God Heals and Performs Miracles

Jesus heals in your parish church

In the life of the contemporary Church, there is a lack of visible miracles, bodily healings and liberations from the power of demons. In the pursuit of miracles and healings, people travel hundreds of kilometers and overcome all kinds of difficulties. Too few among them are those who can perform miracles in the name of Jesus Christ, resurrect, heal and liberate. There are those who are able to do this with the power of the evil spirit, but in the hour of truth they will hear: Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and cast out demons in Your name, and perform many miracles in Your name? And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’(Mt 7, 22-23).

Through the gift of the sacrament of Holy Baptism, each faithful receives graces from God, through which he can become an instrument for performing miracles, healings, resurrections and liberations through the action of God in him. The Holy Spirit gives these graces to the baptized faithful, to whom He wants and whichever He wants. The faithful can ask for these graces, but they cannot demand them[1]. All the baptized cannot receive these graces, for we would not needed each other.

In the gift of the sacrament of priesthood, the graces of performing miracles, healings and liberations are given to the priests. These are mainly gifts given to the priests, who receive them by virtue of the special election of God and His grace. In the soul of the priest is reflected the image of God, precisely this anointing to a Son of God, a one of a kind resemblance, which unites the Son with the Father [2].


The capital is there, but there are no miracles

Because there is no faith. Today, God dwells with people for the price of faith. He remained hidden in the holy Host. He is the same as then in Palestine or today at the heights of Heaven. He is not less Almighty in the tabernacle. My apostles and people living simultaneously with Me saw the image of God, but could not believe because I was a Man, and they were expecting God whom Moses saw. They were unable to accept God as the Holy Trinity and they were unable to believe in Me, though they saw My signs. Today, you believe in Me as God and as a Man, you acknowledge the existence of the Holy Trinity, but you cannot believe in Me, now hidden not in the human nature, but in the holy Forms [3].


To the present day, God has not changed in any way

As in those days, two thousand years ago, Lord Jesus had pity for every soul and bestowed His graces upon all who had an open heart. He wants to do the same today, only the arena has changed from Palestine to the parish church. However, the type of disbelief has also changed. God continues to be present with us and among us. We have become accustomed to dwell in His presence, and it does not impress us because we have lost faith [4]. The world does not experience miracles today because it does not possess faith in the actual presence of the Eucharistic King among us in the holy Forms.


The warranties of God

God is unchangeable in the generosity of his gifts. His offer also always demands the investment of man. I profess a truth regarding you: he who believed that I am and remain God in human nature, was touched by My divine intervention. And also today, he who will believe in Me under the forms of Bread and Wine, will experience My Divine grace [5]. (…) if you had faith in My true presence in the Blessed Sacrament and My true goodness, miracles would happen in every church. (…) I dwell with My power in every parish church [6].


The initial effort of man

Come with faith before My face. Do not enter unwittingly. Before entering, become aware that in a moment you will stand before Me. Just as before entering someone else’s home you adjust your appearance, so before entering My Home, adjust it consciously, but not so much in the sphere of the body as in the sphere of the spirit. Prepare your souls for this meeting, hush up and focus on what will happen in a moment. Open the doors and I will be before you, as a Man and as God, shielded by the mystery of the senses, but truly present, alive, compassionate, longing, lonely and full of mercy [7].


Becoming aware of God’s presence

The cure for very many physical and spiritual afflictions lays in becoming aware of My presence in the soul and the body and in the adoration of this presence. After the Holy Communion, My Flesh and My Blood are located in your body. My Blood combines with your blood and circulates throughout the entire body. You have within you the highest good, the source of eternal life, the sanctifying force a drop of which saves and heals millions of souls. The power of My Blood is unimaginable for you. Everything that you are able to obtain from My Almighty Father, you obtain it thanks to this Blood, through the power of which have been opened the gates of Heaven and the graces of Heaven. Each request is a request for My Blood, because it is this Blood that obtained everything for you. (…) So be aware, when receiving Me in the Holy Communion, Who dwells in you and what is the power of His presence. At each Holy Mass, you are located under My cross. From this cross, rivers of My precious Blood are flowing upon you. Who will stand under that cross and will await this Blood with adoration, will obtain propitiation through the power of this Holy Blood [8].


