The Day of the Lord and not a day of rest


God the Father:  My first commandment orders you to obey all other commandments. My second commandment orders you to use your lips only for the glory of God. The third commandment orders you to devote one day a week to the glory of God. Write so.

Sunday is the first day of all days because it belongs to God and is a day offered to God by Himself. The earthly time is divided into weeks, in which man should devote every seventh part to God, to give Him glory and thanks for the given graces. It is a day of propitiation for committed sins and obtaining graces for the following days. On this day, man should stop all earthly work and turn his eyes, thoughts, and heart to God. This is not a day of rest, but a day of the Lord, which means that the teaching of the third commandment is wrong, because it emphasizes rest and not the glory of God. It sounds precisely like this: “Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.” I Myself sanctified this day, refraining from all creative works, but I looked at the work that I have accomplished. This way, I gave an example to man that no matter how important the work he performs, the seventh day is a day of thanksgiving for the work of creation and the blessing of God. Thus, I interrupted My work, but not because it was tiring Me, nor because I made any profit from it. I interrupted it to see how everything that I have created gives Me glory.

The seventh day is not a day of rest, as you are wrongly taught. Sunday is not a day of relaxation, sport, social or cultural meetings. Sunday is the day of the Lord established by God; that is, the day of God. This means that this day should be entirely dedicated to God for glory. Man gives glory to God above all through prayer. Man gives Me the greatest glory by participating in the sacrifice of the Passion and of the death of My Son, and thus the prayer of God Himself offering a sacrifice for mankind. How can you not be there? Isn’t this the greatest disregard for God that man is capable of? I gave you six days to take care of earthly affairs, but I took one day for Myself, so that all creation would glorify God for the work of creation and Redemption. The sacrifice of the Holy Mass is the basic, first and unique in its kind form of praising Me, because in it God-Man praises Me in a perfect way. And thus, this Sacrifice is perfect, agreeable and pleasing to God, while all other human sacrifices are imperfect because they are offered by imperfect beings inherently wounded by sin.

This is the Supreme Sacrifice and it is not offered for every human being by man, speaking words, but God, shedding His own Blood in agony. This sacrifice is bloodless, but real; invisible in its infinite power and majesty, but real and visible enough in the earthly conditions so that everyone could participate in it and give glory to God.

When God-Man apologizes with his own Blood for the sins of man, this man should at least show up next to the cross to be sure that this Sacrifice is also offered for his sins and his fault will be propitiated before God the Creator. A sinful man should unite himself with the cross of Christ and call to God: “It is for me, it is for my sins that Your Son is dying so! So accept His Sacrifice for me and forgive me!” A sinful man should accept the grace that the Son of God obtains for him on the cross. He should receive it in the form of the Holy Spirit entering into the human heart with the sanctifying grace through the holy sacraments of the Church.

At least that much is owed to God for the work of creation and Redemption of man, and all this is done through dignified and full participation in the Holy Mass in the day dedicated to God for His exclusive glory. Tell Me now, how many inhabitants of Earth are observing the third commandment?

– A handful. Few.

This is My greatest tragedy as a Creator. I redeemed the erring mankind by sending My Son on the cross, and it does not want to receive Redemption. Such a great Sacrifice, infinite in its power and pain, passes unnoticed by mankind, which enjoys itself so well and rests so zealously that it is unable to lift its eyes up to God dying for it on the cross. This is the breaking of the third commandment. Ignorance grown into cruelty. Ignorance developed in human hearts to the level of cruelty towards God. Nourished by laziness, feeding of the senses and passions, self-love and idolization of man. I bless you, daughter.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 53-57