone’s acceptance and to possess another human being. However; this is not love and it has nothing to do with Me.

The sweetest Master, it is You who sanctifies the marriages so that spouses become the source of peace and fulfillment for one another.


Yes it is I, however your marriages that are not blessed by Me are like pagan relationships. They do not receive graces, just like marriages concluded in My Name, but without Me. Why do you come to make vows to Me, if you do not have God in your hearts? What do you need Me for? I will not bless you if you do not believe in Me and you approach the Sacraments in a sacrilegious manner. These deceptions of yours pain Me. Is it God that you want to deceive? Children? You want to build your happiness on My pain? Your “vows” offend Me. What do you base your vows on if you do not know Me? Who am I for you?

Lord, no one taught them faith. Sanctify Your priests, so they can open their hearts when they educate them.


My little one, the sacrament of Priesthood is as much depraved as the sacrament of Marriage.


Yes child. This means that My Law is not respected in these Sacraments. What are the Sacraments without God? The essence of the Sacraments is My real presence in them.  And I am not needed in them  anymore. I am not needed in my churches, convents…

Beloved Rabbi, I love You. We need you in our hearts, in our lives!

Yes little one, you and a few others like you. But who will bring the rest of my children to Me? Who will take care of them?

Let me bring them to You through Your  messages full of graces. Master, I already want to share You with my brothers.

I know my little one. Do not keep anything for yourself. The more you give out, the more I’ll give you. I will not leave an empty spot in your heart. I will constantly refill it afresh, and you share Myself with everyone. I am the Light for every each soul.

Sweetest Jesus, I will try to give out even more. Do you have in mind that I wanted to cuddle you as an Infant God myself, and I gave too little of this grace to others?


No little one. As an Infant, I wanted to be with you and you know that. I felt so good with you. Did you notice? I did not cry at all, I just cuddled to you. And you? Would you be able to trust Me in such a way and give yourself into My Hands? Look, you are a weak and unreliable being, and I – I was so vulnerable I gave myself to you. I trusted you. And yet how much more I should be trusted? I am Perfection. Reliable and Invincible God. Be defenseless in My Arms, and I will look after you. Did you feel how great love was in you for Me so helpless and surrendered to you? And I want to feel you that way. So tiny and cuddled into Me, not crying.

Beloved God. I understand that. I make You feel touched when I give myself to You endlessly. I am defenseless, and  totally dependent on You.

Yes child. In that way I love you the most. Give yourself to the Father, who loves you little one.


I am Yours Heavenly Father. It is in you, that  lies my happiness and my life. Yes, little one. Father has everything for you; therefore wait patiently and you will see greater miracles. I am waiting for your total surrender.

My Father, don’t I give myself completely to you? What else should I do?

Trust Me even more. I will not hurt you. Why did you feel threaten? I will not allow you to be possessed. Don’t you know child that I will give you the sufferings that you can bear for me? I will not allow you to be hurt and insulted. You are My temple. (Jesus is calming me down because I heard about the Annelise Michel’s case. She agreed to suffer for the priests and German youth, and this suffering was the possession. I am very weak and cowardly by nature, so I was terrified. Jesus asked me on December 31st during the Holy Mass  on (Jasna Góra) Bright Mountain, do I want to suffer for priests? I agreed.)

My Holy Jesus, it scared me because it’s so horrific. For everyone, and for someone who loves You … it makes me so terrified because I do not understand it, but certainly I do not have to?


No, I will explain it to you child. Little one, I’ll tell you again. Do not be afraid My temple. I will not allow for disgrace to take place in you. I will not allow abjection in you.  You are My beloved daughter and this is not what I need you for. My pleasure is to live in you, and there will be other distresses. You do not have to worry about it child because I am protecting you and I will not allow  such things within you.  Your God is telling you this. Listen to the Father and do not worry. Would I be able to bear the separation from you? Was this why I waited so long for you, so that we could be apart now? No child. You are attached to Me.  The penance that I have will be different.  You will carry My weights. I want to have you with Me at My Golgotha. Under the cross and on the cross, (…) Don’t I know what you are good for?


We will work together. You who are My banner wave and call My children, because I send you among them, and you, inflamed with my love, will infect with it new souls.


Let them see how I have beloved you and how I could belove each one of them when they will give themselves to Me. It does not mean that I do not love them now when they are far from Me. I always love My children, but it means that I have the springs of graces for them as well. Will I only take you in My arms? No children.  This depends from you. I have My Arms stretched wide opened for you all.


My children… do you want to be pampered like she is, My little Agnes? Following her example come to Me. Extend  your hands to the Father. Will I not love you and not coddle you? Do I love her more than you? No children. I love each and every one of you with the same, infinite love. I can not show the same, this love to everyone, because you children are too far away from Me. You do not see how I love you and do not hear My Voice. I would coddle you as well, but you would not be able to accept this Love. Purify yourselves children, and I will transform you and re-make you in My image.


I will heal you and tear down the barriers of sin between us. Where there is no sin, I am there. It does not mean that you will not to sin at all. I know that you are weak. But you renounce sin forever, and My Spirit will sanctify you and prepare you as a dwelling for Me. And when you receive Me, I will disgust sins to you, because I am so Sweet that you will no longer desire to draw from the earthly wells, but only from My Divine ones.

Beloved Savior, I thank You humbly for Your graces for me and for all who read these messages. I love You and bless You and I apologize for fear.


Do not be afraid anymore. She (Anneliese Michel) was a penitential soul and her suffering was terrible. Why such a penance has fallen on her, it is a long story and you do not need to know it, but only know that such sufferings will not come to you, because I beloved you so much My little child, that I will not allow the enemy to insult or torment you. Your suffering is listening to his interjections, but he will not torment you physically.

Thank You, Beloved Master. Let me take shelter in Your Holy Arms so that I will not be afraid anymore. I give my soul and body to You, Jesus. I am Yours forever and each of the hair on my head belongs to You, Beloved.


My little one, I like your faith. What I say, you believe it right away. This is how it should be all the time. Give yourself to Me. I love you so much little one.  Don’t I know how easily you are frightened? Don’t you see how My angels protect you? And, even I Myself often come to watch over you, because I have loved you so much that I protect you in My Arms, as you yesterday protected Me from the cold.


I love you child, and you also love Me. Are we not the happiest ones? What does a man need more than just to feel Me? My children, these are just the illusions that you need all those things that satan is offering. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled. Man will only be happy with that, what I God am giving to him. I created you that way because that is My Will, to make all of you happy. Is not that so My little Agnes? Were you ever so happy and so loved without Me?

Master, I’ve dreamed about You all my life, and even though I knew that there were no ideals among people, I was too blinded to see Your Love and to think that You are the only One destined for me, that only with You I will be  happy. You are the fulfillment of all my dreams about love. My imaginings are nothing when compared with what You the Beloved give to those who long for You.


My little one. Also, I beloved you very much. God fell in love with  man kind. Didn’t I die for you? I know you do not understand it. I did not die for all people at once. I was dying for each of you separately. I had each one of you before My eyes and I had to accept death for each single human being individually. In front of my eyes, I had all of your faces, children. I have not died for all unknown people. I died for you, Agnes.


My Father asked Me, if  I am willing to die for you and I accepted this judgment without any hesitation. And now, children, read this last sentence, but instead of the name of Agnes, put in your own and you will understand that I love each one of you individually and for each of you I have gone through the whole Passion. There are pure souls that did not torture me as much as others, the ungrateful ones.


But children, you are all sinners and I pour out My Bloody Tears for each one of you, so do not think that it was them, the tortures who scourged Me  two thousand years ago. No children, you  are the ones that torture Me every day since then. How much more I have to suffer before you return to Me? I know, children, that these are difficult things for you to understand. I created you in the way so  you would believe Me. What would it change if you understood everything? Where would be the place for a faith? Believe in My Love for you and hear My call. Everything that I have for you is good and if had happen that you were saved from death, illness or accident, it is I who saved you Myself. I carry you on my arms and rock to sleep when you cry. I am so Merciful, so reconsider children, how are you repaying Me for this Love and do not hesitate to reconcile with Me in the confessional.


Children, it is not the priest who sits there. It is I, through My servant, who is talking with you. Do not think about the priest and his imperfections, because I will settle it with him. Think only about yourselves and Me, because when you kneel in front of the confessional and want sincerely connect with Me, only the two of us are there .

My spirit speaks through the priest and what he says, I am Myself saying to you. And what you say to him – you say to Me, and what he will forgive you – I forgive you in Heaven and I do not remember anymore. For Me, you are clean and new. I want to live in you and spend every moment with you because you are My beloved children. If that happened that a priest has treated you badly, know that it was not I, but Satan impersonating Me. I am Love and even if I punish, I do it with Love, and My Wrath will not be known to those who will humble themselves and regret their sinful lives. Do penance for sins, because here on earth it is much easier than after death. After death, you are only at My grace, because you can not help yourself. Now you can help yourself and atone for with a lightweight penance in comparison with what it will be waiting for you in purgatory. Ask me for forgiveness and for penance and I will give it you. I will lead you straight to My Kingdom, where your souls will rest in happiness among other souls just as happy as yours. Heavenly happiness is as unimaginable for you as the infinity of the universe My children, but I tell you that you will achieve this happiness if you have faith.


Therefore ask Heavenly Father for true faith, and you will receive it, for now, I have the last graces for the world. Now, I give away these graces. Therefore ask Me that I would also part My blessing to you. I am Jesus, the Son of the One God. The one who believes in me will not die, but will live forever. Amen.

Thank You Beloved Master for this wonderful message. You explain everything to us, Powerful, Infinite King of the World. Incomprehensible is the Humility and Love of Son of God, who cares so much for every lost soul.

My little one, you already understand a little bit of My Power, but I will reveal more to you, because I love you little One. Amen.

I love You and adore You my Holy, Almighty and Invincible God.

Depart in peace child. The message is finished.

Thanks be to God.


Holy Lady?

I am listening to you child.

I am sorry that I am so slow with my work on the pilgrimage and maybe You are not happy with me, but I want to pull myself together to do the job, perhaps if You just give me a week, I’ll prepare everything, okay?

Yes child. You have a week. Later on you will have other duties, so you must hurry up. Mother is not angry with you. I know that you have worked hard for my Son, but now we will work together for Him through My pilgrimage.

Yes, Dear Mother. I’m ready, I just wanted to ask You for directions.

Very well My child.  What do you want to ask for?

Should I go to my parents tomorrow after meeting with my confessor?

Yes child.  Go and take care of everything one by one.

Is it better to go to Wykrot and Kadzidło on Thursday or Wednesday?

On Wednesday it will be more successful.

Also, to father X?

Yes, go to him also.

Thank you, Holy Virgin. Should I know anything else?

No child. Just work for Me.

Dear Mommy, will you help me make a website for you?

Yes, My little one. Your mother will help you, and let your parents support you at every step. I will let you know what should be written there. I like the design of the website. X would write it well, but he does not want to serve God.

I know, Mother, but it will change soon, because Jesus promised, but I also know, the You can not wait.

Yes. It is true. The heart of God is hurting because X was granted with a lot of graces and he will be saved because your intercessory prayer is pleasing to God. He, however, disappointed His Heavenly Father.

I know Holy Mommy. Brake him. Let him recompense to the Father with a great zeal.

Satan is mad because he knows he will lose him soon.

Is it You Mother of God who is speaking?

Yes child. I was pleased with your nightly sacrifice.

I thank you, Dear Holy Virgin. I love You. Save him.

I will save him. God’s Mother always helps if she has something to use to sooth God, and you gave Me yesterday your sacrificial offering.

We thank You, Most Holy Mommy. Thank You for allowing me yesterday, to bring to You, Your Beloved Son.

Yes, My little one. The Lord has benevolence you. You are pleasing to Him more and more.

Thank You.  My Lord and My God.

Very well My child. Depart now, because we have a lot of work and you did not pray yet.

Yes. I thank You My Holy Mother.  I love You and I kiss You if I may.

You may. Do not think that I am an unapproachable Mother.  You know yourself, that I do not allow people in the state of heavy sins to touch me, but you My little do not belong to them since long time.  I love you and I embrace you in My Arms, my little chosen one.

Thank You, My Loving Mother.

Go in the peace of the Lord. Amen.



I am here little one.

Dear Master, I’m so happy to hear You. I love You.

Right away from the start? It is pleasing to hear that.

Jesus, is it You, who are speaking?

Yes, it is I.

I rarely greet You this way at the beginning. First, I always say that I’m sorry. Now, I want to apologize also, since I could not stand the pain and I could not keep it secret. (I had very severe headaches. Jesus taught me that our sufferings and penances are pleasing to Him when we accept them without grumbling and complaining).

I know. I am not angry. It was a lot of pain for you and it lasted a long time. Lord is pleased with you.

Is it You Beloved Rabbi?

Yes, it is I, little one. What is worrying you?

I do not know myself, I feel uneasy.

It is because you are tired and you have not managed to quite down yourself before the conversation. I have already been waiting for you. You speak beautifully of Me. You love Me, child. God’s heart rejoices seeing you enwrapped in love with Me.

Jesus, You know everything. You know how I beloved You. You know how I am missing You. But I am still far away to the love that You have for me.

Yes child. You know that I love you much more, but you as well will love Me far more .

Most Dearest Jesus, I never loved anybody like You.

I know little one, but do you want to love Me even more?

Yes, Most Loving God, I want to love You the most in the entire world (…).

Very well My little one. You will received it.

My Beloved, Mysterious God, all eternity is not enough to know Your Mysteries …

Yes, child, I am Immeasurable, but I will enhance your capabilities to get to know Me. I, God, want to reveal Myself more to you. Let your love blossom for Me, My little one. You truly love Me.

I want to love You such, that You will always rejoice when you think about me, that I would be a Your comfort, Your rest and satisfaction for sins.

Do you want to feel them more?

Yes, Lord. You know that I want it very much.

You will receive this grace.

Beloved Master, I humbly Thank You. I will offer it daily in the intentions of Your Mother, although I am very unworthy but I still want to serve You as You wish.

My little one, My balm, You are My consolation.


Beloved, make me into Your favorite balm. Let me be Your steadfast  consolation, though I am weak and unreliable and unworthy of this grace, You can change me Lord, that I may serve You better. I want to do Your will.


My little one, how pleasing are your words to God’s Heart. Come, love Your God, because the blows inflicted by unbelievers are heavy. I am suffering and I have very little compassion. There is no one to dress My Wounds. Come to me and alleviate Your God by loving me.

Lord, I am at your command. I will never stop loving You.

My dear, you did a good job today, but now go to sleep and I will talk to you tomorrow. Sleep my child. Father is with you.

Very well, Holy God. I will do as You told me.

Good Night. Amen



I am here little one.

I welcome You, My Master.

Hello, little one. What do you have to say to me today?

That I love You and need You more than air, because without air one can live, but without You there is no eternal life.

You said well, My little student. Master is pleased with you.

My beloved Rabbi, I am very happy when You are pleased. Always unchanging and constant, sometimes sad and occasionally irate. I would like to help You so much that You will always be gratified, as long as You want to use me.

Well, my little one. I will use you. You will work hard for Me, but I see that you take pleasure in working for Me?

Yes Master. You are a dreamed up Boss. Very demanding, very forbearing and also extremely supportive in every task.

Yes child. Now you feel that I am with you in every activity that I entrust to you.

Yes, My Dear Rabbi. I feel that You are always in my life.

My little one, did you want to ask me about something?

Yes Beloved, I wanted to ask if yesterday afternoon You were with me when I was hurting so much?

I was with you.

You put Your hand on my head and said that You take away the pain so that I can leave the house.

Yes My little one.

But this pain subsided a little, and then it was more intense.


I know child. I’ve helped you, so you could get to your destination, but later I needed your suffering.

I thought that the pain will disappear completely after you touched me.

No child, I left you only as much pain as you could withstand. You atoned for important matters yesterday. You do not even know how important.

Should I know?

You know what it was for, you just do not realize how important it was.

Oh, but I suffered for a while. Would the graces flow then?

They will flow child, but be patient, because not immediately.

But you told me Master that you do not have time.

Do not worry about this child, I am the One who sets the time. I told you, that you people do not have time.

Yes, Beloved, Almighty God. That’s what you have said.

Okay, what else?


The day before yesterday You said that if someone was hurt by a priest, You were not in that priest but only the devil impersonating You. And I wanted to ask You, whether You spoke in general or pertaining to the time during confession?


I spoke generally. Do not hold priests in contempt, because then I as well  will hold you in contempt. Do not judge. If some priest has done wrong to you, go to another. I still have some faithful sons, they will help you. And for those who did not help you, pray children, instead of grumbling, because by grumbling, you support the work of satan, and these priests are only getting worse. Only with prayer and mercy you can destroy and break this thread of unbelief and debauchery that satan has spread around my servants.

Thank you, Master. Can I wait with the purchase of  the computer till after the twentieth?

Yes, you can wait. I know that you have a lot of expenses.

And today I bought a small gift for myself. Did I do wrong? Should I have not buy anything? (I went shopping with the intention of buying one thing that I needed. Although I did not look around at all, I noticed a small thing from a distance and I could not leave without it. Its cost was surprisingly symbolic).

I purchased it for you, little one.

Is it You saying it, Beloved Jesus?

Yes, I bought it for you, for the occasion of our feast.


Beloved, this is so lovely that I do not know what to say. I know You’re so good and wonderful, but in this way? In such small trifles?

My child, don’t you know that I love you? You decided to remember and to honor our feast with how you dress, and I decided to give you a present.

I had such a strong feeling that I should not give it to my mother.

Do not even give it a second thought. It is a gift from Me to you, that you (…) will rejoice and never forget that I am pampering you. Will you trust Me?

I will, in everything.

Do you doubt that I can buy you a present?

No Master. You are so magnanimous that it suits You. I even felt that it was You.

Yes, My little one. You have everything from me. I like to pamper you, my seven year old. (I asked Jesus to let me be as a child after death, the Lord asked me how old I want to be, and I replied that I do not know, that as old as He wants me to be. Jesus said that I will be seven years old).

My angel even told me that I am two years old, because I am with You for two years.

That’s true, but you’ll be seven years old. Just as you asked.

Thank You. I love You. You are Perfect.

I know, that’s why you love Me.

I do not know why I love You. Because You are so Good, Magnanimous, Infinite, Beloved, Affectionate, Holy, Omnipotent, Powerful, Glorified, and I can list like that forever. Because You gave Your life for me. You gave Your only human life without hesitation to be with me forever, to make me fall in love with You and take me to Your Kingdom, where I will sing to You forever!

Yes, My little one. I will take you. You will be a soloist among My angels.

I love you, The Most Blessed Rabbi. I have no words. You are so Good to me that I have no words, My Beloved.


I know child, My Love and Goodness overwhelm you. Nobody loved you as much as I love you and you slowly begin to believe in this Love. This begins to reach you that it is I, God Almighty, so much beloved you that I am coddling you in My Arms endlessly. Do you see that I can make you happy?

Dear Rabbuni, only You know how to make me happy. Only you know my heart without end. I have never been so happy in my entire life and I am sure that You have prepared for me such wonderfulness in Heaven … You make everyone individually happy, because you know whom You had created and what everybody needs.

Yes, my child. Your Master knows everything. Do you love Me, little one?

I love You very much, my Beloved Master, the Sweetest God, the Longed for Savior, Pined for Rabbi.

My little one, you have many names for Me, and I have so many graces for you little child.

Beloved, I’m melting in You. Thank you. You are so Generous …


Yes, I am My child. Do not worry about the days that will come. They will be difficult ones, but will your Savior leave you child? Never. I’ll never leave you. You see, you are like a small child about whom you talked about with your girlfriend. When I chastise you, you think I will leave you, that I will get angry with you, that you are not good enough for me. Child, I chose you from millions. Do you think that I did not know your faults? I will not leave you even if you sin because I know your weakness.


I have attached you to Myself and you, child, tie yourselves to Me. You will never be without Me. Everything about us is decided. Try to help Me out of love, not out of fear that I will leave you, because it will not happen.

My Beloved, I never thought about myself in that way, but it’s true. I am so afraid that You will see that I am improving too slowly and You will stop talking to me. I am afraid that I will waste such a holy opportunity by laziness, neglect or pride.

My little one, you see it yourself. I know everything about you even before you realize it. You remember how ridiculous the boy’s fears seemed to you, and now you yourself say things like that. My child, they are just as much unreasonable to Me. Father will never leave His beloved daughter. Do you believe Me, Agnes?

But does it mean that You will always talk to me?


Yes. Always. It may happen that you will not hear Me for a while but then  you will know reason why it happen. But I will always come back to you and we will talk.

Rabbuni, will we always talk?

Yes, little child. Forever.

Thank you, Beloved Master. I believe in all Your Words, but I would like to believe even more and that is why I will pray today the chaplet You gave me.

Very well, pray this chaplet because it has a great power. You will see. (The chaplet of entrusting to Divine Providence: In the beginning: Jesus, who have pulled me out of darkness and now lead me by my hand to Your Kingdom, I give myself entirely to You, my heart, my mind, my hands and my legs, my weaknesses, doubts and my instabilities. Form me according to Your image; On large beads: Jesus, Beloved of my heart, increase my faith and grant that I would blindly trust You without a doubt, On small beads (10 times): Jesus, I trust in You, At the end (3 times): Jesus I am entirely Yours).

Okay, Rabbuni. I will do as you wish.

Well, for sure, pray it today. Maybe with your mom. You two are inseparable.

Yes, Dear Jesus. My Sweetest Life. I love You.

Very well, My little one. I am happy too. Go back to work. Amen


Dear angel Bartholomew?

I am listening.

May I talk to you?

You may.  Will you pray the litany?

I will pray it. Forgive me for being neglectful. I can not manage my time. I would like to organize myself better, but I do not know how to go about it.


I know, I will help you. This is your weak spot. You lose a lot of time by doing many things at the same time, and even if you do one, you think about another, on top of this  you do not finish what you start and you have a mess. This is the reason. I will help you if you ask me.

I will make an effort. And will you help me even in asking you for help? To get up in the morning and to pray an hour? I would like it so much.

I’ll help you. Ask me what you intended to ask, because it’s late, you still have prayers and you have to get up  early in the morning.

I wanted to ask about X and X sisters?

Unbelievable, you guys are in such a hurry…


I know, I’m sorry. But did indulgences help them or was is there something else? The nuns are still especially praying for them.

They are in much better situation now. You do not even want to know how horribly tormented they were and in what a disgusting way. Now the devils can not torment them any more, but they still have to repent because their transgressions against God were many.

What is the best way to help them.

Well… offer Masses and indulgences in their intentions. They have sin a lot and the Lord slowly counts subtracting their years.

And X?

She is in Heaven.

So soon?

Yes. Lord has accepted all of your prayers for her.

She does not need prayers anymore?


No, she does not need it anymore. Do not forget that now is the time of God’s mercy. All prayers have twice the merit.

Thank you very much. (…) And X?

His situation is negatively peculiar, but he is alive.

Does it mean he is saved, but he needs prayers?

Yes, he needs a lot of prayer.  He was not a good person.(…)

Thank you very much. Is it the best to pray through indulgences and Holy Masses?

Yes, these forms of restitution for their sins carry the greatest weight in Heaven.

Will you tell me something about X?

X …, I know. He died tragically in Katyn. His family was in despair, but they are presently all dead and now nobody is praying for him. You will help him a lot. Lord wants you to pray for him.

Was he a very bad person?

No, not very bad. But he was slothful and is suffering a lot, and there is still much before him. He pleaded for your help.

How is it? Souls in purgatory can not ask for themselves?

He can not pray directly for himself, but he could ask you to pray for him.

But how come?

Aaa… you would like to know everything.(…)


Have the mother’s shoes been accidentally damaged or by an evil spirit? (After the Enthronement Devotion of Jesus Christ the King in the family, my mother noticed an amazing change in her new shoes, the sole of one shoe was burned, scarred and cracked across the entire width, while the second sole remained completely unscathed).

By the evil spirit. They are mad at you and curse you, but that’s all what they can do.

That means they came to ruin her shoes?

Yes, they damaged it and many other things.

And should mom go to  meet with X?

She should, she cannot get out of it.

Or is it better not to go?

No, it will not change anything. I will not tell you more, because they will not allow us to talk anyway. (This evening, bad spirits were very much disturbing).

Thank you very much. I think it’s too late and I hear badly. I kiss you and bid you Good Night.

Good Night.


Mother of God, can I talk to You?

You may.

My Mother, I apologize for so many bad emotions  today.

(…) My child, do not despair. My works must be difficult. I am helping you. Do not think that  I have left you on your feast day.

It’s so difficult to put it all together. You know, Mother of God, how difficult it is.

I know My child, but do not worry about the pilgrimage and there will be a Mass celebrated. You said yourself that if I want it, it will happen, period. Have you lost faith in Me My child?

No Mother of God. I apologize for my empty heart today. I feel terrible.

Because you are arguing. On contrary everything must be offered to the Lord.

Oh, Mother of  God, but how?  How to put up with it? Allow to be treated in such a way and not to react at all?


My child, my Son was so insulted and did He defend Himself? Did He protest? No child. He allowed people to say the worst things  about Himself. He endured the worst of accusations in humility. Imitate Him, all of you.

I will try Mother of God. Help me my Dear Mother, Everything is becoming so difficult.

My child, I support you and that you do not feel it, this  I know. Let not every unfriendly face that you come across to deeply worry you. You will meet a lot of such people. Give Him, this suffering. Child,  I need your sufferings for My pilgrimage. But you are in full knowledge that everything will work out because I want it so. All problems are allowed in order for you to humbly impetrate the graces. Have confidence, and Mother will not let you down. Do you remember what My Son have told you?

Yes, Dear Mother, that I would trust You blindly.

Exactly. This work will not fall, because I have decided so, and you do not worry ahead of time, just work. Everything will be fine.

Thank you for this consolation Dearest Mother. Be with me, please, so that I will organize everything adequately for You. I want to help, only sometimes there are these difficult moments and now it is one of them.

No My child, now, it is not a difficult one yet.

My Mother, thank You very much for the conversation and that you have comforted me.

I see that I have not consoled you too much, but I say to you, you will accomplish everything, and endure all the crosses with contentment, since receiving them is a grace in itself.

Okay, I will try to endure them better (…)

Depart in peace. Amen.



Yes child.

I welcome You, Master.

Hello child.

I had terrible thoughts in the church, I felt rejected by You as if I had mortally sinned.

I know child, it is satan who torments you. Do not give an ear to him.

At last I hear You. So clearly, so safe … Thank You for being with me. I also feel very unworthy of Your graces. I should be better.

You will be better my child. Give everything to Me, and I will make You in My resemblance.

I love You, Jesus. You know, yesterday I was thinking that You are so close to me and such my Beloved, that I feel as if You are the closest person in the world to me. I have with You so many secrets  and I trust You so much.

My little one, the heart of God rejoices. You say I’m the closest to you… hmm… How long I have waited to hear this, little one… That’s true… You are feeling our bond. Our bond is sanctified by Me and exists only between us. With nobody else I have such a bond like with you, because no one else is like you. Therefore our Love is the only one. Do you know how I love you?

Jesus, you are so wonderful to me … I’m scared because I do not know such a love. I did not know that You were so amazing.


My little one, I have not shown you My works yet. My child, I have for you streams of graces. Do not be afraid of My Love. Do not be afraid to throw yourself into My Arms. I will not let you down.

Beloved Jesus, is it You who is talking to me and gave me a gift?

Yes, My little one, do you doubt in Your Beloved?

No, my Dearest, I just want to make sure that it is really You. Because You see, I’m still afraid that I love You inappropriately.


And, how do you want to love Me? How is God to be loved? Should not this be a true love? Is this not to be a love encompassing all your heart and all your senses? Do you want to love me not as much, my little one?

I want to love you more, only sometimes I do not know if it is possible to approach God so much? Will I not offend you?

My child, these are all whispers of satan. I love you with love, that is incomprehensible to you, and you should love Me with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. Love Me as your Bridegroom and this is the love you should love Me with, because, have I not married you, child? Do not try to reason and explain our relationship in human terms, child, because it is a Godly bond. I am explaining many things to you in human terms, otherwise you would not understand Me.

But other people, do they love you differently?

Everyone loves differently, and I love everyone in a different way, but with the same intensity.

Because people are different?


Yes child. Everyone is capable of different feelings and I am enabling each one to different tasks. You my little, will worship Me and love Me on earth, just as the angels in Heaven love Me and adore Me. You have fallen in love with Me and this is the love that I want from you child, so do not worry if what you feel is good or bad, because it was I who have empowered you to love Me in this way.

