All believers and nonbelievers call upon the Name of God without restraint


God the Father:  Calling My Most Holy Name in vain has become so common among Catholics as if they could not live one moment without saying it. Unfortunately, this happened because of the evil spirit, who placed My Name between filthy words and stuffed with it all the movies that he gave you to watch. Although they are completely devoid of Divine content, My Name is commonly called upon in them, in order to disgrace it. My Name is downtrodden as a dot in a sentence. Every sinner, though he neither wants to know Me nor believes in Me, repeats My Name with stubbornness.

Satan deliberately teaches you how to offend Me and you mindlessly accept these models, learn them by repetition, and bring them into your life and your way of speaking. You do not realize the consequences of these actions. You do not think about them, because you speak unwittingly, like mindless beings. In fact, you were taught to insult Me mechanically and with great ease repeatedly during the day, mocking My Name, calling Me for trifles without the intention to give Me glory and without actually thinking about Me.

When you say, “Oh God,” you call upon the Majesty of the Supreme God, in whose hand is not only your breath, but the breath of all existence. While in heaven an innumerable host of angels and saints utters My Most Holy Name on their knees and with trembling, on Earth it is also called upon equally often and countlessly, but without love, without worship and without trembling. Everyone offends Me, from children to the elderly; everyone who has a tongue desecrates My Name, calling it in vain.

The same applies to the Name of My Son, at the sound of which every knee will bend. His Most Holy Name, His Most Precious Wounds and His Passion are held in contempt. Satan has attained plenitude here. It is no longer possible to reverse this practice under normal circumstances.

If you worship Me and love Me, in an act of penance for the insult to My Name, try starting from today to at least bow your head every time you hear My Name, the Name of My Son and the Name of the Holy Spirit. I am not asking for genuflection, because this is no longer possible on Earth. Take part in My humiliation, making satisfaction to Me. It will be a consolation for Me and for you an antidote and a chance to free yourself from this sin. You will quickly find out how often I need satisfaction. The respect of My Name and the awareness of one soul, who will give Me glory at the sound of My Name, will bring Me at least a little comfort that there is a place where My Most Holy Name is honored.

I bless you. Give Me this joy and honor My Most Holy Name, and then I will listen to you with such attention, with which you will be saying My Name. Calling My Most Holy Name in vain, however, is not for nothing. It requires penance. I listen to the one who speaks to Me with respect, consciously and with fear.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 36-38