Dear to the reader, we present to your hands another 19 volume of the subtleties of God, dealing with the issue of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

Almost 20 years ago, thanks to God’s grace, I foresaw the final battle of the Holy Church’s faith in Poland. Battle for the priesthood and Holy Sacrifice. And here, during this great Eucharistic war, we receive great support from God in the gift of His Word on the Holy Mass from the point of view of God Himself. It is a ready-made textbook on dogmatic theology about the Holy Mass.

From God himself we have received a tremendous gift and support to spread Eucharistic worship.

Dear reader, it is now for you to get down on your knees and contemplate these mysteries of the word. I wish you to sail into extraterrestrial reality.


1. Two inexhaustible sources of grace

Msza swieta jest Moja bezkrwawa ofiara skladana Ojcu Niebieskiemu za grzechy ludzkosci. Uczestniczac w niej w sposob swiadomy, jednoczysz sie ze Mna w tej ofierze i laczysz wlasne zycie z Moim i wlasna ofiare z Moja. Naucze cie, jak masz to robic, aby otrzymac mozliwie najwiecej lask. Dopiero kiedy do glebi odczujesz i pojmiesz Moja Ofiare, docenisz cud Mojej obecnosci w Najswietszym Sakramencie. Adoracja jest bowiem niczym innym, kaj uwielbianie Mojej obecnosci. Do tego uwielbiania potrzebne sa dwie rzeczy. Swiadomosc, kim jestem i wiara w to, ze jestem realnoe obecny w kawalku chleba. Zaczniemy wiec od Mszy swietej.

There are two sources of grace for the soul seeking God, and they are wide and spacious, and even if man drew from them every day, they will not exhaust themselves. They are the Holy Mass and the associated Sacraments, and the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Holy Mass is My bloodless sacrifice made to the Heavenly Father for the sins of mankind. By consciously participating in it, you unite with Me in this sacrifice and you join your own life with Mine and your own sacrifice with Mine. I will teach you how to do this in order to receive as much grace as possible. Only when you feel deeply and understand My Sacrifice will you appreciate the miracle of My presence in the Blessed Sacrament. For adoration is nothing but glorification of My presence. Two things are needed for this worship. Being aware of who I am and believing that I am really present in a piece of bread. So we will start with the Holy Mass.

Bless you, my child. In the name of the Father and the son and the holy spirit. Amen.