I love You so much. Only You, I love so much. I adore You. Sometimes I feel such a Love when I think about You, that I do not know what to do anymore, it is melting me. You’re so Perfect. And when I think that once You walked the earth and people could look at You all the time and feel Your Holiness so close, I love You so much … Even stronger. My Beloved … Today, it is difficult for me, but I love You so much that I will endure it.


Little one, do not be afraid of your God and do not worry about what people will say. You are My bride. I will do whatever I want with you. Did I not  assign to you the most beautiful task? To love Me and to adore Me? My little one? Don’t you like that your Bridegroom loves you and comes to ask for your love?

My God, I love You so much … I like everything that is coming from You, and the role You have chosen for me is so great that I do not know how I will repay You because You shower me with gifts as if I have already received the heavenly reward. Am I in Heaven, My Beloved?

Not My little one. In Heaven, there you’ll see the grandeur…

O God, Jesus, Most Beloved, I love You. I love the tasks that You give me and the love towards You, which You poured into my heart, that you showed me with Your Beautiful, Divine nature full of grace. You are aUnconceivable God, and Your magnanimity is inconceivable to me, the unworthy. Why do You, my Holy, fulfill all my dreams?

Because I love you.

My God, you spoil me.

I know, I told you that I was spoiling you and you did not believe it.

(…) ?

You are so impatient… after all, I told you that I would give. Don’t you have enough gifts from me?

Not at all, I have not yet collected myself after the last one. It is awesome. See, You make me so happy?

I know, I know. Do not forget about it when you will be sad. Remember how I love you. Do you believe Me?

Yes Master. You know that it is hard for me to believe that You love me so much, but I believe. You heal my wounds, Holy Healer. You have the power to heal my wounds. I love You. Do, what You wish with me.

My child, I like when you give yourself to Me when you are trusting and delighted. My little child… when will I have you with Me…?

Now we live at my place, and later in Your Kingdom, right?

Yes, My little one. You still have to stay here a little longer, but I will come for you with My Mother. She found you for Me.

Yes, I am very grateful to Her. My Holy Mother and Yours. How is this everything incomprehensible to mankind …

It is true. Do not measure Me with a human measure because you are putting limits on Me. Think of Me as you think that you do not understand Me, but you love and trust and I will open your eyes. Child, do you want to see Me?

Beloved Jesus, even if my heart is to break from Oh, I want it!

Okay, you’ll see Me.

I love You … And You will always talk to me and You will not leave me? …

Yes. Little one, remember this well before you doubt again.

I have such a fear in me, but I renounce it for you, can I?

You can. Renounce everything that I do not like and I will bless you.

I trust in You, Jesus. You are my best and closest Friend. I came so close to You that You are so Dear to me, even though You are so Powerful and Infinite.

Yes child. My secrets are great. I will disclose them to you if you want.

Lord, I want it very much. I want to know everything about You. Although I know it is impossible for me, but I am so curious about everything pertaining to You. What are You like … I want to get to know You a lot, a lot more and I will never get bored with You, because You are Infinite. You are Perfect. There is no other perfection, but you.

My little one, your words are pleasing to Me. Seek and you will find. I want to reveal My secrets to you, and you should love Me more and more, just as I beloved you without reservations.

God, whatever You say. I am, the happiest person on earth, because I believed in Your Love, which is the happiness, peace and home of the soul.

My little child, My Spirit dictates you the words because you entrusted yourself to Him. And entrust  yourself even more and you will see My works.

I give myself without reservations. I do not want anything of my own anymore and everything is Yours in my soul. Let Your Spirit fill me to the brim, that I may glorify You with dignity, which is my greatest joy. Love, love, love!

Child, I accept your act of devotion. I love you and My Spirit rests upon you.

Jesus, and the cross that I saw today after receiving Holy Eucharist? Did it mean anything?

Draw it.

Okay. But is there anything else?

For now just draw and I will explain it to you later.

Very well Master.  Soul of my soul.  Live in me and bond me with You forever.

And ever. Amen. Child, depart in peace. Your Master loves you and blesses you. Come back tomorrow and I will tell you something for your brothers.

Okay Beloved Bridegroom of My Heart. Let Your Will in me be done. Amen.

Amen child.



I am here My child.

Lord, are you suffering?

Yes little one. Will you suffer with Me?

Yes, Beloved, wherever You are, there I want to be.

Let it be so, come with Me on My Golgotha. Do not abandon Your Master.

My Beloved I am together with You. Would You like me  to pray  the rosary, to meditate on the sorrowful mysteries?

Yes, I want this. Think about Me and love Me.

I will do it, Master. ( I meditated on the sorrowful mysteries of the Holy Rosary).


Yes, child.

Where are You?

I am on My Golgotha.

Jesus, how may I help You?

Just be with Me.

Under the cross?

Yes,  Look at Me. Child, see how I am suffering. (Jesus was nailed to the cross).

God, Your sufferings are so terrible that I can not even begin to imagine them.

You will experience them. Do you want to feel them?

I want to, Lord. If only You want to give me this grace. I want to share with You everything what You wish to share with Me.


My little… be with Your Master. I need your love to endure on My wood of the cross, it is love that I need.

Dearest Jesus, You are The Love. I am all Yours though I am aware that You do not need me but only love me so much.


Yes child. Your God is Perfect and will bear everything, only for whom? Who do I suffer for so much? Look, I’m alone here. There is no one who would cry for Me. Nobody loves Me. Nobody takes pity on Me. They laugh at Me in My nation. Child, I’m all covered with Blood, and they are laughing. What kind of  hearts do they have? I did not give them such ones. Why have you gone so far away from me? Don’t you see that I’m dying in agony for you!

Jesus, I love You. I am so sorry for You. I thank You so much for freeing me, and now I am with you. Oh, the Sweetest Savior, I will never be able to repay you and thank You for such horrible sufferings that You endure for me, but they are not in vein, because You saved my life my Beloved Savior.


My little one… comfort me. Comfort me all the time. I am so Lonely in My Suffering. Nobody wants to suffer with Me. Should I bear all the anguish by Myself?  Forever alone? Where are My beloved children, for whom I have accepted the death?

God, they got lost. If they were aware of what is happening, who You are and how do You suffer, they all  would be with You. They have no idea about You, they are not conscious …

Little one, love Me.

I love You very much. I love every piece of Your Holy, Tormented Body and each of the 5,480 of Your Holy Wounds and every Drop of Your Holy, Innocent Blood spilled by You the Lamb of God. I adore You. (Lord Jesus revealed to Saint Brigid that he received 5480 blows during His Passion).

My little one, come to the Lord. At least for you I saved your life… At least you are the one who knows what I did for you. Cling to My wounded shoulders. Let Me feel your support little one, when I am in such agony.

Blessed God, there are many, many other people who love You very much and know what you have done for us.


Not today. Presently I am alone in My churches. Do you know how many people around the world adore me now, when I suffer so much?

I do not know, my God, but probably a lot of those who love you are at work.


Child, I am the meaning of life, not work, because what can your work do for you? Why are you getting rich when you will all die soon. What will you bring me then? What will you show me? Your titles? What I need your titles for? Your awards and diplomas? What I need all  this for?


And I will ask: where were you when I hung on the cross for you?! Why have you not been with Me?! I do not know you! Children, I do not know you, who are you?! You have departed from Me as far away as possible because you do not want to see My Suffering! Everyone wants to be saved, but no one wants to help Me in My Work of Salvation.


Everyone wants only pleasure, and when something goes wrong, they ask: Where is God? And God is where you left him! On Golgotha! On the cross! Look how I’m suffering! I go to the Father alone because there is no one to help Me to save you! I took on all your sins Myself! I suffer for all mankind when you only think about pleasures! I suffer so … Will anyone sustain Me? Children, will anyone cry over Me?

Jesus, I’m here. I am with You. I love You, Holy, Innocent, Crucified God. Lord, there are no words to express  Your Great Merits. Who can put it in words? Such a great work of Redemption? It’s so inconceivable for a human being. O Lord, if you do not open their eyes, they will not see.


My little one… Soon, I will open their eyes and they will see the Son of Man in Glory, but whoever did not love Me when I was scorned, humiliated, spotted with your sins, this one will not see Me in Glory. He will not see My Power, because he will perish in the eternal fire.

Holy, Beloved, Sweetest Rabbi, You are the Light of the world. Shine on us before You come back in Glory. Because of Your Mercy, please, open our eyes before Your coming.


My little one, I am so Despised and so Merciful. How much I suffer… Do you want to be with Me?

Lord, I want it. Always and everywhere. I love you so much.

My little one, come to Me.

I am with You, Master.

Do you want to hold my hand when I will be dying?

I want Lord. I want everything you want. I want to help.

Take My Hand, my little one.


Jesus was on the cross, and I was by His left Hand and Its height. Jesus told me to take his hand. I embraced It so that I put one hand in the hand of the Lord, and the other I had in the back as if embracing from the other side, behind the cross. I did not see exactly, but I felt Jesus squeezed my hand with His the one that I put under His Fingers. He could only bend His fingers, so I moved my hand there. Jesus squeezed me again when he went to the Father. And then I was kneeling under the cross and saw  crying Mother of God, hiding Her face in Her hands when Jesus died. Our Lady was on her knees and Saint Jan was embracing Her.


I am here child.

Thank you for allowing me to be with You and support You at least with that presence.

Yes, child, I had lean on you, but you have seen yourself how great are the sufferings of the Son of Man.

Yes, Lord. I tried to join with You as much as possible.

Your faith is getting deeper, but do not stop praying  the chaplet I gave you. (The Chaplet of entrusting to God’s Grace).

Yes Jesus, I will not stop. What should I say or do Lord? I do not know how to behave at the moment.

Do nothing, just be quietly with me. Are you with Me?

I am always with You. I am thinking about You and I love You all the time.

Very well. Rest now. And I will leave now, but I will come back to you. Think about Me, what I showed You today.

Yes Master. I love You.

Very well little one. Lord loves you too. Depart. Amen.


Lord Jesus?

I am present. There was a bad spirit, but we chased it away.

I felt that something is not right.  My Jesus, but it will not came back?

Not at the moment.

Is it You Jesus Christ?

I am here little one.

Please, chase away the bad spirit, so we could talk.  How it dares to come when You are present?


My little one, these are the forms of penances that are allowed for you.

But Your Holiness, Lord, destroys them, overpowers them.

Yes, My little one. I need your sacrifice, therefore, these attacks are allowed on you.

I love You, Jesus. I adore You. My Rabbuni, I missed You.

My little Agnes, I love you.

Thank You, my Holy Lord, for the great grace received today that I could be with You under the cross.

Yes, My tiny one. I took you with Me. Do you always want to be with Me during My Passion?

Yes, Jesus. I love You and I want to help You, the way that You desire it. I do not want to abandon You ever so  please grant me the grace that I can always fulfill Your Will.

It is granted, child. You will not fail me. Petition Your God. I beloved you so much that I will not let you fall. You are permanently attached to Me. Forever, and also on My Golgotha.

Jesus, I want to be with You at all times, although You are Almighty and Powerful, and I am weak and clumsy. Jesus, I want to walk by Your side step by step wherever You want to take me.

My little one… you love Me.

Yes.  I love You Master.

I feel good, dwelling in your little heart.

And me as well in Yours Fathomless, Holy Heart. Lord, my paradise is in Your Heart which it is so vast and beautiful, but You in my little one … I think it should still be expanded for You?

My child, you are making My Heart tender. Come to Your God. I’m here with You.

Jesus, is it You? (All the time I felt the presence of evil spirit behind my back).

Yes, My little, it is I who speaks to you. Do not be afraid. I will not let him take voice.

I want to be holy for You, so that I could be useful.

My child … you are My little joy.

I love you, my Master.

Go on, and ask.

I’m not sure which image to prepare for a pilgrimage. The one that belongs to me, or the one which was blessed by Pope John Paul II, or maybe the picture of Merciful Jesus? I do not know.

Let this be the image of Merciful Jesus.

And what about the inscription: “I Bless you”?


Another time. For now, prepare this picture, because people only by looking at Me in this image, already derive graces from My Mercy.

Very Well Master. May I still ask about these images?

What would you like to ask?

How do you really look?

You do not know? I thought you knew it.

Jesus, it seems to me that just like in the picture I’m looking at now, just more beautiful.


Yes child. You said it well. No picture can render the beauty of the Son of Man, because it is a physical thing, and My Beauty is in the spirit. You can feel it, but it can not be fixed on paper.

But you look very close to the image at which I am looking at my mysterious God ?

Yes My little one. You will see Me soon. Would you like that?

Most Dearest Jesus, I desire it very much.

It will be granted to you.

I can not wait. Lord, should I especially prepare myself, Is there anything that needs to be especially taking care of?

No My child. Grow in virtues same as till now, and I will support you as before. Nothing is changing in our way.

Jesus, can I still ask about the second image?

What would you like to know?

How did You look when You walk on the earth?

The same as I do now.

But this second image is also a holy one, isn’t it?


Yes. The second one too. (…) This is  meaningless child. I am God. Love my face, because it’s the face that loves, and it was so horribly insulted.

I love Your Holy Face immensely. I adore it. You know it Yourself.

Yes, I know, My little one. Few people adore My Face so much, and this is a source of immense graces. Do not be afraid. I protect you all the time. Nothing will happen to you, because I, Myself am watching over you My very little one.

You will not chase them away?

Not for now. Love Me, little child.

I love You, Lord. I am entirely Yours without limits.

That’s good. Now go to sleep, because tomorrow I want to see you in church.

Okay, Jesus. I want to see You too.

I, Jesus, bless you and am casting out demons from around you so you could sleep peacefully. I love you little one. Your Jesus. Amen.

Thank You, Beloved Rabbi.  I love You.  Amen.




Are You here?

Yes, I am waiting for you, for when you are ready.

I am sorry that I am so slow Master and that I have a mess.

But, do you love Me?

I love You very much. I was just thinking about it that I missed You a lot, as if we had not talked for weeks. However, I worked today. Maybe I worked too much, and I was not  with You enough?


I am sorry Lord, did You want to talk earlier?

No, not to talk, but in your prayers you were absent.

Lord Jesus, is it You, who are talking?

Yes, it is I, My little one.

During the Rosary, I actually worked. Does such prayer not count?

The Rosary is very important for you because it protects you against evil spirits, otherwise I have to protect you the entire day.

My Master, thank You very much for protecting me. I’m sorry that  I’m so slow. Somehow I do not laze at all, and I still have not enough time for anything.


I know child, that presently you have a lot of tasks, but what have I given you angels for? Let them help you. Ask them more.

Lord, how should I ask? I prayed in the morning and then a litany … I do not know how to ask for more.

Ask them for help before each work. Let them come to support you, let them help you to organize and chase away from you evil spirits, which slow down this work as much as they can.  You are very tired, you have no time for Me and nothing is finished.

Jesus, I’m sorry. I work as fast as I can. You know, I’ve been working all day without a break. I will try to remember to ask the angels, because I’m giving my best. Please, do not scold me, because I work so hard and really I try my very best. But You know it Yourself.

You see, My little one, it’s too late to talk to Me when you’re so tired, then, they (evil spirits) have easy access to you.

But, Lord, You told me earlier to work? I am sorry. I can not manage it anymore. I give it all to You. Strengthen me Lord, for I will not be able to do it alone. Lord, don’t You want to talk to me today? … (silence). I’m sorry, Lord, do not be angry, please. I did wrong, I should have asked You earlier to talk to me and shouldn’t have dozed off in the morning, I should have prayed. I make many mistakes. Take my imperfection, please, do not be angry with me. Will You not talk to me today? (silence)


Dear Angel?

I am listening.

Can we talk?

We can, but it will start soon. (Evil spirit will start disturbing us a lot).

Is Jesus angry with me?


No, he is not angry, but He feels sorry that you organize your work in the way, that when He wants to talk to you, you are not able to.

I cannot manage myself.

Is it you Bartholomew?

No, not now.

Bartholomew, I apologize to the Lord very much, I behaved badly today. Everything is going wrong. I am sorry.

Trust the Lord. The fact that you can not talk to Him does not mean that you failed Jesus.

But if he wanted , He could chase them away, and then we could talk.


It is not like that. Penance is imposed on you, and you must learn to live as such, to endure penance and fulfill tasks at the same time.

Bartholomew, is it you?

Yes, it’s me, your good angel.

My Dear Angel, I cannot do any better, I’m weak, I cannot do better, I have no strength.

Do not fall into impatience, this is a satanic trick. They are lurking for you. Tomorrow, before leaving, pray  the whole rosary.


Is it you, Bartholomew?

No, throw it away.

But I should pray the rosary?

Yes, pray it, alone or with somebody.

Will the priest from Wykrot agree?

He will agree. Do not worry.

Did I neglect the Lord, and is He sad?

It is your penance, you will not find out anything more. Trust Him blindly. Tomorrow you will know everything.

Will you still be able to talk?

No, not today. Go and rest, for you are barely alive, child.

Who is talking to me?

It is I, your angel.

You say to me, child?

Yes, I said it – child of God.

I will go and rest.

Go in peace. You have my angelic blessing. Amen.



Jesus, I love You, I’m sorry for everything. I am unworthy of Your great graces, but all my hope is in You. I will not refrain from attempting to please You, even if I am unreliable, I will not give up because You are the One whom I only want! Even if You will not speak to me my Beloved Rabbuni, and even if I know that I have done wrong and should not have asked You because I neglected You and I do not deserve this conversation, I will not give up. I know that You can hear me and I love You . My Master, I love You and I want to be with You, I am sorry that I am so ungrateful.

Did you call me, Lord? (I heard my name earlier, but I was not sure who was calling me)

Yes Agnes, I was calling you.

Is it You, Jesus?

Yes, it is I.

Beloved Rabbi, will You forgive Your unfaithful servant once more?

Yes child, I will forgive you a thousand times, just run  to Me, My little one  and ask for forgiveness.

Beloved I am sorry that I have tried to whitewash myself, though I know that I have sinned against You today.


No, My little one. You have not sinned against Me. What happened today was a trial for you, whether you trust in Me after all, when everything is telling you that I have treated you unfairly, despite of this, will you believe Me.

I believe, Jesus, I believe in You, in Your Goodness and Love You above everybody.

Yes child, now I know it.

Lord, I love You. It always turns out that You are so Good that my heart is squeezed from all Your Goodness. I love You very much and I want and need You. The Soul of My Soul, I cannot live without You.

My little child, your words are sincere. Come to Me. I love you little one. Your God is with you. The One, whom you beloved comes to you, to take you into His arms.

Jesus, my Holy Savior, thank You. You are My Treasure.

Do not be scared. What are you afraid of? Do not be afraid of Me. (Lord Jesus was right next to me)

Sometimes evil spirit impersonates You and I feel no peace.

Do not be terrified, little one. So what, that he comes to you?  I am more Powerful. You have nothing to fear.

Lord Jesus lifted me and it took me a moment to realize that I am in the clouds. Lord Jesus was sitting on a cloud, and I was beside Him, however I was so frightened by the lack of stable ground that I was holding Him tightly around the Neck. I looked about and held Him even more tightly.

Is it You, Jesus?

Yes. It is I, child.

Were we in the clouds?

We were.

Was I strongly holding You?

Yes, very strongly.

Lord, increase my faith, because it is so incomprehensible.

My little one, trust Me. I know that presently you must trust a lot, however do recall how you asked Me to say things, which you would not be able to imagine by yourself? And what now? You trusted Me and it was given to you. And starting now, before I come to you, I want you to learn to feel Me and have such strong faith, as if you saw Me alive. Then, you will see Me. (I’ve already grasped that the way I see the Lord is spiritual, but I do not see Him clearly, so it’s a state between seeing and feeling. It was different when I had visions, then I saw exactly every detail in every second).

Lord, will I,  so incapable be able to have such faith? I think only, if You give it to me?

I will give it to you, I will. I still have many graces for you. You will see child, this is just our beginning.

I love You, Jesus, I yearn to receive everything from You. My King, I love You!

That’s good. Give yourself to Me. I will strengthen you child, because you are already swaying on your feet. Your God loves you. Your fasting, what are you offering to Me for?

Lord, for the successful permission to have the Holy Mass, in Wykrot. I am asking humbly that the priest would agree to celebrate the Holy Mass for the pilgrims.

Very well, child. I accept your sacrifice. And do not ignore what the angel commanded you.

I will not forget Lord. The whole rosary.

Very well. Now, go rest and think about Me, what I’ve done for you today. Amen.


When we prayed at the place of apparitions in Wykrot, the Mother of God appeared before us, larger than normal and blessed us, one by one putting Her hands on our heads.

After returning, I tried to talk to Lord Jesus, but the conversation strangely stretched and seemed like “a struggle” – now I say so, because I know now that it was not the Lord Jesus who spoke to me and that’s why I was so tired, but then at the same time I felt weird and also guilty that I perceived it this way. During the conversation something broke down in my computer, so that I could not continue. I left it all and decided to wait, because I did not know what was going on and suspected that I had been deceived.


Jesus Christ?

I am here, child.

Lord, I do not know what to do. Help me. Is it you, Savior, who is talking to me now?

Yes, child.

What I wrote a moment ago, is it from You?

No child.

Throw it away?

Yes, throw it away, immediately.

Is it You, Jesus, Son of God?

Yes, it is I who say it. Throw it away Agnes, as well as the entire previous conversation.

Jesus, it was an entire long message.

It did not come from Me, daughter.

Jesus, Son of God, are you asking me to throw away all the conversations from today?

Yes, it is I, Holy God, Your Savior, Jesus Christ, I am telling you and I am ordering you to throw everything out from today.

Jesus, and what I am writing now?

Leave it. Now, I am talking to you.

Jesus, that’s terrible, why did you allow it? How could he fool me so much?

My child, I allow this and other temptations to you, to cleanse you for Me.

Lord, but there were things about love, how can he say that?


It can be said. This is just a proof of how little words mean if they do not flow out of the soul. They are the language of satan.

Jesus, but I did not recognized it.

You recognized it, child. You did not feel anything when he dictated to you. You also made a lot of mistakes because you wrote without grace. Did you forget that I did not allow to finish this lying intrigue?

Jesus, that’s terrible. I am disgusted with him and his words. Lord, does this not pollute Your Holy words, if I am even for a moment deceived?


No My little one. The world is full of sin. This is the kingdom of Satan. They do not want Me in the world anymore, and am I soiled?  No and  My words can not get soiled, even though a thousand satans will wobble around them, My Words will remain Holy and Immaculate, because they come from me and I am Most High.

Jesus, will there be peace today? Please, but if you want,  let them keep disturbing me.

My little child, I have given you important tasks and devils will not rest until they will discourage you. My tiny give yourself to Me.

My Beloved, they imitated Your words so horribly close, I think they are memorizing Your words by heart?

Yes, My little one, and yet you felt anxiety didn’t you?

Yes, some words made me feel weird.


You see, the devil is very cunning towards you. He will continue to devise new plans to draw you away from me, BUT YOU are My little bonded to Me, so do not be afraid and accept all this in humility.

Beloved Rabbi, I love You. It’s terrible that I remember some words.

Little child, he’s just parroting. He will not say anything from himself, because you will guess right away that it is not Me. Do not worry. Nothing that comes from outside can soil your soul.

Master, I feel such a terrible disgust. It’s terrible.

I know my child, accept it from Me for those who sin horribly and do not regret it at all.

I agree Master, I accept everything from You, because I love and adore You.

Do not try to remember what he told you. Forget this incident, but stay alert.

Jesus, Beloved, thank You for help in dealing with matters and for the angels, for things for pilgrimage and for priest X.


Yes, I have given you a lot today. Priest X is My chosen servant. I have few priests, My sons, as faithful as he is. Support him with prayers, because he needs it. They attack him from all sides, and for now you can pray a lot, so pray for him.

How come for now?

My child, there is time for prayer and time for action. I have given you a lot of time now, and although you have a lot of tasks, you also have a lot of time for prayers, and this son, my beloved, converts My children. I love him with all my heart and bless him, so also you love him and bless him.

Very well, Jesus, it will not be difficult at all. So much of  You is in him that you love him right away.

Yes, my child. You already have the eyes that see and the ears that they hear and your heart dictates to you what to do.

Beloved Jesus, You are my heart and You dictate to me what to do.

Yes, My little one. I am dwelling in you.

Jesus, I’m still reviving of what he said and I do not want to think about it.

Good, My child. You will forget it. Have you told me enough times today that you love Me?

No, my Lord, never enough. I love You enormously and I want to repeat it all the time.

That’s good. In that case, repeat it a few more times.

I love You, I love You, I love You madly. You make my heart soft. I am melting my Savior. I want only You, feel You, listen and think about You, my Holy One.

I am here. (I felt the presence of an evil spirit, who spoke offensively to me.  Sometimes he cannot stand it and shows his real face, but unfortunately he pretends to be Jesus to tire and discourage me from listening).

Did evil went away?

It did.

How can they interrupt such beautiful moments, my Lord. I love You so much and they will not even allow me to say it to You.

I know my child. Do not be bothered with it. I God know your heart. Do you want to serve Me?

If you are Jesus Christ, I want it enormously.


I am He. Serve Me child and give yourself to Me. You will have important messages. I will not dictate to you important messages when you are here, because I am asking for your total devotion and concentration. Do you miss Me My child, for when we would  be alone?

Yes, God, very much, but I’m still arranging everything here for the Holy Virgin. (…)

My little one, when we will be together and you will be more focused, I’ll be able to tell you more.

In that case, I feel like going there today.

You will go as you finish.

Jesus, I love You, I miss You. You are here and I miss You. I need You. My soul can not be satisfied with Your Sweetness and Wonder. Yes, I miss You and I want to feel You. My Beloved Savior.

Come to Me, little one, I have been waiting for you and now I want to be glorified (…).

I love You. You have my heart forever. I give it to You completely.


My little one, I accept your sacrifice. I know that you miss Me and you feel anxious, My little child. It will be so for the next few days, and you only remember to trust Me and love Me all the time and we will survive it together. I allow all the trials and penances for your own good. Do you trust me?

Is it You, Christ?

Yes, little one.

I trust You, Jesus. I love You very much.


Very well child. Cling to My Heart once more, because now you will miss Me very much, for all your friends who do not miss Me at all.

I welcome everything from You, because Your yoke is sweet and the burden is light.

Yes, My little one. Remember these words and go in peace. I, God bless you and love you. Amen.


Dear angel Bartholomew, could you talk to me?

Of course, I can, I’m here all the time.

My dear angel, it seems to me that you are very happy today.

Because you readily endure penances. It pleases God very much.

I try to. I forgot to ask you again for help with my work.


You will ask me now and we will finish it quickly. You know that you are not allowed to work tomorrow. You will rest and read pious books. Are you planning to read the diary of Sister Faustina?

As soon as I finish the first part of Vassula.

Well. But you should read all the parts of Vassula’s messages. You both have a similar paths.

I feel special love for both of them. (Faustina and Vassula)

Yes, you are all similar. God is pleased with you all.

Is it you, my dear angel?

Yes, it is I, your angel. You do not have to worry. For some time, you will have peace, because this exorcism is quite strong and even such intrusive evil spirits as yours must leave. (Prayer for release from the book by priest Marian Polak “Fighting with satan”!)


Jesus, Son of God?

I am here, child.

Oh Beloved, Sweetest Savior. I miss You enormously, I love You. Only You, I love, all others only through You and in You. My Salvation, Your Kingdom, come!

My little Agnes, how much the heart of God rejoices when It is accepted with such love.

Beloved of my heart, rule over me, lead me, do whatever You want with me. I am Yours and I belong to You forever. Jesus, I am giving to You my soul and all that I have.

My little child, You are My consolation.

I miss You Beloved Jesus, as You told me. I just want to be with You all the time.


(…) Good. Child do not be afraid. I do not recall my earlier words. You will suffer in the way I will appoint to  you. Your sacrifice is pleasing to me. I expected it. Didn’t I ask you, if you want to suffer for My priests?

You had asked Beloved God in Częstochowa.

Yes child, and you agreed, so now I will give you sufferings, which you will be happy to bear and the graces from your suffering will flow for (…)

Jesus, I am yours and do whatever you want with me.

I am pleased with your devotion child, I will use you.

(…) Very well Master, everything You wish.

My child, it’s nice to hear you so delighted, but I only need you for Myself.

Lord, I’m just here to make a website.


I know a child, but tomorrow go back because I need you in My churches.

Okay Lord, tomorrow I will go back.

I’m waiting for you at home. We will be together and I will say a lot for yourself. You will work with him, because I am speaking through him and he has a grace from Me to proclaim the truth about My coming, and you will be  blessing him and giving him messages that are for him. Do you want this Agnes?

Lord, Your Will is my will. Beloved Rabbi, I gave You myself and my only desire is to fulfill Your Will. I want to be Yours to the center of the bone.