Union in God

What happens during the time of the Holy Communion is extraordinary and unheard-of. I enter into your soul and into your body as God and as a Man, because you receive My Soul and Divinity, but also My Flesh and My Blood, which unites with your blood. I am united with you in a strict and real way. You feel bliss, having in yourself the highest Holiness and Power. (…)

This joy and happiness, which I feel while dwelling in a soul who loves Me, is not equal to anything. I am then the closest to a loving heart, which desires Me. If the soul gives herself into My possession and does not reserve any rights for herself, then this joy is complete and turns into total bliss. For the soul who makes Me so happy, I am ready to accomplish great things, impossible things. Thus, ask Me then, because you captivate My heart and assuage My anger [9]. Every Holy Communion perfects the soul, gives her a part of Me and makes her holy, because she possesses God [10].

Listen, this is the act of your complete surrender to Me, when I come to you in Holy Communion. The extent to which I will rule over you depends on the level of your devotion to Me. Because I also give Myself over to you into your possession. Do not I come to your soul in order to dwell in her? Do I not diminish Myself to the form of a small bread, so you may receive Me? Child, God gives Himself to you as a Holy Host, which you can honor and love, but also desecrate. I give Myself completely defenseless to you and I expect that you will also remain completely defenseless and dependent on Me.

Have full confidence in Me. Do not leave anything for yourself when I come. This is the moment in which I show you My greatest love for you, and the moment in which I expect the greatest love from you. Fall on your knees and love Me with your entire soul, for behold, I am taking possession of you, child. Open yourself completely to My grace, for there is no limit to My mercy at that moment when you open yourself to Me, soul [11].

God the Father, seeing such a union with his Son in man, even if he did not want to hear out his prayers, He does so for the sake of His Son. You possess Jesus, you unite with Him through your sacrifice, and you become souls that are the most desire by Me, souls filled with love. Even if I did not want to bless a soul, even if I did not want to hear out her requests, I do so out of consideration for My Son, whom I recognize in this soul. (…) In your requests, always refer to My Son; then I cannot refuse you anything [12].


How to remain in the union

Remember that by worshiping Me in the Blessed Sacrament, you give honor to God Himself, and you do it through faith. This is not possible without faith, because it is not possible to give Divine worship to a piece of bread, if one does not believe that God is present in it. Hence those, who do not believe, do not worship Me by staying in My presence and uttering words of prayer. Remember, when staying in My Presence, to make every effort to worship My constant presence in the Blessed Sacrament. The words of prayer are not important, your songs are not important as much as is important the awareness of My presence. Nurture faith. Remember Who you worship and Who stands before you, hidden but present with all His Divinity and all His power. When repeating the words of prayer, do not forget about the One in front of whom you say these words. It is better for you to be silent than to speak unknowingly. It is better for you to be silent than to sing without restraint, forgetting about My Presence.

Great is the reward for those who compound in themselves faith in My live presence in the sacraments, and great is the punishment for those who disdain this presence. I have given many signs to the world, so it may know that I am truly present under the forms of Bread and Wine. If this evidence is too small for you, it means that there is no faith in you [13].


Now time for a miracle, healing and liberation

These great works happen during the time of the Holy Communion and the adoration afterwards. Use this moment and ask Me wholeheartedly for everything you want, because you know that then, I cannot deny you anything. I am subjected to you through the love and the joy that I feel while dwelling in you [14].

Now, during the Holy Communion, God gives man time during which he can ask for a lot. You ask Me little. I am capable, I am ready to give more. Ask. I do not intend to withhold all My graces in Heaven. I prefer to give them to Earth. I want them to be taken from Me. I want to gift them to the whole world. I want you to stop being afraid, mulling over in your heart for what it becomes to ask Me, and for what it does not. Ask Me for everything, because it is in My power to fulfill everything. Do not limit My goodness. You know that I can fulfill all your requests. Do not ask Me for small things and do not ask Me without faith. Always believe that I will fulfill your request, because I can do it, I want to do it and I have no reason for which I would deny My child. You, only ask with faith and do not cease in your requests. I am ready to fulfill them all. When you come to ask, do not ask as a slave, but as a free man; do not ask as a servant, but as a lord [15].


Do not forget about the Mother of God

Mary, the Mother of God, is also present at every event, which Her Son accomplishes today on Earth among His subjects. In My House, I always dwell with My Mother. Come to Me if you want to meet Her [16].

