Volume 1



Dear reader, I would like to hand to you a first issue from series Messages for the end times that are upon us. I became the custodian of this work in a strange way. In January of 2010 Lord Jesus invited me to Golgotha, I accepted Our Lord’s invitation after almost two years of preparation. On my priestly path was placed “Child of God”, Agnes, a person receiving messages from God. Through God’s instructions she was given a task to prepare people for the great purification of the End Times. Lord Jesus, when giving these messages, pointed out clearly: Let my children be aware what is going on. He bestowed a special blessing on This His Work, and on all those who would read these texts and messages faithfully and devoutly.

From the text of the apparitions it is clear that the Lord Jesus is the Savior and ultimate fulfillment of world history. Lord Jesus appears in them as the infinite Love and Goodness, the sea of a Great Mercy, in which everyone who wants to be saved from eternal damnation should immerse. The revelations show the drama of the Church, the loss of its primordial roots of Christ, and the great battle waged by satan for every human being, contrasted with Lord Jesus patiently awaiting for those humans, with complete respect for their free will.

Lord Jesus shows clearly in these texts that the only salvation for man, the world and the Church is the complete conversion and return to God. There are only two alternatives – God or satan.

For the lost civilization, there is only one deliverance – God and acceptance of Jesus Christ as a King. In the case of the country of Poland, Jesus Christ must be enthroned as a King of the country. That is His desire. It is clear from the texts that God wants to renew the face of this earth. The first remedy is to accept Him as the only Love. If humanity rejects this only path, great trials and chastisement will follow. God can no longer endure satan to laugh in His Face.

I realize that the publication of these texts will be the source of many disputes and attacks. However, I do this on the explicit urgency and order of the Heavens. To you, dear readers, I convey these messages that are private in character. I do not deny that in today’s world the number of these private apparitions is quite big. This is due to the grace of God and the cunning of satan. I am fully aware that many of the contemporary messages are firmly rooted in satan, as warned by Our Lady of La Salette in 1846, that satan will seduce many people with incredible phenomena and miracles.

Today the Church’s view of private revelations has many fierce opponents. In 1993 Cardinal Ratzinger, the current Pope, in an interview clearly stated that it is impossible to align yourself with the concept that with the death of the last apostle “there is the ultimate end of all prophecies”, with the exclusion of “all possibilities”. It shows, in his opinion, an intellectual and limited understanding of revelation, understood as a vault of fully revealed truths, to which nothing can be added. (…) From the great novelty of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, Ratzinger states that “the Fathers of the Church emphasized the incompleteness of the New Testament, in which not all the promises were fulfilled. Christ indeed came through the Incarnation, but the Church expects Him to appear in full glory”.

Cardinal Giuseppe Siri’s statement on private revelation is as follows: Private revelations have had a great share in the history of the Church. They did not add anything significant to the revelation of the heritage, but helped to understand its content. First of all, they had their own “moment”. The revelation of Blessed Julianne Di Liegi (XIII century) led to the establishment of the solemnity of Corpus Christi and the flowering of Eucharistic piety. After centuries we have been able to understand why (…) Revelations of Margaret Alacogue was in fact a serious blow to Protestantism. Awakening of the worship to the Sacred Heart rescued eucharistic devotion from protestantism and jansenism.

You can say the same about the apparitions to St. Catherine Laboure of 1830, which were of great importance in proclaiming the dogma of the Immaculate Heart of Mary or the apparitions of St. Sister Faustina, which prepared the world into the reception of Divine Mercy and the understanding of God’s justice, about which today the Church is so silent.

Mentioned above Cardinal Siri, clearly states that every step in the history of the Church is thought through in a divine way, outside of human realms. Antonio Socci, the Italian publicist, writes that everything also shows the vastness of the “underground Church structures,” unnoticeable in the media analysis that evaluate all with the banality of superficial political analysis as a simple assessment of forces on the battlefield. In this way, they condemn themselves by completely misunderstanding of what the Church is, just as Stalin, who was sarcastically pondering “how many military divisions the Pope has,”. In the same way many clerics who think that the Marian apparitions are not obligatory for the renewal of the Church but only ideas (of theologians) can reform it. Meanwhile – according to Ratzinger – history shows that it is not the reformers who renew the Church, but it is the saints with Divine Mercy which in itself is invisible to the human eye, but clearly very visible through historical consequences.

German theologian, Fr. Karl Rahner explains clearly this issue saying: private revelations are in essence an imperative in the way in which Christianity should behave in a certain historical situation. They do not present a new theorem, but a new recommendation. On the level of statements, they say in essence only what is already known from faith and theology. And yet they are not superfluous… Because what is the will of God in a particular situation can not be logically determined solely by general dogmatic and moral principles.

Although today’s humanity has a heart of stone, it is necessary for us, believers to make every effort so God could reach every heart. Therefore, this “child of God” whom I have to look after and publish its visions, humbly prays to the Lord Jesus with great humility: My Holy Lord, I ask you for a great grace, that everyone who reads these messages will be converted and saved. I beg. I know that I ask for a lot, but I know how Merciful is Your Heart. Your Generosity has no boundaries. You undergo such a great torment, Jesus, for the ungrateful. Jesus, I beg You! Let not even one second of your Holy Passion be lost and not one drop of your blood shed in vain! God the Father, touched by these words, says: Very well my child, let it be as you asked. You have moved the Heart of the Merciful God, and for His Son’s sake, whom He loves so much, and sent to the world to suffer the Passion, I grant you this holy grace, that anyone who devoutly reads these messages will not perish for eternity, but will be resurrected on the Last Day.

A humble prayerful response of this “child of God”: Thank you O Glorious Divine Father, loving man for ages. I adore you. I fall down on my face before your Infinite Goodness and love for your Son and for man. Father, will You give the grace of conversion to those who will read with devotion these messages of your Beloved Son? obtained from God the Father promise of the grace of conversion for all those who will read these messages: Yes, I will give them this grace. Let them return and let My Son be comforted when He comes to you. May they sing hymns of praise, those whom He saved with the words given to you.

The Rev. Piotr Maria Natanek


About Agnes

A few sentences about me

I was born 32 years ago to a Catholic family. I finished college, I work and I am unmarried. My youthful religiousness I would describe as very unstable. Even though I have never boldly renounced God, and sometimes longed for Him having periods of lively religiousness, but for a large part of my life I lived in big sin far away from God. I certainly was not a model for anyone, just the opposite.

I must mention the vision that I had in 1999. It was shortly after I participated in the devotion of the Way of the Cross. While walking down the street, I came to the realization that with the eyes of my soul I see a scene returning over and over. I saw a tall wooden cross and The Savior on it. The cross had a leg support fixed high up.  The Head of Jesus was lowered, so I could not see His face. I also saw thieves hanging. There was a dark, unusual sky and a disturbing wind. I saw it all from the perspective at the foot of the cross. The vision was so realistic and true that I felt like an eyewitness of the event. Suddenly I remembered a fragment of the prayer that I said during the Stations of Cross: “Send me your grace, let me be oppressed and persecuted with the memory of Your cross… let me be anxious day and night (…) until I come back to You”.

It all started in August 2000, when I chose as my patron St. John the Evangelist. Years later, I became aware of how he was leading me to God with little steps. First, I went to Greece for vacation and went to the Island of Patmos where St. John wrote the Apocalypse. Later on, when I traveled to Turkey I reached Ephesus, where St. John lived and is most likely buried. In the vicinity of Ephesus there is a cottage which I visited, where after the ascension of The Lord Jesus lived His Mother. A few years later, I went for a four-week walking pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James the brother of St. John the Evangelist in Santiago de Compostela (Medieval pilgrimage route crossing Spain. The French route that I took is 840 km long. After this pilgrimage began my slow and consistent conversion process. I became aware of all my past that I can not be proud of. I remembered that there is someone who loves unconditionally and always gives a new chance. Then I asked Jesus to give me such a new chance. I wanted to start everything over again.

Soon after, I was on a plane and out of fear I promised God that if I land safely, I will attend 30 Holy Masses for my own intention. I kept my promise.  At that time I was reading a book by blessed Catherine Emmerich: “Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Blessed Mother Mary and the Mysteries of the Old Testament”.  I was rediscovering the mysteries of the Old Testament. I was meditating with big affection about the Immaculate Conception and the mystery of the Redemption of man. I wanted to think about God the whole day, and at the same time I began to feel a kind of bliss in my heart. I stopped caring about the things that were important for me in the past. I felt expanding inside of me happiness, whether or not I would fulfill my earthly dreams. I became free of that.

In the spring of 2009, praying the Stations of the Cross, I realized that I just had a vision. I saw with the eyes of my soul, The Lord Jesus carrying the cross. He was dressed in a white tunic. There were people around, but I did not see them clearly. I was afraid to look at the Lord’s Face that it would be full of pain and grievance that it is because of me and that I am not helping Him. However, I looked. I saw a beautiful, loving Face, without a trace of reproach, regret and accusation. Only love for me.   He was looking at me with inconceivable love as no one ever looked at me that way. When I looked with amazement and awe at His Face, I heard, “Come to me.”

In July of 2009, I lost my job and could totally devote myself to God. I went to the countryside. I began to read about all the Marian apparitions in the world and other religious books. Since August 6th, I began to pray the four mysteries of the Rosary every day, and have already been attending daily Holy Masses. Apparently, Our Lady began preparing me for the walking pilgrimage. (I promised God that I would walk a pilgrimage to Czestochowa and offer it for my mother’s health).  “One evening, shortly before departing for the pilgrimage, while praying the holy rosary with my mother, I saw above my head two hands of a woman surrounded by light, blessing me. (with the eyes of the soul – that is, I saw the event as an internal image, not physically – with my bodily eyes)”.  Now I know that they were the hands of Our Lady. I have made a general confession of my whole life. Interestingly, the priest was glad that I was going on a pilgrimage because he intended this to be my penance. During the pilgrimage, I had a dream in which I heard the voice of an angel: “Read the messages of Vassula Ryden” (Contemporary Visionary, since 1985, Jesus leads her hand while talking to her and writes the messages). On the last day of our pilgrimage, we visited the sanctuary of Saint Padre Pio. While kissing the relics I smelled an intense flowery-creamy scent. I was convinced that the bandages were saturated with the balm and they were releasing so much fragrance that everyone could smell it, but it turned out that others did not experience it. Then still for some time I smelled this beautiful scent on my hands.

During the pilgrimage, there was a talk about the Miraculous Medal of the Immaculate. I immediately started to wear it all the time. I wanted to know more about the medal but I did not know where to find the information. Immediately after the pilgrimage, I went to the mountains, to Zakopane. When I went to church in the morning, it turned out to be the shrine of Our Lady Immaculate, who revealed the Miraculous Medal. This entire church testified to the story of the Miraculous Medal. On September 12, 2009, as a birthday gift for Our Lady I took part in a night pilgrimage to Niepokalanow. I felt an ever stronger affection toward Lord Jesus. So far I have said that I love Him, but now I felt it, I longed and thought of Him constantly.

On October 7, when I drove with my father to Myszyniec, I noticed a signpost to Wykrot (the place of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to the stigmatic Stefan Gwiazda – a revelation lasting since 1990). I felt I had to go there. I visited the church and the places of apparitions. Then we got into the car and we prayed the rosary.  Suddenly I smelled a strong beautiful fragrance of flowers combined with the scent of the cream. My father did not smell anything. It is a wonderful scent difficult to describe. It seemed familiar, but it could not be identified. A short time after, the strong smell of the fragrance disappeared in the car, however, my hands continued to carry the scent. I figured: “I will not wash my hands” and then my hands stopped smelling, and the entire fragrance was emanating from the rosary. The fragrance was strong and this time everyone could smell it. It lasted the entire week. It was our old “car” rosary, often used, which never had any scent. When I returned to our retreat-garden, I prayed in front of the cross still using that rosary, which was very hot even though it was cold outside. At a certain point, I felt that the Mother of God stood behind me, she embraced me and I felt as if She was introducing me to her Son. It was something like a “Heavenly Interview”. She was proposing me to God.

The next significant event in my life was the grace of the Eucharistic miracle. In the middle of October, after receiving Holy Communion, I sensed an unfamiliar, organic taste in my mouth. (I always receive Holy Communion in a kneeling position). I kneeled shocked and with my tongue touched the Holy Host in my mouth. It felt like a tiny fragment of the flesh along with the taste of blood. Because the Holy Host did not dissolve, I showed it on the tip of my tongue to my brother. But he only saw a piece of the Holy Host. I did not eat anything the entire day, and I also could not drink for a long time. The next day, the Holy Host again had the same organic taste.   This repeated itself six times in a row, finally, I thought that maybe all the Holy Hosts in this church have such a taste and I did not pay attention to it previously. Of course, the Lord does not like it when we doubt His favor, so my next Holy Communion in this church had an ordinary taste as always. I asked the priest if the Holy Host can have different flavors and is it possible that today, the flavor is different than last week. The priest responded that there are no different flavors. The Holy Hosts are always from the same place and generally, they always taste the same. The next day after the reception of Holy Communion. I was amazed by the clear fruity, blackberry flavor. I thought: this is God’s response to my question previously addressed to the priest. Then it was revealed to me that it was about the bitter Passion of the Savior through which the bitterness filled his Holy Dying Heart, and how sweet His Heart really is, towards the souls that love him.

At that time a prayer was given to me: “O Sweet Heart of Jesus, exhausted for our iniquities, have mercy on us”.

On November 5th, at 3 am I prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary and I felt a strange sting on my forehead. It was going away and coming back again. I checked my forehead, neither reddened nor pimples, and I felt pricking. After prayer, I lay down and then I was infused with a great love for the Holy Spirit. Suddenly I felt chills and tingling of the skin at the height of my forehead around my head. I thought that the Holy Spirit is giving me “Something” and I fell asleep. Since then, I often feel stinging in my body, especially around the forehead, as well as pinching and burning in my hands, feet and back. This feeling overwhelms me with love for the Suffering Jesus. This phenomenon is mostly felt during the Holy Mass.

Since the beginning of November 2009, I have a permanent confessor. It is a priest who was “accidentally around” when I need him. After one of the confessions, I was so moved by the conversation with the priest that I thanked God that he had leaned over me so low and I heard: “I care for you my little crumb.”

On November 25, during the prayer for the first time I heard the voice of God clearly and loud. It was so easy and “accessible” that I started asking about various issues that had long troubled me. Immediately I was receiving the answers, not always to my liking. I was delighted but I did not believe completely that God himself was speaking to me. That evening for the first time I heard and wrote in the notebook:

“Write: I, Jesus love you, feel Me, love My Wounds, and I will be with you forever.  Do not doubt Me daughter.

“On November 26, during the prayer, I heard St. John the Evangelist. This time I knew I had to sit in front of the computer and write it down immediately. What I heard from St. John.

That evening, when I was falling asleep, I saw in my room (with the eyes of my soul) a bright shining figure of the Blessed Virgin in a blue coat surrounded by blue light.  Our Lady floated above the floor. I heard a soft, feminine voice:

“I am Mary, the Mother of Mercy. You are my chosen one. I Bless you. I watch over you. Satan is lying in wait to devour you, but he can do nothing because I am with you.”



St. John, is it you that I hear?

Yes, it is me.

But previously I could not hear you?

No, you could not. You should be finished with this notebook. You are a stumbling block to God’s work. (For some time now, I had a notion that I should document the path of my conversion, all the events that contributed to this moment, but I could not quite get to it.)

Do you want to tell me something more?

If you will be occupied with the type of font, then no. (I tried to set up Polish characters, but could not find a good font. Saint John is the patron saint of all writing and rewriting professions, hence his knowledge of professional vocabulary)

I will stop. I am sorry. Are you angry? (But I was still momentarily preoccupied with the fonts and St. John did not say anything. I was not aware of what was happening.)

No, but someone else wants to urgently talk to you.

My Lord? (In my heart I felt that it was Lord Jesus).

I am here.

Do I have to write something?

Yes, write.

Am I imagining this?


I feel like I’m the one who is imagining it myself and myself am answering my questions.

It is I, Jesus Christ who is talking to you.

But I am nobody Lord. I just converted, and You bestow such great graces on me?

You write when I dictate to you.

I cannot follow, it is too fast for me.

You’ll get the hang of it.

I am scared.


Do not be afraid. I am Peace.

My Lord, I cannot wrap my mind around it.

Do not add to my sufferings. It is I who is speaking. Just write.

I do not know what to think…

Do not think. I will be thinking. You just love.

Is that not a bad spirit? How do I know?

I Am Who Am, and you obey Me.


Lord, you know I love you madly, but I’m so weak and so insecure.

I will watch.

Please, do not be angry with me. I love Your every gesture, but I cannot comprehend that You Yourself would talk to me alone.

I’m talking to whom I want.

Praise be to Jesus Christ! (I was doubting again, and checking whether it was not a bad spirit, I thought to make a sign of the cross, but I did not want to insult God again.)

It’s not a bad spirit, it is truly I. I Myself. Bless yourself with the sign of the cross if you want.

(I made a sign of the cross)

And what?

I still hear you.

Do you still love Me?

Very, very,  very much. I love you with all my being.

I love you too, My child.

I adore you. I divinely worship you. I have no words. But anyway I would like to love you more so that I no longer want anything else but you.

Let it be so.

I love you and You simply shower me with graces.

You are kindhearted to Me. I, Jesus, am with you and I am looking at you.

Lord, say something that would not come to my mind on its own.

I will say it in its own time.

 I want to serve you for eternity, because I’m passionate about You!

(The Lord answered me, but I did not want to write it down, but at last I wrote it, because He demanded it from me.)


And I for you. I Jesus speak to you. Write. Eli, lema sabachthani. You do not believe in My graces?

I believe. Tell me how to write this down.

Are you putting your God to a test? You must have faith, and then I will tell you everything.

I’m worrying that it may be some sort of ambush and I am insulting you.

It is I that speaks to you. Listen and write.

What else would you like to tell me Lord?

It is enough for today. Bless yourself with the sign of the cross.  Say your prayers, for I, the Lord, have given you a great grace.

I made an apology to the Lord that I was truly sorry that I believe in everything and I will no longer have doubts. Then I heard:

Ye—es, so continue writing.

I am sorry for my not being able to express myself in a loving way.

I got used to it.

I’m sorry for that.  Do you mean me personally, or people in general?


I am truly sorry.  I will make a full effort to talk to You more lovingly, but I am inquiring the help of the Holy Ghost.

Yes, You need Him, especially for these times.

In that case, maybe I should pray more to Him every day.

Oh yes. Absolutely.

What should I say?

Whatever you want.

Again I expressed myself coldly. Now I am aware of it.

It is not of importance.

Only heart?

Yes. Only heart.

And mine loves You very much.

The Heart of God is not loved. Do not  fear, it is My voice.

Lord, I want to help You and love You so that Your Divine Heart would be loved as well as your Mother’s Heart. I would like to help more for the triumph of these Hearts so that the entire world would love them!

I know My child, thank you.

My Lord, I have to do so much penance for all that I hurt you with.

I forgave you. I Am God of Forgiveness and Grace, but they do not know that. My dear ones are afraid of Me.

My Lord, what is it that You want me to do?


Love Me.

I love You. To love You is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. All my life I was searching for You.

Love Me.

I love You with all my heart. I want to love You even more to make You happy.

Ye…es, this brings Me happiness.

My, Beloved…

I am here.

I love to be in Your presence.

And I in yours, when you think of Me.

Now I think so much about you and it isn’t boring.

It will bore you.

I beg you with all my heart, do not let this happen. I give up all my will in volition to You. Make them according to Your will. I want to live for you. If I fail you … do not allow it to be. Strengthen me, I beg You. Do not let me ever get bored. I know that only through the gift of Your Grace I love You. 

Will you allow Me to talk?

I am sorry. I got frightened.

Do not be afraid. It will be given to you as you’ve asked.

Thank you my Beloved, Holy God.

I am here. I am here for you.

Jesus, be glorified in Your incomprehensible love.

I love you, My little one.

I am so tiny in Your Presence and I enjoy it.

My Father likes the way you think about Him.

You are so Mighty, Holy God, and we are so insignificant. Thank you Father for that. I did not know if I was getting too familiar.


My Father is Almighty and is waiting for you.

It’s my desire to be with You.

We are One Triune God.

I know My Lord, because in You there is one Will, but it is incomprehensible to man.


So, if I speak to You, is it like talking to the Father and the Holy Ghost at the same time?

Not exactly. I’ll tell you about it at another time.

Whenever You want my Master.

I like when you call Me Master.

You teach me everything. I would like to spend the entire night talking with You.

You will not be able to, already your knees are hurting you.

I am sorry for this weakness.

You have bigger weaknesses.

What weaknesses My Lord?

You are disobedient.

To You or to others?

To everybody.

I am sorry, I’m trying to work on it. Isn’t it better?

Yes, but not too much.

So what should I do?  I do not know.

Listen to me to My inspirations.

I am not able to put everything into action immediately. But I am trying.

I know you’re trying, but not enough. Time is short.

Do you want to tell me something else Lord?

Do not be afraid. I will strengthen you.

But what am I doing wrong? Now I’m sad, because I do not quite know what I’m doing wrong.

Child, you’re sleepy.  Go to sleep. I, the Lord  tell you, go to bed.

I love You and I bless You.

And I love you and I bless you too. Go to sleep.


My Dear, Beloved of my heart, forgive me because I am weak. Strengthen me. Say at least one word to me.



Lord, should I write?

Write. Did you miss Me?

Extremely, Master.

Me too.

I am very happy that once again You are here with me. I was afraid you would not talk to me.

I will, I will. Do not be afraid. We have a lot to do.

I do not know yet what You have in mind My Lord, but I am so happy and want to be near You.

We are close all the time.

Yes, but talking to you gives me a feeling of such joy!

Very well. Say it. (I wanted to tell Him that I love Him, but I thought it was too often and that I was exaggerating).

I love You very much.

I love you too My child.

I completed writing the notebook at last.

You made me wait a long time.

I know, I’m sorry. I was disobedient to the inspirations. I regret it and I want to be better, more diligent and obedient.

That’s good.

Thank You for Your infinite, generous graces for me and my family and thank You, to Your Beloved Mother, Lord.


Do you feel My wounds?

Yes, Lord. (For about a month, I’ve been experiencing various pains: pinching and burning – mostly around the head, on back, palms of my hands and feet, but also on the hands, legs and face.  I feel them the most during Holy Mass and during social gatherings, which always helps me to remember and think about Jesus).

Do you want to feel them more?

Yes, Lord. You know that it is my desire.

You will receive this grace.

I humbly thank You Beloved Master. I will offer it every day for the intention of Your Mother, although I am very unworthy, I want to serve You as you desire.

That’s good. I am with you. Look at Me… Why are you afraid?

I do not know Lord, because you are so Mighty … and Unusual … and Unpredictable. Only my boundless trust in Your Love allows me to talk to You.

Do not be afraid little child. I am Love.

You are my life.

Do not be afraid. My angels protect you. (I turned back nervously, because I felt something behind me).

Thank you my Master. You know how fearful I am.

Your fear offends Me.

Jesus I am so small and weak. Strengthen me with Your Spirit, so that I will not be afraid.

I will strengthen you. You will need it. But do not be afraid. Nothing horrible will happen to you. I know your capabilities. (I was horrified by the word “need”)

Thank you. I feel so safe and happy with You.

(Lord Jesus began to dictate a sentence to me which was beyond belief, I could not comprehend it so I sat down perplexed and did not want to write it down…)


Write: I, Jesus love you boundlessly and that’s all. I will not say anything else. (I could feel the sadness in The Lord Jesus’s voice and I felt that I hurt Him very much, by not letting Him complete His sentence).

I am sorry Jesus, I panicked.

You are slowing down My work with your fear.

I do not want to do it, but it somehow paralyzes me. I am afraid of what I’m going to write next that it might be unauthentic.

You are afraid of Me?

No Lord, not of You, but I’m afraid to offend You somehow.

You will not insult Me. I take you for My wife. (Jesus said what I did not want to write the other day. Betrothment with Jesus is the proper form of  wedding with Jesus in religious orders)

I love You. 

Love me stronger.

I really want to love with all possible human abilities.

I am very pleased. Don’t you want to be My wife? (Lord Jesus asked about it because I did not react to what he just said. I was dazed and pretended that He did not say that).

Jesus I dream of it. You know, I’m only for You and I can’t imagine another Beloved.

Well, you see for yourself… you leave Me with no other choice.

Jesus I prostrate myself in front of You and Your Infinite Goodness to me. (I did it).

Come, stand up.

You make me overjoyed, my lord. I jump up to the sky.

You have not been seen up here yet.

Jesus, You know who I am, You know what I feel, I am not worthy of this grace but I know with You everything is possible and, therefore, I am surrendering myself to You completely that You would  mold me according to Your liking.

I am fond of you.

Because I love You so much?

Yes, because you love me. I am fond of you because you believed.

Jesus, but why did You bestow  such great graces on me?

Because you deserved them.

Lord, You know, that through my entire life I sinned against You and Your Holy Mother and my hands are still empty.

That is not so.

Jesus, is it You, Who is talking?

Yes, do not be afraid. You deserve it. I know what I say.

Could I ask with what, because I would like to be even more worthy.

By loving Me. This erases all transgressions. It purifies the soul.

Jesus, I thank You from the bottom of my heart. I am capable of loving You so much because love is a gift from You.

Yes, but you used it well.

I fell in love with You, that’s all.  It is not difficult.  You are so Perfect.

My child, I find support in you.

You?  God? Leaning on such a misery? Such a weakness? Such a coward?

Yes. That doesn’t count. I know, when I call on you in the middle of the night, you will be waiting for Me, you will be expecting Me, as your Beloved…

Yes, My Jesus, I would like very much to be with you, but I still have to undergo cleansing for You. Give me Your Spirit, that I would not be frightened, when You come.

You will not be frightened. It would be I, who will come for you.

In that case, I am longing and waiting for You. I would like to prepare myself the best I can, so I could right away be with You. Now I feel that I still have to be cleansed.

It is true. I will cleanse you. Immerse yourself in My Holy Blood and you will be saved.

Will You help me, ok? Will You not ever let me go, even for a moment?

I will not let you go. I bound Myself to you, remember?

Jesus, I just did not know if you only said it to Vassula and now You said it to me?  (In the messages – in dialog of Lord Jesus with Vassula Ryden, Lord asks that readers always put in their names in her name’s place, and by this the words that God speaks to Vassula, he also speaks to each of us).


It is to you too. I love Vassula and you as well.

Thank You Lord. It makes me happy. But before You come, we will have to save those close and dear to me, can we?

Yes, those children are totally lost. Only by offering My Body and Blood you may still save them.

Ok, My Lord.  How should I pray? What should I do?

Serve Me, and I will tell you everything in the proper time.

Ok, I agree to everything.  But let us save “X”.

