Destruction of the perfect plan of God in one’s own life


God the Father:  The tenth commandment concerns the lust for any property of one’s neighbor, and thus jealousy and envy, which have their source in greed. No one should be jealous of anything. Every man on Earth receives the gifts he needs from the Creator. These gifts are not divided equally, but are given out of consideration for the mission that the soul receives to perform on Earth. The plan of God assumes different paths, so there are different gifts and graces that people receive. One should also remember that not everything that man desires serves his soul.

Humility is the basis for observing this commandment. A humble soul rejoices in what she has received form God and is grateful to Him, even though there are those who have received more. Man on Earth does not possess the fulness of knowledge and does not understand the action of God. Thus, he should always accept the Will of God and the place that has been intended for him. The soul gets to know the perfect justice of God only after death, where she sees accurately her life and the graces that were given to her. The life of man is not only the earthly life, but also the eternal life; and from this perspective, one can only then perceive the justice of God.

For that reason, the human soul is harmed by too much curiosity, which leads to too much focus on the lives of others. Scrutinizing the lives of others leads further to jealousy and coveting other people’s things. Coveting other people’s things, looking at them in this spirit and thinking about them leads to the desire to possess them at any cost, and thus to spend money imprudently beyond one’s means or directly to theft. In the best case, these lusts end with the eternal frustration of a man, who considers his lack of possession of certain things or characteristics to be his misfortune, for which he blames the members of his family, the society, the nation, himself, but most often Me, as an unjust God.

Coveting someone else’s property leads to such intricacies, regardless of whether they are objects, wealth, physical or mental characteristics, talents, possibilities, and so on. As many things in the world, so many lusts accompany them. One can also covet in the world of the spirit God’s graces to the chosen ones, supernatural experiences, the protection of God’s Providence, and supernatural dreams or abilities that God gives out according to His preference for the greater glory of God. Such covetousness is a sin in which one accuses the Holy Spirit of injustice and undermines His Will.

That is why one should not scrutinize too much someone else’s life, someone else’s family, talents and wealth. All this leads to comparing oneself in a limited and unfair manner, and desires being born from this comparison are difficult to combat. You should keep your eyes on a tether and not look at what is not beneficial to the soul, and may be a threat to her peace. It is bad to awaken one’s own desires by reading romances, watching movies, or someone else’s stories that arouse the lust to have a different life, a different country, a different husband or wife, different children, a different profession, a different life, and in the end a different god, because lust is a prayer to a different deity, who comes called by lust and tempts the one, who has called him through lust. In this way, he brings upon himself the spirits of jealousy, impurity, theft, grief, and hatred.

Depending on what man covets, the evil spirits corresponding to this lust are charging on him to deepen this lust and turn it into an obsession, and in that way, they incapacitate their victim. So instead of striving to give glory to God with his life where God put him, man begins to obsessively desire to be someone else, somewhere else. He is capable of giving up his family, traditions, Church and God, looking for the fulfillment of his lusts in a better country, with a better family. All this leads to great misfortunes. The imaginary image of man and the world that Satan created in the media is not real, so the one who follows it will not find happiness and peace. On the contrary, he will experience deep disappointment, convincing himself that he has been deceived. The new life that he wanted to create is not his life that God has planned for him; therefore he will never achieve fulfillment in it.

Children, you receive graces to live in the country that God to gives you, with the family in which you are born, and with the abilities you have received, not to mention appearance or sex. By coveting what others possess, you destroy your own life and the perfect plan of God towards yourselves. Only by following the path on which God has put you, you achieve happiness, peace, and fulfillment. So I forbid you to covet other people’s belongins, because even if they were good for someone else, they will not be for you. I forbid you to look with covetousness at what you do not possess, to protect you from Satan and the destruction of My Will in your life. Remember, what you have is good. Good for you are the families that you have, the houses you live in, the cars you drive, your social status, appearance, characteristics and talents, because you have received it all from God. Do not desire anyone else’s good so it would not turn into evil for you. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 151-155