Through each of His actions, God surrounds us with His care and the care of the Mother of God [17]. Thus, take advantage of Her advocacy and, through Her intercession, ask Jesus for miracles.


God also heals during the time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Thus, do not be afraid to come and speak. Every visit is agreeable to Me, because I am a prisoner. I am always waiting; at any time I am happy from your visit. Come, if only for a moment, to greet Me and ask that I accompany you everywhere. Treat Me as someone who is alive, not dead; as someone who is on Earth with you, not as God in the inaccessible tracts of Heaven. I want faith, faith makes Me happy. I am waiting for you. Come with faith [18].

If you truly believed, Jesus would not be lonely, and among you there would be no people who are sick or possessed. The reverence that you pay to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and the love that you bestow upon Him by visiting the blessed Sacrament, are a test of your faith.

You have to realize that Jesus did not want to leave the Earth. He had to die for your Redemption, but He never stopped desiring to dwell among you, to cure your sick bodies and souls. Coming into the world in a human form, as a born God, He gifted mankind with His blessed presence and everyone who worshiped Him and believed in Him, that He truly has the power to work miracles in the name of God, was healed. God in His justice does not deprive man of His presence even today. You just have to believe that He had to leave the Earth in this guise, in which He was crucified, for man to understand and accept Redemption as a real event, located in the history of man, which has been accomplished [19].

Jesus as a man has been crucified, laid in the tomb, resurrected and ascended to Heaven. These are facts that are necessary for man to believe and worship God for His unfathomable mercy, whose summit He revealed to man in His Son, the Redeemer of the world. If Jesus had not ascended to Heaven, man would not be able to comprehend His presence in Heaven at the right hand of the Father, and His kingship over all that belongs to the Father. God, however, never wanted to leave the Earth and leave His creation behind. In His merciful plan of salvation, He foresaw a way to stay on the Earth despite His actual departure from it. This Divine love and desire to dwell with man manifested itself in the establishment of the Blessed Sacrament, in which God forever embodied His full presence of Earth.

Thus, the Blessed Sacrament is God hidden from the human senses, God in Flesh and Blood, Jesus – Man and Jesus – God. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament hid himself from the sensory part of man, but He is truly present in It in His entire bodily and spiritual form, and thus in the fullness of His humanity and the fullness of His Divinity. The only difference that divides the times when He treaded the Earth from our times, is that one can not perceive Him without faith. I know that given the few miracles that you experience today, it is more difficult for you to believe that it is truly Jesus who is with you and lives among you. However, the contemporaries of Jesus also needed to raise to the heights of faith to recognize God in Him. He was also hidden from them. He appeared to the human senses, but hid Himself as God.

To love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is just that – to believe. Faith in the fact that He truly loves so much that He stayed on Earth with man. You all know where He lives. You can all go to Him. You can all speak with Him and be healed. You must just show faith. Just as in the past, Jesus is waiting only for your faith [20].


The priest an instrument of graces of healing and miracles

When the priest gives the blessing at the end of the Holy Mass, I Myself am present in him and I bless you. The priest gives Me his body, and I make use of him to bless you. So, My children, if you believed in My actual presence in the priest and in the value of God’s blessing, would you be standing? Would you not fall on your knees My children? If you were aware of the grace that the blessing is, would you not kneel at the words of the priest?

(…) the blessing of the priest is a blessing full of grace. Through it, I surround you with My care and the care of the Blessed Mother. Satan cannot harm you as much as he harms souls which do not receive this blessing, because by blessing you, I protect you as My children. The evil spirit becomes helpless and flees before the blessing, because then I take away his power over you. Know that the power of this blessing varies depending on your faith and the devotion with which you accept this grace. Not everyone gets evenly. It depends on you, children. When I bless you, I impart to you all My graces, and it depends only on you how much of this grace will descend on you. (…)

Write also, that by taking away the power of the devil, I deliver you from many spiritual and physical afflictions, but the strength of this deliverance depends on you (…) because the blessing of the Son of Man has an infinite power, as the grace and merit of the Holy Mass. Remember this daughter and tell My children to kneel on their knees, because only these bent knees and heads bowed in great humility can win you over My Heart [21].



Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Mt 11, 28).


Do not forget about the other side of the coin

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls (Mt 11, 29).



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