Little child, you do not realize yet what you are saying, but your love for Me is great. I will strengthen you and you will serve Me faithfully. My Father is pleased with Your love and devotion. I will work through you and you will faithfully fulfill My tasks.

Yes, Father, Your Power is Infinite. Do what You want with me. Lord, are my words not true to You?

No child. I know that they are flowing from the heart devoted to Me. But you are still so weak that you can do nothing without My support.

Master, I know that. After all, I am saying this only knowing that You will give me graces to fulfill Your Will. Everything what You ask of me.


Do not be afraid. I’m protecting you, My little soul. You are not in danger, but the devils will attack you. Give yourself to me and do not fear anything, because I will not allow you or him to be hurt. You will serve Me until I come and take you to Myself.

Really, Lord, will You give us such a most wonderful grace?


Little child, I need you both living. Should I gift you and then loose you? You both have received gifts, and now bring Me abundant fruit. He will not be happy with this task, because he would have preferred to devote himself to prayer, but his gifts are not for a  contemplative life. He is to be My voice in the wilderness and you, child, will serve him with My help.

Yes Master. I love You. I love to serve You the way You wish.


Very well, my little one. Now finish the work of My Mother and be ready, because when I call you to action, you will go where I tell you and will teach through our messages.

What does it mean, Master?


You will see. I will lead you. You will not be in public, do not be afraid of it. You are to be support, because there are great plots against him. However, thanks to your prayer, I will have pity on these people and preserve this shepherd for them, because great are My works through him. He will prepare the way for Me.

Dearest Jesus, your coming is near!


Very near, My Kingdom is close. Repent.

I am waiting for You Lord, make use of me, that all of us will be waiting for You on our knees and singing for You glorious songs.

My child, your requests are big. What I should do with you…


Beloved Merciful Savior, have You not come to this world to save us all and take us to Your Kingdom? Make us able to know You through Your works and kneel before You, the entire nation.

My little one, a few more souls like yours and I will save Poland.


Jesus, give us the graces to belove You. There are so many of us here,  devoted to You, only weak and incapable. You have the power to open our eyes and ears. Have mercy on us, Son of God, and let Your Holy Passion change the face of this earth, and may Your Innocent Holy Blood wash our Polish hearts so that we may see.


My dear child, you ask for much. Your Father has many graces, but more children must pray so fervently. (…) I have given many graces to your nation, My mother is interceding a lot for you, but you have abandoned Me and have been desecrating Me in your temples.


I know, Lord, we did not deserve the grace that I am asking for, but I can only beg for it day and night, because now you have a heart twice as soft.

Yes, My little one. You know the Heart of God. Child, you understand how great is My Mercy over you. What should I do with you? Pray still more, and My Heart will soften to the end.

My Savior, my Holy, You are so Good …, You are so Perfect … I fall on my face infinitely unworthy of Your graces.


Ask me, little one, your begging is pleasing to Me and your faith in My Mercy over people. (…) but pray a lot, because you are only few, however if I find My righteous people, I will spare all of you for this faithful handful of people … Since I have only few of  you, you must do reparation for your people. You must be more sacrificial and suffer for Poland.

Thank You Father.



Beloved Jesus, I miss You.  I adore You.

My little one, come to Me.

I want to be with You. Unite me with You. Without You I do not exist. Without You I’m dead. Unite me with Yourself because I myself  do not exist. I love You so much.


My little one. You speak well, you live in Me, you breathe in Me, and I will make that you will desire Me even more, until life here becomes a torment for you. Do you want it?

Jesus, I want this, if only it will give more Glory to You and repay for souls who do not love You.


Yes, My little one, you have understood My work within You. Love me for all of them and for each one of them separately, the same as I have died for them, each one of them  separately, so you, for each and every one of them separately adore and love Me. Do you realize what an enormity of  Love for Me I will pour into your heart?

Master, I desire it.

Do you want to love Me more?

Yes, I love You madly, but it’s not enough. You are worthy of infinite and incomprehensible love, that only  the Holy Spirit can pour into the heart of man, if only it will not break.


It will not break My little one. You will endure the anguish of separation from Me.

Beloved Master, we are bound, you will not leave me.

Yes little one, you know it, however it will be tormenting you to wait for Me, not being able to fully unite with Me in this world.


I will wait Beloved. It is worth waiting, if I will suffer for the love of You, it is the most beautiful suffering. If it will be longing, I want it. Every suffering in which I feel You at the same time is a delight. I desire, I hunger for You My Sweetest God.

My Beloved, my beloved little faithful heart, come to Your Lord, let me wrap  My arms around you, little child, you are pleasing to God so very much. Little one, I gave you this love, I gifted you, because your love is very pleasing to Me, it is a balm for My wounded Body. Do you adore Me, child?

Savior of the world, I love each and every one of Your Holy Wounds.  God, I love every torn piece of Your Holiness, every millimeter of Your tormented humanity. You are the Excellence and Love.


Child, you love Me so much… Let Me rest in you … let Me hide Myself from My persecutors. Do you want to love me more intensely, little one?

I want it Master, I want this Most Holy Rabbi.

You’ll receive, My little spec. Love for Me will fill your whole body and your whole mind. Your soul will be soaked through with Me, Your Beloved Master. Do you want to feel me?

Yes God, I do not want anything else.

Come to Me, My spouse, I want to unite with you.

I felt immersed in a different, denser air and I was in the holy space, as if in God.  I was so overwhelmed that it was difficult for me to breathe. I felt His Arms embracing me, in which He closed me in. On the right side, behind my shoulder, I saw His beautiful face, leaning towards me. He smiled. I felt like he took me in his arms and hugged me. I cuddled up to him and I was as a small child, and He was a Beautiful Giant. I laid my head on His chest. Then he held me in His Hands, just like the infants are being held. Completely defenseless, I was immersed in Him.

Oh Jesus, the Most Holy One … I can only sigh in awe.

Jesus was sitting next to me on my right side on the bed. I am so small compare to Him. He is Perfect and Beautiful. He embraced me with his left hand and pressed me to Himself, he kissed my forehead, and I could only cry and laugh out of happiness, I was not able to say anything, then He said: Do you believe in me? Do you believe that I am here hugging you? And I said that I believe, and because of my feeble faith, I really see Him only spiritually.

Jesus, have I correctly described the grace you gave me?

Yes child, I hugged you and you were hidden in Me. Do you remember how save you have felt? You did not write about it.

Yes Lord, I had felt so safe … I was in You. There is no safer and happier place for man than God. Lord, no one will understand what I wrote.

Yes, it is difficult to describe. You were in My Holy Self.

God, I adore You, I love You. When a man touches God, the rest of the reality is a miserable backdrop. It is pathetic and laughable. I would like You to touch people, let them feel You, and then they would love You forever.


My child, many will see Me, many will hear Me and many will feel Me. Behold, I come in My Glory as the Holy Lamb, Glorified. Who will come to meet Me?

I’m coming, Master, I am collecting whoever I can. Give me graces and the Light of the Holy Spirit so that I can help You to open Your children’s eyes.

Little child, I’ll use you, do you want it?

Yes Master. Use me. For this reason I came to this world.

Very well, my little devoted servant. Do you love Your Master?

Beloved Holy God, I love You enormously. You are my life, You have asked me three times today as You had once asked Peter. Will I let You down, Lord? Will I deny You? Beloved, do not allow it.

No child, do not be afraid. You will remain faithful to Me, but it is pleasing to me how you place all hope in Me. You know that you are nothing, and you are just like a flag on the wind, and only by My grace you remain loyal to Me.

Yes Lord, I am aware of my weakness.

Well, my child, I want to give you a great grace. Was I not asking Peter before I   gave him a great task? He has become a pillar of My testament for you children, before I come back to you. Now I want to lay My sacrifice on you, little one.


Jesus, here I am Your servant, ready to live for You and accept Your every sentence.


Child, you have trusted me, that’s good. Do not be afraid. I know what I have made you capable of, and if you feel fear, it means that you have no grace for this or that work. I have given you graces to carry My Cross, to belove Me above all else. You will endure my sufferings because I have loved you so much that I will give you  a special grace. I’ve been preparing you for this for a long time. (…) My little. That’s the answer I was expecting from you. Surrender to  My Power, servant of God (…) because you beloved Me so much that you are giving yourself to me in your entirety and I need your suffering for the salvation of many and for the strengthening of My works in you. Do you give yourself completely to me?

Yes Lord, i am Yours My Jesus Christ, Infinite King of the Universe.

Good, my child. Therefore, exercise My Will and feel Me constantly (…) This will be the source of your suffering which you will happily bear for Me.

Yes, Jesus, I am Your servant and Your Will is the fulfillment of My most secret desires.

Child, you please Me. I love you, and my Father found in you a particular fondness. Behold, you will serve Me steadfastly and you will receive My Spirit  to be able to bear the Passion that  I will impose on you. Amen.

Jesus, Beloved Rabbi, let me rest in You forever. Let Your Holy Will be fulfilled in me and all your creation.

I love you child. Now, rest (…)

I love You and I am awaiting You, Lord.

Very well, My little sacrifice. Depart in peace. I, God the Father, Son of God and Holy Spirit, bless you and mark you for My Glory. Amen.

I adore You, Holy Trinity.  Amen


For a few days I have been watching the strange phenomenon in front of the projects that I am living in. There on a few pines growing between the apartment buildings are gathered together several hundred crows and rooks. There are so many of them that it is hard to believe it and they are screaming so loud  that when we pray , mother and I , they are drowning us out. Today, in the evening, we have prayed a special novena to Saint Michael the Archangel. Then the birds quieted down and moved away.



Yes My little one, I am waiting and waiting for you.

Dear Jesus, I thought it would be better to talk when  everything would quiet down.


No, it’s better to talk when I want to, and you do listen, if  I by any chance am not calling you.

Well I just did not hear and I did not feel this time. Forgive me Rabbi. Perhaps you would prefer a constant time that you would never have to wait?

No child, I want you to listen to Me and hear Me when I call you.

Jesus, is it You?

Yes, little one, I’m not angry with you. But I do need you to focus, and you still have too many things in your head that compete with Me.

I am sorry My Master. Now I will quiet down myself, indeed so many things, and for me it’s all so new and my chaos does not help, but I want to improve.

Very well. I will tell you about the cross. The cross that you see in the church, it is the Dominican cross.

Why are you showing it to me?


I want you to always remember My Passion. (…)

Yes Master, I desire this.

Well then. I will be asking you, because you do not realize yet what is happening in your life, but you trust in me and you desire Me, My child. This is what I need the most from you. You will still, for a certain period of time not  know what is going on, because I need to strengthen your faith, and when you will be strengthened, I will reveal Myself sufficiently to you.

Dear Jesus, I have the impression that everything that is happening to me is so incomprehensible, therefore I try to do what You need from me on a given day and bring You joy, but thinking about it all in a large scale is beyond me. Lord, I need Your Light.


My little one, I know better what you need, do not forget that I am God All-Knowing.

Yes Lord, You know everything. (…) My Lord, you seem different to me today?

And you? Are you not tormented with doubts today?

Yes, Jesus, they come to my mind all the time, but I reject them, Rabbi.


I know. You are doing well, for the evil spirit will not rest until they take you away from me.

Lord, doesn’t he know that You have tied me to Yourself?


No child, it is hidden from him. This one is blind and deaf.

Thank you, Dear Master. Would You like  me to come back later?

Yes, come back to Me and do not drink coffee.(I am  fasting on bread and water for priests today, but I  wanted to drink coffee so badly, I put grounded coffee into a glass, but I decided to postpone to add water for a little longer).

Okay, my Lord, I will not have it (…)



Yes, I am here little one.


Master, today I have a lot to apologize for, a lot and I am very sorry.

Okay then. It got to you. I will not always tell you that you are doing something wrong. You have to know it yourself. That would be unfair to others. You have your angels, let them tell you.

Jesus, was it You speaking?

Yes child, I mean, if I told you every time that you were doing something wrong, there would be no place for merit, and I want your merits for Myself.

Beloved Father, I love You.


Yes, little one. We are One. God is One in the One Trinity. Speaking to Me, you give Glory to the Father. Do not think that you neglect Him by loving Me. God the Father is in Me, and I am in Him. I am one with My Father and the Holy Spirit.

But Jesus, can you explain to me why then God the Father says sometimes that He is the least worshiped One?


When a man worships Me without awareness of giving Glory to the Father, He does not receive Glory due to Him. My Father, the Creator whom I belove above all, gave Me power and authority to sit on His Throne. We are One, but My Father is forgotten. You cry out to Him too little. He, full of Glory, is very Gracious and through My Name, you can obtain a lot, but who is calling to the Father “Our Father” thinking of Him as the Father? This is what the Father expects.

Jesus, I still do not understand.

I know child. At the moment you will not understand it, however, I will slowly reveal my secrets to you.

I love You and I love God the Father and I love the Holy Spirit, but each of  one of these loves is a little different from the other.


I know child. You are able to love in a human way, assigning roles.  For you, different role has The Father , another The Son and still another The Holy Spirit, but we are One so you may  love us all the same.

Jesus, this is incomprehensible, I am not able to understand it yet. I am explaining  everything to myself the way I am able to.

I know little one, My Father even likes this logic of yours.

Jesus, really?

Yes, you are using words that no one else is using towards God.

But is it good Lord?

Yes child. Speak from the heart, and what kind of heart you have, your words will be like that.

I love you, you know it.  Today, I was thinking that I am losing people that are close to me because of You, but I care so much about You that I somehow endure it and I could not do it otherwise. Because with You it is wonderful, and I always hold hope that they at some point will be close to me. But, if I could be with them as close as it used to be, and with You further, I would despair. That would be a nightmare. I could not bear it, this emptiness.

Yes, My little one. You understand that it is worth to suffer for Me and that not even one suffering that is shared with me is hopeless because I am a Hope.

Yes Master. You are my air.

Little child, I’m a lot more than that.

Yes Lord, I know. It’s just that I can not live without You.

My little one and I too attached Myself to you. Your chirping like a bird is dear to Me.

My Beloved God… I just sigh…

Okay, do you still have the strength to write?

I have plenty for You, Master!

Beloved child, write then. For priest X:


My son, do not subside in battle. I am pleased with your deeds and your burning heart. I, God, support and protect you. This little handmaiden will serve you with My voice. I will speak to you through this child, and you do listen to My Voice, with which I support you in your service. You are My chosen to preach about My Kingdom. Do not collapse on the road, many adversities are awaiting you, but I, My son am with you constantly. You were given an abundance of My gifts to proclaim My Glory. Now go and teach, because for this reason I have sent you, My faithful priest. I have few servants so faithful and open to My call. I opened your mind to see through the plan of evil and prepare the way for Me. And now, go and teach. It is I, Jesus Christ saying this, your Beloved God, who will never abandon you. Amen.

Okay, My child, now go to him.

Most Dearest Lord, this week?

Yes, this week, it may be on Friday. I expect this from you.

And should I only show him only this message for him?

Yes, he is waiting for My sign and you will be that sign for him.

I love You God, you are Wonderful.

Yes, little one, I’m Wonderful for children that  are loving Me.


You are so great even for those who do not love You.

I still am child, but not for long.

Dear God, will You answer me?

Yes, go and show him that what I dictated for him.

And also what you had said about him before?

Yes child.

That he is the voice in the desert?

Yes, repeat this to him as well (…)

Beloved Jesus, should I  tell him (…)?

No, let him trust in Me.

Will he understand everything or do you want me to give him explanation?

No. No. If he will have a question, you will ask Me for him.

Very well Rabbi. I love working for You.

I know, My little one, it is nice to have a servant so willing to work for Me. I love you, little child. Your God is embracing you in His Arms.

Jesus, why do I have today so many doubting thoughts. I do not want them, I renounce them, I trust You blindly and that’s the end!

My child, you are being attacked. (…)

Well, God, what was I thinking.

Do not be afraid child, you have God as your Father.


My Beloved Father, I’m hiding in Your Beard. (Often, in difficult times, I imagine that I hug myself to God the Father, in fact a very childish way of looking for protection, but in the presence of the Gigantic Father, each of us is a small child, in my mind I am very small, like God’s Finger and I have my special place on His Chest, I’m hiding under His holy Beard and nothing,  absolutely nothing is terrifying to me then).

Come, child. You see how you make your God laugh…(Jesus laughed).

You’re laughing, aren’t  You, Rabbuni?

You see it yourself.

I see You Lord, but it is in spirit, I feel You more in spirit.

You’ll see, wait patiently. I will show you Myself because you have beloved Me.

I beloved You up to the point of madness. Only You alone are enough for me.

I’m glad to hear it. And your family?

I need them so I could to tell them about You. You see Yourself, You are in the first place.

Yes child, this approach will lift  you to Me, little one.

Is it You, Jesus?

Yes, it is I, do not be afraid. I speak in different ways.

Dear God, are all Your messages from the last two days and the last one true?

Yes child, everything I told you is true.

Lord, will You pour on me those great GRACES?

Yes child, give me yourself and I will clothe you in My Glory.

My Sweetest Savior, you know that I’m unworthy of this.

I know, but I especially beloved you child and I will endow you with My gifts. Don’t you feel how I beloved you?

I feel Beloved Rabbi. You spoil me.

Yes, I love you beyond measure My child. Do you want to suffer for Me?

Yes, Jesus. I trust in You and I love You.

Well then. It will be given to you.

I entrust myself to You my Beloved Father.

My little daughter, do not be afraid. I know what I told you and you will not be harmed. Be humble in offering yourself to Me and do not be afraid of anything, because I know best what I have made you capable of.

God, let Your Will be done. I know nothing, but I trust in You My Most High.

That’s good, My little one. Do you still want to ask something?

Were these ugly birds natural?

No child, it was especially sent to you for intimidation, so that you would feel anxiety at night.

Oh, once or twice I let myself be caught. I’m sorry, Lord.

My child, trust in Me infinitely. I said, that nothing will happen to you and I will keep My promise, so you can sleep peacefully, because you child, have My seal on you.

Thank you, Beloved Rabbi, and do You still want me to choose some fragments of messages for priest X?

No child, not yet. Do not be afraid. Go to him, I will protect you.

Very well My Good Rabbi. Everything You say. (…)

I will hide you and you must trust Me.

Yes Master.

Good, lay down, you had enough sensations for today. Amen.



Yes child, I am next to you.

Lord, I apologize to You very much, I overslept again and then doubts tormented me again. I regret this Lord. I give to You my weakness and sinfulness. Transform me, Master, that I may be Your faithful servant.

My Beloved child, it was not I who called you in the morning. It was your guide.

It means who, Lord Jesus?

Child, your angel could not wake you up because you caught a cold. Take vitamins and eat fruits.

And I will drink calcium.

No, you do not have to drink it. You’ve been drinking it a lot lately.

Thank you, Lord, are You not being angry with me?

No child, I know what you are going through. I’ll explain it to you. Do you think that you are suggesting solutions to Me yourself?

No, Lord, that would be a great pride. But I feel a desire for something, I think that I would like to do something for You, that it would be great if You would like to give me such a grace or such a task, and then You come and give me such a grace and task, and because of this I am  becoming confused in my head and I am in doubt.

My child, do you know what grace means?

It seems to me that I do not quite understand it. It means that You give to person a special ability to feel or do something, without it being an obstacle, that You are enabling a person towards something.

Yes child. However, I distribute graces through My Spirit. I give inspirations to man. So, if you do My Will, you listen to My Voice, My desires, if you want to do My Will, then My desires are becoming your desires. What grace means is that I, God am preparing man for a given task, that even if he is lazy and fearful like you, he only happily awaits to fulfill such a tasks for Me. He wants to serve Me in a given way, because he has received a grace for it. If I would not enable you child, you would not be able to act without hesitation for what I chose you for. My Spirit guides you, shows you the gaps you have to fill. You think child that these are your thoughts, but this is My Will and it is My Grace that you understand My desires as your own work.


Do not be fooled by the fact that it is you who thinks what to do, and I, Almighty God, only nod you: “how wise you invented it”. Do you understand child this ambush?


Yes Lord, it is a great sin of pride.

Yes, My little one. Do not let yourself to be led astray. Trust me blindly and do not fear anything. I will lead you.

Will you come soon for me, Beloved Master?

I will come for you. Do not be afraid. When I will arrive, I will take you in My arms so that you will not get hurt My little one. Do you want to serve Me as I wish it?

Yes, Jesus, You know everything. I love You.

Very well, little one. In that case, I will support you. Do, what you supposed to do, do not worry about the future, because I have you in My special care. Do you believe it?


Yes Jesus, I feel that every day.

That’s good. Now ask Me what you wanted to ask.

The candle did something yesterday, but it was not from You, am I right?

Yes, it was his poor plotting. (evil spirit)Do not pay attention to it. When I am acting, you feel that your heart is touched.

Yes Lord, You disarm me.

That’s good, what else?

(…) They are asking how to pray for X most effectively?

Pray for her the chaplet of salvation to Padre Pio, which your father wrote. Padre Pio liberates from such dangers (…)


Thank you, Beloved Jesus. You are Wonderful.

Finally, a bit of tenderness. You got so scared of new tasks that you forgot how much you love Me, and you know how scared you would be if I had not enabled you for that sooner?

Yes, Lord, You have created in me a desire to serve You this way. Jesus, do You want to tell me something about finances?

No, do not worry. I will compensate you everything and there will be money, as much as it is needed, but not more.

Okay, Jesus. Thank You very much. I am not feeling well.

I know. Go and eat it. I bless you. Amen.


Jesus, does everything about the priest X come from You and is it true?

Yes, child.

So, I am calling.

You have My Blessing.

I called.

It’s good, child. Don’t worry. He will call you back.

I did no leave my number.



Jesus, Son of God, I love You!

I’m with you, My little one. I love you too. You do not even know how much. I am happy about each time we meet My little soul. Cling to Me, worship Me.

I adore You, Master.

Do you know that the woman you helped, it was I with my heavy cross? (On the way I passed a woman who had as many as 5 heavy bags. I helped her carry them home).

Beloved, if I knew I would kiss her feet.

Yes, My child, you do not realize that I am in every person that is in a need of help.

Dearest Jesus, I’m sorry, I’m so unworthy.

My child, you hurt Me joking in this way. Child, do not torment yourself.

I’m so stupid. You are telling me about important things, and I did not joke when I wrote it. Forgive me, God. What am I doing? I am not worthy of Your great graces. You suffer, and I want to joke with You. I want to suffer with You. I’m sorry, I do not understand. I do not realize anything. I am so unworthy Jesus. I’m insulting You with my stupidity.

My child, do not torment yourself, I told you this already. I am not hurt by those who joke even if it is at the wrong time but with love, but the hurt comes from the ones   who do not help me to carry My cross. You helped Me. Do not despair, because I do not reprove you.

I know Lord, but I am very little appreciative of Your graces and forget how You suffer so much. I am an egoist and I would like for us to be happy so that we could joke and so that You might laugh. I want to make You laugh, but You need my suffering, not stupid jokes. forgive me, because I’m so ashamed that I can fall under the ground.

My little one, I am explaining this to you, that you have helped Me to carry the cross today, showing mercy to this woman. I love you. Your love for Me guides you. My little one, you would like to make Me happy as much as you are capable of. Wouldn’t I be appreciative of this? I chose you as such a childish child and I love you that way.  Child, these are not important things, so do not dwell on them and do not waste your energy because you will need it later this week.

Okay, my Lord. You are so good to me.

How could I discipline you when you so beautifully testify about Me? Child, I have sent you, and you are not ashamed of Me, though I am the object of mockery among Your friends.

Maybe distant friends. My close friends love You, although they are not always able to admit it.

Okay, maybe they are distant. But you testified well.

Thank You Jesus. I feel anxiety about this last matter. Can I give this to You Lord?

Yes, child, give me everything you have trouble with. I’ll help you.


And he does not answer my call. (The person to whom Lord Jesus told me to go).

I know. Do not worry. Everything will work out as it should.

Can I ask about one person?


There is such a kind gentleman. My mother tells me that he is weird. Can I trust him?

No child. He is strange because he serves two masters. God and mammon.

How is it? Jesus, is it You who is speaking?

Yes, little one. I will not tell you to avoid him but be careful because he can harm you.

He has this picture of You and he does not know that it is bad. (The image, Jesus told me to destroy, see Volume 1).

Exactly, it should give you something to consider.

Jesus, I’m so naive. (…)

Do not be afraid. This is not a dangerous man, only two-faced. Do not be afraid of him, but do not trust him hundred percent, because he is not Mine entirely.

Seems to be so strongly converted … what does it mean not entirely Mine?

You see, he wants to be perceived that way, but there is still a lot of dirt in his heart. I do not live there.

Jesus, it is You Who is speaking?

Yes child. Do not worry, because he cannot hurt you, but do not let him get too close.

And if he wants to distribute some materials?

Look at what he gave you and judge for yourself. There are no bad things there.

Lord, but if something would be wrong, will You tell me?

Yes child, you have to be careful, because Satan will attack you through pious people. You expect it from non-believers, but the worst are pseudo-believers. They can hurt you the most.


I am so naive, Lord, I do not know if I can see the difference. And X? Should I be afraid of him?

No child. He is completely harmless. He loves Me and My Mother and you have rightly loved him. Do not be afraid of him, because his heart is as pure as you feel. Just know my little one, that other people may perceive it in a strange way and that’s why you should control him.

Should I worry about it?

My child. I know that you have a pure heart and he has one, but those who look at you do not always have pure hearts, so they see you as unclean. Do you understand?

Yes Lord, I will do as you say. I’m scared a little bit now, I guess I’m not too nice?

You are nice and young. People cling to you and that’s why satan can slip into your favor so easily. You must love everyone but be prudent as My Mother was. Ask Her for help. She knows all the hearts through.

Very well, Master. Thank you so much for your Holy advice. You probably could not have warned me before. Although now I am aware that You had warned me, but I thought that it was regarding other people.

No child, it was about those.

Very well, Lord, I will try to be more cautious. Would You like to tell me something else?

No child. You still have duties and remember that I am with you.

Yes Master. I will think about You.


Souls in Purgatory

During one of the nightly pilgrimages (to Niepokalanów) I saw in the ditches along the road a dense gray-pink fog, and from it protruded human hands reaching out to us. I did not understand it before, but now I know that I have seen the souls in Purgatory begging us for help and gathering prayers for themselves, because the pilgrimage always prays for the souls in purgatory.


Another time I thought about two dead sisters from my family, whom I knew needed prayers, however I forgot about them. Immediately, I heard a shrill of a female cry: help us! We beg! I decided at once that I would give them full indulgences in the following days and heard: Blessed are you forever!



And who is so sad today?

I’m scared of everything and I feel so powerless. I am waiting for You, God, for You to come.

My little one, it will not be long that you’ll have to wait. I will come and take you to Myself and you will no longer have to fast.

I’m sorry, my God, that I’m so irksome today. I think I eat too little?

Not enough, you have to eat more. One cannot last like that.

I love You and thank You for Your grace today and yesterday during the Holy Communion (I felt the bitter, organic taste of the Holy Host, just as it used to be six times previously).

I granted you this miracle, so you would remember that you receive Me, and that I am going through the Passion during every Holy Mass.

Thank you, Master, and I apologize that sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate. I feel so powerless. You see, the spirit is willing, but my will is nothing. I want to be useful to You, but I amount only to shortcomings.

My child, do not give up. Everything will line-up in accordance with My Will. Do not be worried ahead of time, because you are wasting the strength you need. Did you forget that you have to trust in Me?

No Lord, but sometimes it turns out that I misunderstand something, I do not know, I give it all to You. Take it and transform me, Master, because I feel so terribly powerless and frightened.

I know, My little Agnes, but, did you forget how much I love you? Child, you will see what treasures I have for you. Do not give up, do not despair. I have not chosen you because you are perfect, but I am searching for your imperfection to show My Perfection.


Jesus, Son of God, You suffer so much, and I am still looking to lean on You…

You are doing well, come to Me. My pleasure is to support you when you are so weak. Lean on Me and do not be afraid. I am your God. Child, I will protect you, I will save you, I will take care of you. Abandon yourself to Me.

God, all is Yours and all is for You. Sometimes I feel that I just want to disappear in You so that You can take me to Yourself. I know that You have other plans. I want to fulfill everything, but I am just longing for You so much, I miss Your security. I know that You can make it so that I can feel You and be immediately happy, and if You do not do it, it means that I should feel the other way now, am I right?

Yes, My little one. Just like that. I know that it is difficult for you, but will you endure some more for Me?

Yes. Surely, I can endure it. I’m calming down now. I’ll be waiting for You. I am already waiting, and I look for Your Kingdom. I am homesick.

I know my child. Tomorrow, I will let you feel Me. Child, do you love Me?