We will save her. I feel pity for her.

Thank you Lord.  Did I write today everything accurately?

Very good. You are very talented. I shaped you that way, it is all from me, so you could better serve Me.

Can I ask now about the pilgrimage?


Do you want me to organize it?

Yes. My Mother wants it.

Therefore, I want it too.  Should it be the nightly pilgrimage?

You have to ask Her about it.

Lord, but You have knowledge of it.

I know, but I will not tell you.

But Why?

It is not your thing, you do not need to know everything.

I am sorry, was I persistent?


I rebuked you, because you are not listening.

I am sorry. Please fix me, so I would not do it anymore, please.

I will fix you better then you think. I, Jesus bless you.

And I love You and bless You.



Bartholomew, My angel?

I am here.

Can I chat with you?


Should I write “you” starting with capital letter?

Not necessarily.

How come no one wants to talk to me except you?

It is a secret.

Is this a penance associated with yesterday?


And will you tell me what happened yesterday?

What do you mean?

Is it all right, that I gave him a scapular?

We’ll see. Nothing is decided.

Yesterday I heard a question: do you want to suffer for X?  Who was the one that asked the question?


Is today’s anxiety from that?

Yes, that too.

Please tell me something comforting,  I feel sad, I feel so helpless.

Attend the Holy Mass.

I have no strength.

So do not go. (My angel did not like when I ask, and do not follow the advice, but of course I reconsidered and went to the Mass).

Same day later that evening …


I am here.

Thank You.  I was longing for You.

Very good.

Today was such a difficult day.

I know. This the day I gave you.

In that case, I am very grateful to You. I liked it.

Do you want another one?

If it is Your wish then I want it. Lord, I can not hear you.

You have to trust Me more.

I try my best, but I am of little faith. Give me more faith.


I’ll give it to you. In its own time. Everything in its own time. You Polish people are very impatient.

Yes? I thought that all people are like that.

Not all.

For a long time I wanted to ask You which of the pictures of Your face I should place in the chapel?

Which one do you prefer?

I love them both.

So, put both.

But then I will feel as if I am talking to two different Jesus, and You are only one.

That’s true.

So, what should I do?

Choose one.

And which one is the real You?

The one that you are looking at. 

Jesus, I want to serve you better. I am so incompetent.

Do not preoccupy yourself with things that are not important.

Is it You Jesus, who are talking to me?

All the time.

But why does it seem that I hear you worse than the first time?

Because you hear Me worse.

What can I do, to hear You better?

Ask for the grace.

I thought that You give graces according to Your desire and to inquire about those graces would be prideful. 

It is not pride to desire Me.


So, should I ask the Holy Spirit every day?

Yes, I told you that already.

I would like you to take away my faults that make it so difficult to be worthy of the reception of Your graces.

My graces will cleanse you until you enter with humility into My Father’s House.

Lord,  I cannot hear You again.

You hear, but you disregard it.

Do I resist You?

Yes, you are trying, and those are My Words, I will say what I wish, and do not oppose Me.

Yes, I am sorry.

What God do you want? The real or the one from your imagination?

Real You!  I’m just afraid that You will say something that will be incomprehensible to me and I will be frightened.

Surrender yourself completely to Me.

I’m just at Your disposal. You know that. Be kind and patient with me.

I’m kind and I’m patient, but you’re tired again.

Thank You, Lord.  Will You bless me?

I bless you.


Beloved Jesus, I apologize for my negligence, lack of concentration and disobedience. I’m afraid. I give You my fear and my weakness. That’s what I have in excess and I give it to You. I’m sorry if I failed you. I know I’m not worthy to talk to you, but please do not leave me. Say something to me, please.

What do you want Me to say to you?

Whatever You want, I just wanted to feel You, that You are with me.

I am always with you.

I do not always feel You.

Because, you don’t always want Me.

Please let me always want You, let  me not be lazy and not be afraid.

You ask for a lot.

What should I do Lord? You know I can not help myself in my weakness. You change the heart, You transform weaknesses into virtues.


I, God, love all sinners.

I love You immensely, I miss You so much and I look forward to be with You.

What you are saying is pleasing to Me My Heart rejoices when you say that.

I want to say it to You endlessly. You will never get bored with it.

Yes my child, I will not be bored.

I will talk tenderly to You to the end of my life, then forever and ever if You will allow me.

I will allow it. I want to have you by My side.

O Lord, I want to be so close to You.  You know it.

I know. I know your heart.

I am so happy that You talk to me!

I speak to you and I will speak to you, but do not oppose Me in anything and trust Me.

OK Lord, I was so busy with work, and I prefer to be busy with You Lord. I cannot combine it both. I neglect You when I focus on my work. Forgive me. Help me please.

I, God, demand fidelity and devotion.

I give myself completely to You, but I can concentrate only on one thing at the time.

Do everything with love.

Jesus, is it You?

Yes, it is I.

Is it You, who is talking to me?

I’m talking to you, do not be frightened. I love you and I look after you.

I’m afraid I will not be able to handle this project.


Do not be afraid. I, God, am with you.

Lord, have you spoken to me today in a dream?

Yes, I have.

Will he come back to you?

No, he will not.

But we pray for him so much.

To no avail since he is deaf to my calling.

But he is not free. He is fettered  with obsession. Save him please!

All right.

Have mercy on him, Lord. Do not leave him in captivity.

Okay, I’ll take care of him, I’ll change his heart.

Lord Jesus, is it You?

I am. I love.

I have such a great desire that  the whole world love you without limits, just as I love You and became alive.

My child…

Please do not let me be cheated, do not let me be deceived. I am only Yours Jesus,  watch over me as over Your own possession.

You are in My care my little one.

Lord, sometimes I do not hear You clear and I’m not sure if it’s You.

You will learn to feel Me.

Lord, I would like to feel you  strongly, though I know of my unworthiness, but I ask You for it anyway.

OK, child.

Jesus, You would not let me be deceived?

Is it You?

No, It was not Me. My enemy got mixed in.

Lord, was everything that I wrote from You?

Yes, I will not allow mistakes. Do not be afraid.

I only depend on you, I am not capable to do anything by myself. Thank you for having talked to me. Lord, make me invisible to the enemy.

Do not be afraid, you are under my cloak.

I love you Jesus. Stay with me forever. Dwell with me.

I have been with you for a long time.

Is it You, Jesus?

Yes, it is I.

I adore You.

I bless you. Sleep My child.

At night, I was awakened by a strange, intense pain in my left hand above my elbow.  In the evening I prayed for pain to feel Jesus’ wounds, so that I could relieve His pain at least a little bit.  I know that pain is always independent of man, but this time I felt that the pain was completely foreign and not from my body.  Alien, Good, but not comprehendible Mighty Power of God Himself was above me.  I felt as if “something primeval” was laid on me, as the next layers of “Christ’s Mystery”.  I can not describe it.  I felt new pains in other places.  With fear I have surrendered to this Divine Force.  And suddenly I felt this Powerful Force, which was God Himself directly above me, as if I was overshadowed by Him.  It was a Huge, Inhuman, Incomprehensible Power. So that although a man prays and desires to feel God, when that feeling comes, he is completely overwhelmed, surprised and unprepared at all.   The omnipotence of God is so great that it is unbelievable that such a nothing – man speaks to Him, and this Powerful, All-knowing, eternal Spirit responds.  And then, I heard:


These words struck me like a thunderbolt.  It was deep, powerful Voice, as if without beginning and end, the Voice of the Eternal God.  Then I realized that while the divine nature of Jesus is inconceivable to me, and yet thanks to the human nature coexisting in Him, I can understand Him in a certain way and somehow imagine Him, at the same time God the Father, has nothing of man.  He is a Holy Being and imagining and understanding Him lies far beyond the capabilities of man.  A man who knows no other creatures besides humans and animals can not comprehend the Being of inhuman nature.  We are only a poor, distant derivative of this Eternal Perfection, but in our blindness and egocentricity we do not even realize it.


I welcome You My Holy King, I adore you. I’m infatuated with You. Only you and you all the time. I wish, I would not be so occupied with work and instead could solely spent that time with You. Wouldn’t it be in paradise like that?

It will be like that.

I am waiting for that day. I would like very much to be close to You. But you are only One, and there are so many saints and wonderful saints. How to gain my way closer to You, Lord?

Do not worry, let it be My problem.

Would God say that?

You doubt again?

No,  I see You.  You are smiling at me and I feel Your Holy Heart full of love. 


God, how  I fell in love with You so much…

I see.

Is that pleasing to You?

Very much so.

I’m sorry that I am  not capable of  giving  You enough of this love. I’m so weak … I’m of little help and I’m not loving You enough when I am doing my work.

It is true. I’ll help you.


Be glorified Most Generous God.

My little one.

I love to be so Little for You. And You are so Mighty! This is perfection My Lord.  Everything of Yours and connected with You is perfect!

I Am Perfection Myself.

Lord, please give me the ability to work more diligently for You so I can hear You better. Forgive my doubts. Help me to rely solely on You only and let it happen.

Do you trust Me?

You know that I trust You.

Love me.

I love You! I love!

My little one…

My Beloved, Dreamed, My Only Love …

You know that I love you.

Yes My Lord.  I will probably not be able to love You as much as I would like to.  If You only wish it, I will love You without limitations, unconditionally, eternally, as You love.  I thirst, I offer myself to You and I would like to accept everything from You.  May You please, make it so that I would be able to accept everything and be appreciative.


I know, I wish I could always listen to Your inspirations, My Holy One!  Thank You, that You talked to me, despite that I was not good today.

But you are sorry.

Very much.

Good. Behave better tomorrow.

I will try, but help me please.

Very well. Feel My Wounds.

Thank You Jesus. Be glorified forever!

Forever. Amen. I bless you my child.


I was reading a passage from the Scripture how Jesus had quieted the storm and I thought, that I am also so panic stricken. It is not exactly the same because nothing was dependent on the apostles. I have to do something of which I am not capable and do not know how to get around it.  The Lord responded to that:


It is not so. Nothing is dependent on you. The point is for you to realize that everything happens through My Will. It is the work of Satan approaching you with deceit that you have some sort of control over anything.  Rely on Me and let your fears depart. I will not leave you. This passage from Scripture today was for you.

Thank You Lord.  I am so afraid.  I do not know what I should do.  How should I do it?

I said, do not be afraid. I, God, am with you and I will not abandon My child. Don’t you feel how much I love you? How much I, Your God love you? Is this why I died on the cross, so you would doubt Me and be unfaithful ? (I am writing “Your” with a capital letter, it always be like that in messages because Jesus is saying “Your God” – calling Himself this way. It is the name used by God Himself.  This word, in this meaning is not pertaining to me, but to God Himself, and not to me since I am His possession. I consecrated Myself to Him, so He in His mercy acknowledges me, underlining my belonging to Him saying often “Your God”. In the same way God describes Himself as “God of Israel” or “God of Adam”) 

O Lord, please do not be angry with me.  I am very sorry.  Simply, it seemed to me, that You are not getting involved in such minute things, that it is too human, contemporary and ungodly.

My child, there is nothing in your life that I am not involved in. When a soul is giving itself to Me, I live in them, love them and I do not leave them ever.

Be glorified My God and forgive me my little faith and that I am disappointing You. 


You think in human terms and I Am The Everlasting and Merciful God.  Don’t you know that I will give everything that you ask of Me? My child, you are pleasing to Me, you gave yourself to me completely and I gave Myself to you. I live in you. I died and  was resurrected, so I could give you life, because you were dead before I came. I love you my child.

My Beloved Master,  I am sorry.  I do not know, how it will happen, but I believe that You will save me!


Yes, my child. I will save you and don’t ever doubt it. This is the purpose of My coming  to this world, to give up My life for many but they disregard Me. My children! How much longer should I be calling after you?  I am dying each day and nobody cares! How long should I wait for you to return My love? I, God, forgive you and wait for you to forgive your brothers and love each other the way I love you. The Heart of Your God is bleeding every day! Children save yourself! Save the world! 

Beloved God, forgive me my little faith, I did not want to sadden You, My Beloved God.  Strengthen me, forgive me my sins, help me, so I would not upset you anymore.


I, God, love you and forgive you, but come to me My children, because I will not delay much longer. Time is approaching and I, God, am looking out for you more and more, my wandering sheep. Who will console God’s sorrow, when so many of you will be lost forever?

My Beloved God, I apologize for all Your children even though I am not worthy of anything, and only because of Your Grace I live in Your Light.  I beg Your forgiveness and offer Your Holy Innocent Blood and Your Most Holy Wounds as a satisfaction for the worst sinners, whom You would loose and I beg through the Immaculate Heart of Your Mother for Mercy and converting grace.

My little one, how could I do it when they do not want Me?

My Lord, but I as well turned away from You and did not want to listen You at all.

Yes, but I was waiting and you came to me at last. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Long…

I know I’m sorry that I wasted my life without You, thank You for saving me. It would be over for me, and maybe those people with Your help will love you as much as I do? I ask You to give them Light. It is only You who gives the grace to desire You.

Yes, you said it well that I am the Giver of graces, but those children are not seeking My graces. I give to those who seek Me.

Was I seeking for You Lord?


You are very week and without My Grace you would not be able to accomplish anything. I adopted  you because I could no longer look at your misery and tears. You were so weathered and miserable that if you could see yourself then, you would not be able to believe that it was you. I healed you, I gave you a new life because you asked Me for it. I will not enter into a heart of somebody who is insulting God.

God, I thank You humbly for healing me.  My life is so beautiful now, and it was full of suffering without You.

I know it. Nobody wants Me and they do not know what they are loosing. There is One God and man has only one life. Repent, because I will not wait forever.

My Beloved God, Jesus I love You and in the name of everyone I am bowing in admiration.   Save and have Mercy for my friends.  All people are now so deceived, cheated and preoccupied, that without Your help they do not have any possibility to bring themselves out and return to You.

I gave them time, it is not my fault, that they left Me. I, God love them and bless them, but I cannot do anything more. I cannot act against their free will.

My Beloved Master, and I myself, didn’t I call out to You: “Take away from me this challis. Let it be as I want”.


Yes, you called, but I did not listen. You were dead and you will stay dead.  I saved you, so you would be My witness for the End of Times. Carry My Love to those lost souls who want to live without their God. They do not know what life is without God, but when they find out, they would regret it bitterly. O, how very bitterly…

My God, have mercy on them, I pray and I beg for them. My Lord, is there anything more that I could do for them?


Pray for them unceasingly. I am waiting. They still have time to come back to Me, but woe to them if they will not repent and will not listen to My Voice. I, Lord, Jesus Christ, Just Judge will count everything and they will lament and grind their teeth.

Beloved, Merciful, Gentle and Gracious God, I know how much You are rejected, but also I know how much You love.  I know that You want to save them, down to the last one. Tell me Lord, how I may help You?

Read them My messages.

Which ones? (This question was a means of escape this task, which My Master appointed me to do).

You know which ones.

Lord, I will do whatever You want me to do, but I would like to check it first with the priest, if everything is according to church teaching.


Child, I am the Church, and do not try to escape, because I gave you an assignment.

Could I first show it and ask my confessor?

If you want to. Ask him. He is loyal to Me.

My God, I want to do everything with You and for You.  Give me strength, so I would not be frighten.

I will give you strength, but you give Me your trust. Let Me not have to prove to you every time, that I am God.

I am sorry My Lord, I do trust You but not myself My Master.

I said it. Go and do what I tell you, because time is running short.

I love You Jesus, is it You talking?

Yes, it is I. Do you want again to anger Your God?

No, I do not.

All right. Go and get some rest.

My Beloved, I love You.  Give me courage and Your Spirit so I could fulfill Your Will.

I will give it to you. You were bestowed with many Graces. Now go and do My Will.

Let it be.  I, your weak servant  will do as You ordered.



My Beloved?

I Am here.

I am sorry, that I did not want to write Your Words promptly when You spoke and now again I am asking about them, because now I am beginning to realize the immense nature of Your Graces Lord.  Thy  Will be done.  What I lost because of my lack of faith let it be my penance, but if You wish My Lord, I will document Your every  Word, that was lost.  I love You Lord! (I realized how big a grace Lord Jesus gave me during messages of November 29, and I didn’t even want to listen to Him and stayed passive in my reaction).

Do you pledge to Me, your Love, Faithfulness and Purity?

Yes Jesus, I love You therefore I vow to You, My Love, Faithfulness and Purity and I want to be with You forever. May nothing ever and ever separate us.  I am giving up myself to You for all eternity.


Good. Your vows are accepted. I, Jesus, love You and I pledge to You, Love, Fidelity and Honesty in marriage and that I never leave You. Repeat after Me:  So help me Omnipotent God and all angels and all saints and You Beloved Mother lead me and support me for ever and ever.  Amen.  So, let it be.  Since now on we are connected in marriage, which neither God, nor man may annul.

Lord, everything is in Your hands?

Yes, but I made a promise to you and from this moment you belong to Me,  I will not entrust you to anybody and  I will keep you solely only for Myself, because you are pleasing to Me, so I will take you to My Home.

My God, I love You! You know, how  afraid I was, that my week faith will be exposed and You will give up on me.

My little one,  how could I give up on you?  Once I lost you for centuries and I could not afford it again.  Be faithful and penitent and My Mother to whom I entrusted you, will be your Mother and take you to My House, when the time comes. (Jesus is talking figuratively.  He doesn’t mean that I was far away from Him for “centuries”, but that His longing was so great, that it felt like ages for Him). 

O Holy One, cleanse me.  Let Your Mother prepare me for You for eternity and let me always be obedient and submissive to Her .

You will be. Are you happy with Me?

Lord, You know, that I could not imagine greater happiness. What You, My God, could do more above what of what You have already done. I am in debt to You forever. (I not only had in my mind our holy matrimony but particularly that Jesus was terribly tormented and gave up His Holy life in suffering because of my sins.  It was I who was His executioner and He has forgiven me, and forgets all my sinful past up to this very point when He is taking me in marriage).  

I will give you a very unusual bond with Me since you believed, My child.  Blessed are your parents who believed and lent you to Me.


 I love you! I love and adore You!  You alone!  Everlasting God!  Welcome to my life, take it. Welcome to every second of my life that I put on your altar. Let all my life be one great adoration of You. So help me, Dear Mother!


My Mother will help you My little one. Stairs to Heaven are very steep, but I will hold your little hand, I will not let it go no matter what.  You are Mine and I like it that way.  I want to create out of you a Work of My Love. (When Lord Jesus talks to me using diminutive words I feel clearly, how ridiculous and small I must be in His sight.  I have an irresistible notion that God looks at me as I look at a puppy.  He is touched by my smallness, clumsiness, and full dependence on Him.)  

Lord, here is Your servant. Do with me what You like. Your will is my will. Your Peace – my peace and my home -Your home and Your home is mine.

You speak well child. My Spirit speaks through you. You yourself feel it. Great are my works in your little heart. I, God, have loved you much, and now all that is Mine, is yours and all that is yours – Mine. We are connected as you wished it. You are here and now with Me. Give all yourself to Me, just as I did on the cross for you, to the very end.

I am Yours.  Let me never disappoint You.  You know how great is my weakness that’s why I rely on You in hope that I will not cause You any wounds or harm. I am very willing but at the same time my will is weak and I am fearful.

I know My dear little one. You are Mine. I will strengthen you. I will uphold you. I will not let you fall. Because it is My will to manifest in you and spread my works through your little hands.

Glorified be God of the Universe, who bends over me, unworthy.  It is You whom I was searching for, and yet I was so far away from You! You are the embodiment of all my dreams and desires of my life!


I know child. The purpose of mankind’s creation is for man to unite with Me. You have discovered this, but many of your brothers are looking for Me in blindness and instead of getting closer, distance themselves from Me. I am calling them. Soul without God, never will reach their fulfillment, they will search constantly  and entangle themselves into thousands of affairs.  But when I, God am left aside, this soul will never achieve peace. It will always be unfulfilled the same as your soul felt empty and despaired without Me.

It was like that My Master. You opened my eyes. You made me smile every day, wanting to live and giving everything a deep meaning. You are so Kind that my heart melts away from Your goodness.


You speak well. That is the nature of God. Benignant. As Little Teresa wrote. I am the Benign, Gracious God, who is slow in punishment and indulgent in the judgments, but beware to make Me angry. 


I do not want to be the Just Judge for you, because then My Father will stand in front of you and it will be too late to call upon My Mercy. Now is the Time of Repentance, Time of My Mercy. Do not be afraid of Me children. I’ll forgive everything. There is no sin so monstrous that the greatness of My Mercy will not contain it, but do give way to carelessness on account of My Goodness. I, God, love you infinitely, but I am also expecting love in return. You cannot wound me endlessly, and then count on quick forgiveness.


Do penance while you have time, pray to Me and My Mother, and you will not perish, when the One who separates the grain from the weed comes. Let My Image, My Sacred Face so cruelly insulted stay with you. You reverence it daughter. You love My Face and the devil harassed you because of it, he knows how great graces flow from loving my Holy Face. My Face smiles at you every day, just look at Me. Give yourself time to look at Me in contemplation of My Holiness and Goodness. The one who loves My Face will obtain great graces and will not perish on the Last Day.


My Beloved God. I do not know what to say.  Sometimes I just want to look at You and admire You silently, just like people in love do.


Yes my child. Let all My children fall in love with me, just like you, because this love blots out any guilt and misfortune. Satan can no longer molest and torment you, for My Face, worshiped in you, removes all unrighteousness. I am Holy and you were created on My Own image.  Do not be deceived by My enemy. He already has his hell, but this is not the place for you. My children, I have such beautiful dwellings in Heaven for you, and you sell your souls to live in hell.  If only you knew what inconceivable sufferings are waiting there. I am talking to you, My dear souls, who are heading for eternal damnation! I am The One True God. It is in My power to save you. You are condemning yourself by rejecting My Mercy, My Salvation, My Blood that was shed for you and My Wounds that I suffered for your Salvation.


Children, all that I suffered was for  you because My love has no limits. Why don’t you want to understand and believe that I love you? Why don’t you trust Your God? I, myself created you and know  your needs. I have everything for you.  I will give happiness in abundance,  happiness for which you are looking but cannot find it on earth.  You will always suffer here, but suffering without Me is terrible.

Only I bring meaning to suffering because I suffered on the cross and I sanctified the suffering.  All who suffer, will draw from the well of My infinite Mercy. You need to offer yourself to me.  Do not give way to My enemy, because when you close the door for me, you are opening the door to him.  He is in everything in which I am not, in everything that is cast out away from God. Therefore when you reject Me you bring his curse upon yourself and he hates you, awaiting  to possess you so he could torment you in hatred forever and mutilate you on account of My love for you. Oh, how I love mankind… if you could only comprehend how Good I am and how sweet life is when you consecrate yourself to Me, for My Glory.


The soul that gives itself to Me is protected. Such a soul is filled with God and nobody can harm it without My permission. If I allow a soul to suffer, this will be only redemptive suffering. This suffering will cleanse the soul and will prepare it for the reception of My Glory.  Is it right to eat an elegant meal without washing hands before it? What kind of joy would come out of such a meal, when beautiful aromas and tastes mix with dirt.  Wash your hands my children by the sacrament of confession.

I prepared for you the road straight to Heaven. Follow Me, trust Me, and you will not regret it.  I love you, and to those who read and meditate on these messages for the End of Times I will grant special graces. Do not be afraid of Me, My children. Come all of you and press yourself into my Wounded Arms. They attract you, They are waiting for you. I want your happiness. I will give you everything, but come to me when I call you from all temples of the world.

Lord are You talking about catholic temples?


I am One. Who believes in Me and gives Me Glory, who fulfills My Law of Mercy toward their neighbor, that one has a dwelling in My Father’s House and will obtain Salvation.

Do not rip My Body apart. I am One and Undivided and My Church is One Undivided – Holy Catholic Church, established by Me before ages and constantly slandered.  Children, I love you all and I do not condemn those who did not hear about Me, who were not thought by their mothers or fathers to love Me, the Only Savior of the World.  I suffered for all of you, from all nations and creeds. What should I do when you do not want to accept My Holy Faith when your eyes and ears are closed for God’s calling?

Here I am, Lamb of God, sentenced for you, spat on for you, laughed and despised for you.  Did I suffer to save only a small number of you?  Come to me all who are burdened and I will dry your tears. In Me is Salvation and Redemption of the World!  In Me is Payment for your sins.  I am the Way to Heaven to My Father.  Grab on to Me, even though you would be of different faiths, believe in The Son of Men and I will remember you in My Father House.  I will not deny those who love Me, have faith!  I, God, am still awaiting you. I Am Unchanging and the same from ages and you by giving Me different names quarrel between yourself whose God is better.  Did pagan times returned ?


I have enough of Olympus in today’s world! As they adored idols and demons and their hideous offspring, so now they live frolicsome, immorally and adore material things. This all is vanity and all of it will be consumed by fire when I come to receive My Glory. Do not build your castles on the sand, because I will destroy them. One dwelling is destined for you. Build in God, and I will enforce your dwellings. I will strengthen your hearts and will draw them to Myself.  Do not dare to offend Me, already mistreated by your sins. Pull yourself together! I, God am calling you from the heights of My Throne in Heaven.


This generation will not pass as I come to you!  Be aware and do not forget about Me on this night, because then I will not be lenient and you will see My Justice and My Justice is great! Let all nations bow to Me, because not even one will be spared who will not do this. I am a Just God.  For ages I look with pain at your hearts. I know what wrongs and rights everyone has done to your brethren, and when the time will come you will bitterly cry over your sins and wasted time.

I love you all My children. My Heart breaks because I want to spare you all and attract you into My Safe Arms. Come to Me all My children while there is still time.  I will protect you and I would not let you fall into eternal flames. I would not be able to look at your misery. Allow Me to save you! Call to Me for graces and I will grant them to you.  Hold on to My mantle and I will Save you. Scream My Name aloud when you are afraid and I will arrive and protect you with My Arm. Acknowledge Me, My beloved, because now it’s time when the foreheads of my servants are being marked. (It pertains to the Apocalypse of St. John, where God is withholding four Angels of Wrath, so He could mark all God’s Servants: Ap 7)


Do not waste such a big opportunity. Listen to My calling and fall on your knees, because your eternal life is being decided. Save yourself from eternal damnation, because I will not descend to hell to get you, and you will regret forever that you did not listen to Me, when I begged you.  I, God, beg you children, do not break Your Mother’s Heart.  She is weeping terribly when she sees you being torn apart by satan in hell!  How sorrowful is Her Heart to witness horrendous scenes!  Where are you heading children?


Come to your senses! It is your last chance! I will not call anymore! I suffered enough for you, but I would gladly suffer even more in order to have you by Me and not lose you forever! I, God, am crying after you. Come back to Me, My children, because My Heart is bleeding at the thought of your unhappiness. My adversary is rubbing his hands in anticipation to possess you and you allow it by rejecting Me. This is a horrible misery, without God, without Love, Hope and Faith. 


