The capital is there, but there are no miracles

Because there is no faith. Today, God dwells with people for the price of faith. He remained hidden in the holy Host. He is the same as then in Palestine or today at the heights of Heaven. He is not less Almighty in the tabernacle. My apostles and people living simultaneously with Me saw the image of God, but could not believe because I was a Man, and they were expecting God whom Moses saw. They were unable to accept God as the Holy Trinity and they were unable to believe in Me, though they saw My signs. Today, you believe in Me as God and as a Man, you acknowledge the existence of the Holy Trinity, but you cannot believe in Me, now hidden not in the human nature, but in the holy Forms.


Translated from: Bóg uzdrawia i czyni cuda, Grzechynia 2016, p. 5-6