I love You very much.

That’s good, I love you too, little child. You will have to endure greater suffering for Me. Do you wish this?

I want it.

Good. You are faithful to Me, child. I love you. I will never leave you. You will work for Me and I will protect you day and night.

Tonight, I was being strangled. (I had a dream in which the evil spirit caught me and strangled me with all its strength, I had worse things than that happen to me and not only in my dreams, but Lord Jesus took pity on me and forbade the evil spirits to frighten me that way, but now they can talk to me. They also torment me with doubts and pretending to be Jesus himself).

It was strangling you indeed, but you yourself know why. Didn’t you say that when the evil spirit was bothering you, at least you had no doubts?

I know, Lord, because these doubts are terrible too.

I know child, but if you want to help me, you must endure it and overcome it. My little Agnes, lean on Me and do not be afraid of anything. Believe that nothing bad will happen to you, because I, God, the Unconquerable, reign over what wants to hurt you.

My beloved God, thank You. Will you show Yourself to me soon?

Do you want this?

I want this very much. I really want this. I know that I have too little faith, but I would like to see You clearly.

You will see Me soon.

Then I will wait. Lord, for You, time is quite different.

No child, it is only with you people that you have present and tomorrow.

Lord, is this impatience a sin?

Not in this meaning. You have no sin.

And should I go to confession now, because soon will be a month? However, my confessor reads the messages now.

No, you do not have to. I can wait for it.

Because I think I should go as always to him?

Yes. That would be best.

Do you want me to go to church now?

Go, your head will stop hurting.

Okay, so I’m going.

See you there. I love you little child. Your Jesus.



Today in the church I looked with admiration and love at the image of our great saint Andrew Bobola, because his martyrdom is unsurpassed for me and I did not even have time to say anything except a sigh: Dear Saint Andrew, when he said:  Be persistent and do not be afraid. Lord has prepared great works for you. Do not be afraid.


In my dream I saw a young priest. Actually, I saw a slim, slender boy with black short hair in a cassock. It seems to me that it was saint Stanislaus Kostka. Could our next great saint “come forward” for a pilgrimage?


I am here My little one.

Lord, thank you. You strengthened me so much. Thank you, I do not have a headache anymore. It passed away at the church, as you said. Thank you that saint Andrew could comfort me and that my friend visited.

You see child, how good is to lean on God. Keep coming to Me, little child, whenever you are at the end of your durability, and I will strengthen you. Don’t I know what a weakling you are?

Thank you, Dear Master. Sometimes I think that I have to endure and do not ask for help.

No child, this is not a good way. Only with My help will you manage the duties that I have put on you and only with My help will you bear My cross. You yourself cannot do anything.


Yes, my Rabbi. I’m so weak. I know that I am nothing without You. I wandered away in such a thinking.

Just remember constantly about your weakness and misery, so I would not have to remind you about it.

Very well Master. I will make an effort. And was this young priest whom I saw in the dream saint Stanislaus Kostka?

Ask him yourself when we finish talking. He has something to tell you.

Thank you, beloved Jesus. You strengthened me so much that I do not know how I could have been so weak before. I just wish that he’d already phoned.

Relax, you still have some time.

Lord, and does the kneeler that I have suits You, or do I kneel too little?

It suits Me because you are kneeling.

Because I can still redo something if You want me to, and if not then I will not do any changes.

Do not change anything. You’ll get used to it. Waste of time. You suppose to kneel on it and you are, so what are these disputes about?

Yes. Thank you, Master. In that case, it will be as is and I understand that is the way You like it. Can I ask if St. Joseph, could he be with together with another saint on the same board?

Hmm. He could be but ask saint Joseph. He will judge it the best himself.

Beloved God, Jesus, how deeply you love Him …

Yes, I love him very much…

Thank You very much for everything. I will begin today the reading of the Diary of saint Faustina.

That’s good. I’ve waited for it. Learn from your older guide. You will see many of your traits in her that she overcame.

Thank you, Lord. I read the passage and I already know that she talked more dignified to You. I still have to learn a lot.

She had different graces and do not forget that she was a nun. You do not receive such teachings, and I am interested in your heart, not in your speech. Ask saint Faustina for help and guidance. She is very kind towards you because she knows what you are going through. It was very similar with her. Read and you’ll realize it yourself.

Thank You, Beloved Master.

Very well, child. Enough for today. Go to sleep. I love you and bless you. Amen.

I also love You and bless You God.


Saint Joseph?

I am listening to you child?

Dear Saint Joseph, I would like to make a plaque with your likeness for a pilgrimage. Will you come with us as the patron of the End Times?


I’ll go. I will gladly go and, together with you, I will ask Mary for mercy over your country.

Thank you. I am very happy. Dear Saint Joseph, then surely the Holy Mother will hear us. And my mother asks if you are her patron?

Of course, I am. Since she chose me, I look after her constantly. She is my beloved daughter. I do not leave her even for one step.

Were you in her dream recently?

Yes, I was in her dream, on her birthday. Let her think warmly of me, I am not that harsh at all.

You are not at all, you are so loving! I am very happy that I can hear you pure Guardian of the Holy Family. You are a model of obedience and virtue. Could you be also my patron and take care of me in these times and circumstances and protect me from the devil?

Yes, I will take care of you, because my Jesus likes you so much that I would support you so that you would be to Him a comfort in these difficult times. I will be with you. Ask me and cry for help when you feel scared. I, saint Joseph, am the terror of the hellish spirits. They will not do anything to you because they are prohibited to approach you, but when you will be afraid, be sure that I am protecting you, just as I protected my Holy Family. As a favorite of Jesus, you are also my child and I feel responsible for you. You have a large group of saints loving you, so give yourself to Jesus and do not worry or fear because the eyes of Heaven are turned on you.

Thank you, dear saint Joseph. Thank you, I feel safe now. I will pray specially to honor Your taking me under your protection.

Good. Pray to me. You are praying not enough to me. I can really do a lot in Heaven.


Very well, beloved saint Joseph. Are you as beautiful as on the picture that I have?

This is a difficult question for saint …

You are not tough at all, I will tell my mother and she will be happy.

Well. Now you can go to sleep, as my Beloved Jesus commanded you.

Okay, saint Joseph. You probably must be on a separate board?

I do not have to. You are giving me honor by praying to me. There will be no one to carry these boards for now. Later you will do more, when you will have a sponsor, and for now I can be with saint Stanislaus Kostka. This is a very nice saint.

Thank you, beloved saint Joseph. I love you and bless you.

Thank you, child. You have my love and blessing. Till next time.


Saint Stanislaus Kostka?

I am here.


Were you in my dream tonight?

Yes, I was. I was in your dream because I am the patron of Poland and I want to save Poland. Take me with you and I will pray and intercede a lot in this matter. I cannot watch how this generation has gone astray. I love Poland. We will save Poland.


Saint Stanislaus, very willingly. There is still not enough of us, that’s why you are not on the poster board yet, but you will be with saint Joseph for now.

I am honored.

You are so young. I knew that it was you in my dream.

Yes, it was I. I will especially pray for young people during this pilgrimage, for Polish youth. There is no one to lead them. My path to holiness was easier. You are so lost and lied to. I will pray for you a lot.


Dear Saint Stanislaus, I am very happy. Come with us, please. I’ll look for a nice photo of you. I think I have one, but I do not know if it’s good enough.

Good. Quite similar.

It is? It’s good to know. Thank you, dear saint Stanislaus for help and prayer. I am very happy that you are coming with us.

Yes, I know now that you have to finish, but I will be around. You can always ask me for help. Especially in matters of young people, I am very helpful.

In that case, can I give you a little X to look after?

Definitely. I will take care of her. She does not have an easy life. I will happily look after her, though she already has saint Father Pio. Together we will take care of her so that she does not go on the wrong path.

Thank you very much saint Stanislaus, that I could hear you. I kiss you and bless you.

Okay, okay. You have my blessing. Go in peace.


Mother of God, I am sorry that I am speaking to You in anguish and anxiousness, but there is a one thing that I must ask about. May I?

My child, calm down. Lord sees your torment. Offer it to us and do not allow yourself to be discouraged. I, the Mother of God, am with you and I support you.

Mother of God, I am not succeeding in becoming better. I have a mess. I want to, but I am unable to do better.

My child, it is not critical for you to be perfect, but that despite of the difficulties you would not give up. Child, do not think about yourself and your state of misery, rather focus on My Tormented Son and His Sufferings. If you want to help Him, forget about yourself, just as I forgot about myself.

Okay, Mother of God, please make the devils that are presently tormenting me to depart.


Okay, Agnes, I will make them to go away. Calm down child. God’s plans regarding you are great and only by surrendering to His will and grace you can fulfill them. Trust in the Lord and do not be constantly anxious because Lord knows what you need child.

Thank you, Mother of God, and I apologize for myself.

Okay, what do you want to ask?

Is there to be a pilgrimage held on a Holy Saturday or at another date, because nobody will attend it in the middle of the holidays?

Well then. I know that everyone wants to be at their homes, and the priests would be reluctant, so let’s postpone it a week later.

Very well, Mother of God. We will do it this way. Thank You very much. Be blessed o Lady and help me, because I do not know how to become better.


Do not give up and repeat only “Jesus, I trust in you” and you will calm down and deflect evil forces. I love you, My child. I’m with you. Your Mother Mary.



I am here My child. And I see you in tears again?

I’m sorry, I cannot help it.  Lord, I am so uncapable and limited. Forgive me for not improving myself.


You are improving My child, you just do not see it. Do not frustrate yourself anymore, because now I am with you. You will cry when I’m gone.

What do You mean by, You will not be here?

When you will not be able to hear Me.

Oh no! … If You want Lord, let these trials come to me. I accept everything.


Well. My beloved child… now you sound differently. I love you, are you aware of that? Why do you cry your eyes out again? Did not I tell you that I love you so weak and helpless? Child, rely on Me. Give to Me your misery. I know that I demand a lot from you, but did not I give the most of myself on the cross? My child, do not let your faults dishearten you. This is a battlefield. Due to those flaws, you can offer Me sacrifices. What benefit would I have from your perfection? I need your misery in order to change it. Child, I want to show to the world how I will form you. You have given yourself to Me and are in My Hands, so My little one, I will take you to the very peak of the mountain, and that on the way you will stumble, it is a certain.

My God, It is so much that I want to fulfill Your plans and obey You, please You. I still see only my shortcomings, that I am not able to overcome anything unlike saint Faustina. You tell me something and I will either forget or I will not make it on time…


Beloved child, calm down. Do I come to tell you how imperfect you are and that I want perfection from you? No child. I come and say: Come to Me. I will help you. I love you no matter what you are.

God, thank You and I’m apologize for myself. I am very nervous about the trip. He is not returning a call and I do not know what to do. (The person to whom Lord told me to go).

Call him.

But You said, that he will call back.

Yes, that’s what I said. But he is so attacked there that you have to find him yourself. (So, ​​I made another phone call in this matter. It was the last phone call I made, my last idea and I gave up. I decided to go there blindly just as Lord Jesus ordered).

Jesus, I do not know what to do, help me. How can I find him?

I’ll help you. My child, do not despair. I am helping you. Calm down.

Lord, I’m sorry, I have to calm down first and then talk to You. Tell me what to do and I will do it and do not let the evil mix into this answer.

Child, go to Krakow tomorrow and you will find him.


Is it You talking, Jesus?

Yes, I Jesus Christ am commanding it to you.

Tomorrow? And not on Saturday? (On Saturday I could go by car with my friends, but Lord was adamant in this matter).

No, tomorrow.

Okay. I will go. I bless You.

Calm down child. I’ll take care of you. Eat and calm down. Amen.


I was in the church and all my anxieties left me immediately. I gave myself to the Lord. As I left, I knelt down and looked at Baby Jesus and then I noticed that this beautiful Baby Jesus runs to me from the presbytery. When He reached me, He put His arms around my neck, hugging me. He leaned His Beautiful Little Head on me and told me that He dwells in me. I am depressed, tormented by doubts, and yet the Lord gives me another grace. How Good He is….

After returning home, and it was late Thursday in the evening, a person I could not contact for a whole week actually called me back, just as Jesus told me at the beginning.

Beloved Savior?

Jesus, I love You. I apologize for my behavior today. I am very ashamed. I am miserable Lord. You know how weak my faith is and that I am nothing without You.

Yes, My child, I know this and that’s why I beloved you so much. Child, do you want Me to look after you?

It is only You Lord that I want.

Very well, my little one. I am with you. My delight is to look after you when you rely only on Me.

Beloved Savior, I am still so unreliable and ungrateful, and You, each time I fail You, cuddle me to Yourself. Beloved God, I am so unworthy of those favors that you pour on Me, but only say the word and I will increase Your Glory and I will serve You tirelessly and courageously until I do not recognize myself at all.

My little one, that’s what I planned for you. Give yourself to Me and I will make you My banner. Isn’t that what My Father told you?

Yes. Beloved God, the Father comforted me today during Holy Mass. God, I love you. I forgot what You told me, but I was very happy and calmed down immediately.

My little one, I told you that I care for you and your misery is endearing to Me.

Beloved, Sweet God, I love You so much. You are so wonderful towards Me, no one has ever pampered me so much. God, You’re so Beloved, if people knew how Good You are…


My little one, I’ve been telling them about it for years, but nobody wants to believe. They think that I am a vengeful and unjust, but I will not show My love to those who slander Me. The same way as I kept silent before the high priest, so I will be silent towards those unbelievers and they will not see how Good is the Son of Man, and you my little handmaid I will carry in my arms as a proof of My Love to those who vilify Me that I am an unjust God, even though they do not measure up to My Justice.

God, you beloved me despite my unworthiness. I am no better than others, because it is only You who gave me faith and put Love for You in my heart. I do not have any merit.


My little one, I know you want to defend them somehow, but child, you have not vilify Me. Even when you were in despair at the very thought of blasphemy, you fell on your knees and apologized when you came to your senses. And them? They blaspheme against Me with cold hearts and cold blood. How much longer should I bear My humiliation!?  How much longer will I still be a humble Lamb?! But I tell you, who will not love Me in the defenseless Infant, who will not fall on his knees before Me hanging silent on the cross, who will not humble himself before My beloved Mother, he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For when you will see My Power and you will see your own misery and vulnerability… Children, … you will fall sobbing to your knees, but I tell you, it will be too late.


What do I need your fear for? This is not the fear of God. For let the one who received this gift of the Holy Spirit tell you, she trembles at only the thought of insulting or hurting Me.  And you ingrates you not even want to know Me and you will not get to know anymore, because I will not reveal Myself to you in My Mercy, but in My Justice and you will not get to know My Merciful Heart, you who spat on My works of Love! I have no gifts for you anymore. I will distribute them among My beloved sheep. I will gather My holy herd and let mankind, who denied Me, be lost!

Beloved Jesus, how great is Your anger, Lord, I do not know such a Thundering God. My Beloved Love …


My child, how long should I look at this pagan society?! Is this My world? This is not My world anymore! I have created you and every blade of grass that you walk upon, and you are joking around of My Passion! Oh ungrateful people!  What have I done to you that you have disgraced and demeaned Me so?! Daughter, how great are My Wounds today! Relieve the suffering of Your God. Comfort Me, My little one.

Jesus, Beloved, I love You so much that I do not want bread or drink, only You in my heart. My Love, Blessed Rabbi, be glorified in Your Holy Passion. Let all men and all angels sing You glorious songs: o Unconquered and yet so humble Lamb of God, Your Glory is infinite, and Your merit is uncomprehending! Eternal Love, burn me with Your Fire of Love, that I may serve You faithfully now and be a consolation forever!


My child, how pleasant are Your words to Me. You do not even have any idea how consoling you are to Me … how the Son of Man being unloved suffers, and how your love washes My Wounds. My beloved very little child, I have created you to sing My praises, and bring Me My children and you will make Your God happy.

God, I love You, lead me, Lord, I want to fulfill everything you decide, because I myself cannot do anything, but You can do everything, so use my life according to Your Plans.

My devoted to Me child, I love you. Will you suffer with Me on the cross?

I love You, where You are, God, there I am. Strengthen me, so that I could persevere with such great tortures, but I desire what You want, Lord.

My little one, I love You. I want to have You all the time close to Me, do you want that?

I want to Beloved Jesus. My heart is in You, where will I go?

My child, I love you so much, you are comforting Your God. Do you want to be with Me at My Golgotha?

I want to, Jesus, I want to be with You everywhere. You attached me to Yourself and I will not break those bonds. Give me Your Spirit, that my misery will not disappoint You.


My little child. I love you. How much My Heart is kindled for you… How nice is to see how you give yourself to Me, My little one, though you do not know anything and do not understand anything. My little one, … I love you and I will take care of you and if I send suffering on you, it will be the suffering you want child. You will unite with Me.

I love you. Close me in yourself. I want to be one with you, Father. Your Will – to be mine, Your Way – to be mine. I adore You forever.


I know that you are afraid child, but I, God, will make you able and you will bear great burdens for Me, because I beloved you so much, that (…)

Jesus, Son of God, is it You are talking Beloved?


Yes child. Each Word comes from Me. I know that you cannot believe that I have chosen you so miserable for such great works, but your weakness attracts Me. It is not you who will act, but I, My child, because you have no illusion that you will do something alone, but with Me you will do great things, because that will be My Will. Do you love Me child above everything?

Yes Jesus, I beloved You like nothing ever in the world!


Very well beloved. Climb to Me. Climb child, and all My Heaven and all the saints pray for you, because you have a great task, but I also place great favors on you my handmaid, My saint.


That’s right, you sacrificed to Me. Since you have been devoted to Me, you will not leave Me, for I keep tighten our bonds. I loved you so much that I want to feel your little heart beating for Me. Do you want this? Does anything in this world still attract you?

No Jesus. Only you are attracting me. The rest are the poor little temptations. Only You and everything through You! Whoever exalts You will be exalted, whoever humiliates You will be humbled. And whoever sets You before mother and father, he will never fail in this choice, because then You will bless father and mother. That is Your justice, that You reward the trust in Your Infinite Love and You will reward hundredfold!


My child, My Spirit speaks through you, and My Spirit is the Infinite and infinite is the work of His in you little one. From now on I will work with you through My Spirit.

Jesus, is it You who are saying that now?


Yes child. This is an important message and evil spirits are not allowed to interfere. You do not understand what I’m talking about. My Spirit will dwell in you because you gave yourself entirely, and from now on He will work, and you keep your devoted attitude and do not trouble yourself, do not do anything by yourself  because I will act through you and you will know My Spirit and His Holy Mercy over chosen ones.

Jesus, I love You. Your graces are incomprehensible to  me, and I am only humbling myself in front of You and bowing humbly, for what can I say to Your Majesty? I will be silent and worship You forever! My every word is from You, every vocal sound I pronounce from Your grace, what shall I give You, Oh Infinite, All-Powerful God. If I give you everything that I do, it is only immeasurable misery and you do not need it.


My child, it is the Spirit speaking through you. I love you, I immerse you in My graces, My devoted handmaid.


How great is Your love for me so unworthy, so infinitely ungrateful? Let the whole world see how Gracious, Merciful and Magnanimous You are! You give inconceivable gifts to the ungrateful. Let me be Your sign to many, how much you beloved us, unworthy beings, sinners, that You have such gifts for those who call to You: Savior! Here, I in my misery, am calling to You! Save my soul! I have gone astray, but what am I to You? Have mercy on me and save me from my exile! Let me know Your Sweet Love, which You have prepared for me! … Lord, it was not me who wrote it?

No child, My Spirit. You surrendered to Me completely and I work through You. Do you want to be My tool?

I desire it. Your works are endless.


My little one, I bless you for tomorrow. Go and do not return to Me empty-handed.

What does it mean, Lord, what should I do?

Bring back graces from My servant.

How do I do it, Jesus? I do not understand.

Let him pray for you.

Should I ask him for it?

Yes, child, he will now pray, so let him pray for you, for your (…) and friends. That these pagans will come back to Me, because they have little time left.

Beloved Master, is this what I have to bring You?


Yes child. You pray for him and he will pray for you. Load one another and carry each other’s burdens. I make you inseparable. I chose you and you both will serve Me.

Beloved Jesus. Let Your Will be done. I love you now and forever.

And ever Amen child. Get back to your duties.

Jesus, should I repeat it to him?

Of course. (…)

I love you, child, go in peace.

And if he would invite me for a retreat, should I go?

No, you have other chores. I’ll make a retreat for you … My beloved servant. How I love you … Now, go to your duties.

Thank You, Lord. Amen.

Amen, child.


Saint Agnes?

I am here.

My beloved patron, how good to hear you. What you told me in church, that’s all true, and yet I’m sorry that I asked you so little and so little I venerate you.


Agnes, who are bearing my name, I know your difficulties, but do not be afraid to ask, I’m not as you think.  Lord gave me suffering for His Glory and these sufferings were my delight. The pain suffered for Jesus inflames such a love in the heart that it is inconceivable for a human being how much he/she is able to endure.


You will also learn how much one can love suffering. He is Inconceivable. He is Amazing. In Him even pain is a delight. We both love Him so much … You see how much connects us?

Dear Saint Agnes, you have such a beautiful angelic voice.

I know, I have a nice voice, but you also have a nice voice. You see, we already have two common features, maybe you will convince yourself to me and we will be friends.

Beloved saint Agnes, who am I, that you would like to be my friend, pure martyr for God?


My path, the divine judgments are unsearchable, and since Lord has set you on my path, I have a great love for you, because by His Will you are given to me so that I would pray for you and take care of your salvation.

Beloved saint, I have never had the courage to talk to you, and you are so wonderful and gentle and lovely.


Yes, I am. Saints are wonderful, aren’t they? We are well here in Heaven and we are waiting when you join us. I will support you on your difficult but so blessed and beautiful way. You are walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Do you see it? He attached you to Himself so strongly that you follow Him step by step, though you do not see it. He will not let you out of His hands. Our Savior beloved you very much.

My beloved saint patron, how could I forget about you. You are telling me about my Beloved so beautifully. My eyes are still closed, that I can doubt when He is so kind to me.

Such doubts will come, although sometimes it seems impossible. Evil powers will not leave you, because the Lord allows them to come to you in this way.

Then, I will ask you for help. How should I pray to you?


I will compose the prayer myself and dictate it to you. There is not one that I like. But not today. Pray the whole Rosary on the way and upon returning the second one. You will then be protected, because you are going in a very center of devilish schemes. The Lord will protect you and the Most Holy Mother, but it is better to protect yourself with the rosary all the time.

Thank you very much, my patron. When will I hear you again?

Soon. I will come to you myself. Now you have to go. Be well, and I will pray for you that tomorrow you will have within you the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, saint Agnes. Amen.


When I went to sleep, I had some terrible thoughts and I was overcome by fear. I heard evil spirits. I was afraid and was asking angels and all saints who were close to me for help. And that I was continuously scared, I still was asking again, invoking new reliable saints. Suddenly, I heard the voice of my guardian Angel Bartholomew: Half of the Heaven has already come to your rescue. Then as my eyes were opened and I saw seven people around my bed, angels and saints. On the right side stood saint Joseph, there was also saint Agnes, my holy angels and other people whom I did not see exactly. However, I felt unjustly scolded and replied in my mind: Well, I hope that there are some more of you in Heaven. Then I heard the familiar, cheerful voice of Saint John the Evangelist, who, clearly pleased with my retort said to everyone gathered with the recognition: My Blood… Then I saw him leaning over me at the head of the bed.


I was thinking about Jesus’ Facial Wounds and I said: Lord, I kiss every Wound of Your Beard (one of the tortures imposed on Lord Jesus in the darkness of the dungeon was plucking of His Beard and sticking in this place small spikes) with the lips of the Mother of God, because I’m not worthy to touch You, to which the Lord Jesus responded: You did not think about it when we were in the clouds … Lord Jesus joked with me, because when he lifted Me in the clouds, I held Him by the neck so tightly, I was like a leech to Him because from the impression of height and weightlessness, I could  barely breathe. At that time, they were visual and spiritual impressions. I did not feel anything physically. Like if I did not have a body (see the message of 17.01.2010).


I am here little one. (…)

Thank You for this wonderful day.


I bless you, children.

Jesus, is the message that priest X asked me about from You?

No child, it’s a hoax.

He speaks similarly, but …

My little, satan will interfere, he will give him other messages so that he would not believe in yours, child. But that’s all for nothing, because he got my Spirit and knows what he has to believe. I love you. Do you miss Me?


Jesus, I miss You very much. (…) Does this woman know that she has false messages?

She does not know it. She knows Me too little to know.

Lord, have You blessed Father X with me?

Yes, child, we have blessed him together.

Lord, I think of You and Saints, and he is so serious. He knows what’s going on, and I …

Yes, my child. He has a different level of awareness, but you do not need it.

Lord, what about this wallpaper? Do I have to remove it? (I learned that the butterfly is one of the symbols of satan, but I could not believe it, I had a brand-new butterfly wallpaper purchased in Germany on the wall, later Jesus would explain it to me and I will take it off without regret).

Well … it has no beneficial effect on you.

And what effect? Maybe I’ll ask about it when I will have a computer?

Okay, then I’ll tell you.

Thank You, Jesus. I love You so much. I love You immensely and miss You (…)

Do you want Me to be with you?

All the time, Jesus. Please.

Okay.  I am here. I love you. Sleep little one. Amen.


Beloved Jesus?

I am here My very little one.

I love You. I feel You too little.

I know My child. I do not reveal myself in the crowd. You will feel Me when we will be alone. I love you, My Messenger.

God, You’re so good to me. (…) Lord, will I work on a book with him?

Yes, I want this. However, you must always have time for Me.

I love You. You are the meaning of my life. (…) … Here is paradise, Lord. You live here.


Yes, I live here. They have prepared a beautiful dwelling for Me here.

Jesus, priest X asks if he is to finish the construction, and would You please send him a lawyer, that would defend it all, as a sign of me.

Child, let the construction be finished. I will give him a lawyer, but not as a sign about your mission, because he has already believed, and I bless his simple heart for it, but as a sign that I especially beloved him. The lawyer will come, the money will come also. Let him trust Me (Soon afterwards, unexpected legal aid from Warsaw appeared, and with masterful skills priest was defended).

Thank You, Jesus. Can I convey it to him?

Yes. Tell him the words for him. (…)

Jesus, do You know where this ax is?

I know, but call out, Saint Antoni, not Me.

Forgive me. Okay Father. I love You with all my heart. Burn me throughout with the fire of Your Love, Lord, so I would only remain as Your temple.

Good, My child. I draw you closer. I need your love.

Jesus, take whatever You like out of me. I am Yours and all I have is Yours.

My little one, go now and witness about Me. I bless you, child. Amen.


Jesus Christ, do You want to talk to me?

Yes child.

A moment ago, he just pretended to be You. (The evil spirit pretended to be Jesus, he had a grudge against me, so I realized that it was not Jesus, because he always admonishes with love)

I know child, you are more and more attentive, I like it. You hear my voice better.

O Lord, Your Voice is so gentle…

Did you miss Me, My child?

Jesus, I missed You so much, but I also had the emptiness in my heart, in my head. I was longing for longing of feeling You. Why did this happen?

I am trying you.

Jesus, will You explain it to me?

Yes child. To feel Me is a grace. The constant feeling of Me is a great grace, but sometimes I want you to experience the lack of this grace so that you will experience the emptiness that is the lack of love for Me.

God, I am nothing. Thank You for making me aware of it. I do not have any merit in loving You, although I have thought so far that it is the only possible merit I can have.

My little one, you have merit in the fact that you want to love Me, but without Me you can do nothing. I love you, My child. It’s good to have you with Me again.

Did I leave You, Lord?

Yes, My little one. You were so busy with the new situation that you could not focus on prayer.

That is why You give me this experience Lord?

No, not only because of that.

Jesus, I’m sorry, I know that I am not able to be with You in a good way when I’m with many people. That’s why You let me feel Your Wounds? Am I correct?

Hmm, this is not the only reason, but yes, I have also given you this grace for this reason.

Beloved Master, I love this grace. Do not take it away from me, because I want to be constantly aware of Your holy presence in me.

Very well, child, you’ll get even more.

Jesus, my Beloved, you are such a Gracious Lord… I do not deserve anything. My Merciful Redeemer, Your mysteries are unsearchable. Why me, so unfaithful, You bestow with so many favors?

My little one, you will not understand it. I love your immense weakness. Child, you are so clumsy without Me, and because of this, you easily allow yourself to be lead. I love your smallness and your humility, your eyes being fixed on Me. I decided about you before you came into the world, that you will be My chosen one.

Jesus, I am not worthy even to say Your Holy Name, so much I transgressed against You.

My child, I beloved you so much that if you would realize it, you would not be able to say a word.

