God’s therapy of deliverance from fear and diseases of civilization

God the Father:  Your Father has the power to remove this fear that brings sleepless nights to psychologists. The basic and primary fear of mankind is nothing more but a defect caused by sin. Sin removes love, and where there is no love reigns fear. I will be healing human souls by filling them with love.

Excerpt from the message of God the Father


God's Therapy of deliverance from fear and diseases of civilization - detail


1. The primal fear of mankind


God the Father:  Your Father has the power to remove this fear that brings sleepless nights to psychologists. The basic and primary fear of mankind is nothing more but a defect caused by sin. Sin removes love, and where there is no love reigns fear. I will be healing human souls by filling them with love. The condition for joining My loving therapy is the possession of love, and thus the removal of sin by Holy Confession and remaining in the sanctifying grace. My entire therapy will last nine days. It will have the form of a novena during which you will receive Holy Communion every day. Close your eyes, remember the fear that is within you. You will say it to Me and trust Me.

First of all, you must understand that blaming anyone for anything is a factor preventing the development and the deliverance from some unpleasant feelings and fears. To heal the soul, complete forgiveness and letting go from seeking culprits for your own suffering is needed. Complete forgiveness for those close and distant, and the whole society if one blames it for the wrong arrangement of the world, law and unjust government. One should forgive entire groups guilty for the rise of poverty and wars. Misfortunes came to man through sin. It is sin that is guilty of all evil. It is sin that is a source of suffering on Earth, and you must accept it and understand it. Sin is your enemy; it destroys you, saddens you, fills you with fear, and does not allow you to enjoy life. Sin is the source of all misfortune, so hate sin. For people, retain mercy and compassion because they are beings who are weak, erring, and lead astray by their own senses no less than by the most distinguished evil spirits.

So, forgive and love. Also, forgive yourself for those mistakes that have caused you and others the most suffering. These mistakes are again a source of humility for you. You are wrong by guiding yourself with your own feelings. From now on, always guide yourself with My commandments and My will, and you will not go wrong and you will not have to shed any more tears. Life according to My will is the best way to avoid mistakes and unnecessary pain, to introduce harmony and happiness already in the temporal life. For happiness is not the possession of goods and persons, but the state of a loving soul, despite the suffering and the efforts that she has to endure in this life, which is not yet perfect and subject to various trials. From today, you will love all people and hate all sins. Forgive and love people; confess sins and remove them from your life. Stay away from them and loathe them like a living leprosy. For there is nothing more abhorrent on Earth than sin. Learn to blame sin for all evil. Direct all your aversion, loathing, blame and sorrow upon it. This is the perpetrator of your suffering, pain, errors, and tears. Renounce it forever and follow Me.

Now the second part of the therapy: an exercise that will heal your wounds suffered through sin every day. Close your eyes and contemplate for five minutes this truth, that in your heart exists and lives a personal Love. This is the third Divine Person, the Holy Spirit. He lives in your heart through the sanctifying grace. Contemplate this great miracle of the presence of infinite Love in your wounded heart. Submit to the sanctifying grace that heals.


2. Diseases of civilization


God the Father:  The fear that I am talking about is an overwhelming internal fear, which is a constant companion of the society of the 21st century. Man feels constant fear, but he does not quite realize it. If he understood how many things he does only because he is afraid, he would be on the right path. And so he lives thoughtlessly, filling himself with goods that, through their excess, begin to harm him. The fear that I am talking about is caused by sin. This fear is magnified by sin and the detachment from My grace. It is magnified by external factors such as listening to bad news, mulling over catastrophic hypotheses, and probing the essence of evil through listening or learning about evil, its causes and manifestations. In this way, one analyzes the history of murders and other crimes, whose secret is only sin and nothing else. This fear is also magnified by internal factors such as personal sin, lack of forgiveness and self-confidence while being aware of one’s own unreliability.

