Calling of souls – Burnt offering for the priestly heart (2)


Lord Jesus:  The second issue I wanted to talk about is the burnt offering of the heart. I want him to consecrate to Me every soul who desires to join this sacrifice, but whether I will accept it or not will be only a matter between Me and the victim, whom I will receive. You will not count these victims, lest you succumb to pride. Nor will the chosen ones come forward, lest Satan conquers them. They will carry their crosses in humility and concealment, for the one who would like to announce to the world that he has been chosen will most likely fall first and lose the priest, whom he was supposed to save. This sacrifice is very hard, but also very effective. So you will accept to this sacrifice of the heart those who will come to ask for this additional cross. I will dictate a prayer to you with which they will be offering Me their life and heart.

Jesus, who devoted three hours of Your agony on the cross to implore for the grace of sainthood for priests, let me join today Your Passion and accept temptations so great, that only with Your strength I can bear them and overcome them. I want to take upon me the diabolic attack, with which Satan wants to destroy the priest whose name I present to You. If you consider me a soul capable of overcoming this attack through humility and prayer, hide the heart of this priest in my heart, so that evil spirits could not reach him, before they do not destroy me and I do not fall into sin. I implore you, however, even if all Hell would lash out at me, do not let me fall into mortal sin. Rather send death upon me, because if I sin mortally, I will have a priest on my conscience, who will also fall down, drawing after him many souls to Hell. I would rather die, but save Your son, because his life is more precious than mine. I promise not to cease in prayer and to strengthen myself constantly through the holy sacraments. Nevertheless, let not mine, but Your Will be done. Amen.

The souls that I choose must attach great importance to prayer and contemplation; otherwise, they will not be able to carry this cross. If they begin to neglect prayer and participation in the sacraments, the devil will outsmart them, because only with My power they can overcome him.

So now, call to Me the souls who want to attain this sacrifice. I will hand over to them my dearest hearts, and the pain, suffering, and torments of temptations I will reward. I share the priestly heart only with this soul, in which I find rest and liking, and the one which I trust. You do not even expect how great are the temptations, which the priests experience. So by bringing your willingness to Me, be aware that you are entering the fight for your eternal life. This is a very serious matter, not another sacrifice, the consequences of which you will not see with the naked eye. This is a battle for life and death.

Tell the priest, My child, that he can count those willing to make the sacrifice, but he will not count the accepted sacrifices themselves, because it would be a scandal and the squandering of many graces. The soul that I will choose must already have a very strong bond with Me in order to prop this sacrifice only on Me. It will be a secret for her, so she would keep her sacrifice and the priest’s name in discretion. Whoever would divulge the name of the priest and his sacrifice, this one has certainly not been chosen by Me, but has succumbed to the delusion sent to him by the devil.

Translated from: Rekolekcje Kapłanskie, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2018, p. 10-11