I created you. Without Me you are nothing, but a rejected pile of unhappiness, condemned to terrible sufferings forever. As many stars in the sky, so that many of  My children are already condemned in hell, while another multitude is approaching hell’s gates. Whoever  steps into this bottomless darkness will never see Me again, will never see his close ones but only if they are already there – inflicting great pain on one another, because whoever will not reconcile with his enemies on earth will never reach eternal happiness.

This I say to you, I, Your God, and Your Unconquered Lord, I who created you, fed you, that I will love you through all the days until the end of the world. The Heart of God is disturbed because I am calling from all the ends of the world and you dismiss my calling. I want to save you and you mock Me and do not consider my calling.  I am waiting for you. The days are numbered. Reconcile with Me and await Me. Look and be ready for Me, and call on My Merciful Name and My most Holy Mother, because She has the power in these end times to save many souls.  


These words I say, Your Lord and Your Omnipotent God, who created all and has power to destroy all. Do not dare to disregard My Words. Ponder on them in the solitude of your hearts and call on Me and I will talk to you and have mercy on your lost souls. I, Lord Jesus Christ, bless this work, so it would be the well of Salvation to many. Amen

My Lord, thank You for your great Mercy.

Such are the works of My Heart and even bigger I will grant through you.

Thank You Beloved Master.

Come My little one, Beloved of God’s Heart, rest in Me, while I will rest in you.

I love You, all of my heart belongs to You.

I love you tenderly My little soul.

Lord, be glorified by all who would read these messages.

It is My Will for ever and ever. Amen.

When I am praying and we begin our talk, very often I hear noises, something is falling down, but I cannot see anything – and today Jesus said, that bad spirits have to fly away when I am invoking His Name.

I gave you the power, that when you invoke My Name “bad spirits fly away”.

He also said to me, that we love each other so much in my family and we love Him so much, that we will get special graces for this in Heaven.  Thank You Holy, Beloved God.

My father and mother, after I red messages to them, prayed and then my father said: “Thank You Jesus, that You accepted us”.

And Jesus responded to this: “It is You who accepted Me”.

I asked The Lord, if this was Him who said it.

“I said this… I said that I will give graces to those, who will accept My messages”.

Today, is really a day of our holy wedding.  When I was praying and gazing into Beloved Jesus’ Face, Jesus winked His eye.  Left.  It was in the split of the second, but I noticed.

Did You wink Your eye Jesus?

Yes, I told You, that our bond will be very unusual. Listen and meditate on My Words. I am giving you enormous graces child, because You have loved me, and the souls that are consecrating themselves to me even before they reach understanding are very pleasing to Me. They trust me. 

Thank You Jesus.  I feel You so close to me.


Yes, I am close and I will be even closer. Devote yourself entirely to Me and I will give you My Kingdom, because My Kingdom is prepared for little children like you, little ones and lost, totally depending on Me. Come and start giving yourself to Me,  because I am waiting for you My beloved souls. I will wink to you, because I love you.  Trust Me, and you will feel me so close, because I will be with you in a totally different way, the way nobody before you experienced. You will feel Me in your body. Do not be afraid and do not worry. I will give you graces that you have never dreamed of.

I love you boundlessly.  Let Your will be done in me and in Your every  creature.  Amen.

I prayed the rosary, thanking for every grace and especially for the grace of our holy matrimony and at that point I noticed that the candle flame looked strange.  On the top of the wick was a Heart.  I asked The Lord what it meant.

This is My Heart burning with Love. Draw it.

I started taking pictures.  The Little Heart seemed to be alive and  aflame, but it did not burn down.  I noticed on the other side the second Heart similar to the first one and I asked about the second and Lord responded:

This is My Mother’s Heart.

My Beloved Lord, do You want to say anything else to me about what I saw?

These are Our Burning, Triumphant Hearts, full of love for the world.  Who has devotion to These Hearts, will receive from My Boundless Mercy and from My Mother’s Mercy and will be converted.

What should I do with such a big grace, my Lord?

Spread it.

How should I do it Lord?

I will let you know in a due time.

Thank You Jesus.

I will grant these graces and many more through you.

My God, be glorified in every soul.

Thank you child for your blessings and invocations of adoration to Me. I place them as a balm on My Wounds.

Lord, what about the second picture? ( I took a picture of the second twin candle, to show the typical flame, but this time I saw the violet ray going through the entire picture.  You could not see it normally but only through the lens, but I was not able to catch it on the photo, I will register it later on the film).

This is My Light. Its ray is constantly falling on you, so you could be My beloved in My Light.

Lord, I thank You. How great are Your works.

Ask Me…

Lord, I feel so good with You, I am so amazed and You are giving new graces: to me , to the world.  These are very important things.   I would like to pray to You all the time, but I have to work.

Do not worry child, I am watching over you.

My Beloved Lord, should I start working now, because I am afraid that I will not manage or should I continue praying in the presence of Your Big Works.

I, Your Lord and King am with you. Do not be afraid and leave it to Me. There are big rewards for those, who trust in Me. 

So, should I continue praying and do not work?

Now you pray, since I granted you great graces, and later I will come and we will do it together.

I love You.

I love you too, my daughter.  I will not leave You. Trust in Me.

Jesus, I trust in You, Jesus, I trust in You, Jesus I trust in You.



Today, the whole day I am aware of the presence of Jesus  He cares for me. This morning I wanted to use perfumes and I heard the Lord say to me:

“You do not need it.  It is the sin that has to be perfumed, virtues have their own fragrance”


 At work I smelled  the wonderful aromas that our Lord surrounded me with. It started with the smell of the first perfume in my life, then the beautiful balsamic scent, and finally the celestial, strangely familiar but completely indescribable smell. I said: Jesus, what a beautiful scent You have!

“It’s not I, it is a scent of My garments.” My scent is much more beautiful.

I feel that He is very happy today. Glory be to God, Savior of the world! It was the most wonderful day of my life. Lord Jesus said to me:

“In Heaven you will have all of them.”

Beloved Savior, I love You, I adore You and I’m crazy for You. Today it was the most wonderful day in my life. My first wonderful day. Thank You! You pampered me and told me so many wonderful things that it is a terrible penance that I do not remember them. But everything received from You and accepted is a blessing to me.

I love you Ma little one. I have loved you before you came to this world. It was a long time that you were not close to Me, but now I am very happy to have you for myself. You are mine.

I’m Yours and I love it!

My little one, I’ll make you My instrument, just as you wanted. I will use you for the salvation of souls.

Lord, I am at Your command.

I feel that you are so tired, but even greater difficulties you will have to endure for Me.

My Lord and My God.  Let Your will be done.

My little one, I will not talk to you now anymore because I see how tired you are, but I will stay with you. Do not be afraid. I, God, will be with you forever.

Thank You, My God and My King!

Good night, little one.

I love You, I will not go to sleep yet, I will still pray.

I know My dear little one, I Myself, Your God am with you.

Thank You Lord for Your abundant gifts.

Good night.


Beloved Jesus, I am sorry that I did not get up in the morning for church, I did no go to see You and did not have time for You at all during the day.

And I had time for you and I was waiting…

I am very sorry, that I disappointed you.  You are so sad, God’s Heart is so tender.

You know My Heart the best. I gave it to you in the Holy Eucharist and you are abandoning Me?

O Lord,  I am not abandoning You. I love you all the time but I am so weak, sleepy and overworked.  I know that You know everything.  Why are you saying that I am abandoning You?  It is not true.

Were you today with Me, with Your God?

No Lord, but I am working so hard for You, I am giving this all to You.  I am not capable to manage and divide my time and thoughts.  You know it.  You know that there is no competition.  You occupy always first place!  Just give me strength,  give me Your Angel, who will drag me out of bed by my feet, if I was not to see You again because of my fault.


My little one, your plead was heard. I see, that you are tired but do you know, how exhausted is Son of God? How lonely He is? You heard yourself today, how I and My Mother are offended.  There is not a place on earth, where I could rest. They play carols, but their hearts are made of ice.  Who loves Me? (It is about certain advertisement in New Zeeland which is offending God, Mother of God and Saint Joseph.  The picture is portraying “Mother of God and Saint Joseph” lying in the bed.  And slogan says:  It is not easy to penetrate God.) 

I love You, My Savior, please forgive me.  I love You very much, but I am so weak.  Please give me a grace, that I would not abandon  and sadden You any more.  This all depends from You.

Yes, everything depends from Me, but you have to give yourself entirely to Me. (Jesus is showing on my  example, what He wishes other people would do as well.  Which is, to entirely give themselves to Him.)

Lord, didn’t I give myself entirely to You?

Yes, but others… My other children… what I will do without them? I want all My children gathered around Me. Come to Me! I, God, love you disproportionately to your transgressions.  Why are you abandoning Me? Why are you mocking Me, when I do good to you? I created you for My Happiness and for My Glory, so you could see how Good I am and you humiliate Me and abandon Me. My little Agnes listen to me carefully. I am Gracious God and I will not renounce My children, if they come to Me with a contrite heart, but how could I break their hearts of stone?


O Lord, only with Your Grace.  Without it we are all lost.

You are correct My little soul. I love you endlessly. O, if I only could have more children like you in love with Me, the world would not have to die, but…

O Lord, You can do everything, You can make that all people on earth will fall in love with You today!


Yes my child, I could do it, but what is the worth of such a love?  I gave you a free will.  You may love me, but you do not have to.  What good would it be if I force you to love Me?  Does mother’s heart rejoice when she sees that her child is visiting her only out of obligation?  It is an indescribable pain, when the child for whom I suffered and gave my life for, is disregarding Me and is laughing at Me. Have sympathy for Me, because I am so lonely. 

O My God, how can people not love You?  Everybody, whom You touch is madly  falling in love with You! 

Do not philosophize… you do not understand it anyway.

I am sorry Lord, I want to console You, but I still am very not capable.


My little one, come to God’s House. I am always waiting there for you, I am awaiting you, same as you are awaiting Me, am I not sometimes coming down from the cloud? I will come down, I will come down soon, but still many have to be converted and you will help Me with this.

Yes My Lord, I will do everything what You wish, but empower me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and give me the strength.


I will do it. You will serve Me faithfully. I know, that you are afraid, but I also was afraid in the Garden of Gethsemane. Be with me in My pain, in fear and My misery, in loneliness and rejection. I want to share everything with you, because you are Mine, you are the clay in My Hands, because you gave yourself entirely to Me and it is pleasing to My Heart and to My Father and to the Holy Ghost. My very little child, you will suffer a lot of humiliations for Me, but I will reward it all in Heaven.

I believe My Lord, that You will give me strength, humbleness and faith, so I could endure this all with dignity.


For My Glory do not give up. I know, that when I am offended, you do not know what to do, but have courage. I, Lord am with you, I will tell you what to speak and if you should speak at all. Today it did not make sense. I wanted for you to experience, how much Your God is offended. You are fighting with offending thoughts and with sin, but I? I am Holy, but still I have to see all this hideousness and endure all humiliations. 

I apologize My Lord for all those who offend You so much but I am not better than them and You know it.


I know, but I forgave you everything, My little one. Come into My Arms, come to Your God, because I was waiting for you the whole day until you will come to Me.

My Beloved God, always Yours and always for You, I am throwing myself into Your vast Arms full of tenderness and forgiveness for man!


You are correct My little one, I love you and every person that comes to Me. Do not be afraid of satan, he cannot do anything. I am the Lord of all creation.  Nothing is happening but only through Me and you are the pupil in My Eye and nothing will happen to you.  I, God am repeating to you, you do not have to fear anything. I know how quickly you get frightened My child. There is a very small number of beings such frightened like you, but despite of your fear, you did not leave me.


I, God am explaining to you. I already won, dying on the cross. Salvation has taken place and you are drawing from this endless grace. The war is going on only in human hearts but in Heaven is peace. I am reigning in Heaven and he is prowling over the earth so he could debase, destroy and desecrate your souls that you would not be able to hear My calling. Because I, God am calling you constantly and will never cease calling you.


Come to me all you who are burdened and I will straighten you and dry your tears. Why are you condemning yourself to misery and his company. O, if you could only see how ugly he is, there wouldn’t be so many sinners among you.  This image alone is a torture itself and this is only the vestibule of hell.  Save yourself while there is still time and you do not have time anymore. 

There is not much?  It means, that it is very little, Lord?


Yes My child, very, very little.  Therefore it is so important that you would not miss Holy Mass. (It is daily Holy Mass)and save as many children as possible and the ones that you are praying for in majority would be condemned because they rejected Me long time ago and rule themselves.

I understand My Lord.  I will do everything in my power, that it would not repeat.

(When Jesus was saying it, He was caressing my head).

Thank You, my Beloved God.  I know, that I am doing so little, but please lead me in what I should do and help me with Your Strength so I could improve in my tasks.

Feel My Wounds.

I feel them Lord and love them, because they are the source of eternal happiness and they are Yours and I love to feel You around me.

Feel My presence, child. I am with you all the time and when you think that I am angry at you I am also with you. I never cease in loving you. Never!

And me as well Lord! Even though I am tired and busy sometimes, I love You always, but You can make me loving You more.  I desire it. To be united with you for eternity.

You will abide in My Happiness because you loved and had faith. You are for Me and I for you my little one.

Thank You, my Beloved Savior.  Thank You, I desire this very much, I wish to be as close to You as human being possibly can.  I know, I have no merits and I lack courage, it doesn’t seem to me either that I am suitable for great sacrifices, but I ask of You Jesus find the way, that I could be so close to You as possible and even closer.  But for God there are no limits. 


There is nothing, God is Infinite. You ask for a lot. I am aware of your desires, but you know yourself, how much cleansing your soul requires so you cannot approach Me yet but I, God will ready you and cleanse you for Myself. You will dwell with Me, but how close, we will see. Do not expect the reward after how you hurt Me today.

I am sorry Lord.  I know that I was lazy and selfish and of little faith.

Very well. I am forgiving you, but be obedient to Me and do not hesitate in serving Me. I sent you and you bring me fruit in abundance. This I said, Your God, Creator of heaven and earth and all of the creation. Go child and do not sin anymore. I want to see you in church tomorrow morning.

Yes, My Lord.  One more time, I am sorry.

OK, now.

Thank you very much.

Go, my little one. Amen.




I am here.

I am sorry that somehow I am doing things wrong. Please, do not scold me. Help me.

My little one, I’m here to help you. Why are you tormenting yourself? I told you that I can do anything, and that satan can not do anything to you, but I am allowing him to come close to you in order to cleanse you for Me. My little I want to be with you forever and I want to have you as close to Me as possible. Why are you crying? I will give you graces. You will not depart from Me. You will not fail Me, because I, God Himself am with you.

But yesterday I let you down and I do not bring You fruits and have no time for You and Your Mother. I already should have been taking actions but I awake  every day with the fear that I am doing nothing while You are waiting for me to do something,  I do not know how to act accordingly anymore and I can not organize my time.


Listen child, do not shed tears anymore, I’ve seen enough of it. Smile to Me and trust Me more. I know you are weak. I know that on your own you can do nothing. Now, you have less of My Light because I am purifying you. You are aware of that so why do you falling into despair so easily? Don’t I console you constantly? Be patient, purify yourself. You must still bear your suffering before I tell him to stop tormenting you this way. I want to have you by My side without your fear. I want to have you with Me forever. (When I pray,  the devil presses on me words and images that offend God).

Lord, I felt You so close to me, that we are together, and You dearly care for me, what I drink, what I eat, how I feel, whether I use perfume, and now You seem to me so far away. But we are together, aren’t we? Just like on Monday, only I do not feel it?

Yes, little child, do not be worried. I took you as a wife and I will not change my mind. I told you that no man, nor God will change it, and you still doubt it, silly? (…). I am a Kind and Gentle God. You know that, why are you apprehensive of Me?

I am afraid that I am still disappointing You.

Such is a human My child. I do not count against you how many times you fail Me, only how many times you return to Me repentant acknowledging that without Me you cannot do anything.

O Lord, I cannot do anything without You, and yet I am still being snooty and still interrupting when You talk.

It is not important child, do not search for words in your head. Write exactly what I say. I forgive you anyway, because you are My chosen one. Give yourself completely to Me and I will mold your perfection.

Thank You, My Lord.

Okay, go now and do not be worried. Soon we will be close again.

Thank you, dear God. Please give me strength and trust to calm down and bear it with dignity.

You have My blessing My little. Amen.

I was thinking today, that I do not even know what I was wearing at our wedding, that probably it was  not nice – homey. And the Lord said:

“Child, these are all vanities. For Me only your soul is of value. Adorn your soul for Me with virtues.”

I prayed and professed my love to God, and the Lord said:

“Well, finally… you’ve said what I was waiting for today.”

And then I continued praying and offered my aching head while suddenly I felt in my soul that Jesus took me on His Hands, raised me up and hugged me. I was like a small child by Him, about the size of an infant. Then He placed me back on the armchair and said:

“I decided to cleanse you, I can not pamper you so much…”


(…) Nearly three weeks ago (on November 28), during Holy Mass in Wykrot, I said to the Mother of God that I want to help her in conversion of people, but I do not know how. And then Mother of God replied:“Bring them to Me and I will convert them”.I thought that it was about the organization of the pilgrimage to Wykrot.


My Beloved Mother, I welcome You and greet You.  I am sorry that it took such a long time before I asked You for directions how to produce worthy works for You.  I wanted it very much, but I was afraid and I apologize for my sluggishness  and delay.  Do not be angry with me My Holy Lady.


Write. I have no time to be angry. I have children to be saved.  I want pilgrimage to be organized to My Holy Wykrot where I was coming and left fountains of graces which nobody draws from. (Place of apparition of Mother Mary during 1990-2002 in Kurpie.  Seer-stigmatic Stephen Gwiazda died in year 2002, on the day of Purification of Blessed Virgin Mary.  Mother of God left 39 messages, which should have been spread all over the world.  The apparitions were accompanied with many signs and healings, however only people from surrounding villages and cities are familiar with them.  Currently in this place there is a chapel and convent of capuchin nuns.)

Write: I, Mary, Queen of Polish Nation, whom Your King, John Casimir established as a Queen, whom cardinal Wyszyński established as your Mother have all of you children in my care and I will not allow to annihilate this nation, and will intercede for you in front of God, so help Me God.  But you my children pray and beg Me during this night pilgrimage, which I am instituting and blessing.  Children, come to Me and I will give you the streams of Your Saviour’s graces, who chose Me, His Mother and authorized Me to intercede for you.  Lord has for you children, for you Poland, graces and salvation, and now through Agnes, my servant I am establishing this work.  Do not let anybody dare to object to my orders and graces.  I want to save your nation from ruin and I will accomplish it if you will help me. So, pray to your Mother, “Help of the Faithful”, to your Mother of Mercy and to your Queen for preservation, help for your nation and for imminent Enthronement of My Son in Your Homeland. I Mother entrust you child this task.  Go and do not hesitate, because there is very little time and I cannot wait any longer.  I do not have gifts for My Son to soothe His pain caused by your sins.


Beloved Mother, it should be penitential nightly pilgrimage to Mother of God – Help of the Faithfull, Mother of God’s Mercy and Queen of Poland with the intention for help for Polish Nation and imminent enthronement of Jesus as King of Poland?

Yes, my child. I said it, word for word.

Mother, should it be carried out on Saturday each month?

Yes, every first Saturday of the month, devoted to My Immaculate Conception.

Beloved Mother, how should I proceed?  Should I engage X(…)?


No, do not ask him. This mission should be the work of the little ones and incapable. I chose you and your parents and ask also X for help. He already know what he needs to do. Just talk to him. Tell him that I appoint him for this mission. He will be your right hand my child, but you are bearing the yoke, so do not delay my dearest.  I love you, Your Mother, Mother of your parents  and Mother of your nation. I love you with all My Heart, and I am fond of Polish nation. Depart in peace.  Amen.

Mother, only one more thing.  You know everything better, but X(…) has ability to grab people attention and he could use it to attract multitudes.

I do not need multitudes. I need faithful souls which are attentive to Me.

I love You, My Mother. Let Your will be fulfilled in me and in everybody devoted to this mission. Please appeal to the Holy Spirit and obtain through Him the Gift of discernment so I would know how and when to act.

I will do it. You will attain the help of the Holy Spirit. I am pleased with the route which you have chosen for the pilgrimage and talk to X today. He only awaits a signal, to serve me this way. I love you My Little chosen one and the chosen one of My Holy Son. Go and labor in My Name, the Name of Mary, your Mother.  Amen.

Thank You My Beloved Mother.  I will do according to your wishes.

You have God’s blessing, so do not fear anything.

So help Me God, all angels and all saints. Amen.



Mother Mary, My Mother?

I am with you My child.


Mother, why did You give me this task yesterday? You knew that he will not be present. (Conversation in reference to a person that Mother Mary assigned to help me).

Yes, I knew, it was a test of faith.

Mother, is it You talking?

Yes, it is I.

What kind of test You are talking about?

Satan wants to infiltrate this mission, because he knows how many graces I obtained for it, and he will try to discourage you every possible way, but you not deter because Your Mother safeguards it. (The day before devil imitating Jesus Christ was assuring me that I will meet that person, but I have to believe it.  Then I did not realize that he could deceive such a way).

Mother, tell me little more about what happened yesterday.

I dictated a message to you and satan  intermixed. I allowed your character to be tested this way to fortify you before more demanding tasks ahead of you.

Thank You Mother.

Get good night sleep and then we will talk.

Should I call him right now?

In your present condition, it doesn’t make sense. (I was almost unconscious with exhaustion after all night pilgrimage).



I am here.

Hail My King!

Welcome, my little one.

Can I inquire, why X was not there…I was so confident that he will be there. (Unfortunately, devil disturbed my piece and I was still occupied with this issue).

Listen up, X…is appointed to help you, but the Most Holy Mother placed the yoke of this mission on you, so you would understand, that independent of him, you must act. If he would fail you in the last moment, or withdraw, you must continue this mission. Even though all would be backwards. Remember, you have him to assist you, but if he would become absent, you will not panic, you’ll trust Your Mother and She will lead you. These are the trials which you will be subjected to, because every, trial and every hardship, when you have to rely on Your Mother in opposite to reason is cleansing you and obtains more graces for this mission.

So Holy Mother told this to me purposely.

Yes, My child. Trust your Mother even if everything would attest to the contrary. Trust Your Mother blindly.

Yes, my Jesus. Forgive this inquisition, but I always heard from You things which came to be and this one bewildered me.


I know my child. You also heard the whispers of satan, but I am telling you even though your intellect would tell you to question your faith, believe anyway. Let your faith ridicule intellect and intimidate those looking for logical explanation. Just trust. I am telling you this, Your Lord and God and you often reflect on my words.

Proliferate my faith O MOST HOLY KING.(Sometimes when I type Lord Jesus turns on Capital Letters. I do not know about it and am typing, but when I lift up my head from the keyboard, the fragment of text has capital letters. It is always entire words).

I am present with you and I bless you all the time. I am leading you on the steep path to holiness.

Thank You Lord.  Should I call to X.. And tell him all directly?

Such is the will of My Mother.  Do not be afraid. It is Her undertaking and She has discernment what is the best way to bring it to fruition.


My Dearest Mother, forgive my doubts and fatigue when I stubbornly persisted to converse with You while I was not up to it.

Do not dwell on it my child. Put your effort to my desired task, the pilgrimage and this would please Me very much.

Thank You My Dearest Mother, I made a first step and it brought me joy.


Yes, you felt my Motherly support. You ascertain yourself to trust me. This is the kind of stand I expect from you all the time so I can support you. Do not loose hope and faith in this mission and you will see how great wonders I will make for Salvation of Polish nation.

Mother of Poland and Polish people, I thank You on behalf of our nation, that you stoop over Your children and point the direction to Christ the King.  May  Your Son’s Name and Yours o Mother of Mercy be blessed for eternity.


Thank you my child. Stay on task with peace and courage. Do not fear and commend yourself to My Immaculate Heart, to which you have devotion and I will lead you step by step my little Agnes.

My Beloved Mother, I thank you for tremendous graces passing through me.  You know how unworthy I am of them.


I know my child, Lord favored you with Mercy for His Own Glory. Grateful souls are most efficient in their labors, when they are conscious of their insignificance and lack of contribution in comparison to the amount of graces received from the Lord.  Even though they deserve the punishment, the Lord shower them with graces, which is an comprehendible mystery of God’s Love.

But, My Dearest Mother, you intercede for me. You introduced me to Your Son. You brought me in front of His Throne and said: “Take Her”.


Yes. I said: This child truly loves You and desires to serve You, even though you were unworthy and enslaved, I set you free, because He discovered something appealing in you, in your humility and your high reverence for Him.

My Mother, thank You. So many times I disrespected you and You know that I regret it very much. 


Do not go back to what you just mentioned. Lord has forgiven you your sins. That reality has been annulled. It was annulled with the grace of God, so think rather about merits to thank God for mercy that He bestowed on you.  

I will do as You say My Mother, teach me. I give myself to You entirely as Your possession since You know the best what I am suitable for and in what manner I could best pleasing to Your son, to make Him happy.

Yes, my Son is happy when He sees humble and devout souls. Serve Him with dedication. He is awaiting your sacrifices.

What sacrifices My Mother? Anything specific?

All sacrificed that you will present Him – I will prepare and you only be obedient to My listen to My voice attentively.

Thank You, My Mother, I will put an effort to live accordingly with all my strength.

Be blessed. I am taking you and your parent under My Maternal protection as a Mother of the Scapular. Now you are under my special protection and I will be blessing your ways for the rest of your earthly life, so you could enter into God’s Glory. (This day in the morning I and my parents received the Holy Scapulars through the priest) 

Thank You Most Holy Virgin. My beloved Mother I feel so secure for having You as My Mother.

Go in peace. My Son awaits you.


My Dearest Jesus?

I am here, my little one.

My Holy King! I am grateful that You are finding time for me and that You have for me – so little and insignificant so much love and attention.

I do, my child. You are pleasing to Me and it feels good to be with You. I like you. I will dwell at your place. I feel good with your love.

My Beloved, this is such a great honor for me, that You, the Great King and Ruler of the Universe want to dwell in my humble place.  I thank You immensely for such a great grace, that the most wonderful Holidays of the year, Christmas You want to spend with us. (We took into our house the statue of Christ the King during solemn enthronement for Christ Kingship in our family).

My little one recognize My grace… My humble servant.

I am grateful to serve You, My Holy One!  I love to look at You, my Beloved! I thank You for multitude of graces that You bestowed on my through out my life, during last week and during yesterday pilgrimage!

All the images are real, the one that you see are real. I take you into My arms. You make the Heart of You God to be tender. Yes, and the rays that you saw coming out from My Holy Statue were also real. Each day I am bestowing a lot of graces on you, just be attentive, you scatterbrain.