All of this makes in sort that man, instead of strengthening himself with hope in God, builds his illusive happiness on himself, in the material world, accumulating, accumulating and accumulating endlessly. The suppression of this fear manifests itself in many behaviors, which are defined as diseases of civilization. These are not any diseases but attempts to suppress the fear by consumption, a modern remedy for everything. And so terrified, man eats without restraint, gets drunk with alcohol, and fills himself with medications and drugs in order to feel safe at least for this moment. The same reason causes man to buy without restraint everything he likes, regardless of whether or not he really needs the acquired things, for you have much more than you need. Buying gives man a sense of control and momentary euphoria, which assuages the feeling of fear, but the fear remains. All this diverts man’s feelings and thoughts from his real problem: the lack of peace and a sense of security. Others are so afraid that they try to soothe their fear by surrendering to their corporeality and succumbing to all sensual cravings.

This leads to denaturalizations and a loss of the sense of one’s own dignity, and consequently a sense of meaninglessness of existence and suicide. The escape from undertaking ordinary duties to entertainment, and above all to watching television, movies, games, and amusements already has a morbid character, consisting of the failure to complete a number of ordinary human activities that belong to life such as studying, work, cleaning, and maintaining social and family relations.

Prayer in this state of mind only able to escape is a distant, distant goal that is not undertaken at all. All these addictions of man, resulting from satisfying the need for security by satisfying the senses, lead to spiritual depletion. That is why I am speaking to you, so you may believe that conscious or unconscious fear can be mastered completely by staying in the state of sanctifying grace and the contemplation of God’s presence in your own heart. To this end, lock yourselves every day inside your heart and contemplate in it the presence of the Holy Spirit, who is a living personal Love. The realization of this great grace assuages all fear, and the wounds suffered through sin that are its source are healed by this living Love.


3. Material development vs spiritual development


God the Father:  Listen My child. Trust Me. Guard My words in your soul. Write them down carefully and follow them. The disease of civilization is a ubiquitous defect of a society that is well-developed in material terms, but not in spiritual terms. The development of mankind fructified in material prosperity, which in turn plundered souls. This civilization did not develop under the spiritual influence, because prosperity plundered souls of their goods.

The sweetness of cookies will not overflow onto the soul. One cannot overfeed the body so that something from this would pass onto the soul. The sweetness of cakes and the delicacy of fabrics will not overflow onto the soul, and the intellectual ability of the mind will not make the soul outstanding either. The human soul feeds on God. Material prosperity does not give her any of its own. It plunders her of her goods and makes her dry, indifferent and hardened. In order to protect oneself against the tide of corruption, man should value penance as a means to develop the soul. It is an antidote to a soul living in an overfed body. For the senses overflowing in all goods, it is the only antidote. Penance is the good of the soul. The feeding of the soul, however, takes place in the sacramental life of the Church. Frequent participation in the Holy Mass and reception of the Blessed Sacrament nourishes the soul and makes her fat in My eyes. However, the condition for obtaining graces flowing from this sacrament is the regular participation in Holy Confession and the maintenance of the soul in sanctifying grace.

So cleansed and revived, the soul bears the mark of a fat sheep. I have especially loved these souls and I desire to heal them with the power of My grace flowing from the constant presence of My Holy Spirit in them. The diseases that affect these souls are the same from which suffer souls deprived of grace. However, in these souls I want to act; I desire to heal them because I especially care about them. Before we tackle the diseases of the body, I want to heal the souls. The diseases of souls are consequences of sins, from the original sin through the societal sins and other people’s sins, until the personal sins of souls.

