Enslavement and spiritual disability as consequences of impurity


God the Father:   Impurity brings with it spiritual havoc and introduces chaos proper to Hell into the life of man, because the consequences of this sin are very extensive, especially spiritually. Impurity is not love. It is its destruction at the very beginning. Relationships based on impurity lead to internal destruction, burnout and emptiness, from which later it is impossible to extract the strength to overcome any sort of difficulties. So people who are tied with each other in a sinful way turn out to be inhumanly indifferent to each other and hostile in view of the difficulties that they face. Sharing every moment with each other, they can become strangers from day to day and never mention each other again. They start new relationships, transferring their wounds and entanglements related to sin to subsequent persons.

Children born in sin without God’s blessing are forever unhappy. They are unable to find peace. Burdened with the yoke of the fall of their own parents, they fall down in a similar way, because one inherits from his parents not only the appearance and the character traits, but also the spirituality and the connection belonging to souls with the world of Heaven or Hell.

From the first moment of the coming into being of the soul, she is loved by Me, but the rejection of My love by man through the rejection of My commandments cuts off My blessing and introduces unclean spirits, which are always spirits of destruction. These are not cupids with sweet faces. Impurity arising in the mind and relocated to the heart develops into deeds due to the spirits of destruction and death, who after seducing their victims leave them in a lamentable condition. And if they have the consent, that is, they are not expelled through the Sacrament of Confession, they remain closely connected with the soul whom they have deceived, and they entangle her so strongly so that she would no longer be able to extract herself from her pitiful position. Now, their effort will be to lead her to the very bottom, where there is only despair, and from there to precipitate her straight to Hell.

Every impurity kills love. Every impurity leads to the formation of wounds and sick interpersonal relationships, from which love cannot flow. I am Love. By breaking My commandments, you always submerge yourselves in the world of evil, in which love does not exist. Lust and the desire to possess another person are not love, which you find out at the first difficulties. Psycho-physical addiction is not love, nor is any kind of infatuation. They are all kinds of snares, which the evil spirits use to lure, deceive and destroy human souls.

Impurity that is not being fought develops into heavy addictions, perversions, and savagery, because Satan’s will is to deprive mankind of its dignity and likeness of God. Sin always leads to the next sin, and every subsequent sin is uglier than the previous one and more strongly shackles the soul. That is why sins against the sixth commandment very quickly lead to enslavements, from which later it is difficult to break free for years. Every fall is accompanied by evil spirits, which later remain with man to torment him, because thanks to one fall they receive in some ways the right to circulate around this soul.

My children, how much suffering you endure for a moment of your delusive forgetfulness… How broad are the consequences and complications suffered through sin in your families… how many cries, complaints and suicides as a result of breaking this basic commandment, which is only a guarantor of your happiness on Earth. The human intimate sphere is so delicate and sensitive that it should be shared with only one person, whom one chooses for the entire life. Only the marriage that I will bless creates a family ready for the reception of children. Only in such conditions, spiritual wounds are not arising in your hearts, and the children that you will conceive will be free. You must be aware that trying yourselves in relationships with others impairs you very much internally. The more impurity in the life of man, the less he is capable of starting a family and accomplishing any life tasks.

Striving for purity should be as important to you as wearing clothing for protection against a swarm of insects. For evil spirits, through impurity, eat away everything that is good from the interior of man. They are like parasites, which once admitted to their victim, disfigure her and lead to her death. The same is done to you by those, whom you let seduce you and lead to impurity; those with whom you remain in unclean relationships, calling them love. Hell is full of lovers, My children. I bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 114-118