My Dear God – I understand “scatterbrain” as a reprimand?

Yes, I like what you are joyous, but joy has to be Mine and from Me. That’s when you are most pleasing to Me.

I understand what You say.  I need to pay attention when I am joking, so It would not be as an empty clowning.


Yes. My child. In life there is no time for emptiness, for frivolous talks and gestures without meaning. Everything that you do should be filled with My Holy Spirit. This is a warranty that you will not offend me and that way your works will be pleasing to Me. Consecrate yourself to My Spirit. Increase your devotion to Him. 

Jesus, can this be daily recital of the novena?


Yes, you are thinking well. My Spirit already engage into your offer and is leading you. During the nine consecutive days say a prayer to Holy Ghost. It could be this novena, which you like so much, chaplet or other prayer, asking about specific graces for yourself.

Yes, My God.  Thank You for Your instructions.


Oh, how much I love You, My God!

I love you, so obedient and humble.  Now, pray to me a lot and we will end message for today because you will still make calls today and I want My prayers and adoration.  Glorify Your God. (Usually after receiving the message I am so ecstatic, that I need to share it with somebody, so I call my mom to read to her what Jesus said this day.  My mom is awaiting my calls. Jesus very often encourages me to call her.  He said: Your mother is waiting with such a anticipation for each of the messages, oh if only everyone would like to read “My Word” in the same manner.)

I love You!  I love You! I Love!  More then life! I renounce my worldly existence for You, Jesus.

Yes, you will renounce everything for Me. I will bring you so close to Me, that you will not be able to breath out of happiness.

Let Thy Will be done, My Lord. It is the most beautiful Will, which I desire for ever.

It will be your share. Enter into My Kingdom child.

I desire it very much, thank You my Master!

It has been a long time since you spoke to Me that way. 

In that case I will say it more often.

Very well, go in peace to make your calls.

I love you and thank You.

I Bless you, My little. Amen

Thank You. Be glorified for eternity in every heart. Amen



I am here.

My Beloved God, I miss You so much, that I am going beside myself.

I know My little one, glorify Me.

I adore You.  I am so full of unworthiness and at the same time so full of love for You.

Come, cling to Me. I will support you, My little one.

You are so Holy and Perfect.  I long for You so much.

I know, tomorrow you will fell My presence. We will be close again.

Thank You, My Beloved for allowing me to talk to You and for Your responses.

My beloved, I will not leave you. Do not be afraid. We are bonded for ever.

I am Yours, My Wonderful, Beloved Jesus!

My little one, My Heart rejoices when I listen to you, when you adore Me.

My Savior, My King. Your have everything what I need for my happiness. Your are my Happiness.

And your mom…

You know, that I was worrying today.

Do not be afraid. I am watching over her. Everything that comes  her way is from My hand, so there is no reason to fear. I will give her trying time for My Glory.  She is obedient to Me and I will glorify My Name in her. 

Lord, I am clueless.

You do not have to, my little one. I will inform you in appointed time.

Jesus, but I shouldn’t worry?

No, you should not. Trust Me, that’s final. Nothing happens outside of My Will and I am Goodness and Gentleness. Her trials will not be difficult. 

My Lord, should I inform her about it?

No, I Myself will reveal to her what I please.

As a gift?

Yes, I will dictate to you tomorrow. Do you feel My wounds?

Yes Jesus, my back is burning.

Feel Me in your presence. I am so lonely.

Do You want to talk about it My Lord? (I behave terribly. I did not hear at all what Jesus was talking about, because I was preoccupied with the thoughts if we should invite certain person to spent Christmas with us.  I wanted to consult Jesus, but was afraid, that with His word we would not be able to withdraw from the decision). 

I do not have to. Do as you wish.

Forgive me. It is not my decision, but of the entire family.

I know, but do not use your family as an excuse. My conversation is with you.

I am Your servant.

Exactly. As a servant you are very disobedient.

I am sorry My Lord. I have fear, do not be harsh with me, please.

My child, you are asking and yet you do not wish to hear the answer.

Do not be angry please, please.

Very well, do you wish to listen?

Yes, My Lord.

Invite him for Christmas.

For one day? For Christmas Eve or for Christmas day?

For Christmas day dinner.

And how about Christmas Eve Supper?

No, you do not have to for Christmas Eve Supper.  It will be yours and Mine time in your family. I want to present you a message, but on Christmas Day meet with him.

I thank You Jesus. Please accept my apology that sometimes I distance myself out of fear and I am lacking  humility, but You know that every day I pray for that grace.

I know, child.

Please teach me, to not oppose You in anything.

I will teach you, because in you I have particular delight.

My Dear God, in You I have all the treasures of the universe.

You speak well. I am everything.

Jesus I feel so week and inept, I am ashamed because of that. 

I know, it is good that you feel shame.

My Beloved, today I do not hear You that clearly.

You will not hear me that clearly in this house. (I spent the night at my friends)

Will I hear You better tomorrow?

Yes, we will talk tomorrow, do not worry about your mom and go to sleep.

Thank You My Lord, do You know that I love You?

I know. I love you too, my Little one. Go to sleep.


Jesus, I feel terribly guilty.  My behavior is not  worthy enough. I am not adoring You sufficiently,  lack in improvement and have not enough time for You. Forgive me.

How about a greeting?

I welcome You, My Beloved King! My Life! Forgive my unbefitting.  I rejoice because I see You and hear You, however I feel so guilty, unworthy , week and unreliable.

I like you, as I told you before. I like your love for Me.

My Lord, this is the only and the best thing I posses.. It is to love You.  The rest of me is only weakness, fallibility and I am not able to improve anything in myself and in my life.

My little one, come to Me. I ma Your God, I will watch over you. Give yourself to me completely. I want you for Myself forever.

I am Yours forever.  You know this.

I know, but I like when you say it over and over again.

I will repeat this to You all the time, unceasingly.

I hold you dear to Me.

My Holy, Omnipotent God, unfathomable is Your Love.  You – The Perfection and me -only imperfections. How it is possible, that God is falling in love with such infinitely weak, imperfect and sinful creature?


My little one, this you will not comprehend. My love is not from this world.

In that case My Lord, I want to be in Your World. Your Love , is the true Love! Us, people know nothing about it.

(Jesus was silent)

My Lord, will You not say more to me?

I will, I will… I am thinking…

My Lord, I adore You when You deep in thought.


Your God was deep in thought about the fate of your brothers, who know nothing about Me and do not want to know. They presume that they posses “love” but do not know the first thing about it since they do not know Me. I am LOVE.


Outside of Me, there is no happiness. They deceive themselves that satan will make them happy. He despises them, while I love them.

My Beloved Lord, if only people would know You, they would not want anything beside You.


People do know me, I revealed Myself to them. I am Good therefore they ignore me.  But when I come as a Just Judge, they will fall dead out of fear, they will want to serve Me when they will become aware of My Might. I gave Myself to people as a Loving God, same way you address Me, but people prefer the idol of hatred and filth. I redeemed you and you ungrateful people have me for nothing.  How can I be a Gracious God to them when they are mocking Me?  My beloved mock Me the same way as my torturers. Heart of God is overflowing with bitterness.  

(When Jesus stated “they know me” He referred to people who know about His existence, while previously using the same words he was referring to deeper knowledge of the true meaning of Love which is God. Saint John the apostle wrote in his first letter “Who does not love, is he who doesn’t know God, because God is Love” John 4)

My Beloved, I love You so much, I give You Glory, I wish that everybody would fall in love with You as I did.  They would be so happy like I am and You will be also so happy…

Oh, my child, how wonderful it would be…

My God, one day Your Holy Heart and Heart of Your Mother will be triumphant, this will be so.


Yes, My child, but before it will happen still a lot of human blood will be spilled. There will be wars.

My Lord, You are all knowing, perhaps if we will turn our ways, the wars could be avoided.


You will not turn your ways. I know the hears of my children. They are not capable to recognize their God.

Enable us our Savior.  Change our hears for Your Own Glory.

My little one, how many times do I have to explain to you that I cannot do it. 


I gave people free will and I cannot force them to do anything.

I am sorry My Lord, I truly do not understand it.  On the other hand it is possible to implore somebody’s conversion from You,even though it is very tedious.


Not always. When a soul is gone astray, but did not renounce Me, is weak but not arrogant, then I am helping, the same way  I helped you. You desired Me in your life, but you were not able to deny yourself all what separated You from Me. I myself had to remove those things, so you could regain your sight. 

Yes Lord, thank You.  So then it is easy to obtain the grace of conversion?


I do not know if it is easy or difficult, but it is possible. However, when somebody does not want Me at all, I am in his way, My Father is cutting off access to any graces.

Now I understand My Lord.  My Master, thank You for that explanation. My Teacher… My Rabbi.

My little one, you have warmed the Heart of Your God. Your words are kindhearted. I gave you this capability and I await for you to be fruitful.

Right now?

Do not be frightened, you have a little bit more time.

Thank You, My Lord.  Before You wanted to say something to me and I did write it.

You right, it was that I will make you even more capable, so you can serve Me better.

Thank You My Lord.  I do want to serve You better. 

Today, I will not dictate to you a message for your family. You are too tired. Go to sleep and return tomorrow morning.

Yes Father.  I love You.

And I love you little soul. Go to sleep.

I bless You, Jesus.

Very well.  And I, God bless you My child. Go an be obedient to Me. Amen.


I welcome You, My King.

Welcome My little one. I take joy in your obedience. (Prior evening, even though Jesus clearly stated that I should go to sleep, I had a laps of memory and started to engage in a task, but before I began, I remembered His words and with remorse I reconsidered and went to bed).

I am putting in my full effort, My Master.

Very well. I will dictate now, but firstly show me affection.

I love You, do you remember the time, My Lord, when I wanted to send You SMS…it was before You were speaking to me directly.  (A while back, I was visiting my friends and I had a desire to send SMS to the Lord to let Him know that I love Him,  I was overtaken by such longing and love that the most natural thing at that moment was to send SMS. When I came to my senses I was disappointed that it is not possible).

I was speaking to you, but you did not hear me. I gifted you with ability. Do you feel Me my child.

I feel You in my palms.  (I had a burning sensation).

Good, let’s begin.

I would like to add, that I am very grateful for all the graces that You gifted me with. I am grateful for Your Mercy that You bestowed on all the people from the night club that none of them was condemned to hell. (This was in reference to the people that perished during the fire that consumed the night club in Russia).

Your prayer in their intention was very passionate and I have a Soft Heart.

Your Heart is Wonderful. You are a Wonderful God and so Good.

My Beloved child, write, for today We have little time.

Yes Father, I love You and I am listening. (There is no confusion here of the persons of the Holy Trinity.  There are occasions, when I speak to Jesus, Holy Spirit speaks through me and outside of my consciousness I say “Father”.  This is one of those occasions.  I spoke “Father” before I heart that it was God the Father who was addressing me.  God the Father has a low voice with kind of a resonance).

Your beloved mother is My beloved daughter. Write for her:.(…)

God the Father dictated individual messages for each member of my family. Father I love You, blessed are Your works and Your Most Holy Graces.


Very well, My daughter.  I gave you those graces because you so passionately interceded for your brothers.  Let them be blessed like you are blessed.  My children go into the world and prepare a way for me, for in a glimpse you will be caught of guard when I will arrive in My Magnificence, adorned with Most Holy Glory to judge the nations and no one will stand who  rejects me, who would not place A CROWN on My  HOLY Head. (Sometimes, when I type, Jesus initialize capital letter. I am not aware of it, I am typing and when I raise my head from above the keyboard, I see that a fragment is capitalized.  Always  entire words.  Jesus emphasizes to direct our attention).


Worship Me my children, I am approaching and time is very short to serve Me on this earth and every earthly merit I will count a hundred fold. Remember these My Words in the time of terrible Tribulation which will come upon you, but I God will protect you my children. I Your God love you forever. Amen.

My Lord, did I document everything correctly?

Yes, child, very well. Come to Me. Cling to Me, I bless you, my little one. I love you child. I am with you. Contemplate Me today the entire day. Adore Me the way I want to be adored. I beloved you and you love Your Lord, Holy Jesus. 

I love You and adore You! I Adore and I love.  Beloved of my heart, Jesus.

Go, blessed one. I placed My great works on your shoulders.

Big thank You My Lord.  I love You and I am very grateful my Beloved.

Amen My child. Amen.


Write my little one. I came in My Glory as an Infant God. My angels were singing for Me, how about you? How come you are not singing for me today?

My Beloved, I was singing to You this night, but also today I will sing to You My Beautiful King.

Sing to Me my little one. I gifted You, sing to Me a lot.

I love You so much, would you like me to sing to You now?

Yes, sing to Me, the same way as Heavenly Choirs.

(I sang)

My Only Love, You know how much I like to sing to You. Should I continue singing?

Learn the words, My little one.

Oh, My Lord, my memory is so deficient but I will give an effort and learn.  I will still sing to You today.

Sing to Me, sing to Me, it is pleasing to Me.

My Master, are You happy today?

I am happy today My child, because many souls who are longing are coming to Me. 

From purgatory?

Yes My child, also those whom you helped.


Jesus, I wanted to ask You about the prayer of St. Gertrude. Is it really true, that you are releasing one thousand souls each time this short prayer is said? (Prayer of St. Gertrude: Eternal Father,  I offer You the most precious blood of thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal Church, for those in my own home, and in my family. Amen.)

Yes My child. I bestowed this grace on you, so you bring to Me My children from purgatory, sadly only few people take advantage of it.

My Lord, I would like to pray it during the pilgrimage.

That is good My child, very good. You have My blessing. Teach this prayer to My other children, because I redeem many souls through the merit of this prayer.

I will pray then My Lord.  I would like to ask if mine and my brother’s sacrifice was accepted and if we together through our prayer-intercession released one million souls?

Yes, My child.  Write. This one million of souls released through your prayers dwell with Me now and are unceasingly pleading on your behalf.  You now both have holy allies in Heaven who are interceding for you day and night . Your God was pleased with your offering, and My Holy Mother was rejoiced that She could lead to Me, souls released out of purgatory. How I long for every soul, and I anticipate uniting them with Me.  There is a big feast in Heaven when one soul enters, how about one million.

So it was worth it. I am so grateful My Lord. You know, that when prayer is repeated many times, the total concentration is not there and I was afraid that our prayer may not have the same merit in You Eyes and it would not be effective in releasing the souls.


My little one, I understand human nature. I know the capabilities of what  person can offer to Me and to what degree they utilize their gifts.  Petition with Me to Heavenly Father for the gift of beautiful prayer full of merit. Heavenly Father, bestow on me the grace to approach You in beautiful prayer. May my words be sanctified in the Most Holy Heart of Mary, may my thoughts  be transformed into a lively prayer for You and for Your Glory. Breath onto me Oh Holy Ghost so my prayer would be worthy in sanctifying my life. Amen.

Thank You Jesus, I will pray this way.  But when I was not concentrated, did You still hear me?

They have been redeemed, as I told you. But mind your prayer to by holy because I gifted you to pray in the holy manner. 

Yes, My Lord, forgive my stubbornness and lack of conviction.  I really wanted to be obedient.  Could an Infant Jesus change this flaw of mine into a virtue of unconditional, humble obedience? 

Ask, and it shall be given to you.

In that case I ask, I humbly ask You very much, I am so unreliable, I am still so ungrateful and so doubting.


Let Me speak, and you listen now my little and learn. I, God gifted you but alone you will amount to nothing.  Entrust  yourself to Your Redeemer.  I know that you would like to be more worthy, however, I chose you the way you are, unworthy and predisposed you Myself. I know, this painful, yet it is that pain that will cleanse you.


I love all My children, not only the most holy but also the worse sinners. To those you are send. To them you are a sign. I will make you, from the greatest sinner a greatest saint.  Do not be afraid to write “the greatest”.  There will  always be greater than you. I say this in reference to your sins. As great as were your sins that great will be your glory, because I, Your Lord will transfigure you and you will be as a banner displayed up high in the wind, flattering as a object of witness for those, who think they are damned. 


Your thoughts about  Infant Jesus are proper.  It is Me, who comes in this Infancy to change vices and sins into virtues.  This is not the result of your imagination, I infused you with knowledge, that this is the way of God working through the Infant, through His Messiah. Touch Me and you will save yourself. I am transforming water into the wine and sinners into saints.  Submit yourself to me , leave nothing for yourself and I will elevate  you to the altars of saints.  Let your words be yes-yes, no-no. Let your words be clean with no playful tone.


When you speak about Me be serious, because you are coming into contact with a Holy Matter. There will be time for laughter, however, I will be the One to point the appropriate time.  Now, give witness to Me and do not try to make My words to sound better. Do not add any attributes to Me so I would be better presented to people. I Am, Who Am the One Who is Unknown. I am Perfect, for the ones who will not recognize me through My Words, no beautification of any statement will help.

Oh Jesus, I am sorry. I really want to do the right thing, but once again it turned out to be wrong. I am sorry again.  Please give me a grace so the Holy Ghost would speak through me, because personally I am unable.


My child, I am not scolding you, I am helping.  I see how lost you are, not knowing the difference between what you  should or should not do, that is why I am talking to you. When you are witnessing to Me be serious, because when you are joking trying to please people, you are more likable to satan. This, I do not need.  Talk about Me normally. I love you My little one. I instruct you because I chose you. Who else should teach you, My little one? I know your shortcomings and  I will teach you.  Trust Me, I have your best interest at hand. I know how much you want for people to believe in Me, but it is I who will tell you how I will do it so do not despair when I am correcting you. My little one, Your God loves you and will not abandon you despite the fact that you may lack success.


Give yourself to Me, do not let discourage set in. Those are the whispers of the satan, that I scold You. I do not scold you child, I love you very much, and will not cease  loving you. You will work for Me, I will instruct you same way a loving Father instructs a child. Do not let yourself be deceived.  Be obedient to Me in everything. I am leading you by the hand. Come to Me, cuddle to Your God.  I will support and teach you, but I am not angry at you child. My little wound, you are so vulnerable.  My child I know, I know everything, but I am your loving Father. Rest yourself comfortable in Me, My little one.  I will not let you go, ever. Offer everything to Me, because I am teaching you.   


I will lead you myself because you are so fragile. My little flower bud, My dear…for My Glory I will fashion you. My little child, stop worrying. I will care for you. Your little heart is wounded, that is why it appeals to Your God. This is the reason why you are compassionate. And I Your God Himself want your compassion in My time of suffering.

I am here my Lord, my Master.  I am here for You.  I am sorry that I gave poor account to witness to You. Let me disappear and melt away within You, so my will be united to You and only You. So I would not disappoint you again.

What is it with you, that on such a great feast day of Mine you drown yourself in tears?

That is how weak I am my God, but I will restrain my self. 


Very Well. Now be happy and rejoice for great will be your reward in Heaven. The evil spirit is tormenting you child, because you rip away souls from his possession through your blessings and prayers. But, be careful not to succumb to doubt in My great Love towards you. I love. Recognize your insignificance.   Recognize your inabilities and give all your misery, to Me.  And I as a Holy Infant, will transform you.

Yes My Lord, instruct me.  I want to be humble.  But, may I sometimes joke around, or is that displeasing to You?

You know, that I like that and that you are so Dear to Me when you’re in joyous state of mind. I was referencing to witnessing to others not about our relation. 

Yes My Master, I am grateful that with You I can joke around.  I love when You joke.


I know, I know. Everyone wants a joyous God, but how can I be happy, when I see you destined for damnation? Does Father rejoice when his child looses the way? Now is the time of a great sacrifice, and later we will have time to joke around my little funny one. 

I love You so much. 

My little one, you getting tired. Now ask what you had in mind before. 

Yes My love. I was wondering if I should disclose to my confessor that You are speaking to me?

Yes. Tell him everything. I am sending you to him. Tell him about your visions and miracles. Show him the pictures. At first he will be skeptical, but I will convince him.  It will be a cross for you, the one that you will carry for Me.

Yes Jesus.  Should I tell him during my next confession?

No child, pay him a visit before.

Can you be more clear?

No. You will meet him soon.

I also wanted to ask if I should get health insurance?

Yes, get insurance.

And about pilgrimage, can I ask?

No, for that ask My Mother and let Her lead your way. I told you, that mission belongs to My Mother.

Yes My Lord, forgive me. I will remember. 

Good. Go and rest now. Later My Mother would like to talk with you. Be obedient to Her.

I will my Lord.  Everything as You wish. 

Ok. Go on now.


My Mother, Mother of Mercy, My Gentle Mother can You spare a moment of Your time for me?


Yes, I was waiting for you child. Come to me with your questions and do not delay. Tomorrow you will depart for Wykrot.

My Mother, but tomorrow my father will not be around and I will be without the car.

Do not let that worry you. I will arrange everything. Tomorrow drive there and speak to the priest.

Mother, should I tell him that I hear You?

There is no need for that. You will disclose that information in its own time.

Should I talk to the priest in Kadzidlo? 

That too, but as a secondary priority. Firstly take care of everything in Wykrot. Jot down all important matters, so you will not forget when you meet him. I will be with you. He will give approval. Everything is prepared, only drive there. 

Mother, and then I should approach priest in Kadzidle, or should I work through the acquaintance of my parents?

With that priest, it will be more difficult, but I will solve everything happily. There is no time to delay, you will be successful. 

How to begin in Kadzidlo?

Talk to the priest in Kadzidlo, do not worry I will help you. 

And through the acquaintance, that does not make sense?

No child, I do not have time for that story. Go directly to priest. 

In that case I will do that.

Good. Later I will talk to you about other matter. I know, that you do not know where to begin, but I will lead you. Become My hands, My feet, and I will take care of everything else. 

Yes Mother. This is an honor for me.  I give myself to you completely.

That is good my child. This is how I need you. Be submissive to me and we will save many souls.

I love You, My Mother. Lead Me and please grant me the ability to love you more and submit to You.

Very well. You will love Me more. Now pray to Me on your rosary bids, because you have to sustain your brothers. 


Thank You My Holy Lady.  I love You. I will help You as much as there is strength in me, and You, Mary be my brains and my heart, so I would not stray away and would not hinder onto Your undertakings.

I am glad that you are humble, my daughter. Lord is pleased to build His Glory in you and I Mother of Mercy stand by your side. Do not give up and do not despair because of you weaknesses. The Lord will enable you. He will strengthen you. Work for Me. 

Mary, I am all Yours.

My beloved daughter do My will and the will of My Son. I bless You.  Amen



I know my child, thank you for battling for Me.

You are grateful to me, My Lord? It is I who is grateful to You and apologize.

Oh My child, soothe My Heart.

I will soothe it, Lead me and I will ease Your pain.

(…) Previous miracle of Heart represented a divided Heart of God – because of your divisions. I am One God, it is you who divide between your different churches. Do not do it to Me because I am One.

Thank You Lord. I love You and I will return later, Is that OK?

OK My child. I am waiting for you. Amen.


I am back My Lord.  I love You!

My little one…

I love You, I am nothing but I love You very much , I believe in You and know that You are Pure Love.  Intensify my faith because currently I am no match to convince the doubters.

My little one, feel me.  Feel Your God when He come to strengthen you.

Oh Jesus, come and strengthen me.

My little, do not be afraid to  talk to Me. I am Purity. You cannot offend Me with your love.

Jesus, come to me.  Today, I feel You so little and I am longing for You.

O know My little, You will not feel me for now, but be diligent to fulfill your duties. I love You – Your God.

Jesus, I long for You so much. When will I feel You the same way as before? 

It won’t be much longer. Do not be discourage. I need your longing, in reparation for those who do not long for Me at all.

In that case My Lord, use me in order for You to be comforted so You would be glorified in every soul.


I accept your offering. I need more souls like yours willing to sacrifice. Give yourself to me entirely.

You have me for eternity, Lord.  I am only Yours.

I promise, I will still talk to you in the same manner, but now sacrifice yourself to Me, because the destiny of X is at stake. I pity him. He lost his soul. He does not hear My calling. Even after all the things I did for him, he still does not listen. 

Lord, I know, but please have mercy and patience for him.  You know Yourself, how he was thinking about You for so many years.  Perhaps, the trial was too much for him?

My child, I know what trials to give. For great saints there are great trials.

Jesus, I beg You, to touch him finally, because it is impossible to listen to him.

I know child.  This is difficult for you. It is a lesson for you, to act with obedience to My decisions. Submit yourself to My will before you submit yourself to his. I said, I will come to divide families, and this is it. (Mt. 10:34)


Mother of God, My Mother, please confirm if the title and goal of the pilgrimage sounds correct?

Nightly, walking, atoning  pilgrimage from Kadzidlo to Wykrot through the intercession of Mother of God – Help of the Faithful, Mother of God’s Mercy, Queen of Poland  for the intention of salvation and rescue of polish nation and hasty enthronement of Jesus as a King of Poland.


Not exactly, one more time: Nightly, walking, atoning pilgrimage from Kadzidlo to Wykrot through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God-Help of the Faithful, Mother of God’s Mercy and Queen of Poland for the intention of enthronement of Christ as a King of Poland.

Mother, how about the statement about the rescue of the polish nation, so the priests and those opposing the enthronement would not get agitated from the start.

No my child, write exactly as I, Mary am telling you and let your worries subside. I will prepare the way for you.

Mother, do you like the current proof.

Yes child, everything is correct. Go and do My work and I will be blessing and supporting you on your way. Tell your mother not to worry, I will lead you and be by your side all the time. (My mother does not make long journeys driving the car.  She drives only on familiar roads, mostly in the city.  Of course we drove without any problems, smooth, snow melted, sun came out and dangerous conditions of the roads diminished).  

Thank You Mother, then we are going.

May God be with you, children.


Jesus, Master…My Love…I love You.  Are you with me?

I am always.

I am so happy, that finally I will make a little chapel. (I am talking about wooden, folk triptych in which there will hang all holy images and holy pictures. It will be in the form of an altar.  My father constructed it, leaving painting to me).

I am also happy.

Do You want to talk to me today?

Me? And you, do you want to?

Jesus, I always do, but I do not know if I am allowed to and should.

You should.

You never said so.  And today, You are not calling me, You barely converse.

My child, do I have to disclose everything to you? Didn’t your mother explain this? Every day you had time for others, but for Me, don’t you want Me every day? We are wedded and you do not want to talk to me every day?  

Jesus, I want it very much.  I had the impression that I am imposing myself on You and that I should suffer lack of closeness to you.

My child, if I want you to suffer lack of contact with Me, I will not respond to you. But could you survive that?

I would cry myself to death.

Exactly. Come to me every day. Not only when you have a question. Take advantage of the graces that I bestowed on you. I am Your Savior and you do not treasure it.

Jesus, I am sorry.  I had a wrong understanding.  Of course, I want to be with You every day and talk to You every day.  I want it very much, however, I thought that if I repeatedly ask You to talk to me, You will become bored and I will not hear You as clear, but now I realize that it is the prompt of the evil spirit.