Every sin is a lack of love and its loss. So the wounds of man suffered through sin are the remnants of a wounded love, a lessening in perfection. By the same token, they cause psychological and physical sequelae related to sin. That is why all diseases are rooted in sin: in personal sin, in societal sin, in someone else’s sin, and in the original sin. I will describe these types of sin later. Now I want to assure you that they are all healed equally. They are all healed with love. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


4. Sin as the perpetrator of human misfortune


God the Father:  Listen, human faults immerse souls and cripple them with unbearable weights. Sin destroys man’s natural relationship with God, and precisely because of that, it is the greatest enemy of man and should be hated as such among people. Every sin destroys the soul and creates a wound in it. Sin is a lack of love, so the wound that arises is a loss of love. In the place of the lost love arises fear. Do you remember what Adam and Eve did when they sinned? Hiding is a reaction to the perceived fear. The original sin opened man to fear, which man did not know before. From now on, man is struggling with a lack of trust towards the Creator and always feels some sort of fear.

Depending on what is the personal development of the soul and her state in regard to God, she feels a greater or a lesser fear. The consequences of the original sin have spread to all mankind, but it is not the last sin that is burdening all generations with fear. The societal sin is a sin proper to entire groups of people, nations, factions and social strata. The compounded sin of each of these groups affects the entire community, which is related to the sinners. In this way, the sins of priests are a burden to all people, and especially the members of the Holy Church, because the anger of God, which they bring upon the Earth instead of mercy, weighs on all mankind filling it with fear. For the priest has the power to divert My anger from the people through propitiation, and through his own sacrifice, to make satisfaction for the sins of the souls entrusted to him. This calling is the intercession for the Earth, and especially for its chosen people and thus the members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Holy Church.

National sins, such as genocide, the destruction or the oppression of another nation, avenge themselves on all members of the oppressor’s nation. This national fault causes fear in the entire nation. Another type of sin is someone else’s sins that arise through depravations. These sins not only cause bad effects on the sinners themselves, but also burden with fear the souls of the people who brought forth the depravations, and through their bad example were the cause of other people’s sin. This type of sin has very broad effects, and penance for it can be imposed until the end of the world. However, already in this world, the man who became the cause of depravation suffers from fear, the reason of which he cannot grasp and he treats himself with all human means, from psychologists to sorcerers. Nevertheless, this does not help and the anxiety caused by the wound suffered through sin, heavy in consequences, terrifies the soul from morning to night. These people, often without knowing the reason for their fear, escape from it into the world of drugs and sinful pleasures, until they reach a tragic end.

A personal sin is an individual wound to the soul that can arise in her, because it also has the indirect effect of someone else’s sin. If man suffers harm, this sin, although not his own, leaves fear in him due to the loss of primary innocence. A faultless wound arises in that way, but indirectly causes bad human relationships in the future. This kind of sin, however, is best removed by removing sin from one’s life and soul by Holy Confession. In addition, the wounds arising as a result of sin are healed by the sanctifying grace in the soul, and thus directly by the Holy Spirit, who being Himself a personal Love, fills the soul and all her wounds with love. However, the issue of the conscious acceptance of this grace by souls remains and these messages serve this purpose. I desire to teach you the internal acceptance of love that has the power to heal all your wounds suffered through sin. We do not have to dwell on these wounds; this interior is cleansed through the Holy Confession. All that remains is the matter of healing them. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


5. Wounds and sicknesses of souls and their consequences


God the Father:  I bless you. My child, I want the healing of mankind. A man who cannot cope with his own fear becomes an easy prey for evil spirits. They easily manipulate him and increase his personal sin. I want to bring souls out of this vicious circle, so that they do not seek help from people deprived of faith and the sacraments, using only human speculation. The depth of the human soul and the complexity of her wounds are known only to God, and only He can heal her entirely and completely. Spiritual wounds are also the source of certain diseases that arise in the human body. The human body is so closely connected with the soul that the wounds of the soul reveal themselves in the body in the form of various infirmities. All are curable, but not all will be cured. Those that are needed by man as a form of purification and penance will remain; but those that are the result of spiritual wounds and weaknesses of the body touched by them, I can heal together with the removal of wounds. Therefore, when contemplating My love and personal action in you, surrender your soul and body to Me, so I may heal not only your soul but also your blood.

