Day of respite for the soul and the body


God the Father:  I want Sunday to be a longed-for day of respite for you, when not only your bodies are resting to free your souls from the concerns of everyday life, but also your minds are resting free from worries. Sunday is a day of joy. On that day, the thoughts of man should move away from the matters of this world, and move towards heavenly, eternal and joyful matters. Hence, I encourage you on that day to read pious books, to contemplate My Word. I am looking for the soul in the silence of her reflections. The human soul rests best in God. Let your family circle be a joy for you, but leave yourselves time on that day for blissful silence with Me.

I am not the enemy of rest. I want you to rest, but not as the world proposes to you. Man rests best in loneliness and silence. He truly rests when he is left alone. Every man knows how he regenerates best and fastest. Everyday worries, buzz, constant struggle, and haste, as well as all kinds of hardships, leave man sad, irritable and often so tense that a small matter is enough to get him out of balance. Rest in silence is a necessity to move away all these worries and distance oneself from them. Already after a few hours of silence, man becomes stronger, calmer and joy returns to his heart. It is I who pour new strength and hope into him, spending time with him one-to-one.

The soul must drink from God. Constant activity leads man to great nervousness because he cannot draw solace from communing with Me. Give Me your Sundays, and I will fill you with My peace. The world commands you to enjoy your free time and do a lot of superfluous things, which you do not feel like doing at all. You do not realize that you are living, as it were, contrary to yourselves, performing things that you have been commanded as those, which will make you happy and will make in sort that your free time will be well spent. Hence, you are forced to do sports, visit interesting places, meet interesting people, concerts, exhibitions, adventures and entertainment, while the human soul above all desires peace and love. You come back to your homes and you are empty and frustrated more than before leaving them, because the world does not satisfy the soul of man. It only reaches his ambitions, senses, and lusts. It leaves the soul hungry and thirsty.

I am asking you to take My words to your heart. Whoever does not respect the third commandment does not respect God. It is never worth it to break this commandment for any gain. Avoid people who want to break it on this day, so as not to be yield to their prompting. Be faithful in your conscience by refusing the devil to do business on this day. Remember that Satan always tempts you to sin, pushing the boundaries of sin in your minds further and further through justifications, exceptional circumstances and false love of your neighbor. If it is not allowed, it is not allowed. Do not bend My Will to your whims, because this justifies you only before yourselves, but not before Me. Do not deceive yourselves by sinning. A sin is a sin, and only I can assess its severity. Be as faithful towards Me as you would like Me to be faithful towards you. Avoid opportunities for sin, steer clear from afar of shops and cafes, as well as those shops where you buy without leaving your home, and you will remain loyal to Me and happy at the hour of your death. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 66-69