It is exactly that way. I bestow upon you graces and you take them from Me. Draw from your Mother handfuls, because graces for you are beyond measure so come and ask, do not cease asking.

Yes, My Master. There is a lot, I do not understand.  Actually, I understand very little and have even less knowledge.  Instruct me about everything and help me to be obedient.

Yes, child, I will instruct you. I wish to instruct you. I want to instruct you my little flower bud and see you blossom into a flower.  

My Lord, I still poorly feel Your presence in comparison to the way it was.

I know my little. I put you through a trial, and you should thank Me for this experience and serve Me faithfully.

Yes, Master, I am doing my best.  Am I lately diligent? I am trying.


Yes, you are diligent. I find your work likable. My Mother was right by endorsing You, my little one. She found you and prepared for Me. She knows what I like.  She knows that I found in you appeal and fell in love with you my speck.  

Lord, You are so Mighty…when You talk to me this way I imagine how tiny I am for You.

Yes, you are tiny, but I enlarged your heart, so you could love Me more devoutly.

My Sweet Savior, I worship You.

Could you see, how I am smiling to you? 

I see it Master.

Say Rabbi.


I like that. Say this to me more often and I will give you the wisdom inaccessible to those learned in scripture.

My Beloved…

Well, what did you want to ask for?

X inquires if You honor the promises attached to ” Devotion for one year – (15) Fifteen prayers” and “Devotion for twelve years – (7) Seven prayers” of St. Bridget, another words are these Your prayers? (Fifteen prayers revealed  by Lord Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden to honor each one of 5,480 wounds inflicted to the body of our Savior during His passion.  Whoever will say these prayers through the entire year, will venerate each one of Jesus wounds.  To these prayers are attached 21 big promises of our Lord.  In our family we’ve been saying them  for many years.  Prayer of Seven “Our Father” and seven “Hail Mary’s” was revealed to St. Bridget to honor the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. Saying this prayer for twelve years will venerate each drop of Savior’s blood since His birth to His death on the cross.  To this prayer is attached five great promises of God).

Child, of course I do honor them. I dictated them myself, so do not doubt them. I, God, am Perfect and always keep My promises. Let X know to stop searching for holes and take more care for his family, since he has a lot of children and has a big responsibility for each one of them. Prayer, prayer and one more time prayer; I will listen.

Thank You My Lord, You like her, do You? I like her very much.

My little one, you are touching me with your love for others. Do You want me to whisper loving words to everyone?

Yes My Lord, Your Words are a great treasure and if You would whisper even to all others a thousand time a day, there will always be a portion of tenderness and love for me to the appropriate degree that I can handle, since the Love that You give has no limits. 

What you say is correct. Your God is like that, Unlimited in His love. And I really like your X, as you people say so. Her prayers and her simple, pure heart are pleasing to me. 

You are so Wonderful, My Beloved God!

My little one your chirping is sweet to Me.

I am running our of words My Lord. I will look at You with admiration and You speak to me if You wish.

That is enough for today. Do not neglect the exorcise prayers. I am guarding you, but use the weapons that I gave you: the sing of My Cross, Holy Water and exorcism prayers and implore My Mother.  She will defeat satan in the last battle. Do not get worked up my little one, because Your Savior will not allow any harm to come to you.

Thank You, My Holy Rabbi.


In the morning when I was in church, I saw St. John, the Evangelist. He looked almost the same like on My printed icon, of large build and statue. Full of goodness and love. He spoke to me: My child… my blood… He patted me on my head and then on my face with his large, warm hand. The gestures coming from him were friendly and very real.  Very human.

st John

During my prayers by the manger, I was meditating if it is proper to kneel and pray in front of the “dolls” when Christ is present next to me in the tabernacle.  Then I saw Infant Jesus approached me. Extending His Little Hand, He hugged me around my neck and went to my mother, but was not able to reach her  (I was bending),  so I asked my mother to bend also. The infant huged her too and then went back to manger and hid in the statue of Infant Jesus in front of which people were praying. (It went into the statue). I received my answer.

Welcome, My Savior!

Will you not write about Me, how I distributed Holy Communion?

During Holy Communion, I saw Lord Jesus instead of the priest distributing Holy Communion and I thought, I will go to that line, however, then I saw that instead of the other priest, also was Jesus standing. He is every priest who distributes Holy Communion.  It does not matter which one I go to, there will always be Jesus there, in  place of the priest.  When I knelt down to say my prayers after the reception of the Sacrament I heard Jesus say:  


When you receive Me, think about Me not about the prayer or priest in front of whom you are kneeling. Think only about Me, because you are receiving Me. I am entering into your heart and soul. You are carrying Me the same way My Mother was carrying Me in Her. Be conscious about this abundant grace.


This is I, The Most Holy God from Heaven, entering  and dwelling in You, so behave respectfully and remember about it all the time. You do not understand how great a grace it is. Your soul is emanating My Light, and is full of Heavenly brightness. My angels surround you and adore Me in you. Do you understand how great a grace I gave to you? Those words are not only for you, Agnes. You love Me, however, you do not realize yet everything. I am talking to everyone who receives Me.


Kneel, because it is I, Omnipotent God who descends from Heaven into a small Holy Host and through it into people, so I could guide them.


I know how weak you are. I lead you by your hand. I dwell in you, to strengthen you, so you would not stray away. Who will appreciate such graces? Do not allow yourself to be deceived that God doesn’t care if you are standing or kneeling, if you receive Me on the tongue or hand. Children, I am the Light of the world.  If you could only see the realm of My Glory when I am descending from Heaven into a Most Holy Host, you would be prostrating face down and you do not even want to kneel.  My beloved children, what should I do, when I am so harassed and pushed away from My Altar?


What would be next? Will you tell me to die in the corridors. What is My Church, if not a House of My Glory, then what?


For what purpose do you come to Me, if you do not want to adore Me? I Am the Most Worthy of the Glory, Son of God, crucified for you. At the moment I am allowing with humility all that you are doing to Me, but not for long! I do not want to deprive you of My Sacrament because you would perish without Me, however, My Father cannot endure the lack of respect for Me in My Own Home, in My Church. And what should I say about unworthy hands giving Me out?


Oh, how much pain this causes Me! What torments I am suffering, when you thoughtlessly follow  new trends, satanic trends insulting Me. Why do you serve him?  Come to your senses.  He is laughing at your stupidity straight into My face.  My child what good is it that he is conquered when you still prefer his falsehood. I died for you and you still cling to him instead of Me. How disgusting are his paws that he is attracting you with. My beloved children, what should I do with you? I feel deep sadness for you that you still are not listening.

Beloved, My Holy One, I love and adore You, My Creator.  

My Holy Ghost is speaking through you. Write as I dictate: (I hesitated to write Creator because I was talking to Jesus. Vasulla Ryden is persecuted for this as if she was confusing the Persons of The Holy Trinity. The people who say that are full of pride, because they do not know, they themselves do not understand the Unifying Essence of The Holy Trinity. I also lack the understanding since it is not comprehendible to humans but at the same time I am not pretending that I do).


Thank You My Beloved. My heart is breaking when I hear You so sad.  Make use of me, so entire nations will fall in front of You humbling themselves, acknowledging You as the Only Happiness, only goal of life and The Only King and Ruler of the Universe.

I will do it My child. You gave yourself to Me. I will use you, but you have to endure it and be very attentive. Fulfill diligently all your duties, because things which you hold as not important, may be very important to Me. Therefore, do not think too much. Let Me think for you and you only fulfill my orders. I am speaking to you all the time.  Be submissive without hesitation, so you would not delay our work.

Oh, Lord, I know that my thoughts are examining Your Holy Words. I do not want this to be happening. Discard from me the filter of human fear and foolishness.  You know everything and my little brain is the only obstacle.


Yes, My little one. Renounce yourself and place Me on the throne in your heart and in your head, so I could use you as I wish.

Yes, My Jesus, reign in my head and in my heart.  Let my will  be surrounded to Yours till  the end without any exceptions.

I like what you say, my child. I will instruct you and lead you. You will serve me faithfully. I know how you cannot worship other saints. I have given you this great fear of God, so that you may know how to worship Me, for I knew that I would come to you my little one so I took away from you the brightness of the adoration of the saints. I wanted you to first love Me completely and others love only in Me and through Me.

 Yes My Lord, now I understand. I thank You for this grace. Teach me how to handle it, because I’m still totally lost in this.


Give yourself  up to Me, and I’ll teach you everything.

Jesus, I am yours, now and forever!

My dear, I love you! I, God, love you infinitely and madly. This is how I  love all my children. There are no exceptions to Me. That is the Heart of God. Excellent and Merciful. He loves everyone and forgives everyone!

Thank You Lord. If only I could light the minds of people to make them aware to the existence of a greater reality rather than work, cars and a bunch of friends. Help me to do this Lord.

I’ll lead you. You will bring My lost sheep to Me and I will gather them up. I love you  so much…

Master, You are full of Sweetness and Love, but inconceivable to us so the only thing we need to do is to trust You. It is the only merit of man, and then the paradise begins on earth!


My little one, beautiful is your testimony of Me, as Beautiful as I am Myself. This is The Beauty. Only in God you can find Beauty, and instead you are looking for it in plastic surgery clinics…

Where have My enemy taken you to? Did you loose your minds my children? What do you need all of this  for? This way or that way  you will be miserable without me. If you feel unloved because of  your life experiences, come to me. I will give  you love. I will nestle you . You will not be better off after surgery, neither richer nor wiser.  No one will be happy without me, even if the whole world was at his feet. Miserable is the life of that person in comparison with  what I have prepared for them. My children, why do you  satisfy your souls with the byproduct from hell? For these are the gifts from the devil, for which  you work so hard and waste your life, the only one precious life. This wasted time will not be returned to you. Oh, how great is the suffering of the sinner who becomes aware of  the truth and understands on what he squandered this priceless time on earth. I am waiting. I am waiting, but I will not be waiting too long.


The day of My coming is near. Get ready because I will come in My Glory and gather My sheep, but unfaithful children will be thrown into the fire. I give you time. Repent because these are your last hours.


Do not tell me later that I did not warn you. In front of you is eternal life in happiness with your Father, the Creator or the cruel torments for eternity without the hope of ever seeing Me. You do not want to find out how horrible is the unhappiness to be damned together with the devil. He is unable to better his situation, the only thing left that he has, is to destroy you, one by one. Because I chose to loved you so much, it is an unbearable slap in the face for him, who is the hatred himself. That is why his rage against you is so great that he will not rest until he takes away the last soul from Me.

Lord, let’s save the souls.

We will save many souls, My little one. My Love and your devotion will be the healing to many hearts. Now pray with Me:


God, Heavenly Father, graciously look down on your handmaid who in her humbleness wants to atone for the salvation of your beloved. Close the gates of hell for them and heal them with Your Holy Breath. Let them serve You forever, for this is the purpose of their creation.

May Your Will be done, My Lord. I accept everything. I thank you for this beautiful prayer Beloved Rabbi.

Well, finally, I’ve been waiting. You promised a lot and then I wait and wait. (To call the Lord Rabbi).

I am so forgetful and imperfect. Make me be more focused on your desires and pleasing to you.


Okay, well, I will make you to be more focused. You are already able to pray a little. I gave you these graces, but at the same time you are a quick learner. Pray in humility: Jesus, Son of God, I love you so much, that I no longer desire bread or drink, but only You in my soul day and night forever.

How beautiful! My Sweet Jesus. Beloved Master, thank you! I love you forever.

All right, go for now. Later on, talk to your patron saint, because he’s been waiting for this for months.

Really? I cannot express in words my gratitude. Thank you Rabbi.

Go now, do not butter up to Me.

I love only You and all others only for You and in You, My Beloved Jesus, the Savior of my soul.

My Little one, you are pleasing to Me. I will be with you the entire day. But now, go. The conversation is over. Amen.


Saint John?

I am here.

I am so happy…Do you like the litany? (Finally I wrote the litany to St. John the Evangelist.  For a long time I felt that I should do it, but I could not begin.)

I like it very much. This moment was for a long time coming.


Do you want to correct anything in the litany?

Yes. Remove the line about the oil. It is not true.

Is it true about the wine?

About the wine, yes.

It is removed.  Anything else?

No, now I like it. Print and pray it every day and I will support you, my protégé. Grow under my watch and you will be the beloved one of Jesus as you asked.

Thank you very much for your care. 

Now ask, I see that you have a lot of questions.

Yes I have. Were you carrying over me through out all the years?

There were a lot of difficulties in taking care of you, but somehow I managed, as you are aware.  smiley face     (Saint John constantly likes to kid around, therefore while talking to him I automatically started inserting smiley faces next to his statements. He is smiling all the time.  The thing is, I do not even know how to insert it, so I am not sure how it appeared. It had to be Saint John doing this himself. I remember reading about him, that he has a joyous character and was prompt to perform miracles, before I even have chosen him as my patron saint.)

Saint John, all you have to do is, to say one sentence and it brings a smile to my face. I apologize for not appreciating it when I heard you on 26 of November.

Do not let that be a worry to you.  I know that you were not aware of what was happening, but now you do well then… (Saint John made a scolding gesture shaking his pointer finger, still with a slide smile appropriate in its own way.)

I know, I will not behave in such a way.  Am I thinking correctly, that it was you who was leading me to all your holy places, so I would collect graces for my conversion?

Yes child. It was I who was showing you my holy places, but it was you who had a will to visit them. It was your love for me that saved you. In the holy places of my life I am graced by God, because this land I sanctified with my life by glorifying Him. In those places God willingly rewards me, so when  you stood in those spots you were endowed with my graces and blessings which I received as part of my heavenly reward.

Oh, thank you. It was great to be in the places where you walked, where you slept… I am sorry that I caused you so much shame and pain through my sins.

You were enslaved. The path to your soul was not easy, and satan fought for her fiercely, but the Lord is always victorious!

Thank you for taking me under your watch. It would be over for me.

Well, well, I see that you already understand a lot.

Saint John, was it also you, who sent me to your brother James?

Yes,  it was I who sent you there too, but you listened to my voice and God rewarded you. My brother does not endow graces just on anyone, but he gave them to you.

Because you were interceding for me?

I had sent you to him, so he had no other option, but to give them to you. 

Saint John, is the small loving invocation given me by  mother pleasing to you?

Yes, it is pleasing.

Do you recall when your picture fell down?

I remember. I did not fall, I knocked it down.

But why?

Because you think more about your earthly friends than me, while I am your best friend after God and Blessed Mother.

Thank you very much.  I feel your help on every step of my life.

Yes, it is true, that I was waiting to talk to you. For such a long time there was no contact with you at all, and I was worried about you. Sometimes you sighed at me, but it was not enough to lift you up. I spoke to you through your brother that I am waiting for your prayers and want to help you, but you must invoke me. (It is true that 4 years ago my brother told me that St. John wants to help me and is waiting for me to ask.  I felt happy about it and that was it.) 

Thank you very much.  I was in such a poor state. I owe you so much, my beloved patron.  Did I see you today in the church? It was you, isn’t that true?

Yes, it was I. It was not a false impression. I patted your cheek. You have a little head, just like a baby.

And you have such lovely, big hands. I thought you were smaller, in your body of course.

I’m a little smaller. I wanted to make an impression on you. smiley face

St. John, you’re kidding me.

What can I do about it that this makes you laugh… It’s nice to laugh when we get together.

I am rejoicing.  I hope to be in Heaven with you.

You will, you will. I will show you my chambers.

Saint John, I also heard that it was not I who has chosen you, that it is not accidental, but it was you who took me to bring me up.

Yep.  I told you this myself, so stop pretending. smiley face   (It is true, St. John told me that on December 14, on the happiest day of my life; however I did not record that conversation.  I was not sure if I heard everything correctly and if that was St. John at all. Now I was scolded for my doubts and unsuitable way asking questions).

Please forgive me, these are still leftovers to be cleansed.  Instead of talking directly I am being manipulative, it obviously does not work with saints.

Exactly. You see it now. I still have a lot of work with you, but we will make a good people out of you yet.

Saint John, you are dear to me.

No surprise. After so many years walking behind you, naturally, you got use to me. Smiley face 

My favorite saint… Please explain one more thing to me, how was it that you yourself wanted to be my patron. 

Oh well… I looked at you from heaven and thought to myself: “Such a gold, such a treasure released from God’s hands to this world wasting away. How reckless is that girl? – I thought and I determent to put an end to that. You have so many talents, it would be a shame if they would not be used for God’s Glory. But you were listening to my voice from the beginning. I called to you, smiled at you and you little dummy thought that you yourself came up with everything and on top of that you were surprised that I agreed to be your patron.  

You’re such a darling … Thank you that you felt so sorry for me, but then I let you down right away.


Well. I could not do anything about it. He crossed my plans, but not for long. Jesus is always triumphant and with a bang. (Saint John is referring to satan).

How pleasant is to be with you. I apologize for my unworthiness.  So many times you had to be ashamed of me.


Me, not so much as your angel. Apologize to him for what he suffered for you… You did not listen to him at all. Not what so ever, as if he would not exist.

And in my stupidity I thought that he was so serious and he is still offended.

He is not so offended. Apologize to him because he merited a lot for you and now he is very happy. But to make things right you must to properly apologize.

I’ll do it. I am ashamed. Good Heavens, I was so stupid.

You were, you were, sometimes I wanted to come down from heaven and give you spanking, but it is inappropriate for the saint.

My dear patron saint, if I show it to someone, he will not be able to believe that a saint could speak like that. 


I am already in heaven. I can say it but you my little dove be careful because you will give an account for each one of your words.

Dear saint John, I thank you.  I am so happy, that you talk to me and that you are my patron.

It is true, you are a lucky one. My loving Jesus beloved you in His Heart and this is a gift above any other gifts!

Thank you, thank you.  You are helping me so I would be more appealing to Him.

It is the Most Holy Mother that is preparing you. As you know I have connections everywhere.

Saint John, Jesus loves all men, but now I understand the statement “the disciple who Jesus’ beloved.”

When I walked the earth I was much calmer. Due to all the happiness in heaven I am impossible… OK, I will collect myself, because I see that it is more then you can handle. (Saint John was kidding again and I was afraid to even write it down because I know that he is kidding around and people have a different image of the saints. While the saints in heaven have the same natures as they had on earth.  If they liked to joke, they still do it.  If they were serious and collected then they remain that way).

My dear, my saint, joke as much as you please. I am sometimes troubled due to my sinful nature. Sinfulness is afraid and must be tense and watch every smile and word. Holiness does not need it.


Love does not need it.  When God will fill your heart to the fullest, then there is no place for sin, there is not room for anything else but only God, and then we arrive home… You are allowed to do everything.  Do you remember what saint Paul was saying: “Love and do what you want”, therefore do not be afraid my child.  Saint John knows what he is talking about.

Thank you very much.  As you can see, I still have a long road ahead of me.

Long, but beautiful. Together with Jesus holding your hand… In some sense you are already in heaven.

Yes, I feel it and I am very happy.  I am betrothed to Him.

I know it. What do you think? I was a witness on your wedding.

Really?  I did not sense you.

I know. It is your merit, that outside of Groom you do not see the world.  Smiley face

Saint John, was anybody else present on our wedding?

Multitude of people and angels. Big wedding in Heaven and you went to sleep.

Even worse, I tried to work.

Yes, this was below low standard. Do not work on Sundays.

I apologize, I will refrain.  How come no one mentioned anything to me?

Ahhhh, what merit would you earn if all would be told to you? Where is the place for faith?

My beloved saint John, can I state that I love you very much?

You can, but for me once is enough, however when it comes to Jesus say it over and over without end.

Rightfully, thank you for the wonderful advices.  Would I be able to talk to you more often, please?

And I would like that too, however it depends from the ones that are greater then me. I similarly like you am a servant (as you put it yourself).  Smiley face

And tomorrow, because tomorrow is you real feast? (This year on December 27th was the feast of the Holy Family and i presumed that feast of saint John will be the next day, but it came out later, that this year there is no feast of his at all).


Yes, tomorrow we may talk.  And then, we will see. Pray to me with that litany and I will be able to support and teach you more.  I am not that much needed for your teaching because the Teacher Himself wants to educate you little one.  He beloved you so much, that He Himself is leading you.

Saint John, you call me little one?  Jesus is the One that calls me that.

I know, but I am copying Him in everything.

My Beloved Teacher…Thanks be to God for His generosity!

Yes, let’s praise Him together!

Saint John, may I ask you for one more thing?

I know, I know, your brother. I have a brother too. I understand you. Ask me more. I will see what could be done.

Thanks to you and to the Only One God, that He has such wonderful servants and that He blessed me with such a great patron.

It is time for us, farewell till tomorrow. Stay with God, child.


With the advice of Saint John, I immediately decided to apologize to my angel.


Saint Bartholomew, my angel dear?

I am listening


I apologize to you immensely for the horrors you had to look at, for my sins you have been ashamed of before the Lord. The other angels had gifts for the Lord and  you only had shame.  I am sorry from the bottom of my heart that I did not listen to you, as if you were not there.  Now I know that you tried to help me and were comforting me but my ears were closed to you and i was a terrible person.  Besides all that you were talking to me. I am sorry, I am very sorry, please do not be angry.  I can not take it bak, let’s start over again.


But I am not angry. How could I be angry when I see how nice you are to my Lord and I am proud to be able to serve Him next to you, whom He so loves. I have been sad many times, but this hard time has passed and now you are full of grace and I have my hands ready to serve the Lord through you and bring all your sacrifices to him.  Be sacrificial, and I, your angel, always offer myself with you.


Where are you – there I am. Always by your side. I do not have any regret towards you, but It is good that you apologized because what is old must come to a pass, so that what is to be new can begin and I know that right now you are new. And my angelic calling, to help you, finally entered the holy path and it is a joy for me to help you even in the most difficult moments, because we are going in the same direction.

Thank you my angel dear, so you will not be so sad and serious anymore?

I will be serious because the task put before me is serious, but I cannot even imagine to be sad when I lead you into the arms of the Creator, where you are heading.

Thank you very much. Be with me always, because I am very weak.

I already know your weaknesses, but I never depart away from you, not even by a step.

I thank you very much for my angel dear and for your comfort when I was sick. (Once I got sick and was very scared. Then I heard the words: “Do not worry, now it will only get better”. I turned my head and saw a small boy with blond hair. It was clear, though in the spirit realm. I wondered what kind of a child it was and only then I found out that it was my guardian Angel Bartholomew, who has the form of a small child).

I felt sorry for you, to what your sin led to, but we already have it behind us, right?

Yes, my angel dear, may I always listen to you and obediently follow you to my Creator.

I lead you. Do not take your eyes off me.

Okay, I will put an effort.  Please aid me in that. I will apply myself so you will be happy that you are with me.

I am already happy. Guardian angles loves dearly a person assigned to him even if that person is totally evil. Angel fights till the end for the entrusted soul.

Thank you very much. Help me feel and love you more.

It all will come to be. Depart in peace. Amen.


My beloved Jesus, would you like to talk to me for a moment?

I would like to.

I love you, my God.

That’s good, My lovely.

I was so afraid of it all. (I listened to the sermons of Father P. Natanek and I thought about the hard times that are coming upon us).

Do not be afraid. You know that I am with you.

I know. You are Power and Strength and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Exactly. You hold My hand.

Yes, what am I afraid of? You are with me.


Is my God happy with the “introduction about myself” – the testimony I started writing?

Yes. I like your eagerness, My little one.

And did I write everything well?

Yes very good. Your mother helps you with My Will, so listen to her in everything.

Oh, today I did not agree with everything.

I know, My little one. Improve tomorrow.

But should I leave everything as it is, or improve as my mom says.

Leave as is for now, but be more obedient in the future. I also direct you through people, so be attentive and do not exalt yourself.

Yes Lord, I’m sorry. When I start to be happy with myself, then a storm will await me. Give me more humility, I lack it so much.

I know, I know. Your God will give you everything because he loves you so much.

Is it You who is talking to me, Lord?

Yes, it was I who spoke. Sprinkle your room with the holy water.

Thank You Lord.  I promised to ask You Lord, if when we say Saint Gertrude prayer we may ask for individual intentions for particular persons?  

You can bring your petitions, but it does not mean that the person will be saved. It all depends in which area (level) he is in presently. If a person is still missing a lot and is very far off, he/she can not receive such grace because they are not ready for it. But let your brother pray for souls. They are very grateful to him. He will receive merit for it from Me. (Purgatory, same as Heaven and hell is separated into different levels.   Obviously, the higher the level, the better it is.  There are states (levels) where souls are already close to God, however they are not able to see Him yet and this is their suffering. There are also the lowest states (levels)  in purgatory where the darkness and terrible suffering is similar to the torments imposed in hell.  The only difference there is that those souls have a hope to end it, while the condemned souls will be exposed to those suffering without end.) 

Thank you, Master. I want to serve you well. Thank you that I could talk today and with Saint John and an angel.

I gave what these graces, because you behave well, but do not become complacent, because then you know what awaits you – scolding.

Yes my Beloved, my Jesus. I love you.

My little one, come to My Heart.

Yes Lord, I want this! Hide me in Your Heart. Can I stay there all night?

You can stay there your entire life my tiny little speck.

In that case, I accept without hesitation. Take me My Lord into Your heart and lock me inside and bolt the door, because I would never depart from there.

(Jesus laughs)

Come, I’ll shut and bolt the door.

I love you so much, I love you so much, my Beloved. My life! … You smile so beautifully, but you do not say anything Lord.

I’m listening to what else you will tell me…

I will tell you that I love You and that I love You and that You are the nicest in the world. Nearest and only One, I love You and I want to spend eternal life with You!

Well, I like it. You know how to bring Me joy, my little one.


I love to please you, My Beloved, it is my life’s desire. If people understood that this is the key to life. Living with God means constantly looking into His eyes and proclaiming your love. Can you imagine a better life than being unceasingly in love while sustained into a constant gaze into each others eyes? Of course, I mean that I look at You in awe, but You also love a human.

I love You. I love.

And me. Thank You My Master, I know that I do not deserve it.

You will deserve it.

My Lord, such treasures? Such God’s Love?  Is this possible?


My God is deep in thought?

Yes, I was thinking.  I will not comment on that.

Beloved, I know that everything I do and do for You will succeed only thanks to Your grace. I do not count on my merits because they are none. There are only Your merits in me. I only hope that You will keep me with You and never let me go, never leave me, love me and care for me. “Only” is probably an improper word. I’m counting on a lot, but yet you give it to me anyway. Please Lord do not ever take it away from me.


Be at ease, I will not leave you. I like to be with you my little one.

Oh, how much I love You and adore You… Will be thinking of You.

Because you are going to sleep?

Forgive me Lord, I will go when You decide.

Very well, go. I am counting on you to see you tomorrow in My House.

I want that very much.  Remember Lord, in the case I would not wake up, Your angels should drag me out of bed.