Sickness is the result of original sin. It was not My intention, because I did not create anything that was not perfect and good. It is sin that distorts My creation, so now believe that I desire My creation to be healthy and good. Only the healthy can help the sick, so in order to serve Me, man must be freed from the fear paralyzing his soul and the diseases of civilization that are a consequence of it. I desire all souls who suffer because of fear. I desire all souls enslaved by addictions. I desire all souls seeking relief in the entertainment of the world. I desire all souls who burden others with their fear and have become unbearable for them. I desire them, those whom no one is able to help. Do not give your souls to the people who usurp the right to enter your souls without the grace of God. They cannot help you in anything, but will only trample your wounds and enter the Temple of God without faith. The human soul remains the mystery of God; open her gates only to the Holy Spirit. I will teach you how to collaborate with the sanctifying grace acting in the soul, so that you can be completely and entirely healed. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


6. The process of healing


God the Father:  The essence of the healing process to which I invite you is the contemplation of the presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s own heart. Thus, the condition for healing is to remain in the sanctifying grace, to contemplate the presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s own heart. This grace gives Me the opportunity to heal the human soul, free her, and sanctify her. The more man will penetrate the essence of this mystery, the more he will free himself from fear, which is the result of a loss of love. I want the man, who decides to devote himself entirely to My guidance and grace, to attend Holy Mass daily and receive Holy Communion in his own intention for nine consecutive days. Furthermore, every day he should contemplate My word regarding this particular work on his own wounded heart, and for a minimum of five minutes a day exclude himself from external life, focus spiritually on contemplating the mystery of his own soul, in which resides the Holy Spirit. This contemplation requires complete silence and loneliness. The healing process should begin with Holy Confession and absolute forgiveness to all trespassers.


7. Daily holy practice


God the Father:  Write, My child. The Novena is a time of particular listening to My voice and learning how to implement this new kind of prayer into life. Initially, you can dedicate more time to this contemplation to learn how to concentrate on the mystery of the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart. However, this must be a daily acclamation, so that man can feel its healing and transforming effect.

The first nine days will bring big changes, but not always noticeable externally. To experience inner healing, one should not interrupt this daily practice, and it is My desire that the soul remains in it every day until the end of life. For it brings great, great benefits to the soul.




God the Father:  Write, My child. The Novena that I have dictated to you will be healing internally, because by contemplating the presence of the Holy Spirit in your own heart, you will bring Me great joy. Therefore, I will do to you what you desire: to love with pure love. Give Me your heart and I will free you from all worldly dependencies. Introduce this novena into your daily life and you will feel the fruits of My action. For a heart free from fear can love, and a heart that can love can do anything. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



On the first day, when contemplating the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart, focus on the unconditional forgiveness of God and forgive in a perfect way everything to everyone.  Also, forgive yourself and do not go back to mull over your own old sins. Ask the Holy Spirit to find all your wounds inflicted by other people and fill them with His forgiveness. Do not leave any sorrow in yourself. Even the smallest splinter causes pain. Entrust them all to the perfect physician, who will pull them out once and for all.

From that day, strive not to mention evil, not talk about it, and not mention it to others. Let it leave your heart and mind, and in your heart, there will be space left for love. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



On the second day, during your pious practice, close your eyes again and imagine that inconceivable God Himself is in your heart. It is the Holy Spirit who, through the sanctifying grace, sanctifies your heart. Think about His holy presence and the humility with which He works: quietly, imperceptibly to the eye, and yet in real terms with great power. The mere presence of the Holy Spirit has infinite value for your heart. Contemplate His inconceivable power of holiness, the crushing greatness of its effect upon someone as tiny as you.



