The mystery of faith (2)

B. Faith as a condition for obtaining graces and drawing upon the power of God

God in the Holy TrinityFaith has different degrees of perfection, from the lowest, which is indispensable to participate in the life of the Church, to the highest, in which man parts with the reality of the world and lives in the reality of faith, which begets salutary effects in his soul, uniting him forever with My Divinity. Over the course of history, I have shown to My people how great is the power of faith and how close to Me is the one, who believes how many graces he can obtain and how much he can unite his existence with Me, (That) I Am. By believing, you gain the right to draw from My power, wisdom and strength. I open spaces for you that are not accessible to pagans and you step into the world, in which I live. You breathe the air that I breathe and use the world as I use it. The world is obedient to My orders, because everything that is, exists thanks to My Word, and thus will always be obedient to this Word, thanks to which it exists. All matter is a reality subjected to My Will, and owing to that fact it surrenders toward faith, through which you unite with Me.

The secret of approaching Me during life on Earth is and remains the power of faith. My Word exists and lives, thanks to which the faith, of which you are the owners, reveals to you the truth about the submission of the world towards My Word. Nothing can exist beside My Word and nothing can stand against My Word. I reward generously for faith, allowing the soul to benefit from My power and authority.

The one who believes gives Me the opportunity to act, to fulfill My Will and perform miracles of My grace. Only the one who believes can commune with Me. The more he believes, the closer I am to this soul and the more I give Myself to her.

The soul who believes is My joy. Thus, I will cultivate her faith, perfecting her through sufferings and trials, so her faith may reach the summit, which I Myself am. So that through faith, she may break through to Heaven itself, rise in a sort of way to the Creator Himself, where she will behold Him already without any veil. Faith is the strength that lifts the soul to God. Thanks to faith, it is possible for you to eat what is not edible an drink what is not a beverage and live, as if you were eating and drinking, yet living only on the Word. Through faith, it is possible for you to live as spiritual beings despite having bodies, bodies that are weak and sinful.

Thanks to the faith of Mary, the Word became Flesh in Her and dwelt among the people. Thanks to Mary, man was redeemed, because there was a creature on Earth with such great faith, which enabled God to fulfill his eternal Will of the salvation of man. Faith opens mankind to My action and allows Me to fulfill My Will, which is always goodness.

Translated from : Kompendium IV z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 121-122