Tomorrow, it will not be necessary. You will get up. Go to sleep now.  I bless you in My Heart my little one.

And I bless You Lord in mine.  May I say that?

You may. I am living in your heart. Amen.


Today in the church I felt that Jesus appeared behind me and kissed me on the cheek. Then He embraced me with His Hands, squeezed and put His Cheek to mine.

During praying “Our Father” I thought about God the Father how I imagine Him, since He is so Loving and Kindhearted. I imagine that I nestle to God the Father as usual.  I am so tiny and He is so Gigantic.  I felt like I was really hugging Him…a warm, almighty respirations motioned the bosom of God, and then I felt how God pressed me to Himself with His Hand. The palm of His Hand was as big as all of me.

And a moment before that I felt patting on my head. I thought it was God the Father, because I was thinking about Him, but it turned out that it was my patron – Saint John the Evangelist.



I am here.

Thank You for hugging and kissing me in church.

My little one, I will not speak with you this moment.

No? Would You like for me to do something else?

Yes, talk to My Mother and then I will speak with you.

Yes, Master.


Most Holy Lady?

Yes, child, I am here to hear you.

Thank You for helping during conversation with priests.

I, your Mother will be helping you. I told you that before.

Yes, Beloved Mother.  Working for You is wonderful. I like it very much.

It pleases Me, my child. What do you want to ask?

When would You like the first pilgrimage take place? In May, Your month?

No child, it should be much sooner. You know yourself that we do not have too many years left.

Only months?  Why through the night?

Yes, the Holy Spirit is talking to you all the time, so sometimes you think you’ve come up with something, or that My Son reads in your mind and talks about the same thing you’re going to think about, but He only confirms the information you get from the Holy Spirit .


 Thank you, My Dearest Mother for these explanations. Actually, I was worried about it sometimes. Would you like the pilgrimage to start at a specific month?

Yes, go in February. We still have plenty of time. You will make it.

Okay, My Dearest Mother and what about the statue of Christ the King?  Should we buy the expensive one for the first pilgrimage, or cheaper one, or may be still wait?

My Son is a King. All the money you have, you have from him. Do not worry then about where to acquire money for this or for that. I will give you money, how much you need. Do not save where you need splendor.

Thank You Mother, in that case we will buy the expensive and beautiful statue.

That is good. My Son deserves much more.




I am here, my little one.

I thank you again for Your graces in the church.

Yes, you think correctly that the grace I have given you by hugging you is small compared to the grace I give to a human being, by sacrificing Myself as a victim for you.

My beautiful Jesus, my suffering Master …


Yes child, I suffered so much and I still suffer.

I know Lord, I want to help You.

I know you feel drowsy. You slept too little. You’ll sleep tonight.

Yes Rabbi.

My little one, you bring me a lot of joy.

My beloved, I should have comforted you all my life. I want to serve and comfort you even more. You deserve much, much more.


Yes my little one, I appreciate every sacrifice, even the smallest loving gestures towards Me. It could be a small inclination while passing by a crucifix on the side of the road, perhaps a pleasant smile towards a stranger, and even assisting somebody by picking up loose apples that accidentally spilled. Every good small gesture between my children brings me joy.

My Lord, we love too little and we live too fast, it releases aggression. Through this constant pressure at work, we do not have the patience to be nice to strangers on the street.


I know, you have difficult conditions to meditate about Me and your brothers, but you have created such a world by yourself. I created a different one.

I know Lord, Your world was perfect.

My World is Perfect. Wait while you enter My Kingdom… Then you will only experience the happiness…

Lord, I am already glad, but I know a lot of work awaits me first.

Yes, work because you do not know the day or the hour when the Groom will come.

I am waiting for You, Master, I would like for all  people to wait like that.

In that way, only a few will wait but I will reward them abundantly.

Lord, give me enthusiasm of Your Spirit. I want to multiply those few for You, that You would be happy. You are worthy for all people to await You in silence, adoring You. That’s what I would like the most.


My child, it will not happen. I would like that, but humanity has  hearts of stone and that is why only a few will survive.


 My Holy One, grant me a great grace that everyone who reads these messages will convert and be saved. Please! I know that I am asking for a lot, but I know Your  Heart to be Merciful. You have no limits in Your Generosity. Jesus, You undertook such a great passion upon yourself for those who are ungrateful. Jesus, I am begging you! Let not even one second of Your Holy Life be wasted! Let not one second of Your Holy Passion be lost and let not a single drop of Your Blood be shed in vain. 


Okay, my child. Let it be granted to you. Behold, you moved the heart of the Merciful God, and for this Son of His, whom he loved so much and send Him to earth to be  crucified, I give you this holy grace, that anyone who reads the messages devoutly will not perish, but I will be resurrected on the Last Day.

Thank you Generous God the Father for loving man for centuries. I adore you. I prostrate myself before Your Infinite Goodness and love of Your Son and man. Will you give the grace of conversion to those who will read these Messages of Your Beloved Son?


Yes, I will give them this grace. Let them be converted and let My Son have their consolation when he comes to you. Let him sing the hymns of praise to you, whom He saved with your Word to your daughter.

Father, I love You! Your Kingdom come! Your Will be done now and forever! You are so Perfect, so Wonderful, how to thank You?

By loving Me.

 I love you so much! Jesus, are you happy? Because I am very!

Yes, little one, I’m happy. You have obtained great graces for these messages.

My God, when You have such a Beloved Good Heart. You are so willing to give. You are so merciful. You’re so perfect. I love you, I love you! Let me bring you millions! I know that I am nobody, but You, Lord, say the word and it will happen.

My little one, what should I do with you? You rob God of His graces.

I love you, I love madly! I adore You, Master, Father, and Holy Spirit! I love You Holy Trinity! Let the Name of Jesus sound over the whole world!

My little one. The Heart of God is happy.

And I’m happy because I’m in Your Heart.

Yes, you are in it. A huge rejoicing is in Heaven. Daughter, you pleaded so fervently, but you do not know, you do not realize what have you obtained.

God, I have no words. I know that I do not understand anything, but You understand everything and You embrace everything and when I feel God’s heart so joyous, I long for nothing more! I want what you want, Lord, and receive my thanksgiving. I adore Your Name, Your Name a thousand times and I thank You through every smile that You see now all over the world.

Well, My Little One. Thanks accepted. Go now and pray, for you have received so much favors for this work that passes through your hands.

O Lord, I have no words for proclaiming Your glory and thanksgiving!

Go in peace.  Amen.


Saint John, you do not have a holiday today. Until next year?

It happened that way.

Do I hear you still today?

Today, yes, but tomorrow I will not be able to talk to you anymore.

Oh no, but once in a while? Give me a sign when you will be able to…

Yes, I will tell you somehow. You know that I have my own ways. (It seems that saint John apparently likes to make his presence known, for example by turning over the icon with his own likeness or by doing other things that can not be explained humanly).

You are  beloved, have you been in church with me today?

Of course I was.

You patted me on the head, right?

Yes, it was me. God the Father has a heavier Hand. St. John apparently likes announce himself. (Saint John is joking again, and this is because at first I thought that it was God the Father who patted me on the head, because I was just thinking about him, but it is characteristic of my patron).

But you are holy. You must be the favorite of all Heaven. I can not wait to meet you and see you.

Patience. You have to wait for this for a while. 

What do you really look like as an old man, a young man, or you are just 33 years old?

Wait and you’ll see it for yourself, it will be a surprise.


Dear Saint John, support me with your holiness. Now I have so many new responsibilities and I would like to manage it all.

You will manage. Do not worry about it. You have a lot of friends in Heaven. We are all praying for you.

Thank you very much. I’m very grateful. I need help. Please thank everyone from me.

You got it.

Thank you very much. Tell me how it is in Heaven.

Ha, blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.

In that case I will not ask anymore. Conversation with you is so pleasant, as if we had known each other for ages …

Same blood, I told you. You love me from good morning, with reciprocity.

You are so lovely. When I think about you am constantly laughing.

That’s the idea.

I think I’m very tired. I have difficulty in hearing.

All right. I will talk with again in the evening. Take a break for yourself.

Thank you, beloved saint. I was awaiting to talk to you for so long, and now I am in no condition. Till evening.

Yes, till evening.


Saint John, are you still there?

I am I am.

Will you tell me something? I want to talk to you so much but I’m so undone.


I see it child, do not lose your spirit. Difficult trials still await you, do not despair yet. You will endure everything, because the Lord will be with you. 

Saint John, it’s a bit scary, but I know what I’ve agreed to. Please, support me, because you see how weak I am.

I know, I know. The Lord loves this weakness of yours. You are completely defenseless, like an infant in His Hands.

Saint John, I try not to think ahead, because even now it is difficult for me.

I know child, but you will receive more grace and strength, just ask for it.

I was thinking,  that Lord would give it to me Himself.

He will give you some, but the rest  you have to ask for and you are very capable of asking.

Yes, thanks be to God, but I think it was the Holy Spirit speaking through me. By myself I am not capable to do it. Tell me something else.

What would you like to know?

That you will always help me so I would not offend God with fear, laziness and neglect.

My little, I pray for you constantly.

Thank you very much. Very much. Pray for me, intercede for me, because I am so weak.

I know, I know that sometimes it overwhelms you, but there are also great moments, right?

Yes, it’s great, even now.

Well. Do you want to know my favorite color? Blue.

Saint John, I would like to write your words in color, but the Holy Mother is already blue.

Hmm… In that case green.

Okay, it will be green. The color of hope. Around you, I feel as if this would not carry the weight of the fate of the world but  it seems that the whole world is an idyll and we are  joking as if nothing is happening.

It’s nice to joke when we’re together in it’s own time. The time will come when we will not be joking. But later on we will be joking again.

I’m scared when you talk like that. Jesus said that I have nothing to fear because I am with Him.

So what are you afraid of?

Exactly. Dear Saint John, do you know what is with X?

You were to pray more, and you running around shopping.

It was important shopping.

I know it was important, but somehow you have to learn how to manage your time.

I am trying, but it is not working out.


You see child, you will now be tormented by the powers of hell. You are an obstacle to them, because they thought and were sure that  everything is in their control, souls far away from God, but you appeared and nothing is so certain. Lord has given you graces, and you spread them around. Do not be afraid for yourself, because Jesus does not allow you to be harmed. You see, that’s how much He loves you… Oh, how much He loves you.

I also love Him so much.

I know, I know. All Heaven is joyous watching this.

Do I love well? Is this all good? (I was taught that God should be kept in distance and I am afraid  of my own love for Him.  I love Him humanly as if I would love the most beloved person on earth. I want to talk to Him, cook, walk, decorate the house and go shopping with Him. I also know that Jesus is expecting such a close relationship from everyone).

Child, how can you love wrongly? You love with all your heart. I also loved Jesus the same way, and now I love Him even more.

How is it?

On the earth, man is very limited, but in Heaven he can even love greater. Everything is infinitely better in Heaven.

Saint John, I want you so much to join all of you, but will I be able to endure all these tests?


You will succeed, you will. Did you forget that the Savior tied you to Himself? Your bond is inseparable. Child, you do not understand this grace as of yet.

I understand very little. Explain to me, please, because you see yourself that I know nothing. But if our bond is inseparable, I am very happy.

I will not explain everything to you. Your life is not long enough. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

Well. Could you do something for X? (I am asking for a sign, a miracle).

You ask me for it again…

I am asking because you once encouraged me and said that you could do something like that.

Did I said that? Well, since I said it then I said it. Pray faithfully with me.

Okay, but what should I say.

My beautiful litany.

(I have said a litany)

Saint John?

Satisfied with yourself?

I have too little faith?

How can you say that… I raised the dead in the Name of Jesus, and you doubt whether I will make a little miracle?

I doubt my faith. You can do it at any time. Only if you want to?

For who do you take me? I have a heart of a dove.

Well, then I am asking you, please, my beloved saint John with a heart of the dove, give a sign to X  so he would not err in his thinking that this does not apply to him. In spite of my weak faith, please give me grace, because the goal is a noble one, and for you it is just a pleasure. You like to make people dumbfounded.

Hmm, that’s true. I like this. Wait patiently.

Does that mean you did not hear me out?

I heard you, you will see.

Thank you very much. I’m sorry I have so little enthusiasm today, but I believe you can do it.

I can. Listen, Agnes, now I have to leave, but I will come back to you. I will not leave you my protégé. I will check how you develop, if you are behaving well and do not bring me shame in front of all Heavens. 

 I will try St. John, but if you leave me for a long time, I do not know what will happen.

Good, good. I will visit you regularly, and you work diligently so that I can see that it was worth fighting for you.

Thank you, my saint patron, beloved… In that case I am waiting for a sign.

There will be a sign. Do not worry. Farewell. May God guide my little protégé.

Thank you. I bless you.

I also bless you, child. Amen.

In the evening, while praying the rosary, grandpa Zbyszek came, I did not sense him at all, only Dad. I asked who is here and heard:

“Grandpa” (My beloved grandpa on my father’s side, was outraged at the word “grandfather.” He was “grandpa”.  He died in 2005. Then another grandfather from our mother’s side visited us, but he could not stay.  Our dead can often contact us on birthdays, name-days, anniversary of their birth, death or other holidays).

It turned out that I could talk to him. I asked if he was happy, he said very much. I asked if he was alone here, he said yes, Grandma is in Heaven. I asked if he wanted to tell us something and he responded that he is missing us, but we will meet soon.


In the morning I went to church with my parents and just in front of the church I felt the presence of Jesus. I saw Him with the eyes of my soul. He came out to meet me. He put his arm around me, kissed me on the cheek, and together we went to the church. What joy it is to feel Him so close.

Then, my grandmother – my mother’s mother – appeared between me and my mother (whose birthday was today). I was not sure if it was not just my imagination because I still cannot come to grips in my present situation. However, my angels confirmed it. I asked my grandmother if she is in Heaven and she said: “Oh kid,” I’ve already settled in there … (grandmother died a long time and right away she appeared in a dream that she is in Heaven.)

Jesus, do you want to talk to me?

Of course I want to, I’ve been waiting since the morning.

Forgive me, Lord, I wanted to accomplish many things so I could peacefully sit down and talk to You without any burdens on my mind. (Yes, I just said sit down but  I always kneel while writing).

Unnecessarily. I am the Peace.

Yes, Lord, that You are. When will I finally understand that things that I do for You, can not go in front of You.

Exactly. You scolded yourself. I have nothing to do here.

I admire You, Jesus. I will improve my Beloved. You are so kind to me.

Because you try, you still make a lot of mistakes, but I see that you work with enthusiasm and I like it.

Lord, I want to serve You best. Use my time on this earth for You. I love you so much!

Very well my very little one. I will use you, because I have found in you delight, my most pleasant one.

Thank you, my Holiest. I am not worthy of Your immense Love. I adore You.

Talk to me, I like it.

Yesterday I missed You so much. I was too exhausted to talk , I just cuddled up in Your Sacred Heart and fell asleep.


I know little one, yesterday you had a tough day. I needed this day and I’m glad that you gave it to me so willingly. But do not let those around you to notice that you are  suffering,  child. Hide your pain, your fear, give it to me. I will lift you up. Do not complain, for it is a sin of scandal. Whoever is mine accepts suffering with a smile, because he knows that I am present in every suffering and that way he  receives Me.

You are just in instructing me, Lord. I was glad that You gave me those trials, but I was not able to abstain from whining. You know everything. What kind of witnessing it is? Jesus, I will improve. Aid me because I want to change that within myself.

Okay, we’ll change it.

I love you. Are you pleased with the images and colors for my little chapel?


Yes, I’m pleased. Do not dwell too much on the details. The devil hangs around details. Do you know what it means my child?

I have always understood that details are very important, because entire work could be affected by that one detail.


It’s a common understanding of this proverb, but the true meaning is searching for a hole in the whole and an excessive pursuit to perfection are attributes of a devil. I am the Only One Perfect. Nothing what you create child,  will  be perfect and to presume differently is pride. Only what I will give you and I create through you is perfect, just like these messages, but work of man remains the work of man.

I think I understand my God. I am trying too much on irrelevant matters. To compare to what color of print, fonts?


Yes. I’m telling you. Do not look for beauty in the world. Balance everything. I understand that you want everything beautifully on My Glory, but if you improve the work you are doing, you lose time that we could spend together. What good is it for me? I want you. First of all, I want you.

Jesus, You are so wise and You make everything clear to me like to a child. Thank You, Rabbi, for Your Patience.

My little one, you still do not know my Virtues?

I know them my Lord, but you always manage to surprise me with Your Excellence, Gentleness and Patience. Who has heard of such a thing, that so Great and Mighty God would stoop down so low to his servant. (I meant that God has to come down to our level of thinking. It is like educating a two-year-old in higher mathematics) 

Yes, My little. I safeguard you, my sheep. I love you so much that I listen to each and every one of you, help each one according to his needs and am waiting for everybody.

Be glorified, Holy King!


My little one, what do you want to ask? Ask Me. I like when you ask Me. You perfectly rely on Me. Your patron saint told you well that I like your weakness and helplessness. You do not delude yourself, like many of your brethren, that you will do something on your own and   depend on yourself.

Oh, Lord, I am aware of my littleness and dependence that I adore. You are my Infinite Freedom!

Okay, ask Me.

Would you like us to take Your statue (It is a statue of Christ the King of Poland, which we adopted for a devotion to establish Enthronement of Christ as a King in our  family). to Jasna Gora (Bright Mountain in Poland. Place of a Famous Monastery, home of Black Madonna, most important icon in Poland ) on New Year’s Eve? 

Yes, I want this.

And we would have to pass it along there, unfortunately.


I know, let it be. However, take heed that when the King comes to reign, he reigns forever, and from now on I will never leave your home, so worship me as your King, because as a King I live among you.

Yes Master, my King. Let Your Will be done.

Okay, what else?

I wanted to ask if I could ask my angel about my relatives who past away?

Yes, ask him. He will tell you everything.

Thank you, my beloved Master. Should I write down the messages and give out several prints the way they are? 


Yes, it matters to Me. Finish with corrections and start printing. Then I’ll tell you what’s next. (After talking with Jesus, I try to correct typos, capital and lower case letters, punctuation and spelling, because when I’m in a heightened state I make mistakes. Also, I have to mark my texts in italics.  If I neglect this, then I have a lot of work later on).


You are to write the title: “Messages for the End Times which are upon us”. Let my children be aware what is going on.

Jesus, Eternal Wisdom, You know everything, let me not act snooty any more . (I thought that such a title could act as a deterrent, but before I said it, I came to my senses and held back).

Oh what I have with you. I would like to punish you, but you are quick to reflect. I love you, My little one.

And I love You very much, Lord. Should I include everything in the messages,  our conversations or  just what you say to everyone?

Everything. Let them see how “Loving” I am towards those who beloved Me, even though they have hurt Me for many years. I am a Forgiving God. Amen.

Lord, do you still want to talk?

No, it’s all for now. Come back later.

In the evening?

You will know when I will call you.

Good,  Master. Therefore I am waiting.


Angel Bartholomew?

I am listening. What is it?

I wanted to thank you for helping me on my journey of conversion. I am not clear about many things and I do not realize how great your help is. Thank you very much.

I accept your thanks. It was a tiring task, but it was worth it.

Will I be able to see you?

Would you like to?

I would like it very much.

You will see me, but you must want it very much.

Okay, in that case I’m going to bother you with requests.

I welcome it, you ask me too little.

Too little? Yes, it is true, it’s not enough. I need to improve. I have a difficulty you know about, but I will try very hard. Maybe a litany?

Please. I deserved a litany.

My dear angel, I will say a litany.


You’re asking me too little. Only when you are in trouble but I want to help you all the time. Other people also do not ask their angels; however you are aware that I exist. I want to be active. I want to help you.


All angels are created for the glory of God, so my duty is to  praise God through you. When you were in the darkness, what was my glory for the Lord?

And now the more holy you are, the happier I am, the more I contribute to God’s glory, so ask me more, for my only desire is to increase God’s glory, and to do it through you.

You explained it to me so well, and I was here thinking that  you are helping me unwillingly.

The angel helps much more when the soul is in the Sanctifying Grace.

I understand, that’s why now I feel your closeness and help, and in my earlier life I did not feel it?


That is part of it, also because presently you received great graces from the Lord. You can hear all of  heaven. 

Unfortunately, sometimes also hell.


I know about it, but do not worry. Whenever the evil spirit begins to muddle in the messages, you are informed and you pray. You delete sentences that instigate  confusion. There are no errors.


The Lord watches over it and you can not make such an error, because this mission is God’s enterprise. If even one word from the evil spirit crept in, all this work would be lost, the Lord would never allow it. Special angels are watching over this.

Thank you very much for these explanations. Indeed, I was worried and very careful, but since it is not in my power, but the Lords, I do not have to worry anymore. Bartholomew, will you sometimes explain  things to me  that I do not understand?

Yes, I will explain a lot to you. I’m sent here for you, so ask me if you do not understand something.

You are extremely wise and so mature and serious too. Although you look like 5 years old.  It is I who should be 5 years old.  


You are two years old, because you are with God for two years.

And you?

I just look like a child.

But the Lord said that because I have sanctified my soul, I have an angel who is a child. Because a child is enough to lead me to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yes. Angels are also chosen according to people.

What does it mean?

It means that you get along best with an angel child, that is with me.

But you are not childish at all.

But I have a soul of a child just like you.

Thank you very much for these exact explanations. Can I ask you about details from my life?

Please do.

Once I had a dream. That I met an elderly woman who told me, “I suffer so much for you, and you have all this for nothing.” I always thought it was an important, real dream, but I do not know who this woman was.

It was your great grandmother, Bronislawa. All her life she bared heavy wounds of salvation, and not only for her own. She has suffered a lot for your graces. Many prayed for you, not only your patron.

Was my great grandmother aware during her lifetime that she was suffering for me ?

No, she did not know it, but she was a penitential soul and she prayed for favors for future generations.

I am so grateful to her, How can I say thank you?

Give thanks to the All Saints’ thanksgiving litany.

Because she is a saint?

Of cause, she is.  

Thank you very much for this information. And these two dreams that I had and considered as warnings? (In both dreams I was being abducted and carried away by force independent of me from the mountain. It was quite frightening, because I knew, that nothing was dependent on me and I had the impression that I could die in a dream).

Well, you rightly considered them as a warning. The Lord could no longer look at how you are wasting God’s graces.

But somehow He took mercy on me.

Yes, he had mercy because you began to convert, but if you did not start, misfortune would come.

I’m not asking what kind, because you probably will not tell me?

No, there is no point in telling you. You have been converted and this event God eliminated.

Does it mean that it will not happen to me anymore?

No, there is no need.


She does not. Pray for her. Much more is needed for this soul.

Is it better to pray indulgences or something else?


Indulgences have enormous power. This is a wonderful God’s work what do you do for souls praying indulgences.  Stay in this practice and spread it, because people do not know and do not want to strive for indulgences, and if they knew the gratitude of souls, they would do much more. Heaven favors those who pray for souls. The Lord loves them so much and is hurting partaking to their suffering, but what they have to suffer – they must, unless you will help them.


So we do not have to pray for these people?

No prayer is wasted. Even if they do not need it, they give this help to their loved ones and whole families save each other in return.

Can you say they are saving each other? But only Jesus saves.


Of course, Jesus is the only One that saves. I spoke figuratively. I mean, that the prayer of one helps the other, even in other generations, and sometimes someone is not condemned just because there is a prayer in the family, and if no one needs anymore then this prayer goes to those who will die. That is why in the holy families there is virtually no condemnation, even if black sheep do happen.

I understand. Exactly. I wanted to ask, though I’m afraid, can we pray for my sister, X and X?

Pray for them and a lot. I know that the evil spirit tells you since yesterday that they are in hell, but that’s not true. They are right in front of hell and he is able to torment them very much, so he does not want anyone to help them.

Uf … I was afraid it was true.

When you do not know who is talking to you, ask. But you know, your self, that they can be distracting you. They have permission to do so, so always ask me, call me, and I will tell you what is true. Call the first name of who you want to ask. Note that they speak without being asked. (Once, when I heard evil ghosts chattering to me, I was already really fed up and I chased them away in the name of Jesus, I heard a nasty voice: “He allowed me.” I understood then that the Lord allowed it to me as a form of repentance).

You’re right. They are thoughts, but sometimes I think a question, and I have an answer right away and it is Jesus who speaks.


Yes, but the question is often: “Ask Jesus …” and then Jesus answers. If the question is: “interesting or …”, or “I would like to know if …” – they (evil spirits) will always disturb you.

Thank you very much. You’ve explained a lot to me. Your knowledge helps me greatly.

You see for yourself, and you ask and petition me so little. I love to help you.

Thank you so much. (…)

Go with God. Amen.


In the evening I visited the church.  After I came back  and opened the door to my room I felt a very intense smell of incense. It was strong and beautiful. I knew from the writings of the mystics that unexplained aroma of incense always indicates the presence of Jesus.

Master, My love, you scent is so wonderful!

You know, that it is I. That’s good. You educated yourself.

I love this fragrance. I adore You.

My little one, I do not want to talk to you right now. Go to your family and we will meet in the evening. This sign was more for X than for you.

Thank You, Lord. I will come later.

Open the door and go into the room.

I love You. See You later.


Jesus? Lord, what’s happening? I’m scared and I can not hear You?


Agnes, my child, what you just  felt a moment ago, I allowed it to come to you because you disregard My commands. Before every conversation, bless your room and pray 3 exorcisms. My angels are protecting you, but you also must defend yourself. I gave you the tools, use them. (Saint Michael Archangel, support us in battle (…), Powerful Heaven Queen and Lady of Angels (…) and in the Name of God in the Holy Trinity(…)

I will, my Lord, I’m sorry, I’m still forgetting. This was terrible, I was scared, but I knew that You were close.

Yes my child, I’m close, but I want you to follow My instructions.

Yes my Lord. I will try not to forget. And what I felt on top of my head? Perhaps it is better not to know?

Do not be afraid. I will allow you to be hurt, but listen to me, because we are loosing time.

I’m sorry Jesus. Help me to attach great importance to every one of Your words, so I would not be so  forgetful. Jesus, again I hear strange things. Help me.


I know, pray with Me: God, the Heavenly Father, remove away the evil spirit that at this moment is bothering me. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord, is this attack a punishment?

Rather, a lesson.

I will remember that.

I hope so. Sometimes, It is hard to reach you. You know, small hurricanes are needed.

I know my Lord, I’m so careless. I let a lot things go past my ears. I do not want to be like that at all. Can I give You my faults and weaknesses?

Yes, give Me everything that overwhelms you my child. Give me all of yourself without any reserve. Let me lead you the way I want it.

Yes my Lord. I am yours from the beginning to the end and I have nothing of mine, and all is Yours.

Lord, did you say it?

No child. Throw it away.

Jesus, it’s terrible to converse like that. I hear so little or too much.

