Now read the words of the Book of Priests, which tells us how Aaron should enter the Most Holy place before My face, that I would not punish him for his unworthiness, and that His Holiness would not hurt him, just as it happened with his sons. My holiness was to cover in the smoke of the incense burnt in My part, and I ordered my unworthiness to be hidden from me through the additional washing and under the holy garments which I covered him with. You can not take your unworthiness because you lack the all-seeing sight of God. You must believe that no mortal is perfect in My face. I let him come to my face, but for this purpose he should arouse great humility and holy fear.

Przeczytalas dzis slowa z Ksiegi Kaplanskiej mowiace o tym, Jak Aaron ma wstepowac do Miejsca Najswietszego przed Moje oblicze, abym go nie ukaral za jego niegodnosc, I aby nie porazila go Moja Swietosc, podobnie jak stalo sie z jego synami. Moja Swietosc mial zakryc w gestym dymie kadzidel palonych na Moja czesc, a niegodnosc swoja kazalem mu ukryc przede Mna poprzez dodatkowe obmycie I pod swietymi szatami, ktorymi go okrylem. Nie mozecie pojac waszej niegodnosci, bo brak wam wszechwidzacego wzroku Boga. Musicie uwierzyc, ze zaden smiertelnik nie jest doskonaly przed Moim obliczem. Dozwalam mu przystepowac przed Moje oblicze, ale dla tego celu powinien wzbudzic w sobie wielka pokore I swieta bojazn.

Begin with My chosen sons, whom I have elevated to the priestly dignity. The priest’s self-sacrifice does not make him perfect for me. He is still a sinner, for the sacrament of sanctification does not change his nature, which remains human and therefore sinful. The Church, therefore, for centuries has established a special rite for priests, how they are to follow Me when they approach Me in the Blessed Sacrament. The human hardship should be hidden deeply by the government I imitated. To this end, laws have been established that My Holy Spirit, to lead selected and holy minds, established in the Church.

Zaczne od Moich wybranych synow, ktorych wywyzszylem do godnosci kaplanskiej. Samo poswiecenie kaplana nie czyni go doskonalym wobec Mnie. Wciaz pozostaje grzesznikiem, bo sacrament swiecen nie zmienia jego natury, ktora pozostaje ludzka, a przez to grzeszna. Kosciol wiec przez wieki ustalil specjalny obrzed dla kaplanow, jak maja postepowac wobec Mnie, kiedy przystepuja do Mnie w Najswietszym Sakramencie. Ludzka ulomnosc winni ukryc gleboko pod urzedem, jaki imnadalem. W tym celu zostaly ustalone przepisy, ktrore Moj Swiety Duch , prowadzac wybrane I swiete umysly, ustalil w Kosciele.



Holy robes and incense smoke were not only supposed to protect Me against human unworthiness, but also to protect priests against their own sinfulness and the evil spirit, to whom the incense conceals holy things, including priestly souls, and whom its fragrance suffocates more than the sulfur fumes in Hell. Priestly vestments: the cassock, the chasuble, the cape and the veil, like the tunic, the linen trousers, the belt and the tiara in the Old Order, protect the priest from his own weakness and inclination to evil. Holy robes are like an armor, which does not allow the evil spirit to gain access to the priestly soul.


The exposition of the Blessed Sacrament should be accompanied by particular reverence and praise, which would emphasize the importance of this event. Special prayers and sounds have been introduced for this purpose. These are not additional and arbitrary regulations, but regulations commanded from above by the Holy Spirit leading the Church. The sound of bells also scares off evil spirits and sanctifies the external part of this event. The same applies to the sound of bells or gong during the benediction with the Blessed Sacrament. As for the songs, My real presence is neglected and overlooked through them. I prefer silence to thoughtless singing of songs unsuitable for this event. The songs sang at that time should give praise to the mystery of My Divinity hidden under the holy forms. Singing songs with a different content is an affront to Me, even if the songs themselves were good and desirable in other circumstances. The singing of other songs also introduces unrest among the believers who, instead of kneeling, get up, walk or sit down, forgetting about My presence.