The language of Satan and the souls of the damned


God the Father:   Curses are the language of Satan. Whoever utters them is in his power. This is the language that betrays his followers, or rather slaves. They open their mouths, and My enemy’s venom spills out of them. The human tongue, which has to glorify God, so rarely serves its purpose. The Earth curses from morning to night, and this shows you how many souls no longer belong to Me. Your language and expressions are more and more brutal because the speech of society changes together with its progressing corruption. If you have God in your heart, curses must estrange you, because as I mentioned, they are the language of Satan.

Another form of cursing is malediction. He who vituperates also utters words coming straight from the evil spirit. Every curse is a spoiled fruit given to you by Satan. If you utter them, you eat this rot; so that poisoned with his venom, you may speak with the language of the damned already on Earth. By wishing evil to anyone, you call upon the power of evil to help you in doing evil. All the misfortunes that will fall on the head of the victim will be counted to you as a fault. Be afraid of evil. Distance evil thoughts away from you, because the devil wants to damn you through his own anger. You, on Earth, have no reason to despair because I am everlasting hope. Despair and malediction are the world of the damned. Do not enter it in your lifetime, because you will inevitably find your way there after death. Shut your ears to this evil. Avoid listening to curses by renouncing movies in which they are popularized.

Evil spirits are hurling curses because they are already damned. This is the language of Hell. All the damned curse. So let this be a warning to you, that when you curse, Satan himself uses your lips to revile Me in the human heart. Curses indicate that the one who utters them is in the power of the demon or the demon is gaining power over him through anger or despair. At times of such great temptation, you must ask for help from the loved ones who can pray for you, the saints and the angels. Every act of humility distances the evil spirit. You fight against evil spirits because submission to them manifests itself in the curse, which, allowed into the human heart and not fought with the whole strength, will remain on the lips of man until the moment of his death. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 44-46