Lord, You have created me and You know best. I only know that no one has ever loved me and will never love me like You do, my Beloved God. There is no greater love than this, when somebody gives his life for his friends.

Yes little one. My love is the only one. I love you with a strength that you will not understand. I beloved you so much…

My Dearest, Beloved, I live for You, to love and adore You. Be blessed, Merciful Lamb (It was the Lord Jesus who wrote “Lamb”, I originally wrote “God.” When I later read the text, I noticed that). I adore You! Forgive me that I let You down so much and even when You started talking to me, I doubted for such a long time.

Not that long.

Are you satisfied with me, Lord? Did I accomplish the task well?


Yes, child, I like that you have not tried to make Me attractive. You spoke the usual way, just as My Spirit commanded you (…) remember that the only person you should always like to please is Me. You cannot serve two masters.

Yes, Master, thank You for this wise teaching. Please, give me your Holy Spirit to remember this lesson and learn it.

Very well, My little one. You will become more and more like Me. Did I want to please anyone more than my Father.

No, Lord, You always thought about the Father. Even when You talked in the synagogue when You were 12 years old. Always Father was in the first place, and then everything else.

Yes, child, you understood it well.

Jesus, I have only one question. Is this wallpaper with butterflies bad?

It is not evil in itself, it only symbolizes evil.

Master, but that’s only butterflies, You created them?


Yes, child, but bad people use My work to spread hatred and paganism.

Could you explain it to me, please?


My child, Satan uses this symbol to rule this world. You will not understand it, but there are symbols that belong to him, even though I originally created them, just like a butterfly.

Jesus, does it mean that it attracts the evil?


It means that it belongs to him. I live in this house, but I told you that I still need to clean it with you. Would you wear clothes with his name?

Do you Jesus ask me about the devil?

Yes child, it is I, Jesus, asking you.

No Beloved, I would never wear it.

So now you understand what’s going on?

Yes, Jesus. Just if it were skulls… but butterflies? It’s hard to believe…


I know, My little one, but a lot of things have a double meaning. They look innocent, but they have a sinister meaning.

Jesus, should I take it off?

Yes child, do it.

Is it You Jesus, make me to rip it off?

Yes, it is I, Your Jesus Christ, I am telling you this.

Very well, Your Will is holy. Does something else bother You in my home?

No child, let’s leave the rest for now. This one is the most painful and your unconsciousness only heightened My sadness.

That we are so manipulated?

That the deceiver led you, even though you confessed Me.

You see, Lord, what I am… You must tell me everything, or I will do it wrong.

Yes little child, you understand it. Always ask Me, and you will never go astray.

Thank You, Master. I love You.

I love you too, little child. Go to sleep. I bless you. Amen.


Jesus, Beloved, thank You for everything! I love You, the True Giver of Love!

My little one, how happy is My Heart seeing with what joy you receive My gifts.

God, you are so generous to me that I’m breathless. You, Infinite Might, fulfill my dreams. Jesus, Beloved, I know that it will not always be so, because difficult days will come upon me.

My little one, do not be afraid. Don’t you see how I love you? Look how good you feel with Me, how I, God care for you, how unhappy you were without Me, and what are the rewards here for doing My Will.


I love you. I do not deserve anything, and You are worthy of everything. O Lord, Your merits are infinite, the same as my immeasurable misery. I am nothing, but nothing devoted to You. You act because I mean nothing and if would not serve You, what would my life be like? Can anything do something?

Child, you understand your helplessness and lack of meaning. I mark you with My glory.

Beloved God, I do not need anything, just cuddle in You. I do not care about myself that I have something in people’s eyes, just for this one grace, I am asking You that I would have You with me when I die, so that I can snuggle up to You and always live in You so that You would keep me so strong and close that I could sit by Your holy Throne. God, I know that I am asking You for so much, You have so beloved and meritorious saints, who have loved You so much and gave their lives in torments out of love, and I do not have anything, but if my glorification of You is likable to You, make me to be Your glorifying footstool so I could I only be always with You.

Child, you will be with Me. I, God, will take care of it, that you have the merits which would sanctify you so that you can be with Me in the great closeness that you desire. Child, you have not experienced on earth the warmth that you are asking for, and I will give you it in abundance, because I am a loving Father and your devotion paves you the way to Me. Come little one to your Father, where is your dwelling. Child, much more is awaiting you, but look carefully at Me, and you will not go astray and be with Me in My Kingdom.


God be blessed forever. You know everything, how do I want to serve you, and keep me from deceiving by the devil, if it would overshadow you. I’m renouncing everything that would stand in my way to You.

Truly I say to you child, Your faith in My Mercy opens My Heart for You. Now is My Time of Mercy and although you child are the worker who came to My Vineyard at the end of the day’s work, you will get your payment because you believed in My Love for you and gave Me everything you have.


Jesus, Your Goodness is Immeasurable, Your Grace overpowers me.

Get to know My Heart Burning to you. Will I not take you to myself? Did I die for it, to enjoy you from a distance? No. Verily I say to you, you will receive your reward, which you ask Me for, because I, the Lord, beloved you so much that I want to have you tied to Me forever.

Jesus, I am Your Jesus, Jesus I belong to You. Jesus, with Your grace heal me, decorate me with Your virtues, Mother Most Holy, because I am worthless of the great Lord’s favors, and I can please Him only with the great grace of God. I entrust myself to Your sweet reign of God.

I will prepare you little one. Be faithful to Me as so far. Ask and believe blindly that I beloved you madly and there is no thing that I would not give you when you humbly ask of Me. And you children, ask Me with such childlike trust in My Love. I have such a Soft Heart when she talks. I will give you everything, just ask, because now is My Time of Mercy for you. I will forgive you all, and I will take you all, just ask and I will heal you, cleanse and prepare for Myself.


My Heaven is a dwelling for many, but few are eager for these great gifts, so come to me, everyone, because now is the Time of My Mercy and you will ask for everything.


God, thank You. You are so Good, you are so Beloved, if people would only know how sweet, real your reign is, how Good You are, everyone would run to You and trying to be more holy.

Yes, through My Word for them and to you given, for a testimony for them. Who will believe – he will not die. (…) there are terrible punishments for the despising of My Mercy.


Lord, does it mean that I am to be careful of whom I will give messages, if I know that someone will rather not believe?


No child, whether he believes or not – it’s not your business. You call, as I am calling, and whoever will not listen will be in a great distress, so child, pray a lot for them, for these souls will be going straight to eternal damnation. This is My last calling. A great act of My Merciful Heart for you, unfaithful children. Do not squander My chance given to you. My Arms are open for you. I am still marking My sheep. (It’s about the marking of God’s servants, which is mentioned in the apocalypse of Saint John, where God holds back the four Angels of Destruction until He put a seal on all God’s servants, Ap 7). If you want to be in My flock children, call out to Me now already, because later I will not listen.

Jesus, guide me what to do to spread Your word.

I will tell you everything, little one. Now, pray a lot. I want you to fast all Wednesdays on bread and water for the intention of this work.

Okay, Jesus, it will be so. All Wednesdays are Yours.

Very well. I will tell you the rest later.

Get back to your mother. I love you and bless you.



I’m here, child.

God, I’m sorry for my lack of focus today, I’m distracted and it’s hard for me to pray.

I know child, I heard.

What should I do, Lord? I want to be zealous and I’ve become dumbfounded.

You do not have My Light a child.

Did you take it away from me?

I took it.


For purification.

Jesus, what should I do?

The same child, only you do not have so much grace. You must do the same only in greater toil.

Okay Lord, I’m sorry for my sins. I feel so … already sinful, I would like to go to confession. (…) I am sorry my Magnanimous God for my ingratitude. I am not so good … I am so miserable, Lord, where wind blows, I will go there. Is not so, God, that only by Your grace I am with You?

Yes child. Without Me, you would be lost.

I feel so unreliable and such nothing. God, how much You love me … And I do not understand why.

My child, give yourself and what you feel to Me. You’re tired.

Lord, I give You these thoughts that do not help me flourish for You, because instead of thinking about Your Perfection, I think about myself. And I’m wasting my time because I could think about You, right?

Yes child. Remember that. My Spirit is telling you that. See, give Me everything, and I’ll help you right away.

I want to keep on zeal for You.


I know a child, but you will have different days, after great happiness, a great sadness. Child, try not to fall into the extremes. Courb your emotions.

I’m trying, Lord. I will try. Can I ask for X?


Should X be going on taking about the apparitions and (…) about the pilgrimage?

As for the pilgrimage, let him not to speak anymore, she said once. If anyone wants to go, he will go, if not, he will feel compelled, and I do not want that. And let her not to show anger and disappointment when someone does not want to go, because she all the more discourage people. As for X, if ask – answer, if not, then no.

Thank You Lord.

Pray and sleep. I bless you, little one. Amen.


Beloved Jesus, would You like to talk to me.

Yes child.

Thank You Lord, You are so Beautiful… When I look at Your portrait, I want to cry out of admiration.

My little one, wait till you see Me.

My God, I am waiting for this, but I am still so unworthy that I do not know how long it will take for me to cleanse myself enough.

My little one, I will cleanse you. Wait patiently, and this day will come, because it is already decided. (…)

I understand, everything as You wish Lord. I want to do Your Blessed Will forever (…) God, I love You, God, I love You, God, I love You …

I love you too, little one. Are you Mine without boundaries?

Yes, Lord. Master, You have all of me, all my thoughts, words, deeds, will, heart, body and soul. Everything I have is Yours. I love Your reign in me.

Your words are pleasing to me, however, child your deeds are even nicer.

What should I do Lord?

You know what to do, only you got tired.

Yes, Jesus, I feel so exhausted. Strengthen me, please, because I would like to shelter myself under the bed and not come out for a week.

I know, My little one, but I have decided for you differently and you will not rest quickly.

Yes, my Jesus, I will do as You wish. I give You my laziness and fear. Take them and turn them into zeal and courage, Lord.

Very well, child. I give it to you, seeing how discouraged you are.

I am not so discouraged, Lord. I have the will, but I just feel tired and I want peacefulness. Holy Bible, Diary of saint Sister Faustina, You in the book of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich… only You and me… even for only one day.

Yes child, I know you need it. I will strengthen you.

Do you have any special tasks for me today, Lord?

No, do what you have planned, and I will be happy.

I know why I feel this way, it always happens when I fast. Everything is terrible and insurmountable to me.

Yes, My little one. You have difficult fasting. Child, you are not favored with special graces for fasting, that’s why your fasting is very valuable.

Thank You, Lord, my weakness is adding to Your Glory.

Yes child, now you know why I chose you so weak.

Yes, Jesus, I was thinking about it. When You give me any task:  work, pain, struggle, right away I’m suffering. I cannot do anything, I’m not used to anything, I’m pampered, lazy and ungrateful.


Very well, my little one. This is not a confession. You still have to endure a little. (Lord Jesus keeps telling me that I should not concentrate on my shortcomings, because it leads to discouragement, instead of considering how imperfect I am, I should consider how perfect and good He is, and that way I sanctify my soul and make amends to the Lord for my shortcomings. A while ago when I felt so powerless again because of my difficult character and the inability to correct myself, I heard: “Do not believe in yourself, believe in Me”).

He did not believe. I saw it today.

Be patient. What I said, I said.

Yes Lord, that’s why I do not worry at all. Strengthen me, please. I’m so clumsy. Give me Your Spirit to work, because I feel so terribly incapable and sleepy.

Child, again you think more about your sins than about Me. Think about Me and it will heal you.

Yes Lord, I am forgetting myself. Thank You that I could help priest X today.

Yes, it is your task.  You must help him all the time.

Thank You Master.

Do you see… how I love you?

Oh, Lord, I see it all the time, I see it more and more clearly.

That’s good. It is a great grace to realize My Unmeasurable Love and I gave it to you.

Thank You Jesus, thank You Savior.

Very well, child, get to work because you already have a backlog. I love you and bless you. Amen


Angel Bartholomew?

I am listening.

May I talk to you?

You may.

Thank you for helping me with lifting, I would not be able to do anything without you.

That’s true, you do not have working skills.

Thank you all. I’m starting to like your austerity towards me a lot.

I’m not harsh, only direct. You cannot be guided by mere stroking. I must be such this way sometimes with you, or you will not listen.

I’m sorry I’m like that. I know, you tell me a lot, and I should do everything right away, but I cannot do it. My angel, recently a lot is not working for me.

I know, you have had very important events and that is why you are so distracted, but you have to slowly cleanse and focus again on the Lord, because He will not give you the new tasks until you calm down.

Okay, I’m calming down and quieting. Help me.

I’ll help, surely, I’ll help.  You have me for this.

I don’t have enough time.  I’d like to read very much.

You would like to sleep.

My dear… you know even what I do not know yet, and maybe I know about it only subconsciously.

I know you.

My Beloved, what should I do?  I can’t drink coffee and I am unstable on my feet I am so sleepy.

Open an email, this will wake you up.

Some shocking news?

You’ll see it yourself.

Thank you.  Can I ask about a few things?

You can.

Where should I hang the angels? (It is about two carved,  wood angels, which I could not find a place on the wall to hang).

Do not hang them.


I don’t like them at all.

Angel Bartholomew, is it you speaking?

Yes, it is me talking. I know that your grandfather made them, but it is not done too well.

But Why?

Because we don’t look like that.

But what do you not like so much?

I don’t want to be golden.

Angel Bartholomew, is it  you talking?

Yes, it is me talking. Nathaniel also does not want to be out of gold. Gold is for the king, and we don’t need it.

That it is why you do not want me to hang these angels?


But the churches have golden angels?

I know, I don’t live in churches,  only with you and if you want to have my representation, be it not of gold.

I will respect what you are saying of course.  But tell me if these golden angels in the churches are bad?

No, they are not bad, but they should not be gold, because it is not an angel that should be worshiped, but only God and He should be surrounded by gold, not angels, because they are only a reflection of His Glory and even if they were the greatest and the most beautiful they cannot have such worship.

Because Lord Jesus is made of plaster or wood, and the angel of gold, is that right?

Just like that. This is not good.

I did not think about it, but it’s very wise what you say. Thank you. What should I do with these angels?

I do not know, do what you want, just do not tell me that it is us.

Okay, but can I hang them or not?

I’d prefer that they would not be of gold.

Very well. I will think about the remedy here. And would you like it to be painted in white?

Well then, they would be the totally different angels. Then, maybe I would like them.

But they are not like you anyway, because you are like children?

Exactly. If you want to have our images, then you must ask, and I will search it for you.

Well then. In that case, I am asking you very much, I want to have your images.

Okay. I will look for them.

I wanted to ask you about X, who died and will have a secular funeral. Should they ask for a Holy Mass in his intention? And pray?


Of course, if they want to rescue him from hell, let them pray now. Because he has no help from nowhere, and this funeral deprives him of the last resort. Nothing, he has no help from anywhere and will be lost if you do not save him.

Is there still time?

Yes, the judgment about him is not finished yet. Pray for him a lot, because his faults against God are great.

Okay. I will offer an indulgence today.

Very good. Offer the indulgence and chaplet.

I already planned for whom to offer a Holy Mass, but maybe I should offer it for him?

He did not deserve it but offer it for him. Lord Jesus will be glad.

Thank you, dear Bartholomew.  Still a question about X.  Should he do a gastrointestinal examination?

Yes of course. If it can be treated, it’s should be treated. What do you want? First you eat anything, then you want to be all miraculously healed? Let him not be afraid, rather let him offer this suffering to Jesus, and Lord Jesus will help him to go through it. Nothing will happen to him, and examination is needed.

Thank you, my beloved Angel Bartholomew, my treasure.

For sure, I am your treasure. I am with you Agnes and I really like to help you, don’t you know?

I know, you told me that. Help me, please, because I am very weak, and I cannot help myself.

I know, I will be helping you, but talk to me more often, then I will prompt you more. Because I love you. I don’t want you to think that I’m so harsh and that I do not like you. I love you very much and I am happy when I see how you are trying. Myself and Nathaniel will help you with everything, because we love you and because you are our soul; given to us by the Lord for protection.


Thank you, my beloved Bartholomew, and Nathaniel.  I am very grateful to God for you and for your help and love.

What else?

Do I now have ten angels for the End Times for saying a novena?

Ten exactly.

And how many should I collect before I could begin to give them away?

For you 50 is needed, but not yet, so for now you can take one for yourself and give one away.

And then someday you will tell me about them, what is their function?

I can tell you now. They are God’s special grace for the End Times. This is the grace flowing from the Time of Divine Mercy over the world. Such horrible things will come that if anyone does not have God’s arm with him, he will not survive. The Lord Jesus gives special hosts to those whom He seals for Himself, but You can also ask Yourself for angels in this way, or the one You asked for by Nathaniel, who helps me a lot.


Oh, but these angels are also for now to help in conversion, and not just defend when satan will go crazy?

Yes, these angels are very helpful also now, because this is the End Time and they, from the great grace of Mercy of God are converting the last people. Then they remain with these people and defend them, but it is given that firstly they must convert.


And how many angels are needed for X?

Hard to say. These are very strong angels, do not think you need 50, because they are weak. But you do not realize how powerful the power of hell will prevail over the earth. For every angel you ask for X, satan sends two devils equally powerful and the war for souls continues.


But does it sound like there was no chance to snatch them out if the number is balanced all the time?

No, it is not that. Devilish forces are not limitless. Satan has great aids, but when he sees that you will not let him go and he is wasting a soul for which you will not give up and you will continue sending angels, he will move his devils somewhere where he will have easier prey, but when this moment of breaking will occur, I will not tell you.


I understand it all.  But you are wise.  You know everything about it.  Thank you tremendously.  You explained a lot to me.

You see for yourself how helpful I am. And you, do you love me also a little? Other people love their angels.

You know, that I beloved you. You are such a support and help for me… I beloved you very much and I would not exchange you for any other angel, and certainly not for less austere.

That’s good, finally I feel appreciated. I bless you, Agnes. That’s all what was said, I am telling this to you, your guardian Angel Bartholomew. I bless you and the work of the Lord in you. Amen.



I am here, child.

Lord, I’m sorry that I’m slow. I do nothing except what you have commanded me to do, and I did only one thing from the list.


I told you. Ask the angels for help, because you cannot do it yourself.

Once again, I forgot. God, grant me a better memory because I am forgetting everything. I do want to remember Your teachings and feel that they are flying out. Am I missing a lot of things from what you ask me to do?

You try as much as you can. I know it, but the works that I perform through you are great, so you have to work faster.

So only with the help of angels I can work better and faster?

Yes child, you have many of them to help. Do not waste this gift. You do not even know how much they help.

Very well Lord. Somehow, I have to write down in order to remember; that I should ask them for help before each undertaking.

Okay, what do you want to ask?

First about priest X? How is he to persevere with his challenging superior?

Yes, he has a difficult situation. I know that. However, I did not send him there accidentally, so let him carry out his mission persistently and I will reward him.


Write My child: My son, My priest, if I would tell you that you are saving this parish, will it be easier for you to endure those suffering for Me?


I will not give up on these people because it is difficult for you. Did I give up My Passion because it was difficult for me? No. I persevered till the end. And you endure to the end and you will get your reward. Everything that happens is happening through My Will so accept it with love same as I did.


Offer up to Me your suffering for the salvation of this parish, because I do not have anyone there to help Me, only you. Hold on, and when I acknowledge that you have suffered enough, I will take you away from there. Now convert souls for Me there, because for this purpose I have sent you, and in difficult moments think of My Passion, as I have offered Myself and My entire life for you. So also, I have sent you to sacrifice yourself for them to Me. It is a great grace when you can suffer persecution together with Me. Do it with love. Remember that I am with you in every suffering. Do not pay attention to what they say to you, but only to what I have told you. Persevere. Your sufferings have their ending. I am a Merciful God for souls who love me. Persevere with me X, my beloved son. I bless you for all your days. Amen.

Thank You, Beloved Savior, will you tell him more about his father, because this priest asks if his father will recover?

Hmm… I will not tell you this. Children, I give you suffering as My favors. Where is your faith!? Trust Me! Don’t I, Almighty God, Creator of all life, know what I’m doing !? Which is the best way? Mine, or some other one? What I decide will take place, and you do not excuse yourself from suffering, because I will give you all eternity in happiness for this handful of suffering on earth.

Thank you, Master. It is sometimes difficult for a weak person to look far away when the suffering is felt so close.

Am I far away!? I am with you every day and I am coming down from Heaven to suffer with you and for you during every Holy Mass!

Yes, my God, forgive me for my stupidity. I do not know what I’m saying.

I know child, you want words of consolation for him, but this type of words will not strengthen him. You also, trust in Me. What I say is sacred.

Yes, I know God. Forgive me. My Holy God I have stirred You up. I apologize for my pride, because You are always in the first place together with what You decide, not the people. Forgive me for my infidelity. It is out of my stupidity Lord, and not out of my ill will.

It’s okay now. I know child that you did not mean it. Come to Me, do not cry. I’m not angry at you. I love you. Come to Me, child.

Lord Jesus hugged me and let me explain myself. He stroked my head and talked, but I cannot quote words. After a moment, we continue to talk.



I’m listening to you?

I have two more questions, but if it is not a good moment, I will ask you some other time?

No, ask now.

Jesus, should X go to study in college (…)?


You know my answer. His place is with Me. No other studies make sense and I will not bless him in anything and he will experience misery until he comes back to Me.

Okay Lord, I will pass it to him this way. Your Will Lord.

Don’t you want to ask anymore?

Lord, You promised me (…). What should I ask for? Your Word is eternal and unchangeable, and I trust You blindly.

It’s good child because I do not like doubters. Do your part and I will fulfill my promise.

Thank you, Lord. Are you still upset by me?

No child, not by you. You are my consolation. Even if you go astray, the streams of your tears will erase your guilt before I remember it towards you.

Beloved God, thank You. You are so good. I love You. Your suffering is terrible, and I am not helping You enough.


You will suffer with Me. This is a great grace and I do not give it to everyone, so consider in your heart how I beloved you

God, I think about it constantly and I will never understand it, why me, so unworthy, You give me such an incomprehensible love. The King of the world loves me. I do not have to understand anything. It is enough for me to know that I am serving You and I am helping You and nothing more matters.


My little one… I love your childish soul. Pleasing to Me are such souls who do not become aloft with their minds, who do not even try to understand My works, but accept them with humility in their lack of understanding.


This is faith. This is the trust I expect of you. What I reveal to you, and still only a few get this grace, this is the tiny hem of my secrets.


You will not understand Me, because I am Infinite and eternal God, and you are only My creation. Only by loving Me you can come to the truth and discover My secrets. Knowledge and human reason will do nothing here. Knowledge is dead without My Spirit.

Thank you, Lord. I apologize for these questions. Somehow, I feel that you did not want to talk about it today?

It’s good that you’re asking questions. If I am angry, it is because you do not trust Me. After what I’ve done for you, after all these years, you still do not trust Me. Did I hurt someone? I care for you and I cherish you children, and you think of Me as being mad?

God! Not at all! Is it You who is talking?

Yes, child, you do not comprehend Me, but instead of trusting Me, because of how I had given up Myself on the cross for you, you still murmur among yourself.

I’m sorry, Lord. Forgive us, the unbelievers, and Pharisees of our time.


My little one… if you only knew how they impede Me… They do not build My Kingdom, that’s not enough, they even impede others to not build. And thus, they persecute Me. I am Jesus who You are persecuting! Remember these words when I come to you in My anger!

Lord, Your anger is terrifying. God’s resentment is terrible. You suffered so much and still suffer for us ungrateful.

My beloved child, My little one, you love Me…

I love You very much, but I am hurting You too and I regret it very much.

Not so My child, You do not hurt Me. The wounds that you have given Me have been healed long time ago, and now satisfy Me for those who hurt Me constantly. Do you understand your task?

To love You for all those who do not love You?

Yes child. I bless you. Go in peace. Amen.


God, Beloved Jesus, are you here with me?

I am here child.

I am sorry that I am an unbeliever and today I have wasted Your grace.

Child, I know. You do not see me clearly, but only your faith can make that you will see.

Oh God, give me strong faith. I will not be able to increase it by myself. Lord, You, mount up for me. What should I do?

Child, you cannot doubt. This is not your imagination. You are under impression that you still see Us, because We are still with you, but surrender to Me completely. Child, do not let Me see you being discouraged.

Oh God, give me the Graces of the Holy Spirit. I, myself do not know anything, I am not capable of anything, I cannot do anything.

Well, I see that today I have to strengthen you child. But trust Me. Don’t you know that I will provide everything that you need? Whether it’s material or spiritual food, you’ll get it.

God, have You decided about me and despite my weak nature and faith, will I fulfill Your Will to the end?


Yes, child. You will do everything that I have decided for you. Your weak will cannot stand in the way of My eternal plans.

Thank you, Lord. I’m counting only on You. Do as You wish with me. I give myself totally to You together with all of my imperfection.

I accept your gift. Child, I know that it is difficult for you to accept it, because the works that I will fulfill through you are great, but I have chosen you and you will receive graces for the completion of the apostolate.

Oh God, I desire this. What should I do? Lead me so I would listen to You in everything and with small steps accomplish Your every thought about me.

My little one, I’m leading you. Child, do not be afraid. I will not let you fall. Your weakness gives Me Glory. Look at Me.

Lord Jesus was in front of me in a white robe and a hooded cloak, as it was worn in His time. He took my head in both hands, kissed my forehead and said:

“I am Jesus Christ and I love you.”

Dear Jesus, I know that it is You. But I feel so little and I see so little. My love seems so weak to me, as well as feeling You here. I have to believe so strongly in order to see You.


Child, have patience. I will give you everything you ask for and you will see Me very clearly as you cannot even dream. I am already here with you, here on earth, and you child commune with Me as you asked for, as your heavenly reward. Don’t you feel that I live with you and do not leave you even for a moment?

I thought that sometimes You are departing and then are returning.

No child, I never leave you, but sometimes you have the grace to feel Me and sometimes you do not.

Lord, why then my heart is so dry?


It is not dry, child, but I have given you the grace of an even greater desire for Me, so that what you were feeling before seems to you as a desert.

God, how difficult is Your teaching.  Take my unworthiness and unbelief.  Make me a beloved and faithful disciple, so that I may be only a consolation and never a disappointment to You.


My little one, you are My consolation. How many times did I tell you this? Do you not know that I, the Lord, have no greater liking than dwelling in the soul that is consecrated to Me?

Yes, my God. You know that I love You and I offer You all these spiritual sufferings

Good, child. Give Me everything. Child, you will suffer just as I suffered.

Yes God, everything as You desire. Lord, strengthen me, I feel so weak.

Child, I will strengthen you, but you have to suffer a little for Me. Agnes, do you want this?

Yes, Lord.

That’s good. I bless you, child. Depart in peace. Amen.



Holy God, I have sinned against You. I am a poor dust from which nothing depends. Lord, I am unworthy of pronouncing Your Name. Forgive me the anger and impatience through which I have hurt You today. Jesus, scorch Me with Your Love, so I would not be able to hurt You. I regret it, because I called your Name in anger. Lord, I’m confessing repentantly because I cursed. I have not sinned in such a way for so long and I thought that I was a little bit better, but I’m not at all. By Your grace I am better. God, I do not deserve anything from You and I am the most unworthy of Your graces, but through Your Mercy, Son of God, I apologize to You and I am calling for Your forgiveness. Let me prostrate in front of You in the Holy Confession because I have soiled my soul, in which is Your dwelling.


Beloved child… will Your God leave you? No. I’m still here. Child, you are so weak. These are temptations directed to you. The enemy knows how to hurt you. Child, you must be more careful so that he would not use your bad inclinations.


Do not allow yourself to be impatient, because it leads to anger, and from there it is difficult to turn back without sins.

It is impossible Lord. Anger already is a sin.


Yes child, anger is a condition that leads to sin, evil wishing, cursing and blasphemies. Child, refrain from anger, because it easily takes control over you.

God, how immense is Your Mercy, that You are still talking to me and explaining this to me, and I offended You so much.


My little one, you’re so weak. I allow many trials for you, and a lot of them touch your soul, only perfecting it.  Child, today, I have allowed this trial for you, so to strengthen you in the endurance of your obstacles.  Child, you have no inkling of the virtue of patience at all.

Lord, I know it. I am sorry. Forgive me for letting you down. God, I’m prostrating at Your feet because of my harshness and stupidity, I thought that I was better and I’m the same, only You will not let me sin anymore.


Yes child. You know how to please Me. Your humility purifies your soul. I cannot be angry with a child who, with such confidence, despite offenses and shame, comes to Me, that’s why I forgive you this sin and I do not remember it again towards you anymore.

God, thank you. I am Your debtor forever.


