God also heals during the time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Thus, do not be afraid to come and speak. Every visit is agreeable to Me, because I am a prisoner. I am always waiting; at any time I am happy from your visit. Come, if only for a moment, to greet Me and ask that I accompany you everywhere. Treat Me as someone who is alive, not dead; as someone who is on Earth with you, not as God in the inaccessible tracts of Heaven. I want faith, faith makes Me happy. I am waiting for you. Come with faith.

If you truly believed, Jesus would not be lonely, and among you there would be no people who are sick or possessed. The reverence that you pay to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and the love that you bestow upon Him by visiting the blessed Sacrament, are a test of your faith.

You have to realize that Jesus did not want to leave the Earth. He had to die for your Redemption, but He never stopped desiring to dwell among you, to cure your sick bodies and souls. Coming into the world in a human form, as a born God, He gifted mankind with His blessed presence and everyone who worshiped Him and believed in Him, that He truly has the power to work miracles in the name of God, was healed. God in His justice does not deprive man of His presence even today. You just have to believe that He had to leave the Earth in this guise, in which He was crucified, for man to understand and accept Redemption as a real event, located in the history of man, which has been accomplished.

Jesus as a man has been crucified, laid in the tomb, resurrected and ascended to Heaven. These are facts that are necessary for man to believe and worship God for His unfathomable mercy, whose summit He revealed to man in His Son, the Redeemer of the world. If Jesus had not ascended to Heaven, man would not be able to comprehend His presence in Heaven at the right hand of the Father, and His kingship over all that belongs to the Father. God, however, never wanted to leave the Earth and leave His creation behind. In His merciful plan of salvation, He foresaw a way to stay on the Earth despite His actual departure from it. This Divine love and desire to dwell with man manifested itself in the establishment of the Blessed Sacrament, in which God forever embodied His full presence of Earth.

Thus, the Blessed Sacrament is God hidden from the human senses, God in Flesh and Blood, Jesus – Man and Jesus – God. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament hid himself from the sensory part of man, but He is truly present in It in His entire bodily and spiritual form, and thus in the fullness of His humanity and the fullness of His Divinity. The only difference that divides the times when He treaded the Earth from our times, is that one can not perceive Him without faith. I know that given the few miracles that you experience today, it is more difficult for you to believe that it is truly Jesus who is with you and lives among you. However, the contemporaries of Jesus also needed to raise to the heights of faith to recognize God in Him. He was also hidden from them. He appeared to the human senses, but hid Himself as God.

To love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is just that – to believe. Faith in the fact that He truly loves so much that He stayed on Earth with man. You all know where He lives. You can all go to Him. You can all speak with Him and be healed. You must just show faith. Just as in the past, Jesus is waiting only for your faith.

Translated from: Bóg uzdrawia i czyni cuda, Grzechynia 2016, p. 26-29