Introduction to the mystery of the 10 commandments of God


God the Father:  Listen, man is weak and in addition he has a tendency to believe in his own reflections and feelings more than in God. It is only suffering and disappointments that reveal to man the truth about himself and about the possibilities of his cognition. Love My commandments. Truly they are only love. Suffer with Me due to their rejection and transgression by entire nations. Love them, because they are hated by everyone. Love them, because they are rejected. Worship Me by loving My commandments. Adore Me by valuing them more than human opinions about yourself. Expose yourself to people in order to please God. Love each of My commandments. Do not forsake any. Do not make small concessions. Do not make small compromises. No. They lead you to accept evil. They are slowly opening the door to corruption. Beloved daughter, fight for My commandments. They are hated so much, as if they were evil levied against mankind. As if they were guilty of all evil and all misery. Meanwhile, their rejection brings a curse on souls and nations. The rejection of My commandments brings doom to mankind. The breaking of My Law hurts Me, because My Law does not serve Me. This is the only Law in the world free from the lust for power and not being oriented towards the interests of its creator. This is the only Law of Love. The law given to people for their good and for their interest.

My child, make for yourself a tablet with My Law. You will hang it in your home and you will read it every day to compensate Me for the rejection of My Law by man. Compare your actions, thoughts and words to the words of My Covenant.

Examine your soul every day to see if you also are not joining the company of embezzlers. Let your home be a stronghold of My Law. Let it be safe there and protected day and night. Set up guard on all towers and defend My Law as if it were Me alone. You will make these tablets personally. I want them to hang on your walls and be worshiped. I want them to be at the center of your altars, for I am my Son and I am My Law. By striking My Law, you always strike My Son. Hang these tablets next to the cross to remember that the breaking of My Law is crucifying Jesus and condemning Me to the torment of looking at His Passion in your home and in your soul. Reject evil in every form. Accept Me with My Son and My love in full measure. With all your heart and all your soul. I desire love and gratitude from man for My commandments, with which I protect him from all evil. (…)

Remember that these tables should be made with great care. Ask My Spirit to show them to you. I would like man to read them again, to learn them by heart and to worship them in such a form, in which they were revealed to him. Tell people that changing My commandments will bring a curse on the world, new diseases and new destruction. Tell the world that it has sinned by changing the content of My commandments.

– What does it mean? Is the Decalogue that I know good?

Yes, daughter. The Decalogue is good, but the teaching is wrong. Each commandment has been changed by wrong teaching, which distorts its meaning. This is a source of damnation for many people: the wrong teaching of the commandments.

– Father, show me these mistakes. Put this evil straight. Tell us Your holy commandments once again. We will write them down again the way you want, with the teaching that you will provide. Help us to discover Your commandments anew and love them anew. I am asking on behalf of the deceived mankind.

Listen. I will come and bring you My Law together with the great love that I have incorporated in it. I will show you what I desired and what man did, adjusting everything to himself and to his own comfort. The alteration of anything in My Law brings a great curse. I promise that I will come. Wait for Me, praying and fasting. Offer me this time of Lent for this intention, that I may purify My Law in the hearts of people from the hypocrisy and falsehood with which Satan has girded them. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: 10 Przykazań Bożych na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 9-12