Well, since you know that I forgave you, go now and pray for him, because he has had more difficult trials today than you, and you child promised him to pray.

Very well Lord. I will. Be glorified forever in Your Immeasurable Mercy.



Jesus, Lord Almighty, I am sorry for my sins. Will You want to talk to me?

Yes, I want this.

Forgive me, Lord, I think the whole hordes (of evil spirits) are tormenting me because I’m getting worse. Please forgive me.

Yes child. I allowed it on you. I know it is hard for you, but you must persevere through it. Ask My Mother for help, because they will not give you peace these days. You will suffer for My holy works.

I want to suffer for my sins and for Your works, but help me, let me not sin and offend You.


My little one, I know that you feel abandoned. I have not left you, My beloved servant. I know how weak you are, and these are hard tests for your temperament.

God, is it You, who is talking?


Yes child. You are getting easily upset, and they just want to torment you now this way, because I did not let the spirits of impurity pursue you.

Thank You God, those were the most disgusting.

Child, I know. You have endured it with dignity, and you will bear this test also with dignity. Just keep in mind that you suffer for Me, and all that they want, is for you to say a word against Me.

Lord, is it as it was in the church today?

Yes child, they almost broke you today.

They fooled me, I thought that I was thinking correctly, and that was a trap of pride.


Yes child. You must be attentive. Speak to Me in simple words and do not give in to revealing thoughts, because where man himself wants to shine, there satan willingly helps him. Stay humble and low just as I have taught you.

Very well Lord. Thank You for having a word of comfort for me again when I deserve a reprimand. Thank You. Be glorified the Savior of the world.

Look what they are doing… Child, see this devilish technique. They torment you so much that you do not feel worthy of talking to Me and you distance yourself away from Me. Do you see that? I am for you. Child, I do not reject you. It is you who are distancing yourself from Me because of your sins.

God, because I feel so sinful. How can I say to You that I adore You when in a moment something irritates me again. Your true servant is not behaving like that. For You, what counts are deeds and I feel that I do not have the right to speak beautifully to You when I am as such.

Jesus, chase away the evil spirits that are tormenting me presently.


My child, I love you incessantly and live in you. The fact that you feel so sinful, I have allowed because you are pleasing to Me. Do not stop trusting Me infinitely when you feel guilty and regret your sins. Do not stop loving Me and talking to Me affectionately. I am the same and immutable and I love you immensly. Can you overcome this?

Beloved God, with Your help I can do everything.

Well, now I like you this way. Trust Me infinitely. Smile to Me. You must believe that I love you and do not abandon you, even when you show disobedience and oppose me. Child, I know your soul. You are so weak that if you saw how miserable you are compared to My Majesty, you would stop thinking about yourself at all.

God, show me my misery, so that I will always think only about You.  Why am I thinking about myself?  I don’t want that.


My child, you will get these graces. Trust My Merciful Heart that It never rejects you. Even when you feel like this now, throw yourself into My Arms, call Me and lean on Me, because you cannot do it alone.


Do not think about how unworthy you are, but about how Good I am, that I take in those who turn away from Me, not to mention those weak and miserable beings who are just like you child. Do you love your God?

Yes, God, I love You immensely. I am distressed that I cannot give You anything. I have no strength to give You anything. I have nothing, and I cannot be better.

My child. I beloved you madly. Do you believe in My Love for you?

Yes, God, You love me beyond life.

Why then are you afraid of Me today?

Lord, my sinfulness is not allowing me to approach You.


No child, it is not sinfulness, but non-understanding of the mystery of My Mercy. So what, that you sin? I do not count your sins. Will I manage to remember your sins when you constantly are apologizing to Me? I do not remember anything. Why, oh why, my child, don’t you come to me with confidence? Did I hurt you at any time?

Never, my God. You only have love for me, always open arms to cuddle me, You love me so much.

Exactly. Do not be afraid of your sinful nature, but trust in My Mercy. Child, do you understand this?

Yes, Lord, I am receiving a lesson from You. Today, You taught me how satan works and how people judge themselves and leave You, even though You do not condemn them at all. And this is the work of satan, that they do not believe that You do not get angry if they only regret, but believe, that you are abhorred in your Immaculate Holiness.


Yes child. Not everyone thinks he is so unworthy, but everyone thinks that I am just waiting to punish and give new restrictions. Nobody believes in My Love, and I have died on the cross so that you would not think about Me in this way, so that you will see how I love you, and how dear every soul is to Me.

God, thank You for this lesson. Now I see how easily I let myself to be deceived and believe the devil, that You are angry at me and punish me and I should not even dare to speak to You.

Yes child. The more sinful you feel, the more I cuddle you to My Holy Heart. I will not let you go. So, rest in peace. Child, absorb My teachings, because important matters are waiting for when you will mature and I will be able to act through you as I have decided.

Thank You Ageless, Holy God. I want to do everything for You as You will give to me. I love You, I adore You, and despite my great unworthiness, I throw myself at Your Feet, Lord. Take me and love me, because I have nothing left but one desire. To be with You forever!

My little one… I see that you have learned the lesson. Now I can leave you.

Jesus, I just wanted to apologize that I was impatient with confession and did not wait as You told me and I made an appointment on Saturday because I got mixed up. What I should do now? Cancel or go?


Because I wanted to go on the first Saturday for Our Lady.

Child, on the first Saturday you will not have time for that. I need your focus, and you will be very distracted.

Jesus, Beloved of my heart, can’t one celebrate the first Saturdays of the month for the Mother of God at this time?


No, it is better if will you also offer Holy Confession. You will go in a month. You are so weak that you need My Sacrament. (…)

Okay, my God. Thank you.


St. Faustina, I’m sorry I did not talk to you yesterday, but I totally could not do it.

I know, I saw what was happening to you.

Saint sister Faustina, will you agree to be my guide in my mission?


Of course. I will willingly help you. Don’t think that I do not like you. I know well what you are experiencing, but I was lonely too and nobody understood Me. You still do not have a true confessor, but you’ll see the difference when you will have him, it’s a huge support.

Thank you very much. Saint Faustina, you were just better than me from the beginning. I started from the bottom.

My dear Agnes, do not succumb to them (evil spirits). They will especially tell you that you are the worst and you are not fit for it, but regardless of your sins, the Lord has called you and you must serve the best you can.

I’m trying, but I’m still far away. Please, help me with your prayers and advice.


Very well. I will be happy to support you. Do not be afraid. This path is painful but beautiful.


It leads straight into His Arms, and I know how you desire it, because I did not understand anything but that I could not live without Him. It’s enough. Believe me.

Thank you, beloved Saint Faustina. This is my consolation. I am quite scared. And everything is so incomprehensible. Can I ask you, saint sister, have you seen the Lord quite clearly always, or in visions like me, I have twice? How did you see Him?

Sometimes in visions, and sometimes quite simply. He just was. He suddenly stood in front of me and I saw Him completely clear. Not like you. You feel a lot but see less.

Exactly. At times, it’s hard for me to know if I am seeing, and while I am writing that I see-, I am thinking that people will presume that I have seen, and I, myself do not know whether I saw it or felt it.


Agnes, dearest friend, since you describe what you saw, you obviously saw it, because how else could you describe it? Your friend, an eminent priest, explained it to you well enough that you must believe harder. (Saint Faustina talks about Father Teofil Bogucki, spiritual guide of Saint Father Jerzy Popiełuszko, who was a close friend of our family, baptized me, and recently helped me with advice … I just came back from church when I heard his voice. so, he introduced himself and explained to me that I should not be afraid to trust the Lord, that I must believe in the visions I have, because without my strong faith, the Lord cannot act in me. Great faith is necessary, and I have to pray for it a lot).


This is the world of spirit. The world that is invisible to the eyes. Only with spirit can you see everything in this world, and the food of the spirit is faith.

Thank you, dear sister Faustina. You helped me a lot. Stay with me and help me please, no matter how unworthy, unaware and ungrateful I am, okay?

Okay, my little friend. St. Faustina is your sure guide and friend since today. Take my hand, for Lord has prepared you great works. You do not even know what’s going to happen. Trust Him by loving Him and He will guide you. The devoted handmaid of Jesus and your friend – saint sister Faustyna Kowalska. I will hear and see you. Be healthy Agnes and remember that after each rain the sun comes out. Amen.

Thank you, dear sister. I have a holy sister in heaven.

You have. You got me. We’re going to be friends. That’s for sure. I greet you again and now I leave because the Lord Jesus cannot wait. I love you and bless you. Amen.

At that moment, I felt that Saint Faustina stood next to me on the right, she leaned over me and kissed me on the forehead with a quick gesture and ran to her affairs and disappeared. Lower voice, quiet, calm.



Child, I am with you.

Lord, I am Your humble servant. I apologize for my failures. I entrust myself to You completely and cry for Your mercy.

My child, I am here with you.

Beloved Lord, I have no words today. Everything I say comes with difficulty.

I know, My little one. Do you want purification?

God, I desire it so much. Cleanse me for Yourself. My soul needs to be purified so badly.


I will cleanse you. Cling to My Heart. Child, do you believe in My Love?

Yes God, although I feel less of it, but I know that You are with me, You love me invariably, because You are Perfect and my unworthiness does not repulse You.

Yes, My child. I have a smart pupil in you. Why, then, are you so sad all day? Should you rather not rejoice that I have chosen you and am purifying you for Myself?


Lord, I am so glad that You have chosen me, but my unworthiness is always in front of my eyes and I regret the lost time in my life, even though I know that I should not think this way, but rather concentrate about every minute of the present, to love You and to recompense, so I could offer You in excess for these lost years.

My little one… (Lord Jesus is smiling) Yes, I smile, because you understand all this well and I am pleased with you. Dear daughter, why don’t you think all the time this way, not only when you are with Me?


Out of my weakness, Lord. When You are with me everything is obvious. You love Me and I love You and I will never have enough gratitude. I gave You everything. Do with me as You wish, Lord.

My child, I am truly pleased with you today.

God, I have so many flaws, and I still fail to fulfill and remember all Your commandments. It is so easy to please God Almighty and so difficult at the same time. Eternal God, You are Incomprehensible.


My child, I am satisfied with souls who give themselves to Me and count only on Me and nothing at all on themselves. I like it the most. Do you recognize why I show you your sinfulness and misery.

Yes, Lord, for Your Glory, to sanctify me and magnify Your Glory.

And out of Love child, out of My Great Love for you, child.

Oh, God, when You love me so much, I think I am in a wonderful world and I am afraid to wake up. I know it’s true, but I’m still afraid that I will fall short of being capable, humble, hard-working and obedient to Your works and You will give up on me.


Child, I will never give up on you. I chose you once. Had I not been waiting for you enough to lose you now? No child. Little one, you will be My Holy Bride at my side. I want all of you, all your soul and all your misery for Myself. I will not leave you anything that could draw you away from Me. You are Mine, Agnes and nothing will change that. Do you want this child?

Yes, Jesus. With all my heart I desire only You and I dream that You may delight in me forever. Purify me, Jesus, prepare me, experience me. All for Your Glory. I want to serve You the best I can. I want to outdo myself in holiness for God. Do You accept my offering? I know that I am not able, but anyway, I am offering myself to You.


My beloved child, how the heart of God rejoices when I see you so inflamed with My Love. You know that I have chosen you for great things. You will not have an easy life, but you will be with Me. What do you prefer My child?

Difficult life with You, God!

Very well. I will give you a difficult life. Child do you love Me?

I love You very much. Lord, You are in my soul, and my soul despite her unworthiness is shining. I am inflamed by the feeling that You live in me.

Child, do not be afraid, do not be afraid of the words. Words by themselves cannot do anything, it is only satan, who does not allow you to talk to Me as you desire. Do not be bothered with this, because I know which his words and his images are.

Beloved God, it came back, and I forgot about that penance.

Yes, I took it away from you so that you can cling closer to Me without fear, but now I desire your penance.

I love You. Let me do penance for You. Lord, the fasts that I offer to You, are they pleasing to You?


Yes child, they are very pleasing, and they crystallize your soul very much. Child, suffer it for Me with perseverance, and I will let you feel the different food, God Himself in you. You do not need any other food.

Yes Lord, I cannot live without You, and this is my first need before anything else.

Yes child, that’s good. I will feed you with Myself and You will serve Me with perseverance, and for this You will receive incomprehensible graces from Me.

Beloved Jesus, enable me not to waste even one, the smallest, even the most ordinary grace, not to mention such great graces.

Child, I do not bestow on you small graces, you are getting the great ones. Do you know that?

Yes Lord, everything I got is inconceivable. I thought about small graces such as the fact that I will see the snow and I like it very much and I am grateful for it. But these are also great Graces. Not everyone has snow.


My child, I am talking to you about mystical graces and not about graces in the material world, of which you have a whole lot. Now, however, I want to prepare you for the reception of My great graces, just so that you can appreciate them and not waste them.

Beloved Jesus, cleanse me as much as you desire. You know how weak I am. I need a lot of cleansing. I agree to everything.

Well then. You will not cry when it will be difficult for you, but rejoice that I am cleansing you in order to endow My gifts upon you?

O Lord, you know how weak I am but I will try with all my strength. However, my success depends on You. I will do everything in order to remember this and trust You persistently no matter what would be taking place.

That’s good. Child, I’m pleased by you today. Do you have anything to ask Me about?

Yes, Lord, am I doing good to write so many words with capital letters? In the diary of saint Faustina is not like that.


Yes child, but I like your humbleness in front of Me. You know how Mighty and Holy I am, and you cannot bring yourself to write with lowercase letters. It pleases Me My little one.


Worship Me for all who defile Me. Love and exalt Me above all else, because my Father has exalted me above all things, and you children do not want to exalt Me ​​above your pleasures.

Beloved God, you are above everything. I love You and I have just only one pleasure left.

I know a child. Drink your coffee if you like, but not in such quantities. I do not forbid you, do not be afraid. You have refused yourself a lot of pleasure and I like it, but child, please consider that I do not like exaggeration.

Okay Master. I will limit it. I adore you. Lord, when I will have a steady confessor, will he give me a penance?

Yes … we’ll see how it will be.

My God, did something go wrong?

No child, nothing can go against My Will. Have you forgotten about it?

Yes, Lord, it’s a blackout. I know that You rule over  everything.

Very well, My little one. Go now and rest. Amen.

Thank You Master. Amen.


Angel Batholomew?

I am listening.

I’m sorry that I said to you that you are not helping me. I did not think so at all.

You thought so, but I forgive you.

Thank you. Help me unceasingly.

Okay, I’m helping you.

Today they broke down my internet.


I know, you’re entering dangerous waters. (I found in the store the goods through which God is degraded and satan is worshiped and I have made every effort to make this information more widely known.)

But is the right thing to do?

Yes, Lord will give you courage for everything.

Should I do as I decided? Is there something that threatens me?


No, do not be afraid. Know that satan is furious when he is exposed. You know that most people do not believe in his existence.

I know, it’s terrible. Can I ask something for my mom?


Ask. (…) Jesus is very kind to your mother, because she supports and guides you when you still do not have a priest yet. This is very much appreciated by God, because as you read, without a priest, souls go astray, and you have to endure and if the Lord would not strengthen her for you, you would not have anybody on earth.

It is true. Thank you, my dear angel. I still have you.

Yes, you have, but it’s not the same. You know it yourself better. You do not call me to read the messages. (…)

I promised to ask about Mr. X? I know that he is saved.

Yes. The Lord had mercy because of your prayers, since for him himself, He had no basis for mercy.

So is he in purgatory?


Yes. It’s good that you pray for him, because no one else will pray for him properly; however he has a lot time in purgatory left. He is at the beginning of the road. He does not know how to do anything. He doesn’t even know how to pray for you.

Thank you very much. Do you want to tell me something else?

No, not necessarily. I will say it another time.

And, will you remember?

We angels do not have such problems.

May be tomorrow, okay?

Okay then. Go in peace. Amen.



I am listening, My child.

My beloved God, thank you for forgiving all my sins and strengthening me in my faith.

Yes child, the sacrament of Confession is a tremendous grace of which greatness hardly anyone realizes.

Lord, I thank You humbly for these great favors for me and for the grace of faith. Can I humbly ask you now for help for priest X?

Yes child. Ask.

Beloved God, be with him now, when you entrusted him with such a difficult task. Cleanse this child and this family. God, help the priest with Your spirit so that he would know what to do and would not be afraid.

My child, I am with him, and My Spirit always rests on him.

I am asking you for help, free the child and receive the Holy Mass for this intention, please.

Very well, I accept your sacrifice. Suffering is inscribed in this family, but this little child is not at fault against Me.

I know, Father. Please, help them. Do you want me to pray especially for them?

Pray with the chaplet of My Mercy.

Good Lord, I will do it adoring You in the Blessed Sacrament. God, I feel You stronger and I feel how I love You and how You love me.

Yes I know about it. Child, I have strengthened your trust.


I like your faith child. I expect such a trust. Do you need doubters in order to believe in Me?

No, Lord, I only need Your grace. If you take it from me, I will fall into doubt again. Only through You I believe and trust You, Father.


Okay, but remember what I’m telling you. If I allow for a trial to come upon you, do not despair because I need to cleanse you, so also without My light you must be devoted and full of faith.

Okay Jesus, I will give everything to You. All faith and trust.

Very well, child. Go now and I will talk to you later. Amen.



Yes I’m here.

I am here Lord, to listen to You.

Child, do you love Me with all your heart?

Yes, Lord. With all my heart. Jesus, please distance hellish spirits away from me that now bother me so much … Do You want to tell me something important?

Yes child. That is why the evil spirit is so crazy. Note that it attacks you before special moments in our conversations.

I did not notice it, Lord. Thank you for telling me this. I saw You today internally first during adoration and then during Holy Mass.

Yes child. You see, when you focus, you can see Me all the time. I never leave you.

God, thank you for these great graces. Be glorified forever in my little soul. Lord, do You want to talk to me? Because in the church You said you wanted to, and God’s Mother said so, and now You cannot. (The evil spirits have disturbed me so much that I could not keep up to discern when the Lord Jesus speaks, and when they pretend to be and every now and then I wrote and deleted).

I know child. Come back later. Amen



Child, I am with you.

My Beloved Savior, will We be able to talk now?

Yes child, I am here for you and I love you.

And I love you enormously. Lord, I saw Your Beautiful Face today. The Real One?

Yes child, you have seen Me.

Why cannot I remember?

I did not give you this grace. Desire Me and long for Me.

My beloved God, I desire You and I miss You. Do you like my soul after confession?

Yes, I like it. And I like that you called to cheer up your dad.

Thank you, My Lord. I love to please You. I just want to only be pleasing for You.

My little child, I like this too.

Lord, should I additionally ask for the conversion of the sinner, since I have already prayed the chaplet to Your Wounds? (This applies to the Lord Jesus’ promise that whoever before or after the Holy Confession will offer the Most Precious Blood and Wounds of Jesus for all the sins of his whole life and will recite the chaplet to the Wounds of Lord Jesus as a voluntary penance, he has a soul as pure as after Baptism and can ask for the grace of conversion for even the most hardened sinner).

You have additionally said a chaplet for your sins and you have to pray for him. This promise applies to your soul. It is now pure that you can easily ask for this Grace.

What is the best way to ask?


Praying the Station of the Cross.  Meditate on My sufferings, and I will convert him.

He is stubborn, but it would be useful if He was on your side.

It is true. You see him through the eyes of My grace. Child, I can make him able. Look, you see a man what he could be if I would live in him. Child, it is a great grace, because I just see every man like that and that’s why it hurts me so much that so many gifted souls are wasted.

Maybe today You can save this one for Your Glory? You redeemed this soul … let it work for what it got.

My little one, you are truly a consolation to Me. Child, pray the Way of the Cross, and I will have mercy because of your plea.

I do not ask for X anymore, because I have already asked.

I know you asked. You remind Me of it all the time. And what did the priest today say to you about patience?

He was just telling me about other patience, and he did not say anything about this one and I do not know how to improve myself in this area.


I will tell you: be patient.

Lord, does it mean that once you say something to me, I should ask no more about it?

Exactly like that. I know what I’m saying. My child, God does not forget. Since I do not have them with me yet, I must to have My reasons for that.

(…) Very well, my God. I trust You and I do not ask You about anything. I am patient and that’s it.

Very well. Do not forget what you have decided, because today you’ve also had a lesson about promising.

Yes, Lord. My Master, do not let me forget. I am counting only on my angels, because my memory is very imperfect.


Very well My child. Now listen. I do not want you to worry about money. Child, you wanted to work for Me and you are working, so do not worry about payment. Child, will I not provide for you for your hard work? I’ll give you.

I am sure that You give me more than I deserve. Lord, You are giving me a multitude of Your graces and they are more precious to me than material goods, but I do not know what to do. I’m afraid a little. Should I look for a paid job, or do you want me to sell or rent my apartment?


No, child. You do nothing. I Myself will make decisions about you. What the priest told you today about deciding is not My Will. I like your total devotion to Me and entrusting yourself to My Will. Child, you did not worry whether you should have a husband or go to the convent. You left it to Me, and I, your Bridegroom, came and married you. That will be the case now. I will decide Myself what is going to happen, and you will remain passive, because by accepting My will, You gave up Your own and it pleases Me to see that in You. Trust Me. Will I give up my bride? Child, will I leave you without a home? Do not be bothered, little one, because your fate is in My Hands and you know My love towards you.


I love You. I already know everything. I trust You blindly. What You decide will be the best that could happen to me. I love Your Will and let it leads me.

My little one, you bring joy to the eyes of Your Father in Heaven. How pleasing to Me are such humble children. Child, you know that you mean nothing, and you have no awareness of anything that I, the Almighty God, decides for you, but you trust in me in spite of the doubts that you suffer. I love you little child. I bless you and all My Heaven blesses you, child, for your bending down so low in front of the Creator, because here you have come to know child how to win Me. My Heart knows no boundaries in His Love for such tiny and helpless children as you.

My God, it’s a delight to be clumsy by Your side. You surround me with such tender care that one cannot dream of something more wonderful. Why should I worry and try things that You can do better? I give You all this. You will take the best care of everything. Let me not even try to decide for myself with my little head.

My child, you please Me extremely today.

Thank you, Lord. I am glad that I can please You a little bit despite my misery

Yes, little one. I am pleased with humble souls. You all have graces for it, but not everyone recognizes them. I love you children and wait when you come back to Me.

My Most Beloved God, will I be impatient asking if I should somehow prepare the messages for everyone?

Yes. You will be impatient. I will tell you at the right time, as I already mentioned.

In that case, I do not ask about it at all. You will tell me when you want, because you know better when there will be the right time.

Very well, my little one. Enough for today. Get a good night’s sleep and come to Me tomorrow.

Lord, just one question, can I discuss the website tomorrow, even though it is Sunday? Maybe I should stop him from working on Sunday?

Yes. Tell him not to work tomorrow. This is a holy endeavor and cannot arise on the breaking of My Commandments.

That’s true, I will do it. Thank you, Lord. I love You.

My child, go in peace.  Amen.


Mother of God, can I talk to you?

You may child, I was waiting for you.

The Most Holy Blessed Virgin, thank you very much for watching over me and for help and protection that I feel constantly.

Yes child, I spread my Motherly Love and Care for all children who revere Me.

My Holy Mother, I wanted to ask you about the pilgrimage. For now, there will be only few people, but the pilgrimage goes on the sixth of February, just as you wanted.


Child, I know, and I am very happy. I am already waiting for you with My angels to grant you My graces. The first ones who heard My Voice will be especially blessed and beloved by Me.  I will not deny them in front of my Son’s throne, but I will hug them to My Heart as My children.

Beloved Mother, I am sorry I cannot persuade my friends. This is beyond my power to bring them to You.

Child, I know, they do not want to know Me, nor My Son, but the day will come when they will also come.

Thank You, Most Holy beloved Lady. Unfortunately, we also do not have a priest, because neither one wants to go.


Child, I know. I cry tears for my sons the priests who have departed from Me so far that not one of them long for Me.

I am so sorry Mary, I will pray for them and Lord Jesus will convert them to You.

Yes, My child. Pray for them constantly.

And should I try to talk to other priests: X and X?

I told you earlier that you should talk to them. And do not be afraid. Haven’t you seen enough miracles?

No, Dear Mother, You can do everything that is Your Son’s Will.

Yes child, I am repeating this to you. Do not be afraid and ask, knock and ask this priest and he will agree.

Thank you, Mother of God. Would you like me to go to X tomorrow?

Yes, do it for Me. Talk to him and invite him. Let him know everything too, and you will see that everything will work out.

Thank you, Holy Virgin. Do you like the idea of ​​saying a prayer to sacrifice Poland to Your Holy Two Hearts?


Yes child. I like this idea very much, however, Satan does not like it at all, because I will win in this place, as I had announced. And you, child, do not allow yourself to be fooled because you got the Holy Spirit for this mission to fulfill My Will, and do not listen to people, only to My Voice in you.

Is it You who is talking, Mother of God?

Yes child. I am talking to you constantly and I advise you in the organization of the pilgrimage, but you get all these inspirations through the Holy Spirit.

Forgive Mother of God, I was confused. I am ignorant, and this is sometimes the source of my uncertainty.

I know, My dear child, but My Son will give you wisdom and you will not suffer ignorance anymore.

Thank you, Holy Virgin. So, you like all the prayers?

Yes child. I like how you put it together. Let others join in prayer. Everyone call unto Me.

So, I’d like to ask also X. Let her have a part in the Rosary.

Very well, she is my devoted daughter. You can trust her and support her because she will help you in everything.

Thank You, Holy Virgin. During catechesis, I will read message 29 and I will choose corresponding fragment from the Holy Bible. Holy Mother, are You talking here about Poland or about Wykrot?


I am talking about the land on which I appeared and on which I am not being venerated. I am bringing you such great graces from the Lord, and you who are so close, sit in front of televisions and you do not see a thing, that these graces are being wasted and if they will not be picked up by somebody they will be lost, and then the whole Kurpioski region will penetrate for the fact that I was not received.


Mother of God, through this pilgrimage, we will recompense You for all this. We will pray with such a fervor. For all.

That’s good, child. This is the last means of rescue for you, because I chose this land as the place of My Glory and the Glory of My Son.

Mother of God, we will revere You in this place, and if You will bless us, then next time there will be twice as many of us.

Yes, My little Agnes, your faith in this mission that I have entrusted to you is great. Child, you do not doubt in it, and with this you win over for yourself and this mission great graces from Me and Triune God Himself, Who look after you with kindness and remove all obstacles from under your feet.

Thank you, Holy Virgin for these blessings. You give me more strength and willingness to work for this task. Mother of God, did I choose the proper message?

Good, child, tell this to them. Let them know for what purpose I came here. I came to win. And whoever wants to help Me in this victory let them follow you on this pilgrimage, because through your prayers you will obtain great graces for the world.

For the whole world?

Yes, child. For the whole world.

Mother of God, would You like to tell me what fragment from Bible is suitable here? (I was preparing a conference and I was thinking which passage from the Holy Scripture to choose for the 29th the message of  Our Lady from Wykrot)


A Virgin clothed with the sun – fragment from the Apocalypse of Saint. John.

Thank you, Holy Virgin. I love You and I love to serve You. How sweet is the service for You.


Yes My child, blessed are those who entrusted themselves to My Immaculate Heart. I have beloved them especially, and I intercede to My Son for them.

Mother of God, please help me to lead everything well, to write a good catechesis and introduction, because I cannot do it alone, and it will be perfect with You.

Yes My child, you will get My support. The Holy Spirit, to Whom I am the Temple, will dictate to you what to say, so do not be afraid at all.

Thank you, Dear Mother. I love You, I give myself to Your Immaculate Heart and could You just only tell me if I should be calling Father X?

Yes, call him.

Very well. Do you want to tell me something else? Perhaps I missed something or it was not good enough  or You do not like something?

Let my servant priest X not go there yet, because it will not be beneficial.

And in March?

I will see in March, but for now, do not decide without Me about anything, so as not to harm but help. You must act sensibly.

(…) Will I not harm with this the pilgrimage?


No child. You all have to stick together and be witness to each other, because satan is working in order so that he can confuse the pious people, his last enemies, and people do not know what to believe anymore. Do not be afraid to do it. There will be no trouble.

Thank you, Dear Holy Virgin. I love You, Dear Mother.  I want to do everything, whatever you decide without hesitation.

I know you are so faithful to Me. I love you daughter and bless you. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank You Dear Mother and I bless You and love You.

Goodbye child, but I am remaining close to you. You are constantly hidden under My mantle. Now I’m leaving. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Beloved Jesus?

I am with you child.

Lord, the sweetest Savior, we have not talked for so long … I’m sorry for that. Somehow, that’s how the day went.

I know child. Do not be bothered about it.

