God desires love and not perfection


God the Father:  You are not capable yet of giving Me perfect gifts, but My beloved, which mother looks reluctantly at a clumsily made gift from a child? Isn’t she rather touched by the ineptitude with which the child tried to make the gift the best he could? Isn’t the greatest love hidden in the imperfections of this gift? Do you understand Me now? (…) You see, I also look that way at everything that you give Me. Not on the effect, My daughter, but on the effort you put into making this gift, on the number of attempts you make, despite the fact that you still do not achieve the intended result. Now think how sorry I feel when you forego the chosen path, when you give up… just like a mother who finds a “failed” gift in the trash bin. She is hurt by this sight. After all, she would also have accepted this “failed” gift with love, because it is not the gift that counts, but the intention and effort, the time devoted for the execution of this intention, which is to make the mother happy. Beloved child, won’t the mother take this gift out of the trash bin and put it on a shelf just as it is, even destroyed, because in it is written all the effort and pain of the child, who eventually gave up further effort? Beloved, know that I place all your gifts in front of My eyes and they rejoice My Divine Heart. The most unsuccessful ones touch Me even more, because even more I see your weakness, which you must overcome in order to bring Me joy. My child, how many times I have to take away from you these gifts for Me Myself before you deem them worthless and throw them out instead of offering them to Me. But I desire them. I desire everything at what you fail. Give Me all this and I will be immeasurably happy with your every attempt to gift Me.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Boga Ojca. Tato, jestem. Grzechynia 2015, p. 219