You see, it’s of your fault, My little one.

Jesus, I’m sorry, I will remember. It’s unbearable.

I know my child, so correct yourself. Today we will not do anything.

Thank you, Lord. I’m sorry it’s my fault.

Make a sign of the cross and go to sleep. Feel Me.

I feel You Master. Amen.


That day I could not talk to Lord Jesus at all. A nightmare has begun. When I tried to talk, right away I heard evil spirits pretending to be Jesus, sometimes I wrote, but then I felt uneasy and I knew that these conversations were “suspicious”.

It was scary. On top of this I had to correct Polish characters throughout the entire message, because something happened to the fonts and any attempt to transfer of a document from a Mac to a PC with Polish characters failed. I’ve been working on these corrections all day, and when I’ve had about 50-60 pages with footnotes corrected and everything was ready, I’ve erased it. Also I could not hear Lord Jesus. I sat down and I cried.  I blamed myself for that. Now I know that the evil spirit has blinded me, because it happened one more time in a similar way. When I cried so much, Mother of God came to me. Like a Mother, she could not look at my despair. She spoke to her and She explained to me that everything was suppose to happen that way because the Lord needs my sacrifices. He knows that it is distressful to me, but every work, even if it seems to be lost to us, has value and merit for God. Unfortunately, all this conversation has disappeared. I do not know how.


The next day, I also was terribly tormented . I could not really talk to anyone. All the time I heard only evil spirits pretending to be Jesus, or mimicking His words, threatening me, or cursing me. Also, it was the day when we were to proceed with the official enthronement of Christ the King in our family.


Jesus, can I talk to You?

Not yet, child.

And when will you talk to me?



My angel, can I talk to you?

Only for a moment.

But why?

I can not tell you specifically. When the Lord comes, He will tell you.

Is this some kind of punishment?

No, rather a reward. The Lord blesses those who trust Him. Do not worry. It will not be long.

Thank you, I will wait patiently, but I do not know what to do with the message.

For now, do not do anything.


Dear angel, do you love me?

I love you, do not worry. The Lord will come back to you. Take advantage of this time to love Him even more. He told you Himself through Vassula, to trust Him blindly. (I did not hear Jesus, so I read the messages given to Vassula, for the Lord said he spoke to everyone through them).

Have my visions today been authentic? (In church, Jesus for a moment took me into His arms. Whenever he does that, I become as small as an infant, and He is as tall as half the height of the  church. However, I felt so abandoned that I could not believe it and enjoy it. Earlier, at the beginning of the Mass, Saint John appeared before me and tried to make me lighten up. He pressed my cheeks up, lifting them, putting my face into a smile. At the same time his face displayed a sympathetic smile).

The most authentic. I know that everything is blurry to you, but trust in the Lord. He will cleanse you and allow you to come even closer. He loves you so much Agnes and all that you feel are graces for you. Do not doubt Him ever.

Dear angel, thank you. I’m sorry that I’m awful today, but I’m being overwhelmed by terrible emotions. I can not control myself.

You have brought satan to be enraged, so do not be surprised. All this is due by your cause, so the onslaught is the worst on you.  Trust in the Lord, He loves you and He will exalt you.

And what I did write down yesterday, are all conversations real?

Not all of them, Satan deceived you, so at the moment do not do anything about it, and the Lord will instruct you when he returns to you.

Dear angel, how should I defend myself?

Ask me more. I will help you.

Is my second angel Nathanael, because I heard that? (Our Lady said that whoever loves her Immaculate Heart can receive a second angel for protection, but they also must daily say: Thank you, God, for an extra Guardian Angel and speak 7x Glory be to the Father… and pray for the Pope and all the visionaries of the world ).

No, it’s Nathanel.

I made a mistake about one letter?

Yes, only one.

And my dad’s angel?

It’s Albin, I know him well. We have a lot of work with you.

And my mother?

It’s Roch.

Roch? And I thought that it was Andrew.

No. Andrew is her patron. She worshiped him a lot, so he cares for her.

St. Andrew Bobola?

Yes, this is that Andrew.

And angel Roch?

Yes Roch.

Is everything that I wrote down here come from you, my saint angel Bartholomew?

Yes, God’s child. Every word I have given you is true.

We have no mistakes?

No, not even one.


I love you dear angel.

It’s good finally to hear it. I deserve it. I loved you from your conception.

Thank you dear, you support me so much, thank you.

When we started the ceremony of the Enthronement of Christ the King, they began to ring the bells. It was an extremely festive event. First, we said aloud the Enthronement Act. When at the end was a blessing with the figure of Christ the King, I saw how Jesus Himself stood with me and, holding me by the hands, blessed us Himself with His statue. The same thing He did after my mother blessed me with the statue. And then when we were praying on our knees the Act of Sacrifice to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I saw before us a great Heart that opened up and closed us inside itself. After the ceremony, when we took pictures of the figure, it turned out that the camera showed exactly the entire range of violet rays falling from above. I have seen the same ray before and the Lord Jesus told me that it is His Light that falls on me. Now, however, there were a lot of these rays. A whole sheaf. Adding to that there were also beams of light coming in on the sides in bunches. Great graces are flowing into this house, which will proclaim Christ as it’s King.

On December 31, during a trip to Częstochowa, we prayed the rosary. Then in our midst appeared Our Lady. She was wearing a long coat and I noticed how slim and petite She was. It seemed to me that She was no more than 165 cm tall, but She had extremely slender elongated Hands, which She first placed on the heads of my father and brother in front, making a sign of cross on top of the head of my brother. I asked: “Mother of God, is it You?” And I heard Her Voice: “Yes, I am blessing your men.”

Then She embraced me with Her Arm and said about Herself: “Your Mother loves you” and then embraced my mother. She hugged her particularly tenderly, hugging her head with one hand, because it was aching her very much. My mother seemed to be a defenseless child in the embrace of the Mother of God. Our Lady stroked her and said, “My daughter …” She said to me, “I love your mother very much.” I knew that She was very pleased that we all prayed the rosary together. When we finished the glorious part, I knew that Mary would leave us soon, and She said: “Yes, I will leave, but soon we will meet, after all, you are going to Me.” And then I saw the Mother of God rising above the car, as if there was no roof in it and She disappeared.

When we were coming back it was very slippery and at one point we slid while passing ahead. It was not safe because there was a truck in front of us coming from opposite way. We ran into a “little” slip because we had a help. I saw a few angels on both sides of the car holding it and pushing so it would not fall off and stay on the road.


My little angel Bartholomew?

I am listening.

I have one question. Should I go over to my parents and correct the messages for the priest, or stay here and work on my chapel? (It’s about Father Confessor).

Work on a chapel. Jesus wants to be worshiped and wants to have you only for Himself. You were with your parents quite enough.

Well. Let God’s Will be done. Should I give a computer to my brother?

No, you’ll need it.

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank God and go in God’s peace. Amen.



I am here my little.

God, how long I have waited for you …

How long did I had to wait for you, child? All your life.

My Beloved, life without You is a despair!

I know my child, but your brothers around the world still do not know it.

I love You so much! Will You be with me now? I thought that I will go crazy without You.

Yes, child, now I will stay with you for a long time. We will talk a lot.

I love you so much, if it were not for Our Lady, Saint. John and my angel…

I know child, I left you with support for these difficult days without My Light.

You are Perfect! Have I cleansed myself a bit? I tried to put up with it, but the evil spirits tormented me terribly.

I know child. You have cleansed yourself, but I will cleanse you until you will be clean as a tear. My little child.

I want this!

I know, now you want it now but then you cry and panic.

I know Jesus,  but what am I without You?


I know, I still have to work on it more. My emotions take the best of me.


That’s it. Look at your mother. She laughs at them. (evil spirits) You laugh at them also, since you know that they can not harm you, because you are mine. My Little one, all the hairs on your head are numbered. Don’t you know how much I love you? And I also missed you and I was hurting over you when you cried out to me without understanding, my child, but trust me. Everything that I do, I do in order to unite you even more with Me, Your Beloved, as you call me, forever.

My Love … I put in such an effort … I missed You so much. I want to tell You so much, ask You so much, I do not know if we will have enough time in a day.

Very well, my little one. I promised you to explain everything and I will do it.


First, the worst. Messages.

Yes child. I gave you a difficult test. You endured it victorious, though satan tempted you using the worst tricks, but you remained faithful to Me and were looking at Me, your Lord.

Jesus, they were pretending to be You all the time, it was terrible. I did not know what to do.


I will  teaching you, my little soul. If you hear My Voice and you do not feel love in your heart as you feel it now, it means that it is not I who speaks. Be careful, they will try to deceive you in the worst ways, because you are preparing a great work for Me. But , I am supporting you. I am in control of everything, so do not think that it is all on you.

Lord, but I had conversations and I do not know if they are real.

I know child, it was a difficult test for you.

What should I do with the work that I put aside as uncertain?


Throw it away. I, Jesus did not talk to you. It was this horde from hell that impersonated Me, but you did not succumb to them and you would not succumb because I live inside of you.

Jesus, so all those conversations from those difficult days are not from you?

No child, throw them away immediately.

Should I read it so I would know what You did not say?

No child, do not read this. Throw it out and be done with it.

And the Mother of God, was She  true?

Yes, My Mother had come to cheer you up, because your cries were disturbing peace in Heaven.

Jesus, thank You. So I will throw it away immediately, the whole file?


Is it You talking, Jesus?

Yes, it is I who talk, Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of the Living God. Listen to me.

Jesus, I’ve thrown it all away.


Very well, child. Now listen up. I permitted this to happen for a specific reason, to make you aware how I, God deeply love you. You had reasons to doubt in Me, but you didn’t. Satan tempted you to think ill of Me, because you worked  “in vain.”  But now you see that their work was in vain. Even though they tormented you for so long and prepared their intricate plan, you did not doubt in Me.


They wanted you to believe that I’m not so good toward you and that I’m better towards Vassula, which is not true. I love Vassula very much, but I treat each child individually and everyone is loved with the love that they are capable  to accept. Give yourself to Me, and My love will flood you My little one, so much that you will not know anything except for one thing, that I, Triune God  love you madly. Vassula is different, My child. You understand more. She was in complete darkness. I can tell you more because you understand Me more through your Catholic roots and a more sanctified soul.


I love you the same way, with a great might. And I even pamper you more, although you can not see it. You are the pupil of My eye.  If you can not believe that  I love you so much, it is because you have been hurt, but I will heal you My little one.


That very same evening Jesus made a miracle of hearts. I saw two hearts. One large with an accurate heart shape and the other a small one, as if it was not yet properly shaped. Jesus said:

“This is My perfect heart and your little heart, which must be further perfected. The more they burn, the more they join, until they will be united, as I am, The Unity”.

I observed both hearts for few hours. As they were burning, they were getting closer and closer and the little heart was growing bigger and was getting more and more in shape like the other. Finally, when the hearts were already almost black, they were joined together with each other and of the same size and shape. I had to leave, so I blew out the candle. On my return I noticed that the wick was completely normal, as if nothing had happened on it.

Hearts - 1

Hearts - 2

Hearts - 3


Jesus, you are so wonderful to me.

Yes, My little one. I am. I love you. Do you feel how I stroke your hair?

Yes, Lord. You love Me.

Never doubt it.

Yes Lord. Teach me this.

I will teach you everything, My little one.

Jesus, I have to ask about few things.

Well. Ask, then.

My mother offered herself today as a sacrificial  soul for priests. She says two prayers for them. What should she do? Should she offer something special for them?


Her sacrifice is so pleasing to Me. Let her offer herself each morning for priests. Let her fast for the priests one day, as she has done so far. Let her give herself to Me and do not add any worries. I will give her penance Myself when I will need it. My Beloved Mother especially loves your mother. Don’t let her worry about anything anymore, because My Mother is watching over her.

And her request?

She will be heard.


I love you. Thank you, Jesus.

I have a Soft Heart for both of you.


Thank You, My Sweetest Jesus. Beloved, thank You again for everything. Tell me, do I have to correct the messages for the priests? (It’s about my confessor priest)

Yes, correct them slowly and accurately and while doing that listen to my Voice. I will lead you. You do not get ahead of the orchestra, because you will find yourself in wilderness. 

Yes My Lord. I love You. Should I  still paint the chapel today?

No, do not paint today. Get up tomorrow morning and come to Me and then we will  paint together. I will paint with you.

Lord, it supposed to be a gift for You, and You want to help me?

I want to help you in everything, especially with gifts for Me.

I love you madly Jesus!

My little one…

I will do as You tell me. Thank You for everything.

Very well, pray now and call your mother, because she is waiting and waiting. Amen, child.



At the church in the morning there was the Fatima Payer Devotion. However, I felt the cold coming upon me and had a lot of work at home, so I asked the Lord if I could go, or should I stay. I heard the answer that I should go home, but afraid that maybe this was an evil spirit pretending to be Jesus, so I asked further more, and Jesus said:


“Child, it is not about you participating in every prayer, only that you would serve Me.”

This had been repeated to me by Lord Jesus several times, that when I labor for Him, I should not be forgetting about Jesus, Himself. He is first and then come His works. It is a great temptation lurking for pious people who in their zeal stop having time for God. However, God likes when we take time out and just sit, separating ourselves from everything except for gazing into His Eyes.

Once again today I sense His presence all the time. God occupies my life so much that all else of life, everything that is not connected to Him, seems to be a disturbance. While walking to church in the morning, I felt that He was right behind me. Lord really pampers me, though, as He told me today, He does not always give me the grace of seeing this. He took my hand. Then He placed His Arm around me. I frequently  feel that He strokes my hear or kisses my forehead. For some people such tenderness from God to man may seem strange. At this time, I recalled a fragment from Holy Scripture when Jesus said: John came, did not eat or drink anything, and people said that the evil spirit possessed him, the Son of Man came, eats and drinks and they talk about Him – here is a glutton and a drunkard. We do not like a distant God, who looks at man from high above and does not seem to participate directly in our lives, but when he comes down to hold us by the hand and helps us in every day’s common duties, we do not want to accept Him. Do we not sometimes reject God in every form in which He reveals Himself to us? Did not Jesus prove to us all, His immense need to be with a human being in a great closeness, confining  His Almighty Divinity in the tiny Holy Host?


I am here.


Jesus, You love me, right?

Child, do you doubt this?

No, I just wanted You to tell me and sanctify me.

My child, you are sanctified, don’t you know that I live in you? Do not despair. Yesterday you offered your suffering to Me, and today?

I offer You these sufferings. Let Your will be done.


My little one, listen to Me. I do not tell you about these things because I want you to suffer. I want to have you for Myself, very close to Me, as you have asked Me. I have to cleanse you so that you could be united to Me. Do you want that, child?

Yes, I want  only that.

Okay, so listen to Me in everything.


Follow me. Where I am, you be too. In Gethsemane and on Golgotha. Be with Me.

Okay Jesus, I’ll try harder. We do not have to talk about it anymore right?

Right. What do you want to talk about?

About the chapel.

What about the chapel?

Do you like colors?

And you?

You helped me a lot. I would not make such a nice color alone.

You see, and you did not want My help.

I want your help, very much. Continue to help me  because it’s harder for me now.

I’ll help you. We’ll paint it right away.

Thank you. Will I be able to make patterns tomorrow?

No, tomorrow is a holy day. (Sunday)

So the tiny nails will have to wait as well?

No, tomorrow you will not do anything with this.

Okay Lord. I will not engage in this work. And are my parents thoughts about the computer are correct?

Jesus, is it You talking?

No child, it was not Me.

Lord, I will go crazy. Please do not allow it.


Satan is muddling into to My affairs, because he wants you to have as much trouble as possible with these messages. Buy a laptop and printer. I do not want to have difficulties with My work. It’s quite difficult for you, however and you will have even more difficulties, so purchase  what is needed and print.

Jesus, is it You talking now?

Yes, now it is I, but before that it was not Me. Discard it immediately.

From what point it was not You?

From the answers about the computer: (It’s about the earlier answer which I have already thrown away, that I should refrain from buying. )

Jesus, it was awful, I’m begging you, do not let this continue.

You have done well. Call My Mother and she will protect you.



My little one. Come to Me. Cuddle up to My Heart. I will cleanse you from your wounds. Unite your wounds with Mine and save the world with Me. Do not abandon your Savior in your pain. I will support you and protect you. My tiny, give yourself to Me completely, come, surrender it all to Me. I, God, had beloved You, Little Daughter. You are Mine, I will sanctify you. I sanctify each one of  your wounds, just give them to Me. Do not grieve within yourself when Father is asking.

Heavenly Father?

Yes My tiny. There is but One Father in Heaven. Don’t you love me the most?

I do love. The most.

My little daughter.

God, it is hard for me.

Your confessor will help you.

But he will not believe me and I will suffer.

He will not believe you at first but then he will help you a lot.

When should I show it to him?

As soon as you manage to correct it.

Jesus, do they have to buy me a laptop and a printer?

Yes, buy it.

But such a small PC?

Yes, didn’t you have enough trouble with this?

But then we will not buy a golden statue?

You will not buy it anyway.

Because there is none?


Jesus, is it You?

Yes child. You can not hear me good because you are tired. Let’s go painting. We’ll talk again tomorrow. Even in the morning. Yes I will be with you. Feel Me how I care about you.

I love You, Jesus.

I love you too My little one, beloved of My Heart.

I adore You.

Let’s go. Love me. Love me in every action, for I am with you. Jesus.




I am here.

I love You.

And I love you, My little child.

Can we talk for a moment?

Yes, let’s talk.

Yesterday, did I write everything correctly, is there any error?

No, there is none.

It means, that You expect me to buy a computer and a printer.

No, I expect that your parents will buy it for you.

Thank you Master. And messages, which I am writing, would You like them to be published, or should I distribute them myself?

I will tell you everything, but not at this moment.

Okay Lord. Can I ask You about things which I wanted to ask You for a long time?

It was not a long time. Ask.

Yes, that is the truth, it only feels like a long time. It is about X. She’s been religious since her childhood, however during the prayers she was constantly tormented by profanities. Why is this happening and can she ask for a release from it?

My dear daughter X, has been pleasing  to Me since she was a child. This cross which she carries has been allowed for her for the good of her family, which is not as good like she is. I know what a torment it is for a soul as pious as her, but I need this sacrifice for the salvation of her children.

But Father, she was already experiencing it in her childhood. (God the Father dictates this answer to me).

I know it. I was pleased with her since her childhood and that’s why I allowed this suffering.

But she was thinking that it was because in the house where she lived at one time, there was performed practice of summoning the spirits.

No, it’s not related to her. She was always God-fearing and satans are tormenting her because she beloved Me. This cross is not a punishment but a grace.

Then, should she ask for being freed of it, or should she rather continue in suffering?

Her soul is well advanced in cleansing, that each  cursing word brings on deep suffering. There is no  fault of hers in it, what is left are only feelings, how much I suffer hearing such words all the time. In this suffering let her unite with Me. We suffer together and later we will celebrate together. Tell her to suffer peacefully and wait patiently for the day will come when  I will liberate her. 

Thank You Lord.  You are so Good.

What else?

I wanted to ask about another person.  She wants to go to confession, but she does not feel regret for her sins.  What should she do?

Let her come to Me. I love her. She is a good child, even though she forgot about Me. You told her correctly that repentance is a grace. However, thirsting for Me and longing for Me is also a grace. Let her not waste this grace and come back to me with the pure intention to feel the remorse, and even though she doesn’t feel it now, I will forgive her sins.

And sincere sorrow for sins is not a condition for confession?

It is, but in this case it is more complicated. I will heal her. Let her come.

Thank You Jesus.


Jesus, Your will is My will.  I love You. Strengthen me please, because I am very weak.

Eat your breakfast.

Jesus, is it You?

Yes, it is I. You do not feel well and on top of this you are not eating. It is no good.

I am on my way to eat.

Go then. Later come back, when everybody will leave, then we will talk. I bless you for the rest of  this holy day. Go in peace. Amen. The talk is over.



I am here.

Lord,  I feel so unworthy, discouraged and tired. I apologize for this. I feel how many different thoughts and doubts are engulfing me…

I know, is it about that eucharistic minister? (Some time ago, at the specific demand of Jesus, I asked a parish priest to withdraw the use of the eucharistic ministers from the parish. The parish priest did not want to hear about it, but later I noticed the lack of ministers. Rejoiced I asked if there would be no eucharistic ministers I received  the answer that not in this church. So when one Sunday I saw again the eucharistic ministers administering the Holy Communion, I was very worried and the doubts began to pester me).

Yes, You told me that he would not be there anymore.

It was not I who told you, satan was already impersonating Me. You be careful. He is trying to make you doubt in Me, to believe that I am a liar. My child, do not give up. I know it is difficult for you. Trust Your God. The devil can only muddle. There is nothing else he can do since My permission does not allow it, so endure these difficult tests and do not give up.

Jesus, sometimes I’m so afraid to talk to you during the day, because he is constantly cutting in.

Ask My Mother for protection.

Yes, My Lord, but why I have become so discouraged  and so tired with this everything?

It is because I removed a little of My Light away and you feel so lost. Tomorrow you will feel better.

I would greatly like to have some stability.

I am the Stability and constantly the Same, it is you who are unstable and hesitant.

I know Jesus, My Rabbi, give me strength and abilities to serve You.

You received everything. Pray for the Holy Spirit.

Okay, My God. My computer has been repaired. Perhaps there is no need to buy another one?

There is a need, I told you to buy a computer, so buy it.

Lord, so many times I do not understand , and because of  these evil spirits I ask you about everything 10 times, because I’m not sure of anything anymore.

Child, do not be discouraged. I’m telling you that they are just waiting for you to give up. My chosen one, stay faithful to Me and do not stop on your way to Me.

Lord, I do not want to be discouraged, but I need Your support. See, how weak I am.

Well, child, you’ll get My support. Ask Me more, do not neglect your prayers. Prayer protects you. Note that the more you pray, the better you feel.

Yes,  it is true.


Rabbi,  Rabbuni?

I am with you My little one.

I feel so powerless and unworthy and harassed by doubts and infirmity.

Yes, place all this in Me child, and I will be transforming you.

Jesus, change me. I’m so disordered. I feel that I am insulting You the way I am. The persons whom You always spoke to have been holy, worthy and so many times more virtuous, and I feel that I’m getting worse instead of better?


My little one, give me your doubts. Don’t I know how you are? I knew you before you were born. Do not be troubled, because I, God, have chosen you with all your shortcomings and your misery in order to change you. Does a healthy person need a doctor?

Lord, I feel that I am reaching the limits of my potentials. I am still behaving, expressing myself, praying and thinking in an unworthy manner. Help me.


My child, surrender to Me and do not worry ahead of time. I know your weaknesses. Impatience is one of them. Give Me time to change you. Do not allow for fear and impatience to take hold. Everything that happens is according to My will and to My Thoughts. You will not be able to advance over your weaknesses alone. I will take you over the obstacles. I will strengthen you child.

Lord, I am giving You my infirmities and weaknesses. Mold me according to Your likeness. I want to be holy as you are Holy.


My little one, I accept your gifts. Give me everything that is difficult for you. I am God Almighty My tiny one. I can do everything. Lean on My Arm. You are with me, you will not collapse.

Jesus, am I offending you? I still feel that I am so unworthy that I am insulting you.


No child, you do not insult Me. Come to Me whenever you feel that way and give Me these feelings. These feelings are not good. I, God, beloved you the way you are and not  a better you, not the one that you will be, but in weakness and imperfection. I love you all the time invariably and when you’ll be better I will not love you more because I love you with infinite power. Child, this kind of Love you can not comprehend. It is a human who loves another when he fulfills his desires. I love You regardless of everything.

Jesus, you are so Perfect in Your Love. Open my eyes so that I could see what is important and be able to love You even more.


You will love Me more devoutly. I will give you this grace. Your love brings me joy. I will strengthen you. I want your smiles and your songs. Sing for me. I, God, want to be glorified in you. Love Me.

Lord, my Master, why do you allow satan to muddle and speak to me?


Child, he impersonates Me, but he cannot do anything. You cannot even record one of his lines. I, God, watch over this work. Do not be worried because everything that is allowed on you is according to My Will.

Jesus, will it pass?


Thank You Rabbi.  Did You make it that I started typing with Capital Letters?

Yes, so that you finally remember little one, that without your unlimited trust, we will  not get anywhere.

Beloved, Teacher, and if I am of a such weak faith, could You further enlarge my heart that I would start loving and believing You the way You want?

My little one, I’ll see what can be done.

Jesus, You know how mistrustful I am, I need Your help.


You will get it.  Make the first step, little one, and I God will do the rest.

My soul loves You, Rabbi.

Hmm…  Nicely said.

My Master, thank You for comforting  me  again. I am so happy that You are in a good mood today. You seem to be happy despite the fact that I am more of a burden to you than help.


Little one, do not say that! How can a child be a burden to the Father? I want you! I want to share every  moment with you My beloved! Don’t you know that I died so I could be with you? Child, do not hurt Your God! I love you infinitely no matter how many times you ask Me the same question and no matter how many times you will collapse. I want to help you! Still anew! Don’t you understand? My pleasure is to be with a human being. I beloved you so much, and you say such things.

I am sorry Jesus, I just wanted to say that I would like to be more helpful, and for now You are the One who is helping me while I almost do not help You at all.


You are helping Me, child. Your love strengthens Me, to get up from My falls. * Do you know how many souls I have such as yours to save? Do you know how many do not know me at all? I am calling to them and they are deaf to My lamentation. Yes child. This is a lament, because I see them dead, as they head for eternal damnation, and I am not there. I gave them the entire world, and they chose one place where I am not present. Yes, child, it is hell. (* During the Way of the Cross).

Lord, I ask forgiveness for these souls. Enlighten them with Your Light. Let them awake. They do not know what they are doing.


Yes, child, they torture Me and they do not know how great is the punishment for desecrating God in them. I am the Holiness and I have given myself into their unworthy hands.

Lord, who are you talking about?

About my priests. Unworthy and unconscious.

Lord, Can we somehow remedy this as they push You away from Your Altar?

Yes child, you shall be My altars. I will offer sacrifices to the Father in you. And you children will be My witnesses.

Lord, it is incomprehensible to Me, is it You who is talking?


Yes, it is I, Jesus Christ, your Friend. My beloved, I want from you – souls who would love Me – boundless devotion. You are My Church and on you I will rebuild My Holy Church.

Lord, I give you myself entirely. Let Your Will be done.


Yes children! Offer yourselves to Me one by one, because I have little time! The gates of Hell will not prevail against My Church, but I need My witnesses. I need My ten righteous ones, children. Stand up you who are devoted to My Heart. I am calling you from all over the earth. Unite children and call out for My Mercy upon the world, because terrible things are coming upon you and there will be weeping and trepidation. I will not withhold it any longer.