On the third day, entrust to Me all your spiritual afflictions. Close your eyes and imagine the Holy Spirit as a personal Love in your heart. This Love, filling your heart to the brim, touches all your wounds. Since they are cleansed in the sacrament of confession and emptied of the sorrow of unforgiveness, they are ready to be filled with healing love, which spills over the wounds as a soothing balm, assuaging their pain and causing spiritual healing. Now think about how the Holy Spirit touches all wounds with love.



On the fourth day, imagine the power of the Holy Spirit. Think about the universe, about all the galaxies, and now reach with your thought into infinity; the Holy Spirit reaches there with its size. You are unable to embrace Him even with a thought, because infinity does not end anywhere and never, and yet the Holy Spirit allowed Himself to be embraced by your heart, in which He dwells. You host in the most secretive part of your soul the infinite, almighty God Himself. Humble yourself before Him and remember His blessed presence in your heart.



On the fifth day of the novena, concentrate on your own misery. Think about how small the planet Earth is beside the whole universe. Think about what great forces operate in the universe, keeping the motion of the planets. Think about gravity, which works as long as I desire it. Look from the height of the cosmos on your homeland, your home, on yourself. You are a smaller creature than you can comprehend. However, in His inconceivable goodness and humility, the Holy Spirit managed to see with His eye something so tiny and took up residence in your miniature heart, and His love makes possible things inconceivable to mankind.



On the sixth day of the novena, continue your contemplation of the greatness of humility and lowliness of God the Holy Spirit. Every sin opposes the nature of God, disfigures the human heart and destroys it. The Holy Spirit, being the personification of beauty and purity, lives in an imperfect space, which is the wounded heart of man. I want to do this not out of conformity, but out of love. Being love and beauty, by His blessed and inconceivable presence, He heals and sanctifies the human heart by the mere fact of dwelling in it. Just like fire transforms the wood thrown into it, so the Holy Spirit burns through internally the soul of man, burning the sins with love. This process occurs in the human soul in the moment of reception of absolution by the soul during the Holy Confession. The same fire, which burned sin in the human heart, remains in it as long as she is in a state of grace sanctifying, healing wounds suffered through sin.



On the seventh day of the novena, worship the Holy Spirit for His presence in your soul. Try to remain humble in your thoughts before Him, for it is a grace above graces and a miracle of miracles. When He created light and separated it from darkness, when He filled the firmament with stars as numerous as the sea sand, and he provided the Earth with water and land rich with all living creatures, He hid Himself in a room as small and as pitiful as your heart. He sat there unnoticed, because who will find Him hidden so to bow down to Him? Who will worship Him in such a low and cramped place? Does anyone next to you know where God is in you? So will anyone else find this place to adore the Holy Spirit in it?



On the eighth day of the novena, close your eyes over the entire world, fall in spirit on your knees before God present here in the Holy Spirit and adore Him. Apologize to Him for not worshiping His blessed presence in you. God Himself in the third person, who is infinite, almighty and omnipotent, He lives in you. Who are you that you dare to forget about His presence? Does the servant with whom the king took up residence, so that they share a common, pitiful room, could forget about his royal guest or would he rather serve on his knees, unceasingly apologizing for the poverty and dirt of the place in which he is hosted? So remember who sits in your heart, and thus make satisfaction for your ignorance.



On the ninth day of the novena, also thank the Holy Spirit for having filled your heart with His wealth. For it is a treasure above treasures and it is God Himself, in whom are all the joys and all the heights rising up to infinity. You little sinful soul, thank the incomparable strength and grace of the holy sacraments of the Catholic Church. You have, possess and hide this treasure that all human souls dream of; however, deceived by Satan, they do not find it. Give thanks that, beginning with the Holy Baptism and ending with the Sacrament of Penance, you participate in this wealth and you have a right to it. Now that you know who indwells in you in this spiritual form, worship this holy presence remembering about it day and night, and above all strive to preserve yourself from mortal sin, because with it you will lose everything at once, and the King and his wealth.


Translated from: Boża terapia uwalniania z lęku i chorób cywilizacyjnych, Grzechynia 2020