The mystery of faith (4)


God in the Holy TrinityThus, human souls on Earth possess Me as faith. After the death of the body, the soul rises up to Me to the measure of her faith and love. And so, some souls who possessed Me to the highest degree, perfecting their faith, are seeing Me without the veil of the world. By possessing Me already on Earth, they only abandon the world; so by throwing away this veil, they see Me and possess Me as they desire. Death is for them a moment of liberation, an instant in which they obtain the Subject of their faith forever, to the extent to which they desired Him during life. It is like possessing during the entire life the photo of a beloved, who, however, is located at a distance, and after death grabbing him by the hand and possessing him entirely and completely. No matter how I would impart Myself to the soul during life thanks to her faith, I always remain at a distance. I allow the soul to desire Me to the degree to which her desire embodies the fullness of My life in the soul and no longer allows her to remain in the body. Then, I take away her body, due to which she could not see Me clearly and explicitly.

Souls who possessed Me admittedly through faith, but because of its inadequacy cannot yet join Me in the place of My glory, possess Me still, but no longer through faith, but through the flames, in which they see exactly what was till now the subject of their faith.  The world is no longer a veil, but their degree of knowledge of Me is far from the degree in which My saints see Me. The clear picture of My divinity is obscured to them by their own offenses, from which they must be cleansed. The flames of My justice are the only way in which the souls can feel Me. Thus, they are painfully cleansed because of their sins, but also they desire those flames, because they desire Me. For a pure soul, the closeness of God is a light in which her face shines; for an unpurified soul, it is a fire that burns her, because the slightest imperfection and blemish cannot stand before God. So all the impurities burn in the soul, who feels the closeness of God through this fire, and despite the suffering, and even together with the suffering, her thirst for God increases. Thus, for souls suffering in purgatory, God is fire, because they get to know Him as fire into which they enter despite the suffering, because they know that He is Love, and having obtained Him for eternity, they suffer because they came to this meeting unprepared.

Write, My daughter. Souls who do not experience the flames are souls who were cleaner than others, but still insufficiently prepared. They are not burned by the flames, but only by the inner desire. There are also souls who do not attain possession of Me neither in life nor after death. For these I am the fire of hell, the fire of eternal justice, which burns them as My justice, but does not burn their faults and does not purify their souls. (…)

My daughter, you are right not asking Me all the questions that arise as you are learning My words. You can never obtain clarity as to the dimensions covered by My mystery. Man must praise Me for all that I have revealed to him. He does not need to understand Me, because not reasoning is a condition of Salvation, but faith.

Translated from : Kompendium IV z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 124-125