Jesus, was I witnessing good about You today?

Very good. Be normal. Say what you hear in your soul and know that it comes from Me.

I love You, God. Thank You for all the incomprehensible graces which You gave me in Your Mercy. I love You and I thank You a million times and that will be too little, You have made me so happy.

I am Eternal Happiness, who believes in Me will not die. Do you know about this child?

I know Lord. Only in You is life. I’m crazy for you. I was dead all my life and I did not die forever because of Your grace. Beloved God, I adore Your Mercy.


My child. I have given you these graces, so you would witness about Me, about My Love. The soul who believes in Me and believes in My Love will not die. The one who denies his own human logic will not die, when he will give himself to Me and to My Incomprehensible Love.

Lord, I want to talk about You, I cannot speak about anything else. I could talk about You all the time, endlessly. The attributes and wonders of God are inexhaustible. I love You and every manifestation of Your Divine nature.


My little child, you truly love Me. Do you know how many souls you save with this love?

Jesus, Beloved, I do not know it at all.

So, I will tell you. You save one soul from hell every day.

Dearest Jesus, can you make me to love You so much that I love You so many times more, to save 100 souls a day?


My little one … your petitions are great. If you had a little awareness at all, you would not ask for it, but your lack of awareness is so great that you ask Me about incomprehensible things and you please Me. I like your lack of awareness because thanks to it you do not put limits on My Mercy. Yes. I can do it. Child, you do not realize what Love I bestow on you and the magnitude of My graces for you. Why I do not refuse you, this will remain hidden for you. But I say to you, you will love Me with this glow of Love that I will fulfill your request and save 100 souls for you every day.


Jesus, let Your Name be praised. How incomprehensible are You in Your Mercy. It is true Lord, that I do not know much, but I know how great are the merits of Your Divine Passion and that Mercy that comes out of Your pierced Heart is infinite. Infinite. If we would draw out of It the greatest graces every day, it will never end, because the merits of Your Passion are infinite.


My child, you have understood the mystery of My Mercy. Behold, I revealed to you all the Goodness of God. How infinite are My graces for mankind. There is no sinner in the world, before whom I would close My merciful Heart, if he falls on his knees in the act of repentance.

 Immeasurable God, I thank You for revealing such great truths to me, an unworthy person. I will never stop wondering how much You love me.

Yes child. I love you without measure. I love you so much that today I would take you to Myself, but I have other children that I love, and they are waiting for your help, and now that you have asked for this immense grace, your life is very precious to Me.

The Most Beautiful Jesus, I love You. O, Holy Perfection, O, Love Eternal, how will I thank You for all these graces, that You have called me to this most beautiful service that I am to love You. God, You give me this marvel for the mission? I cannot imagine that I would be able to serve you more willingly in something. I cannot express it anymore, but you know, Lord, what I want to say.

Yes child, that I give you a task that is the fulfillment of all your desires. Loving Me is the nicest thing you do, and I demand it from you.

Lord, I open my heart wide, let Your grace flow down on me.  Let me be able to glorify You so much, in order to please You so immensely in reparation for the lack of love for You in the world.  I have everything for You. I already have a heart that is full of You, but I feel that there would fit even more love. 

Yes, My little child. Go to sleep, because tomorrow you will not get up for church and I will be waiting for you. I love you, My little one.

I love You too, my Beloved Jesus.

Sleep child and think of what I gave you. Amen.


Angel Bartholomew?

I’m listening to you.

Can I ask you about something?

Ask me as much as you like.

Why, when I talked to my grandmother (I talked to my grandmother who is already in Heaven), she spoke later more in the country dialect, as if not even in Kurpie and now my parents say that the grandparents did not speak so much in local dialect.

I know. It’s all because your grandmother has made friends with highlanders and now you can hear it yourself.

Angel Bartholomew, is it you who is talking?

Yes, it is I who am talking. I know that you think that when you leave this earth, it is the end of everything, but it is not true.

But, can you make friends with new people?

Of course, you can. They are more spiritual friendships, but they are very rich and beautiful.

But after all, … can grandma change the dialect under the influence of highlander women?

I can, I can daughter. (I heard again the voice of my grandmother.)

You see yourself that she can. This is not the heaven of the dead but of the living.

This is completely incomprehensible to me. I thought that everyone in Heaven has the same language.

Because they have. Everyone understands each other. Doesn’t matter from which country, but the manner of speaking remains and even can change.

Did you say that, my angel Bartholomew?

Yes, it was I who said that. Do not be afraid. Heaven is great. What you have here is not even the vestibule of the palace, and you want to stay here so much.

Thank you very much. And what did you want to tell me earlier? Do you remember?

Of course, I remember. The point is that if I tell you, I will have to explain it to you for a long time. You better come later.

Can you help me to finish with this internet project?

Yes, this time it will go quickly, do not be afraid.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.



Child, I am here.

My Lord, I wanted to read what You were telling me yesterday and the charger burned.

I have given you a great grace. Satan’s rage at you is great, but I protect you My tool.

I love to be Your tool. Use me Lord, because it makes me happy.

Beloved child, I love you.

Jesus, my King. The question I think about, should I ask You, or rather Mother of God?

Ask me.

Since we have not been able to buy Your statue of Christ the King, then can we carry a painting and which one? Christ the King of the World or Christ the King of Poland?

Buy the image of Christ the King of the World. Even when you will have the statue and the pilgrimage will increase, I will be able to be honored as King of Poland and King of the World, otherwise you would carry two same images of Me as the King of Poland.

Okay, Jesus. I’ve fallen in love with You even stronger since yesterday. My God, may these will not be only words, but deeds. Lead me Lord, that I may serve You selflessly.

You will serve me as I wish. Child, you’ll get so much grace that it would be enough for three, but you are such a weak child that I give you special gifts. I love you.

My Beloved Rabbi, Beloved, Your Love is stunning me. I am silent in the presence of Your graces, Lord.

I know my child. I am generous to you as to all souls who love Me above themselves.

Happy the one who loves You, God.

Yes my child. I bless you.

Do you want me to go at the request of priest X?


Yes child, go. He needs you, and you can use knowledge and support. I will be there with you, so you will be very happy. I bless you both and you both will know My love for your souls.

Beloved God, thank You very much. I melt in Your Love. Jesus, if satan will try to destroy the relationship that You have established, how should I defend myself? Because I am expecting an attack.


Yes child, you are expecting correctly, since you have already experienced such situations. When I place a priest in your path, he (satan) cannot stand it, your purity child, and therefore he will torment you by all means. Ask My Mother for help and protection. She, as the Purest of the virgins, will protect you best. Child, do not be afraid. You will not sin. I took away this sin forever. You are My pure bride and the thoughts that he will put to you are from him and not from you, so suffer them humbly, and do not be afraid of offending Me, because you do not insult Me. I will only use his anger against you both for your special purification. Do not be afraid. I love you and I will not let you be tormented more than you can endure.

Thank You, Master. I’m not afraid of torment. I’m afraid only to hurt You or fail You in any way. Your happiness is mine.


My little servant, I love you. Trust me as now, and we will go far together. Hold on tight to Me. I will lead you to places you only heard about and hold My Hand tight and do not be afraid of anything, because I showed you that when you hold on to Me, nothing will happen to you, even though everything would deny it.

Jesus, I trust in You.

Yes. I like it. My child, I have strengthened you. I see this new strength in you. Remember to direct all adversities to Me. I need your sacrifices.

Lord, could I show messages to the priest X?

Only some if you want to. But do not give him everything.

Can I ask why?

No child. I will leave it hidden for a short time.

So, I can give him selected three messages to everyone? For example, about You in the Eucharist?

These you can show him.

Lord, did all I wrote come from you?

Yes. Everything is true. Now I bless you. Go in peace.



I cannot hear anyone today. Only the devil constantly pretending to be everybody. Nobody speaks to me, neither the Lord Jesus nor the Mother of God, nor my angel.


My entire conversation with Lord Jesus, Mother of God and angel was somehow deleted. And the conversation with Lord Jesus was so beautiful. I did not hear Him all day yesterday. He said that He was cleansing me and then drawing me closer to Himself and then I saw and felt internally that He lifted me to Himself and I was as an infant even smaller. The Lord took me in His arms and hugged me Himself, so that I was feeling His Holy Bosom and I burst into tears at once, because it is indescribable happiness to feel God in such a way and to put your head on His Holy Heart. I embraced His Holy Neck with my hands, and I was crying out of happiness, and then He stroked my head. I felt his hand clearly. It was the most beautiful moment in my life. I would like to stay like that forever. I am so sorry that it was deleted what the Lord stated later.

At the end, he would not let me go to priest X on Sunday, because I should be occupied with the pilgrimage, but he told me: you ride after that, and when I asked “when” he said: you will go on the weekend of the twelfth of the month. I was even surprised by this tone. The Lord generally says go …, and not you will ride, but now I understand. It turned out that priest X will be in my town that day and will take me by car.

Mother of God?

Child, I am listening?

Do you want priest X to give us a blessing over the phone?

No child, do not get him involved for now. I have My plans for both of you, but not yet.

So, you do not want him to write a sermon for me?

No, write it yourself.

Mother of God, I cannot.

I told you that I would help you. Trust your Mother.

Very well. Thank you, Dear Mother. Amen.


Beloved Jesus, everything has been deleted (…) Jesus, Beloved, you spoke to me so beautifully today, and I do not have this and do not remember anything.

You do remember what is the most important.

But you told me such wonderful things that I will feel You in such a way. Also, that you are cleansing me to get me closer and then You said: Do you want to feel Me closer and let me feel You, cuddling me like a child. Jesus, do I remember this well?

You remember very well.

And then You asked me about something?

Yes. Did you like to be with Me?

Yes, and I said it was such a great happiness that I could not take it peacefully, and You said that You have a lot of such great graces for me, but You give it to me one by one, because if I got it all at once, I would not be capable to handle it?

Yes, it was like that. See how well you remember?

And, did I forget something important?

Yes, tell Me that you love Me.

O Jesus, I love You madly. I adore You. I worship You. I’m running out of words to define what I feel. God, how can You say the same words as me, since Your “I love” is so infinitely greater.

My little one, what should I say to you… You will hear it differently with your faith.

God, do you feel how I love You? Like I had a fire in my soul.

Yes, My little daughter, I am constantly increasing your heart and you will love Me more and more.

I want, I desire. Everything You decide Master. I adore You.


Did I unnecessarily tell Father X that You took me in Your arms? Maybe he will not believe it?

Child, he believed. He believes in Me and knows that I love you, so why should I not take you in My arms? You are still small in My Hands. Do you want this?


Yes God, I am Yours forever. Do what you want with me. It’s a pleasure to be so dependent on You. You have to deal with me all the time, because I do not take care of myself anymore.

My little Agnes, you see pleasure where others see bondage. That is why I am pampering you child because your devotion to Me makes me happy.

Master, I love when You are happy, I love to help You.

Very well, child, talk to My Mother and start praying so you would make it today.

Very well.  I love You and thank You for Friday.  Lord, You perfectly thought it through.  The Most Holy Rabbuni, I’m mad about You.

My child, because of your love I am touched. I will not leave you, because I rest in you My little one. I love you. Go in peace. Amen.


Beloved Mother of God?

I am here.

It was deleted, and I cannot get over it.

Vain grief child. Lord’s Will is yours, didn’t you say so?

Yes, My Mother. But you spoke to X and now I do not have anything for her.

Child, I know. I will repeat to you the words for her.

Thank You, Holy Virgin.


Write: I, Mary am speaking to you through this child. Believe, my daughter, because God’s eyes are directed to you with great grace. Your parents are praying for you day and night, and you do not believe in it. You are wasting such graces because of your unbelief. Do not be afraid to let go and fall into the arms of the Creator. Did He at any time, hurt anybody?  Please, do not worry about your hip, but only about your faith. Always offer your pain to Me for your sins, and if you believe, the pain will be taken away because I come as a Mother of Mercy and I can do a lot, but without faith there is nothing for Me to do, so daughter pray for faith and Lord Jesus will give you what you ask for.

Mother of God, and You also said that You are so happy that they are going on a pilgrimage.


I’m so happy. I also said that my Motherly Heart is so glad that I cannot wait for all of you when I host you. I will host you children and bless you. I am alone here and I am waiting for someone to come and visit me because through the grace of God I am always present there, where I have appeared.

Beloved Mother of God, will you bless them, like in the morning?

Very well. I bless you, My child and all of their family (…), because they believed in your message and they heard My Voice calling them. Yes, I especially bless them, and I look forward to being very generous to them and I also bless their little daughter X and her family. You are all My beloved, and the graces that I will bestow on the children who will come to Me will flow through them to all your family. May God Almighty bless you, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Beloved Mother, thank you very much. I love You and You smile in such a wonderful way when You say that You are waiting for us. Beloved Mother, I feel Your joy.


Yes, great is My joy, because I will defeat satan here and you will help Me in this.

Anything You will request, Beloved Mother.  I love You.

Child, I love you too. Make the phone call if you want, because they’ll fall asleep soon.

Mother of God, Beloved, thank You. Win Mary! Your victory is sure! Thank You for choosing me, so unworthy of such wonderful work.


It is true that I have found you, but My Son has beloved you so much, and He wanted Me to prepare you for this. Thank the Lord, for He is so Good.

Thank You.

Child, depart in peace. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Angel of God, Bartholomew?

I am here.

I am sorry that I bother you, but can I still ask you again about father X?

What do you want to know?

How is he, how is he feeling?

I told you that he is in Heaven and he feels well except that he is very worried about the children, because now it is too late to convert them, and he cannot do anything about it.

But I think he is praying for them?

Of course, he is praying, but he cannot do it alone. If you did not teach children to love God when there is time, then it is much harder. It’s like reading and writing. So, what that he knows it now. He must now look at how they are wasting their lives and he cannot help it.

By saying waste, you mean that they do not serve God?

That’s exactly what I mean.

Thank you very much.

God be with you Agnes.


Jesus, I’m sorry that I come so late, I was not idle, but You are in the first place. I do not know why I did it. Forgive me because I’m worth nothing. Do not be angry, Lord.

My child, I am not angry at you at all. Don’t you see how I smile at you?

I see it, You are Beautiful.

My little child, I love you.

God, you are so good to me, I will never understand why.

Because I am a Merciful God. Child, you do not have merits over Me, which would merit for you such privilege. You know that.

I know my Beloved Jesus. I apologize to You because today many things were not the way they should have been.

I know that, but you also did a lot of important things. Child, you are not perfect and you will not be because only I am Perfect, God Almighty.

God, I love You. I am so limited. If I had more faith, I would not be able to talk to You. I would prostrate face down and pray that my presence would not offend You.

My child, I am pleased with your awareness that you still have little faith. I will increase it.

Beloved Jesus, I want this. Increase my faith because I am weak. Excuse me, Lord, I cannot hear well. Is this a punishment?

No, this is not a punishment but a consequence. Too late.

I am sorry.

Go to sleep and I will talk to you tomorrow. Amen.


O Jesus?

What is it, My little one?

I see how I am unworthy of Your graces. I completely underestimate them. You send me between the saints, and I cannot even keep myself calm and distant.

Child, I know that this is not in line with your nature, but I will make you capable of everything, but for now you have to serve Me as you are able.

But it’s difficult for people to believe in me because of my unworthiness. How should I behave Lord?


My little one, behave normally. Those who have the gift of seeing and hearing will recognize you, and those whose eyes and ears are closed will remain in the dark.

Jesus, I would like to be better and serve you better. I’m still failing.

Child, I know. Accept it as a penance that you cannot serve Me better.

Okay, Jesus, but I’m sorry for that.

My little one, look at Me, I stand before you.

I saw Lord Jesus internally. He said: I do not demand impossible things from you. The Lord lowered himself and drew His Face closer to mine, so that we were facing each other. I dropped my head at once and the Lord asked: Do you want to endure it for me? I nodded yes.

Jesus, full of grace, You will not leave me in spite of everything and will You always love me?


Yes child. Always. The more you will suffer, the closer will you be to Me and the more you will feel My Love.

Lord, I desire this. I want to be closer to You. Jesus, I read that You do not like when one is too confiding with people. Am I very confiding with them?

No child. You are very emotionally open and when you like someone you open yourself up all the way. It can easily deceive you.

Should I keep distance to people?

Distance is not the opposite of confiding. You do not understand the meaning of the word. Who is your spouse?

You Lord.

Exactly. Do you want to reveal your soul to someone else like you do to Me?

No, I have everything only for you.


Very well. In that case, do not tell everyone about everything.

But I speak with testimony. I cannot choose what to say.

I know that you cannot distinguish between this, and that way you put yourself to be accused of madness in order to testify how Good I am to you; however not everyone is worthy to hear about My gifts for you.

Lord, I do not know what to do. This is too difficult for me. I do not know whom to talk to and what about. Help me. I cannot distinguish this by myself. Only You, I love so much, I only think about You when I fall asleep and wake up looking at You. But give me Your spirit. Let It lead me, what should I say to whom and when, because I will become silent  fearing that I am doing something wrong and will not say anything. Help me.

My child, you will not fall silent because I am just sending you to testify about Me.

Let Your Spirit speak through me, Lord. I do not say anything by myself.

Okay, My child, you will get the Spirit (…)

X  X  X

Jesus, My Master?

Child, I am here.

I love You, I desire You with all my soul.  I adore You.

My little one cling to Me, I like to have you with Me.

Jesus, is it You who says that?

Yes, child, I am pleased with your love for Me.

Lord, and it seems to me that I do not love You enough. I am ashamed, let me love You a lot more please.


Good. I’ll do it. You want to love Me more and more, your soul is unsatisfied in wanting My Love. Child, I will pour into your heart such a fire that you will not know what to do with that happiness.

Beloved Jesus, thank You. I want it with all my heart!

I know, I have given you the longing for Me, you will always miss Me and feel the hunger of loving Me, until I will unite you with Me in Heaven.

Lord, how will You unite? Could You please explain?

Yes, I will explain it to you. How close to Me do you want to be?

As close as possible. Lord, I know that Your Mercy is incomprehensible and unlimited, so I leave it all to Your Mercy. I can do nothing better for myself.

My little one, how I love you. You will be quite close to Me, because you trust in Me so much, you realize your unworthiness. I like such humble souls. Believe in My Mercy, because you cannot do anything better for yourself. Just like that. Put all your hopes in Me.

O Jesus, when I hear You so joyful … there is nothing in the world that would give as much happiness as to feel the happiness of God!

My little one, I’m happy when I see how you love Me, how you learn and give yourself to Me more and more. I am very happy with you.

Beloved Jesus, I am so clumsy, so unreliable, I am behaving no good and so many times a day, I have disabilities, and You are so wonderful to me. My God, it transcends my understanding of the world, it exceeds everything I know.

I know, no one knows God, only the Son and those whom the Son wants to reveal it.

God, thank You. You are the only, most wonderful God one can imagine. Actually, one cannot imagine or dream You, because Your tenderness overcomes it millions of times.

My child, you touch Me with Your helpless love and devotion. Taking care of such children gives Me unspeakable joy. Why are you all not like that?

Beloved Savior, You made me able, but I know that I am a terrible misery and I could do nothing without You, only to destroy my soul.


Yes, child, but I heard your call. You called Me. I have come, and they do not desire Me, My children do not call Me.

Jesus, if You want, You can convert them.

Yes, child, I can do it, but the time has not come yet, everything will happen.

My Salvation, my Happiness, do I remember correctly that You were with me when I was falling asleep?

Yes child, you kept your head on My Shoulder. I was hugging you.

God, it’s inconceivable what you allow me to do. Me? So unworthy You are hugging me to Yourself?

Yes, child, I have sanctified you, and by holding you, I am sanctifying you even more. It’s such a nice way to cleanse you child.

Beloved Jesus, is it You who is speaking?

Yes, child, why are you wondering, Cannot father cuddle his child and husband his wife? Am I not the closest to you in the world?

God, You are. No one is so close to me and no one is hugging me, only You. I am Yours forever and ever, in this and future life, without end. I want this like nothing else in the world!

You see. You know My love for you, so why are you surprised when I want to show it to you?

God, because You are so Holy and never let people approach You like that.

Why is this not so? And your holy patron? Did not I love him as strongly? Have I not hugged him before My death during the Last Supper?

Yes. Saint John kept his head on your Chest. He loves You so much, and You love him.

Yes child, he is devoted to Me in a special way and I loved him in a special way, and he beloved you in a special way. My happy children … You both like each other.

Most Sweet Jesus, I love my patron and I miss him, but my adoration is for You, the Redeemer. You are My only Love, and all others I love for You and through You. In my life, there is nothing without You and nothing is what it seems to be. You are everything.

My little, truly, My Spirit has allowed you to recognize that. Do not be afraid child, to love your patron. He loves you especially, and your love for him is not unpleasant to Me. Do not be afraid that you will hurt Me, because I know your feelings and I know that you love Me above all. I know your soul better than you yourself and I know what is hidden in it. Do not be afraid. Child, I am leading you and I will not allow any deviations in you. You are sacrificing to me. You fulfill My Will, and My Will sanctifies your soul so that there is no place in it for another will but Mine. That’s why I rule in you, and child, nothing what I do not like has access to you. Everything you feel, you feel out of My will. Child, trust Me, even when you feel very sinful, because I want you to feel it, but not to push you away, but to draw you closer to My Heart. Child, do you understand what I am saying to you?

Yes, Lord, that I gave myself to You and from that moment, whatever comes to me is from You and I cannot fall down or follow the wrong path, because as Your property I am not guided by My wishes, only Yours and Yours always lead me to You. You act in me and You always win, so I cannot fall.

You can stumble, but I will not let you fall, because I too would have to fall with you.

Because we are tied together?

Yes child. You are attached to me with My holy ties only for the chosen ones, and I have chosen you for my special dwelling and will be celebrating in you.

I love You. I do not understand “celebrating”, but if You want to explain to me, if not, then no.

Okay, I’ll tell you. It means that I’m preparing My victory in you.

Beloved Jesus, my infinitely unworthy soul is humbling itself before You Lord, I prostrate myself before Your Mercy.


My little one, you hear well, that these are great things. Child, you still do not understand. I will not tell you all at once because you cannot do it, but I will slowly reveal everything to you. Do you know how I beloved you?

Yes, Lord. You love me more than Your own life.

Yes, child. I went through the Passion for you, to have you with Me, to love, to look after you and to pamper you. God is in love with man, do you not know that?

Lord, I know, Your Love is incomprehensible …for such unreliable and miserable beings as we are.


Yes child. My victory will be great. You will see it with your own eyes. Child, do not be afraid because it is a great grace. You will meet Me in this world. Are you waiting for Me all the time?

Jesus, I am waiting for You continually.

That’s good, because I will come. I will come soon, and I want to see you waiting and welcoming Me.

Lead me, Lord, lest I be frightened and do not know what to do.

I’ll tell you everything, do not be afraid. I can see how scared you are. (…)

Lord, but You say such great words to me, and everyone sees that I am extremely unworthy of this. I am so miserable, I am nothing. There are so many beautiful and good people. They are unusual, and I am ordinary and weak. Worse than others.

I know child, that’s why I beloved you so much. Do not let your misery frighten you, rather rejoice in My Mercy. I have hidden you deeply in the Guts of My Mercifulness, so that nothing will take you out of My Mercy.

God, the Supreme Perfection, I live for You. I ran out of words again. I fell silent, in admiration.

My little child, many moments of silence await you…

I adore You, thank You Lord.

Okay, your question?

Speaking of victory … in my soul and life You have won a long time ago.

I know My child. It’s not only about you, but about all of humanity.

Lord, will I be useful for this?

(…) Yes child, do not be afraid. I will not explain it to you, because it’s incomprehensible to you. You do not know much yet, but I will win, and you will help me in this. That’s all that you need to know child.

Beloved Rabbi. I need nothing more to know. I love You and helping You is my only desire.

Okay, ask your question.

(…) Thank you Jesus and I am sorry that I asked a thousand times.

It does not matter, I know you like him, you do not have to be related to feel kinship. The relationship between you is different. I joined you with an unbreakable bond and since now, where he is, you also will be. If it will be difficult for him and you will also suffer, if they will make fun of you, he will cry.

Lord, so he also is attached to You?

Yes, My little, not like you, but he is.

Thank you, Master. I love You very much and thank You for the great graces that You show me all day and for those that I am not even capable to thank You for. Holy, Holy, Holy …

Very well, my little one. Go to sleep now.

May I eat?

No, lay down.  You will eat tomorrow.

Very well Lord. Can I make a phone call?

It is better not to call. It can wait. Pray and sleep.

I love You. I’m going. Will You bless me, Jesus?

I do not stop blessing you little one. I constantly bless you. Go in peace. I am with you forever. Amen.


Saint Casimir, please help me to write a beautiful prayer to you, because I do not know and I cannot do it, and the one I wrote I do not like.

Greetings Agnes, write then:


Saint Casimir, patron of Poland, to whose Polish crown was so dear, and yet did not obscure the true meaning of Your reign, which is the service to people, obtain for us the grace from the Lord Jesus that he would sit on the Polish throne as the long awaited, Perfect King .

Thank you very much, Saint Casimir. Beautiful prayer. How much help I receive from you, beloved saint.

Yes, ask me sometimes what kind of business I have for you.

So, you have a business?

Yes, very important.

Okay. I will ask you in a free moment after the pilgrimage, when I get back to normal.

Okay Agnes, may God be with you. I’m walking today with you.

Thank you humbly, dear Prince.


Beloved Jesus?

Child, I am listening.

I know that I did not have time to talk to You today, I’m sorry, I did not organize myself well.

Okay child, I know you’re distracted with the pilgrimage, and talking to you would be difficult. Go in peace child. Lead My children to My Mother and know that I am also present there, as My Mother said, I also will be waiting for You.

O Most Lovable Jesus, I will come, I love You, I will think a lot about You. I apologize to You once again. Bless me, please.

My child, I bless you for this road and give you the Light of My Spirit, that you may testify beautifully about Me.

Jesus, and that I would sing well, okay? Because I’m afraid of it too.

Okay, You will sing beautifully for Me. I will cleanse your throat, do not be afraid. I am your Savior who loves you. We’ll talk about Wykrot.

I love You, Beloved. Guide me to please You In everything I do.

Child, I place My cross on your forehead so that those whom I love will recognize My servant in you.

Thank you, Beloved God.

Go in peace child.  I bless you. Amen.


Lord, do you accept this intention given by the priest? (Holy Mass was ordered in the intention of Jesus to be enthroned as the King of Poland, and the priest at the beginning of the Holy Mass announced this intention as a plea for the Enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus).

No child. I, Jesus Christ am saying this. I will not accept the intentions that are against My Will. Child, I know what your intention is. It is not only suffering for you, because I know what you are struggling for, wanting to have Me as a king – God, is not a defenseless God. Children, trust me. Do you think that the priest’s power is greater than Mine? That he has power over Me? No child. Do not weep children, because I recognize this pilgrimage and this Holy Mass in the intention that you are walking for. Satan can mock you, but not Me.

Lord, it means that You do not accept this? In what intention then will you listen to this Holy Mass?

Child, I will not suffer for a purpose that is against My Will. I love you little one. Child, I suffer, and you suffer with Me and offer Me this humiliation and helplessness in connection with My helplessness in the intention in which I want to hear it.


Beloved Jesus?

I am here My child.

God, thank You for everything and I apologize for the pride and impatience.


My little one, I’m happy with you. You pleased the heart of My Father in Heaven that you all will worship Him specially. Cry out: Heavenly Father! Call my Father. Children, He will take pity on you, because your hearts are clean.

 God, I feel Your holy blessing. I love You.

My child, how I beloved you. Follow Me, my little protégé. The Lord will never let you down. Trust in My Mercy and I will elevate you to the altars.

Beloved Jesus, Gracious King, how great Your Mercy is, that from such unworthiness and misery you create magnification of Your Glory. Jesus, how You transform me, such a vanity You transform into virtue …

My child, give yourself to Me and you will become what I said.

Jesus, I entrust myself to You completely and forever. I give You every minute of my life and every tissue of my body, all my thoughts belong to You, let my senses serve You, and let my tongue be the exclusive tool of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Yes, My child. You are all Mine. I take all of you and you endlessly belong to Me. The soul so devoted and trusting is pleasing Me. Child, how great things I will build in you, little soul. Belove Me endlessly. I will always bless you. I, God the Father, Son of God and Holy Spirit, One Triune God.

God Almighty, be glorified. Let me be Your temple, let me be Your banner, let my every thought serve for Your Glory! I love You forever and ever!


