Now time for a miracle, healing and liberation

These great works happen during the time of the Holy Communion and the adoration afterwards. Use this moment and ask Me wholeheartedly for everything you want, because you know that then, I cannot deny you anything. I am subjected to you through the love and the joy that I feel while dwelling in you.

Now, during the Holy Communion, God gives man time during which he can ask for a lot. You ask Me little. I am capable, I am ready to give more. Ask. I do not intend to withhold all My graces in Heaven. I prefer to give them to Earth. I want them to be taken from Me. I want to gift them to the whole world. I want you to stop being afraid, mulling over in your heart for what it becomes to ask Me, and for what it does not. Ask Me for everything, because it is in My power to fulfill everything. Do not limit My goodness. You know that I can fulfill all your requests. Do not ask Me for small things and do not ask Me without faith. Always believe that I will fulfill your request, because I can do it, I want to do it and I have no reason for which I would deny My child. You, only ask with faith and do not cease in your requests. I am ready to fulfill them all. When you come to ask, do not ask as a slave, but as a free man; do not ask as a servant, but as a lord.

Translated from: Bóg uzdrawia i czyni cuda, Grzechynia 2016, p. 23-24