My justice has been fulfilled, but many may still be saved from eternal damnation. Do not fall into despair, but look with trust in My Heart and in the Heart of My Immaculate Mother. I will save you and shield you with My Arm. I have graces for all of you, My beloved sinners. Am I disgusted with you? No!


Behold, I, God, full of love call you. Return to me, children who have gone astray, and I will forgive you your sins and you will know My Infinite Mercy.  I will not call without end If you renounce me forever!

Jesus, Beloved, I know that Your justice was spoken over us, but through Your Mercy, don’t You even want one, one of the most sinful persons to renounce you?


Yes, child, you know My Gentle Heart. You do not know My Justice and you will not get to know it, for whoever loves me will not perish forever. I will protect you, so do not be afraid for yourself but rather for those children who have been lost from My Home. They are in danger. May My Justice not reach them. Pray for them constantly My beloved . Do not give up. Help Me to attract My stray children. I am waiting for them indefinitely… but even this must finally end.


My Beloved Rabbi, I want to do everything in my power for You and for these children. Direct me. I am giving You my mind, heart, legs and hands. Act through me the way You wish.


Do you hear her! Hear My beloved! I expect such an attitude from all of you! Be sacrificial, surrender to Me and save yourself and the world! My Heart is not made of stone, I am going to have mercy on you, but I want to see praise, devotion and remorse. There is no other way. Or you will all perish.

Merciful Jesus, I know how Dear and Affectionate You are, and it is only the great pain that speaks through You. I love You. My heart! I love You, Rabbi, Beloved, have mercy, give the ray of Your Light, let it brighten people’s minds and ignite their hearts. By ourselves, we cannot do anything.


I am giving light. You are My light, You are My sign. Let them listen to My Voice as I call after them.


The one who will listen will be saved. The one who will not believe, who will mock My works, let him better put on penitential cloths and beg Me for forgiveness, for great is My wrath for neglecting My last call, for rejecting My Hand extended to you, and taken away from the cross to rescue you children. This is the whole message for today.  Go, and rest.

Rabbi, Beloved, I would like to love You so much that I could soothe Your pain right now, kiss Your holy Wounds. I adore You, My Holy God!


That is good little one, come, I will cuddle you to My Heart, let my anger against ungrateful humanity be eased. Repay Me, My few souls. Ease my suffering. I love you all.

Beloved, I see now how much I thought about myself and how little about You. Forgive me, Beloved, that I was so soulless. I do not want to hurt You any more. I kiss Your every Holy Wound with the lips of Your Loving Mother. Let it heal your constant pain, unimaginable to man.

My most pleasing, you are kind to Me. Come to Me, let us live together in My Kingdom.

Beloved, I did not do anything to deserve Your goodness. Be glorified and blessed in Your Magnificence.

You soothed Your God’s pain. Come, let Me dwell in you, and you dwell in Me and let us live together until the end of the world. Amen



Yes child, I am here.

Lord, I have only one question about the computer, because I have to decide.

I am listening.

Should I buy this computer that my dad is looking at  now, or should  I wait until 11th and buy in a better store, maybe better?


My child, it will be better to wait. It’s good that you ask me. I like this. Ask Me about everything and do not think that it is unworthy to accost God, because I want to guide you and when you completely rely on Me, you are pleasing Me the most.

Thank You, Beloved Rabbi. In that case, we will wait till 11th. I love You. Thank You.

Yes, child, we will wait. Correct what you have, you can do it on the computer you have anyway.

Thank You Lord. 

You are welcome. Your Lord will always hear you little one.

May I leave now?

Yes, go child to work for My Mother. I love you and bless you. Amen




My Lord, I am sorry that it took so long,  I still have to say the exorcism prayers.

Good, say them quickly.

My most sweetest Jesus.  I said them.

Good, come to Me finally, because I was waiting for you so much.

My Love, and I wanted to nicely paint for You, that it took my entire day.

Are you sure that it was for Me?

I am sorry, it is still something left that I am not giving You yet all.  I know, I am sorry for it.  I am improving in one area and in other I am getting worse.

Okay now, look at Me. I was missing you.

But I was thinking about You and visited You.

Yes, but I wanted to talk to you as now.

Thank You Lord, I am so happy when You say it and apologize that I did not come sooner.  Do you like the outcome?

It is not perfect as I am, but it is nice.

Beloved Rabbi, I know that You told me not to try so hard, but I am trying very little but then it did not come up nice at all.  It is so difficult to change so suddenly.

I know. I’m not mad at you. You painted very nice. I will be presented worthily.

My beloved Teacher, I am so glad that you like it. Today, I was thinking about how You met Saint John and how he with St. Andrew went to see where You live. It makes me very sentimental when I think how You walked the earth and lived somewhere. Every thought about You, a new message is so interesting to me and it makes me feel sentimental.

You make me sentimental.

My Dearest Master, Saint John called you Rabbi, just as you like it.

It was not St. John but Saint Andrzej called me that.

But then Saint John said that to you too?

Yes, many times later. He was my favorite disciple. He trusted me immeasurably. And you?

Jesus, Most Beloved, I already started a new chaplet yesterday in this intention. I came up with it myself.

Not alone, because My Spirit helps you all the time.

My Beloved, I love You and Your Spirit and the Father.

Good little one, you make Me happy.

Jesus, will I be able to see You so clearly someday?

You will, many times.

This is wonderful, I would like so much to see You.

Very well, you will see Me and very soon.

Lord, I am not worthy such a grace.

I know child, I will cleanse you and place you at my side. You will be My faithful companion forever.

Thank You Rabbi.  I am longing for that moment.  Do You want to continue Jesus?

No, it is enough for today. I will come tomorrow. (…) Amen.




I am here.

Does it mean in this room?

Yes, I am here with you.

I am very happy.  What place?

I am sitting by your side.

I do not see you at all.

Not yet, but you will. Say more often the chaplet that I dictated to you.

My Rabbi, and here I thought that at least a small fragment came out from me.

No child, do not deceive yourself. Everything what you have in you comes from Me.

In that case there is more of You in me that I was aware of.  Everything except for flaws and sins?

Everything is of Me.

I love to be Yours.

My little one, I love your surrender.


My Master, can I ask you about something? You promised that whoever will have a devotion to Your Holy Face and will worship It will be protected on the Last Day. (The same promise applies to the devotion to the Blessed Head of Jesus as the tabernacle of God’s Wisdom).

Yes, it is true.

And was this about Your particular Image from the Shroud or the others too?

All images of My Most Holy Face that are shown with respect.

So “Your photo” through which I worship too, right?


Of course. This is not my picture, it could mislead people, only the  portrait of Me, however a very successful rendition, so whoever wants to know whom they will meet after death, let them take a good look at this image.

Jesus, you are so Beautiful. The longer I look into Your Eyes, the more beautiful I see them.

My little one. That’s how love works.

My beloved God, are you kidding with me?


No, that is the truth. It only means that you love Me more and more, but also I Myself, being adored in My image, am becoming present in a very special way. I become alive. That’s why you can sometimes see that I’m smiling at you when at the same time other see Me sad. I smile to those who show Me love.

Jesus, the portrait, which I brought from England, is it  good?

No, this is not a good picture. You felt yourself that you do not want it in the house where I live. Get rid of it, because it is not I. They paint Me, and they have evil intentions and deceive My sheep.

Lord, I was scared of this painting and when I met You I knew that it was not You.

Yes, My child. There is nothing to wait for, because this picture is pure evil.

Jesus,  is it You who are talking?

Yes, My little child.


The mask that I am thinking about, does it also have some bad power in it? (Theater mask brought from Greece)

Unfortunately, it has. You purchase items of which meaning you do not understand. This is not only the ornament but the image of a demon that existed and oppressed people. In turn these people promulgated  about it in their legends and deceived others; and even now, after all these years, they create images of these monsters. Oh, child, if you only knew what terrible things were done by the one whose resemblance you put on the walls.

Jesus, I was completely unaware.

I give you My Spirit to guide you, so just be attentive. I will clean your house slowly.

My Most Holy, thank You. Help me do this and make me unboundedly obedient. Today, I was thinking  about whether you’ve decided to talk to me now or was it always there?


My Beloved, if I would have known…


Miserable grief, child. So will say those whom I will catch off guard by coming in My Glory, surrounded by angels, to judge the nations. They will say: if I knew that you would come… So I tell you, I will come. It is not too late yet. Orientate yourselves children because time is of the essence.

Is it You talking, Jesus?

Yes, I said that.

Lord, so therefore, will we proclaim Your coming through the messages?


Yes, child, many will hear them and come back to Me. Today I am already blessing  these strayed away souls, who do not know whether I am talking to them or to others. I am talking to you children, to you who read these words. I will not be waiting any longer, because I have been waiting enough.


Come to Me quickly and hide yourselves in My Merciful Heart. Trust in the Lord that He is Good, because when I will arrive, I will arrive in anger at this disobedient world and I will be the Just Judge, who rewards for good, and punishes for evil. And I see a great deal of evil in this world, oh a great deal.

Jesus, I thank You for these words. Many are awaiting for your words and cling to them, even many  sinners are in tears.


Yes, they are in tears, since I bless them, so they cry. Let them cry now, because later their cry will be in vain. Now I will hear out everything, because before the coming of Justice, there is Time of My Mercy. Children, take advantage of this time, because later there will only be Justice.

My Master, thank You for these warnings. Dear God. I could already see how many will accept these words.

Yes, but are they later following My way, daughter? Do they follow My way… ?


Give them the light, Lord, so this spark would ignite in them the true, inextinguishable flame of Your Love, that they could no longer turn back, but only follow You.

Very well, child, I will ignite them one after the another, and you bless them, bless every person who reads this work. (…)


Write it in an introduction: I, Jesus Christ, bless this My work and bless anyone who reads my words devoutly. (…)

Thank you, my Beloved Rabbi.

All right, child, get back to your duties. Today I will not talk to you anymore, but be ready tomorrow because I will give you an important message. Depart in peace. I bless you. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Communion of Saints

I have already written about my extraordinary relationship with Saint John the Evangelist, but it is not the only saint to whom I turn for help. Starting from the end of November, I am becoming more and more aware that I have received the grace of hearing the voices of all Heaven. Saints live among us and want to help us through their images in the churches under their names. They are just waiting to be asked for help. They have a lot of favors from God because of their holy lives and want to give them to us – let us only reach out and ask. 

Here are few examples from my life. I often lose things, so Saint Anthony was always my inseparable support in these matters. I asked him again and again for help and the place where the thing was came into my mind. That’s how it worked. If I did not come to my mind , I knew that the thing is not at home and I would search in vain. Yesterday, once again I petitioned Saint Anthony, as usual and this time I could not think of anything, only heard in that moment “in the kitchen.” I was so happy. I also can hear Saint Anthony!

Another time in the corridors of the certain a church, I saw a beautiful sculpture of Saint Joseph with a Baby. I thought that nobody would worship him here and it would take a miracle, that the sculpture would be moved to a better place of honor and worship. Saint Joseph is after the Mother of God, the greatest Saint in Heaven. I the moment the thought run through my head, I heard: “Yes, I am not worshiped enough, and yet I am the patron of the Last Days.”

Once when I was in the church dedicated to Saint. Casimir the King I heard: “Come here more often, I have only you.” I thought that Saint Casimir has some things that should be taken care of, and since only I could hear him, perhaps he wants to entrust them to me.

Another time I prayed to Saint Casimir, to obtain for us a grace that Jesus would become the King of Poland, and Saint Casimir said, “I want to go on a pilgrimage with you.” So I’m already preparing a plaque with the image of Saint Casimir, who will be with us on this pilgrimage to Wykrot.

Today, looking at Saint Sister Faustina I thought: “Help me, sister Faustina, to be better and to never fail Him.” And I heard immediately: “Listen, only to what He tells you and He will lead you Himself.”



Yes child.

Jesus, I am reading this message from the beginning and I am so ashamed for my unbelief. I apologize. I am worth nothing without Your Spirit.

Yes, My little one. My Spirit is guiding you, without  Him you are very weak.

I sincerely regret this, man is so weak and fearful. Rather, it is I who is that way and although I love You so much, I still cause You disappointments and annoyances, even though I do not really want to.

I know child, you will improve. Slowly you will become more and more devoted to Me.

It gladdens me, Lord.  I am fully aware that by myself and from myself I will only come to disappoint, however when I completely entrust myself to You without limits then I will no longer be able to let You down. Because at this time it will no longer be me, but only You, and You always prevail.


That is true My child. My Spirit revealed this truth to you so you would not be fearful of your own failure. Your failure would be My failure, and I, God, always prevail, and it is not possible that My work, that My plan would not be fulfilled in you. I bonded you to Myself, remember?

Yes, Lord. I love those bonds.



My little one, always be obedient to Me in such a way. You are listening to Me more and more and you are also more in tuned to what I will say about this or that and it pleases Me. I do not want to be situated in your life on an inaccessible pedestal. Do not be troubled that you constantly annoy Me by asking about  unimportant matters. I will not find things for you, since you already have Saint Anthony for these issues. He even likes when you constantly call him, however when you ask with faith it gives him  satisfaction but I will advise you in everything that you will ask me for. Don’t I know how lost and worried you are?

My Lord, thank You. So I will ask You constantly and invite You to every job.

Precisely. Yes, invite Me always and everywhere. I want to be constantly with you.

My Beloved Rabbi, I also want to be with You constantly .

My little child, (Jesus stroked my head) ... you want to please Me so much. Your words and your devotion are gratifying to Me. Yes, open your heart to Me every day. See, how much prayer helps you. Are you not more at peace?

Yes Lord.


You see yourself. Prayer connects you with Us, with Heaven, with Me, with My mother, saints, and also with the entire hosts of angels. The more honorable the prayer, the more graces are bestowed on the one who prays. 

Yes, my God, I have difficulties to get up in the morning, but later on I am very happy that I prayed and I feel a deep peace within. Such a “rooting” in You.


Exactly child, the deep rooting in Me, it is the foundation. Then, regardless of what will happen to you, you will not collapse because you are looking into My Eyes.

Yes, Jesus, into Your Beautiful Eyes.

My little one, what do you want to ask about, because later there will be no time…

Lord, you haven’t You already done few times a miracle with the candle?

Yes child, several times.

But there were also a few times when I felt that You did not do it,  and at that time I did not take pictures. Was I correct?


Yes child, it is I Jesus talking now. Satan tries his tricks to deceive you, lest you believe in My miracles, and make you feel bored by them.

Your miracles are beautiful and holy and I feel that they are Yours. But his are miserable.


It is true, My little one. I gave you the gift of discerning My works.

And what do I see now is not Yours Jesus?

No it’s not child, these are his tricks, but it’s all for nothing, because you are strengthened in Me and I am leading you.

Thank you Lord, and two days ago, when I saw “supposedly You” with a wedding ring, was that You?


No child, that was the deceiver.

Jesus, have I done something wrong?


No child, his spells have no power. You did nothing wrong. Look what he’s doing. He pretends to be Me. He does not expose himself with anything bad at all, but impersonates Me closely to get you confused and discouraged, lest you believe that you see Me when I come to you. Do not worry. The fact that he will fool you for a moment does not matter, unless he discourages you and you fall into doubt.

My Dearest Jesus, but he put something on my finger. I don’t want it.

He did not put anything on you. He only pretended. Do not be afraid. I will not allow him to enslave you with anything. He is only allowed to try to deceive you, but you are doing fine, just trust in Me immensely, just like now.

Okay, My Holy Beloved God. I wanted to ask You. Do You want me to walk a nightly pilgrimage because something was hurting me today, like lungs?


No, it was not the lungs that were hurting you. Don’t worry. I will need you here for a little longer. I know you are in a hurry to be with Me, but you have a task to do here. And you will go on a pilgrimage. My little one I need your offerings. Also invite friends.

Lord, may be I invite them to Wykrot?

Yes, invite them to Wykrot and remember what My Holy Mother promised you.

Okay Master. And the plaque with God the Father should be two-sided, or can Saint. Andrew be on the reverse side?

No child, let Saint Andrew go separately, and for My Holy Father do not limit space. May He bless everyone in all directions of the world.

Okay Lord, and what inscription should I place under the picture?

God is Love.

Love with a capital letter?


And should I also make a plaque with Your Holy Face, which I love so much?

Yes, that as well.

And what inscription should it have?

I give you My blessing.

Very well Beloved Rabbi. I thank You immensely and I thank You for helping me in getting such a large print of the image of God the Father.


My Father is very happy regarding this pilgrimage and He opens the Heaven for you, because you love and listen to Him so much. Because you try to spread the devotion to Him. All of your inspirations about Him are coming from Him so make a note of it all in order to be sure that you do not forget anything.

Are You talking about pictures?


Should I send the prayer to God the Father to the nuns one more time?

Send it. God will allow that they will read it and will promulgate it.  

And only the last thing is that X asks if he could somehow compensate for the sins of past generations, because he is ready to repent for them.

You see child, (…) the purpose in which he wants to repent does not agree with My Will, so if he wants to do penance,  it is very well. However, I will not fulfill his plea, because I have decided differently for him and the life that he thought up for himself will not work, because his talents are for something else. Do I have to repeat this endlessly My children? You are wasting your own lives by not listening to me. What father will give a serpent to a child instead of bread? I will not give him a serpent, no matter how much he asks, because I love him. I have already seen enough of the unhappiness that has come down on you. On top of that this little one has been called to the world against My Will, and already she suffers and even worse sufferings will come to her.

Jesus, but how is it against Your Will? Did You not give her life?

Yes, I gave her life, because they tried so hard, but her life will be intertwined with thorns (…)

You love her very much, don’t You?

Child, I love all of you, but  you do not want to help yourselves. Live according to My Commandments, and then My Will will manifest in you and you will not go astray. How much less unhappiness would be in the world. Tell him that I love him (…) It is because of My love I will not allow this. I know what suffering would come to him. He is not suitable for this. I give people various graces. You children do not have such graces, and all your efforts are in vain. You have other graces, and without your conscious discernment, they are wasted and you also are wasted in the world. You child have finally awakened, but (…) others have to awake before I come.

Jesus, thank You very much. These are all the questions. Should I show this answer to his family?

Yes, show it to them, let them wake up from their unconsciousness. (…)

Okay, my Most Dear. I am listening to You and I am all Yours.


I, Jesus, bless you, My child, in all your actions. From now on you will not be able to do anything by yourself, but only that which is My Will – Your Lord and God the Beloved. Persevere on correcting the messages, but you have to hurry with it, because in the upcoming week you will go to your confessor with this message. Include everything in it and he must  keep all to himself  as in confession. Later he must return the message to you because it contains in itself  things known only to you and him and it must remain so. Then I will guide him to do what he has to do next. You do not worry about anything, remember that it is My work and not yours. Satan has no power over him and over you child. (…)

Thank You, Lord, for these instructions.

Very well, child. When this matter is settled, I will guide you further how to spread my messages. For now, do not give them away to anyone until I tell you.

Okay, my Lord. What I was telling people about You,  was it good?

Yes, child, I am referencing to the very content of the messages. With this we will wait.

Very well Lord, is this the important information you told me about yesterday?

No child, but I will tell you about it in the evening. Now you have a job to do. Work persistently, because I God look at you from above and I am waiting to show My light to the world.

Very well Lord. I will do as you told me.

Go in peace. Amen.


My dear Angel Bartholomew, can I talk to you?

About X?


You do not even want to know how much what he says hurts Jesus.

I regret that I agreed to ask about him. He is crazy.

He’s not crazy yet, but things are not good with him.

Is it you, Bartholomew?

Yes, it is I.

I do not know what to do anymore. How much he hurts God, and yet he knew Him. I do not know what is happening to him, I do not recognize him.

The evil spirit wants to possess him and enslaves him more and more.

But he has not possessed him yet? Because I do not recognize him anymore.

Not yet, but he is asking for it himself. He better watch out.

My angel, I can not even converse with him anymore. I will not tell him that, because he does not listen at all and is not afraid of anything.

Yes, that’s right, conversations with him are in vain.

Please tell me what I and his family can do so that he will no longer hurt God and regain his normal self.

Well, these pilgrimages are a good idea, go. The Lord has already decided about him and even if he would be kicking, he can do nothing. The one who knows his weakness is thrashing around.

But will everything end well?


Yes, although it does not look like it, do not forget that the Lord is the Almighty and only He has the power to crumble people’s hearts. There is no sense to talk with a boy because Satan has blinded him so much that he is like a passive puppet in his hands. He cannot say anything by himself anymore, and the words are dictated by the demon. But do not be afraid for him, because the Lord will not let him possess his soul, the boy is hurling and going crazy, but everyone does so before their Lord cleans and gathers them. Let sin go away from him, for he has been tied up with the hefty measure. There is nothing in him of a child that I knew, but he will come back. The Lord will release him. The Lord did much grater  miracles to the ungrateful.

Can we make reparation to God for these blasphemies?

Yes, you can fast for him to make reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

My dear angel, I do not know how this came to be. This is terrible.

Treat him as a sick person, because his soul is going through terrible torments.

Can we somehow ask the Lord to speed up his recovery, so that he does not offend God anymore and does not torture himself and us?

Well, it seems to me that as if (…) the Lord has hastened this release, but you are in such a hurry that the Lord is already unable to keep up with His graces.

I am sorry, indeed every day of talks on this subject is unbearable, and the days on earth is numbered, that’s why we are still begging heaven for mercy on him.

I know, however God has need of him. But that’s not the reason why the Lord will have mercy on him; even though God is so neglected. Get to know the Mercy of God (…)

Thank you, my angel for that consolation. Is there anything else that I should know?

No, that is all.

Tell me Bartholomew, should I stay home and write or go to church?

Today, you do not have to go. Prepare the messages because the Lord decided it due for Monday, and you are totally not ready.

Thank you very much. I bless you, I kiss you and I love you.

Thank you Agnes, work in peace, and I will watch over you so that no one will disturb you.

Thank you.




Yes Agnes.

Master, I am here. I’m so sorry. I apologize for him and I am begging You for forgiveness.

My little one, I have many like him, only no one asks for them and they go straight into eternal fire.

Beloved Lord, do you want me to pray for them?

Yes child.

How do I do that?


Pray for them using these words:

Heavenly Father, I love You and tell You this as many times as many angels there are in Heaven. The same amount of times I bow before You, My Holy God for those who are destined for damnation and for whom nobody is praying. Have mercy on them Lord of the Universe, because You can do anything, and they themselves can do nothing anymore. Since the enemy has them fettered, break their chains, just as you released the Israelites in the past. Take Mercy on them, You, Who are the Most High. Let the Blood of Your Beloved Son wash their hearts, so repentant in humility they would return to You. Amen.

Beloved Jesus, this is a beautiful prayer. I will say it every day. Is this what You expect, Lord?

Yes child. It is a prayer through which you will save many souls that already have one foot in hell.

Thank you, Master. Your Mercy is great.


Verily, I say to you. This is the time of My Mercy over the sinners. Let not the most wretched soul be afraid to come to me, because now I will hear everyone and you can beseech for anything, which is a rescue  for your souls and the souls of your relatives.


But do not forget about your enemies. Pray for them, for they too will receive My Mercy and I will crumble their hardened hearts. Pray for the enemies of the Church, for they will bring you the most harm. I will protect My children.

Beloved Rabbi, what is the best way to pray for someone’s conversion?

The best way is to say the Rosary, because My Beloved Mother has Her Hands filled with the graces from Me. These graces are overflowing, because there is no one to give them to, so pray to Her:


O Mother of God and our Mother,  Who has the abundance of God’s graces for us,   Look at me, a sinner with Your Gracious Eyes  and hear out my prayer. From the Mercy of Jesus Christ grant me the streams of graces for which  today I piously implore for…  Let his/her heart melt completely in the Most Holy Blood of the Lamb,  so that the Heavenly Father will recognize His child in him/her when he/she will stand before His Throne. Amen

Jesus, Beloved, what a beautiful prayer. Thank you. Can I spread these prayers You dictate to me?

Yes, child, I dictate them to you, because otherwise I would have to show myself to everyone separately.

Yes, Lord, I thought so, but I always prefer to ask You about everything.


Good, My child. It was not a remark to you, but rather an endorsement for others to recite them, who think that I am dictating these prayers only to you, and they do not pertain to them. All Christians are co-responsible for the salvation of their brothers. I will hold you accountable for this. Do not worry so much about your own salvation, but rather direct your attention to the salvation of your brothers, and then your own salvation will also be close at hand. Because I will subject your account to how much you loved and not how much you sinned. Sin is a lack of Love and turning yourself away from Love. This is what sin is, therefore the best outcome for you is to pay off your sinful debts to Me by praying for your brothers and sisters.


I desire reparation for your sins. Be loving, because this wipes away guilt and sanctifies man. Let everyone know that they have support in you.


Become those kind of beacons to which people will be attracted and cling in search for help. You must sacrifice for them when they are in need – you will give and not await for payment. I will pay you from My innumerable heavenly treasures, and no mortal payment will be needed.

Jesus, you’ll even count the daily friendly smiles, right?


Yes, child, you do not have to immediately sell your property and hand it out to the poor. I appreciate even the small gestures of love. Be merciful in small things, and I will grant that even in big things you will also show heart. Come to Me making small steps. Even if you would not be able or do not know how to come, say only these words:


“Jesus, I trust in You, I want to live with You in the Heavenly Kingdom. Lead me to Yourself” and I will take care of you and slowly with small steps, you will come closer and closer to Me, when finally peace will reign in your hearts and you will know that I live in you.


Children, I do not seek great deeds from you. I want your good will. Decide that you want to be with Me and ask for My help, then I will look after you. Don’t I know that many of you do not even know how to pray? Don’t I know that no one showed you how Good I am? Don’t I  know what the media is teaching you? Come to me, my strayed sheep, and I will take you in. I am the God of Love. Whoever has never known love in this life will receive it from Me in Heaven. Whoever was oppressed and humiliated at work, that person I will exalt and adorn with glory.

With glory? Lord, it is You who are the One Most Worthy to be adorn with glory.

Yes, my child, however My saints feed off My Glory and it is with My Glory that their garments glisten.

Thank You Master.  Now I understand.


My little, trust Your God


Do not worry ahead of time that people will not understand my words and will attack them. That will take place. If it happens so, then it is My Will. When I want to explain something – then I explain it.

Yes Lord, You know everything. I apologize for my over zealousness. I will become better.

Well, my little one. Now a few words for you.

Lord, I’m sorry, did I interrupt you?

No child. This is the end of the message for today. You still have a lot of work in front of you, and do not forget to say chaplet, because it helped you a lot today.

Yes My Master.  I will do as You say.

You do not have to get up at 3 AM today, only correct as much as you planned, because everything must be ready for Monday, and on Sunday you do nothing, so you have to finish on Saturday before leaving.

Very well, My Most Beloved Rabbi.  I will get to work right away.

Very well, my little one. I bless you and love you.

I love you, Dearest God. I love and adore You.