My child. The Heart of God is pleased. Behold, you guide My children towards My Glory. Child, you are not aware what is being done through you and the greater is your merit if you do not know and you testify with such a faith as you would know. My little one … I will give you such faith that is mountain moving, because much more of My grace you will need and much more grace will be bestowed upon you, My chosen one, My beloved one.

 Jesus, I love You. Speak to me the unworthy, and let Your words be written on my heart, that it may serve You faithfully forever.

Child, understand that my Father sends you to My people and you have to proclaim to them My coming.

Jesus, am I to proclaim that You are coming? Is it You who is speaking?

Yes, child.

How should I do this Lord?


Through the messages I gave you My little one.

Jesus, Beloved, what should I do?


I will tell you, I will tell you soon. Feed My sheep, for they do not have a shepherd.

Beloved, say the word, and I will do everything according to Your Will, because I love Your Will above everything else.

My child, you truly beloved me, because only he who loves My Will – loves me truly, and you see in My will your happiness and your dwelling. Child, there is your home, I always await you there.

O Jesus, let all my gestures be subordinate to Your Will. I do not have another dwelling, but in You.


My little daughter, I love you and support you in your ministry. Do not bend child. I give you My angels to support and advise you in everything. My child, you are My chosen one, even though you do not know how great graces I will bestow on you. Child, know that I have beloved not too many children as much as you and I found gladness in your humble soul, submissive and small. The smaller you are, the more I am immersing you into My Mercy and the more graces I place upon you My child. Surrender to Me in front of the entire world. Let only Me rule over you until the end of your days.

Beloved God, Heavenly Father, I have no gods before You, and let everything disappear that will stand on my path to You. Father, I entrust myself to You. You rule over me now and forever. I give You my will. Let each of my desires that is not submissive to You, perish in the power of Your Love. Let me disappear, and let Your spirit descend and anoint me, that I may not live, but the Holy Ghost. What could my miserable person be suitable for, if not as a dwelling for You, Your tool?

Child, you are truly devoted to Me. My Heart rejoices and ask of Me what you want, and I will give it to You.


Lord, may Your Will and Your Mercy embrace and penetrate me. I am not asking for myself, but for the Polish nation and the whole world. Save Your children. Let Your Spirit descend on this Polish land that every corner of it may submit itself to Your sweet dominion. Become the King of our nation and let the message that I and Your servant write be full of Your Infinite Mercy, so that through the words written, it would change the heart of man so that he would give in to Your Will without hesitation. Lord, by Your Might You have conquered sin, by Your Might oh, Innocent Lamb, defeat Satan in our homeland. May the graces that will flow upon your people through the intercession of the One whom you have chosen for the Mother of Your Beloved Son, flow down to this earth and cleanse it for the coming of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Merciful God in the One Trinity, give me the grace that many souls will convert through Your Word, so that I will not be afraid to witness to You, but will follow Your voice. Lord God, Father of our people and King of the world, give me the grace that I may persevere in Your faith and convert for You many children from the house of Your Israel. Through this blessing that You will put in me, God, bless all nations that will accept Your holy reign over themselves. Let all those who trust in You arise and let them be united into one God’s family, the Holy Church, so that You do not have to search for Your children scattered all over the world, but find them all here at the feet of the Holy Mother and rule over the whole earth through her reign. God, Almighty Father, let there be one sheepfold, for One is the Shepherd of His people, established for ages. God the Infinite, through the Passion of Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ and Your Mercy I am calling to You: O Blood of Christ, cleanse the flock of the Lord. May peace and love reign all over the earth. Amen.

Truly, I say to you handmaid of God, you denied Your own will and did not ask Me for Your brothers, You did not ask for material things and You did not ask for Yourself, but You asked: Lord, what am I? Behold, Your Spirit will speak to You on my behalf. My beloved child I, the Lord of Hosts, have listened to your plea, because there is no more pleasing child on earth than the one that lost itself in Me and lost all desires except this one, to fulfill My Perfect and Eternal Will.

Father, unworthy in my irrelevance, I rejoice infinitely that You have listened to such an inconceivable plea.

You know how immeasurable My Mercy is. I, the Merciful King, give you these powerful graces child, not because you merited them, but because of My infinite Mercy that has flowed for you from the wound of My pierced Heart. The merits of the Son of Man are unaccounted, and through these merits the world will be saved, and the sons and daughters of the Living God will receive resurrection.

Beloved One God. Here I am silent.  I am silent before You in my unworthiness.

My chosen one, go to him and tell him everything I told you.

God the Father, to priest X?

Yes, he himself will take you.

Father, should I show him all your messages addressed to me?

There will not be time for this yet, but yes. This is My desire and election of you from amongst all (…) I impart to You the power and wisdom to straighten My path before My coming. I give you this land (It is about Kurpie land). You are to prepare it for Me, because the tasks that I have decided for this land are great, but also the great graces that you will obtain with the lips of My faithful sons from this land.

God, Father Almighty, is it Your Will that I would now give him only this big message or all Your messages?

This message you have to show to him, because on this basis you will write appeals. Then you will read the other chosen messages and yours messages you will print and give to this priest.

 Everything or throw away some fragments?


(…) Leave everything else to him for reading. Let him rush with reading, because I will speed up my works.

So, should I print everything for him now?

Yes. Do it.

God, I love You. I love You and I love infinitely.

Child, your childlike faith in My Goodness makes Me to surround you with My special care. The soul that hides in My Beard will not perish. (In my difficult moments, I always imagine that I hug myself to God the Father, it is a very childish way of looking for protection. However to the great Father, each of us is a small child, small like the Finger of God and I have my special place on His Bosom, I hide myself under His Holy Beard and nothing, but absolutely nothing is terrible then).

Beloved Father, are you joking with me?

Yes, my child. My Power has beloved you so much that I am joking with you, child. Come to Me, surrender to the Father who created you for His Own Glory and dressed you with the garland of his blessings.

Brightness of God the Father was above me, I felt It. And then I saw inwardly how His great, gray Beard falls on me and surrounds me, and His great Holy Face, which I always am imagining was above me. God the Father smiled kindly and embraced me. I felt his great Hand on my head.

Infinite Father, I love You madly.

Child, love Me. Tell Me these invocations with which you so tenderly adore Me, and with which you re-pay for many souls.

Merciful Father, how blessed is he who entrusted himself to You, how unhappy he, who did not recognize You at all.

My daughter, now go to your Mother Mary, because she is happy to embrace you heartily. I, God, your Father, mark your forehead with My blessing of the eternal light. Let It lead you and flow in abundance which I generously will bestow on everyone who will receive you. Go in peace of Your Father and His Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


Mother of God, Beloved Mary?

I am here, My pleasing servant.

Mother of God, is it You?

Yes Agnes, it is I. How happy is Mother’s Heart when her children that I looked for so long, come to her… How I embrace you… how I love you… how I bless you…

Beloved, Dear Mother, I feel it.  I love You and thank You for the help, support and miracle of the sun!

Oh, I have given you many graces. Not everyone will see them today in a spiritual and mystical dimension. Many will discover My graces after My blessings will change these souls, and then their bodies will heal. Child, do you know how I love you?

Dear Mother, I did not deserve it. Beloved Mother …

My beloved child, believe in what Mother tells you. I love you especially because you beloved My Son. You are His comfort and coolness. Child, He rests in you. Do you know what a great grace it is that God Almighty wants to share moments of His resting with man? He is washing His Wounds with your love. Your angels constantly worship His Name by bringing gifts from you.

Dear Mother, I accomplish so little, I do not have any merit.


Agnes, My child, loving God is the greatest merit before God. You can be the quietest and the most despicable, if you love my Son, you are His beloved tabernacle. He will dwell in you and take care of you. Your love for the Lord will wash away all your sins, the sins of your parents, your brothers and your closest friends. Child, these are the secrets of God’s Mercy, but I will reveal them to you, because My Son has greatly beloved you and allows much for you, and even your angels receive special considerations in Heaven.

Really, Mother of God?


Yes child, but beware. You must fit in a narrow door between uncontrollable faith in your special election and love from God, and pride and a sense of eligibility. The border is not an easy one. Tend to it constantly, for satan will drag you from side to side, constantly swaying you.

My Mother, by entrusting it to You, who through such a very narrow door, though much narrower than mine, have entered into the top of Heaven, can I ask for the grace of Your special guidance and defense in this matter?

Yes child, you said it well, because I stood in the middle of these two temptations, but I never gave in to any of them.

Most Holy, Dear Mother, You showed us Your satisfaction beautifully, thank You!

My joy is great, and I will perform even greater miracles for you, but give Me more joy.

Our Lady, what should we do for You?


Let more of you come. I want to see more of you.

Lady, there will be more of us. We will try to do it.


I will bless you in everything. Children, Mother loves you. Agnes, how great favor you do for Me by so fervently testifying about My appearing in Wykrot. My gratitude is a blessing above the blessings, because I do not give them out of pity for the child, but out of the most sincere joy, and know that God endowed me generously for these times and I hold in my hand King’s scepter and whom I will establish as a king, will rule, and whom I recall, must give way. The Lord God gave me such royal authority, because I, as the Mother of Mercy,  walk in the name of the King.

O Mary, so it is in Your Power to knock down the evil kings from their thrones?


Agnes, my daughter, God’s will is not always understood by you. There are eternal divine judgments and I cannot change these, and I do not want to, but there are also judgments that the Lord Jesus left to Me as His Mother and Mother of Divine Mercy. I know the will of my Son. I live with every bit of His Holy Heart and I tell you as a Mother, I am looking after His grace in these days of darkness.


Mary, are there days of darkness now?


Yes, child, don’t you see that satan rules over your world?

Yes, my Mother, but not for long, because You always win, You won, You Conquer!

My beloved child, you bring so much joy to your Mother with your strong faith.

I love you, Mama, and thank You that You love me too.

I love you very much, daughter. I love you very much, My child. I saw…, I saw how many of them you’ve had brought to Me… You are obedient. I am very glad that I chose you because your gratitude pleases the Lord and multiplies in you graces for the world.

My Mother, the enormity of God’s Mercy over me, is not comprehensible to me.


Oh, yes… Lord beloved you and I beloved you too. You will serve us persistently and faithfully together with My priest.

I know about whom You think about?

Yes child. I do not have others as chosen as him. I have chosen him as my special protector and advocate on earth.

Mary, did you like so much how he defended your Son as a child?


Oh yes. I will never forget it. If there was one like him between these ungodly people (while the people of Jerusalem shouted, “Crucify him, crucify him!”) No one defended Him, no one called for Him, no one gave testimony, and this little child moved The Throne of my Father in Heaven by his cry. You know My love for him. I received it from God and I can bless him and give him graces beyond measure.

Mother of God, thank You for that. Thank You for everything.

Agnes, my daughter, I liked your ministry. For the time being, I leave My Priest to the side of this work. When the time comes, I will tell, and it will be a short time.

Mother of God, should I be afraid of X?

No child, he is hurt. I chose him, he will help you. Do not be afraid of him, because he is hurt badly, but there is no ill will in him.

But Mother of God, is there a pride?

My child, it is not pride, but the fear of rejection. He was rejected and now he is afraid to be rejected again, although he has beloved Me, he is still afraid that I will reject him also.

Mother of God, will you heal him?

Yes My child, I will heal him. He will help you, he will not harm you. Do not be afraid to take him and show him love. He needs this love, even though he is not able to receive it.

Should I be open with him?

Do not tell him about your choosiness and revelations. I have not sent him to you for this reason, I want to heal him, because My Heart is aching because of his misery. I will heal him, I will make him well and he will help you a lot. I have already sown My seed in him, and your faith will heal his sick heart.

Thank you, Mother of God. I love You and bless You. Mother of God, did You bestowed blessings on our crosses and kissed them?


I have bestowed a blessing on your cross that immediately came to you, but it will still flow, so carry it constantly. On his cross is a blessing as powerful as yours and will come to him when he kisses and puts it on. Let him wear it constantly, for I have blessed them for this pilgrimage effort from the springs of My Incredible graces for the pilgrims in Wykrot. And he gets it because he wanted to go so badly that the prohibition was for him a cross.


I kissed both crosses the way you saw this child. Trust in your visions, because many graces are being lost by your unbelief in this regard.

Mother of God, really? But do I have to look this way all the time? I’ve seen You all, all the time and I do not know if I could do anything besides kneeling, that’s why I do not do it.

It’s not about that, to you look out for us constantly, but that you look at Christ as He reveals Himself to you during the Holy Mass, how He looks at you sometimes. You feel yourself how He goes with you and embraces you with His Arm. Do you feel angels hurrying you, and you doubt holding the Hand of Jesus Himself? My child, where is the logic here? You must trust more in what the Lord reveals to you and do not neglect to write down those visions, because some of those that you got were of great importance.

Is it about the vision of the Innocent Lamb and King’s Passion?


Yes, child, these are the most important, but also the vision of the Mother of Sorrows after the loss of her Son.

Mother of God, I do not remember.

You saw me how I cried when I covered My Face with Hands. My Son revealed to you His passion and My passion, and child, you look in the heart and do not avoid these visions even if they seemed to you unreal. It is not a merit to look and see, but not to look and yet see. You have merit in this when you believe blindly. And when the Lord considers your efforts and faith to be sufficient, he will appear to you as a matter.

Mother of God, meaning in the flesh, truly and I will see Him with my eyes?


Yes, child, and such grace is ready for you, so do not delay its coming by your unbelief.

Thank you, Holy Virgin, for making me realize that.


Good, my child. Go and rest now. My Son loves you very much and offer your longing for Him to Him for the unbelievers, but you will not speak with Him today. I am also delaying a second conversation till tomorrow, because you are tired enough today. I greet you, Agnes, from the depths of the Mercy of the Mother of God. I love you, daughter. Tell your parents that I have seen them. Their efforts, their love and testimony. I know their hearts and love them the same as you. Let them entrust themselves to me constantly. I have distinguished them by choosing you and now I do not regret My decision, because they are devoted and sacrificial to me no less than you are, child. Go and tell them that I love them and put my Motherly kiss on their foreheads. Do not worry about anything. The pilgrimage will happen because it is my chosen work. I will save you children. All of this,  I was  saying, Mother of God and your Mother. Child, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Child, go in peace.

Thanks be to God. Amen.


Father, God Almighty, can I read all that you told me to my parents?

Yes My little servant, read to them, necessarily about My works in you. Amen.



I am here.

Jesus, thank You for being here. I missed You so much.

I know child. Your God also feels not enough of your love.

My beloved God, I am sorry to ask You right away, but since yesterday I have trouble with my vision, and it is very difficult for me to work. I cannot correct the messages.

I know child. 

I’m sorry that I’ve been staring at the sun for so long. Maybe I should have known moderation, but it was spinning, and I knew it was from You, this miracle, then how could I not look? But now I do not see. What I did, was it wrong, that I was looking at it as such?

No, My child. You did well. You were looking, even though your eyes ached. Child, do not be afraid. I’ll return to you your normal eyesight.

Lord, but why can I not see now? (…) Lord, You can make me look directly at the sun for 10 hours and nothing will happen to me.

Child, I know, but I willed you to suffer it for Me.

Lord, but you want me to work and write and read, and I cannot. I do not see the Holy Host either.

But, do you see Me at last?

Yes, Lord. Forgive me, I am an unbeliever and I wanted to see with my human eyes, and I did not appreciate the eyes of my soul through which You had shown to me so many miracles. I know that I deserved a worse punishment, but it seemed so fleeting. Please, forgive me, I will no longer doubt. I will look carefully and talk about it with certainty. I will believe. Have mercy on me and fix my eyes so that they may serve You, and I will no longer doubt spiritual revelations.

Very well My child. I see that you have understood this teaching. (…) My child. Why would I be angry with you? Every mistake is hurting you so much that I do not need to hurt you on top of this. Child, believe, your eyes will be healed.

Did I see You in the first vision of the cross, because right now I feel that I have not seen You?

This is how it was. I was on the cross, but you saw the picture as stagnant and you could not come close to Me to see Me better. You’ve also seen ruffians, but you forgot.

And writing the words of Our Lady… For example, My daughter, “My” should I write with a capital or lower case letter?

You can write with the capital letter. I like it very much when my Mother is greatly respected.

Should I throw away the messages for the family and others from the text?

Keep these for others, but you can delete the ones for the family.

Should I write about Vassula in the introduction?

Let it be written down as you wrote.

Thank you, Master. Can I work now?

Yes, prepare everything today, because tomorrow you will have other tasks. I am blessing you. Amen.


Beloved Jesus?

I am here My child.

Thank You for a difficult day yesterday and I’m sorry that I did not last to the end of the prayers and did not help priest X.

Child, I know, you are weak.  But I accept your sacrifice with joy.


Jesus, now. (I was supposed to take care of a certain thing, and then come back.)

Very well My child.

Lord, but aren’t You just a little happy for my yesterday? Was it possible to obtain something? (I fasted all day and my head and eyes ached terribly).

Of course. My little dear daughter.  I love you. Come to Me. (I thought that I would talk to Lord Jesus, and it turned out that God the Father is talking to me today.)

God the Father took me in his arms and hugged me. He stroked my head and smiled at me.

Dear God, I apologize to You once again for this weak faith in internal revelations. God, You understand my difficulty. I give You this difficulty and weakness. Help me, Beloved Father, so I would know, be able and believe without limits.

I love you, My little child. Your Father loves you so much.

Father, my Dear Father, when will I see You?

Isn’t it enough for you?

Too little Divine Judge, too little of You, I want to see You more and love You more!

My child, you are absorbing My graces voraciously and I like this. How much more I have for all of you, and how little you all ask for. You do not ask even for the minimum of what I can give you. Child, do you understand this?

Yes, Father. I did not know it, but I sensed that it was so. You love to give. You have so much that You created man so You could give to him, right?


Yes, My child, I love man so much that giving to him from My Immeasurable Mercy is a great joy for Me. Do you know why I am delighting in you so much?

God, I have no idea, but may be because You are so Wonderful. That is why.


Yes, My child, I am Wonderful, but I chose you because you have no limits in your petitions and desires. You are not afraid that you will anger Me with your impossible requests, because you look only into My Mercy and not even into the words you pronounce.

Yes God, that is how I trust You. You are so Good!

My little one, I need someone who will ask all this for the world, and in your unawareness and love, you ask for incomprehensible graces for all.

Oh God, how I love You. Lord, Your Glory in all this,  for You gave me mind, speech and faith. I love to serve You. Everything I have, I have from You. Beloved God, everything that You like in me, You created in me from the beginning. Beloved, I am of Your Hands, of Your clay, Your child, and let nothing ever come out of me, which is not Your exclusive Will, be it a word or a gesture or a smile. Everything subordinated to Your most holy intentions!

My little daughter, my child, already, I want to have you, on My lap.

God, really?

Really, My little one. Child, your Love touches Me. Do you want to be Mine forever?

I am Yours forever. Father, this is no longer the desire, but a state in which I am able to live. For me there is no other option. God, either I am Your own and Your tool, or I can die in a second. How can a finger live without a body?


My little daughter, you have understood what you are. You understood what I made of you. Do you know how I love you? Ah child, if you knew, you could not breathe being overwhelmed. You would not be able to do anything. You would only look at Me and cry out of happiness.

And whisper Holy, Holy, Holy? Same as the angels, right?

Yes child. The soul in Heaven is so happy that it does not need to say anymore, only this one thing, because everything is already clear.


Most Holy Light, you are so Good to Me … so Merciful, yes, Gracious. Holy Might, to such an insignificant nothing, a worm, You are so wonderful? My God, how You love me, that You want to talk to me at all, let alone such lovely words! God, so inconceivable in Your Love, I am crazy for You!

My child. You have a great support in Heaven. All saints and angels pray for you, because I am pleased with you and I am exceedingly gracious to you.

Oh God Beloved, let the Holy Spirit fill me to the brim, so I would fulfill Your plan, oh God, and draw from You all the endless graces for this unworthy world, which You so beloved.

Let your request be fulfilled, because My Spirit is already working in you, but believe Me, that this is only the beginning, you will ask Me again and My Spirit will speak through you.

Let me not waste a second of this holy time of God’s Mercy, when Your Heart, oh God is so tender. Not to allow to waste even a piece of the holy chamber of Your Heart. Let me ask for all that is possible, Lord!

My little one, what is God the Father going to do with you…

Father Is it You speaking?


Yes, child, tell all children that now is the time of My Mercy. If you wish to ask Me, then please do, and I will fulfill your requests, because My Heart is so tender that you will obtain everything. Tell them how Loving I am and how I am waiting for these requests.


Because time is running out, and I have not given away half of the graces. What are you thinking? What My Son did suffered so much for? To let Me lose everyone now? What do you think, that I will not fulfill the request for which My Son was so terribly tortured? I want to have you all with Me, without exception. You have to sing to Me all the hymns of praise. If anyone loves Me but doubts about his salvation, he doubts that for him I will not save his entire family from hell, he knows nothing about Me! He does not know how Merciful My Heart is!  Because of one soul I will even save a thousand from hell! What do you think children that I have no mercy for you? That I do not see how you have been deceived?  Now that you are in his clutches Your struggling is a waste. There is One, that is the Mighty, before whom the devils fall on their faces, This One you beg. This One you petition. I will not give you away to perdition.


Ask me for help, and I will take all of you out, one by one and shelter you in My Merciful Heart before God’s Wrath. Do you know who I am, daughter? Do you see My Power?

God, I see You as the Overwhelming Power above all nations, and the most power in You is Love, with which You crush evil. You throw the sinners bound to slavery on their knees. One of Your glances heals thousands of wounds and melts one down to unconsciousness.

My child, I beloved you. You will witness about God the Father. They do not know Me and you little one will tell them about Me.

Father, I will do everything that you request of me. I love You and talking about You is my greatest desire.

Well then. My Power and Glory will embrace you, so that you will feel how you are loved and chosen, by Me.

I was lifted up and heard the sky booming. I saw God the Father and myself at His Feet, and there was brightness, bright vast space and angels and perhaps saints around, but I did not see clearly, rather only the silhouettes. They were all set around, as if in a circle and layers like in an ancient amphitheater.

God the Father was Enormous. I was so small that God the Father was as big as a mountain to me. He had shiny white robes, but at the front they were interlaced and decorated, embroidered with pure gold. The sky boomed again, and the angels lifted me up and placed me on God’s lap. I was kneeling. I walked on my knees and hugged him. His Holy Head was above me. He had a great gray, even a blueish hue Beard and long Hair, too. Slightly wavy, long, thick and powerful. I did not see the Divine Face so thoroughly, but it was noble and not old at all. Beautiful, smooth skin had a healthy color. Eyes clear and clean. It was all beautiful. God the Father touched my forehead and made the sign of the cross on it. And then he told the angels to take me down to earth. And when I was flying down, I saw a beautiful, golden gate closing. All gold, large and heavy with precious stones. It had to be a gate of Heaven.


God, I’m sorry I cannot work with him, things got very tainted. (A friendly person wanted to help me and correct typos in the text, justify and some italics, because my eyes were still bad, but I felt so uneasy, that nothing came out of this).

I know child. I do not give you messages to let someone else write them. Child, only you can touch them.

I’m sorry, Father. This is the second time it happened. (Last time, the whole job of a helping person was deleted).


I know, and second time too much. Agnes, I do not want it anymore. I do not allow it. I have chosen you and this grace is for you child. These are holy Words given to you and no one else can touch them. Do you understand it? (…) My little one, these are graces that you do not understand, but others cannot touch them, because they desecrate them.


Child, do you understand it?  It is like with Eucharistic ministers.

Jesus, really? I am sorry. I did not intend to hurt You.

I know, My little one. But remember it now. I love you. Do not worry. Nothing has happened, but remember this lesson. Amen.


Beloved God?

I am here My child.

Jesus, is it You?

Yes, My bride.

My Holy, I miss You.  I am in love with You up to unconsciousness.

Child, I know. You will love Me even more and more.

Thank you for being kind to me today. I signed up to the Margaretki group (I wanted to ask Lord if I he is happy about it, but I was ashamed of this question).

Child, I aware. Yes, it also made Me very happy.

I like to make You happy so much.

Do not forget to give me your pain. Pain has great value in Heaven.

(…) I have not yet written about the vision …


(…) Yes child, this is very important. I have plans for you, and when you do not fulfill My Will, you are restraining everything. You are stopping My graces for you (…)

Internal visions

At the expressed request of Jesus and the Most Blessed Mother, I am describing visions that I have not described yet before.

The child of God

One day, I was coming back with my friend from work and suddenly I felt a large hand on my right cheek pressing my head. The hand was the size of my head. In a moment I was reminded of the feeling when I was a small child and my mother embraced me in this way. I completely forgot this feeling. I raised my astonished head and saw huge Lord Jesus who was walking by me, hugging me like a small child.

Gentle Lamb

In the church, during Holy Mass, I saw Lord Jesus as a Gentle, Innocent Lamb. He was dressed in a white girded robe, had brown hair to his shoulders, and in His beautiful Face was love and boundless gentleness. I realized what a great sacrifice the Lord has suffered for us. Himself, so good, so gentle, so kind, unable to hurt anyone, unable to sin or to have any unfriendly thoughts, so sacred and yet so hated and abused. A real sacrifice, an innocent Lamb, tortured and killed as a sacrifice to God for us.

Two Mothers

I had a beautiful vision of the Mother of God. My mother was laying on the bed and told me that she decided to devote herself to the Mother of God as a penitential soul for the priests. She barely said that, when I saw the Mother of God bending over my mother and kissing her on the forehead. Our Lady, however, was three times as large as us. Then she took my mother in her arms like a five-year-old girl. It was a really wonderful, wonderful view. My mother, so tiny and vulnerable in the Arms of the Mother of God.


One day when I was walking to church, at some point I felt a push on my back. Something clearly pushed me on my back, so that I walked faster. After a while, I realized that my angel is pushing me because I was thinking and walking so slowly that I was not going to be on time for the Holy Mass. Since then, it has happened several times, and sometimes I even ask for help when I leave home late and I’m afraid I will not make it.

The Passion of the King

Three weeks ago, during the Holy Mass, I saw the Lord Jesus at the Redemptorists Church on the Way of Cross. He carried His cross. I saw Him from the right side. He carried the cross on his left shoulder. There were people in the back, but I did not see them clearly. This image was like many others of the Way of the Cross of Christ, with one big difference. Lord Jesus was dressed in a dark-red King’s coat clasped under the neck with decorative golden buckles. There was a golden crown on His Holy Head. The Lord carried the cross as a King.

Then I saw another image. Tormented Savior on the cross. Naked, only with the wrap around his hips, but around his shoulders was still the royal coat I had seen earlier, and on His Head was a golden royal crown.

Merciful Jesus

During the Holy Mass, I looked at the great image of Merciful Jesus and at some point, I felt strong rays on my face. I closed my eyes and felt light and warmth. The same feeling as when you expose your face to the first rays of the sun. I closed and then opened my eyes, and the rays pleasantly warmed my face. I looked and saw the great rays coming out of the Heart of Jesus, going beyond the picture and falling on me, and then I saw that the rays were enveloping everybody praying in the church.

Before the Throne

Once during the Mass, I was saying a prayer, “Our Father”, I found myself alone in front of the huge Golden Throne of God the Father. God the Father was sitting on the Throne clothed in beautiful bright garments and he was enormous, and I was very tiny in front of Him saying this prayer. There was no one else. Only Him, enormous, and me, very, very little.

Holy Mass

Very often, I see Lord Jesus during the Holy Mass. Today I first saw Him for a moment before Mass. It happens many times that He comes out for me, or He greets me at the very beginning of the Holy Mass. He shows me His presence and the joy that I came to Him. He is always dressed in a white, girded robe. We used to go to church together, but I got dilly-dally, Jesus said: If you want us to go together, you have to leave earlier, because I cannot be late. We also often come back together and then I feel that Lord Jesus embraces me with His Arm or takes my hand. During the Holy Mass, it is different. I see images from the Lord’s Passion. I saw Him being taken out of the Garden of Olives today. The soldiers jerked him. He was tied with a rope. I saw Him in prison. He sat alone in the dark, He was wounded, and His Hands and Feet were bound. I kissed the wounds of His burned Feet, Wounds of the Head and Palms.

Then I saw the Lord in judgment, when he was already so wounded and humiliated, and people still wanted to kill Him and shouted, “Crucify Him.” At the end I saw His Holy, Living Body nailed to the Cross. The Lord Jesus was dying. He raised his eyes full of suffering towards the Heavens. (…)

The accident

In September 2008, I was driving in the car, sitting in the back seat and in the middle, so that I could not fasten my seat belt. That night, a person close to me had a dream that we would die in an accident on that day. I felt a strong anxiety. At some point, I saw the Lord Jesus in a red cloak just in front of the car. The Lord spread His Arms wide, smiled at me and said indulgently: I surely would have caught you. I was not afraid anymore.