9 – The role of light in the liturgy

9. From the Book of Exodus

Fancy letter Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning. In the Tent of Meeting, outside the curtain that shields the ark of the covenant law, Aaron and his sons are to keep the lamps burning before the Lord from evening till morning. This is to be a lasting ordinance among the Israelites for the generations to come.

Ex 27, 20-21


9. The role of light in the liturgy


God the Father:  In front of the curtain shielding the Most Holy Place, I ordered to light a lamp whose light will never go out. This was to symbolize the presence of My Spirit in the Most Holy Place among the Israelites. The light is the best symbol of My presence, because for you I am precisely the Light that enlightens you. You must believe that without Me you are submerged in darkness and you do not see anything. It is I who enlighten you. My grace makes you recognize reality as it is. Today I am present among you in the Tabernacle and an eternal lamp, which should never be extinguished, is burning before it. It is a symbolic emphasis of the truth about the fact that I am present, that I am the Light and that I am alive. I am like a flame in the soul of man, who must constantly be watchful and observe this flame, so it would not go out.

From the beginning, fire was lit during the offering of sacrifices. It is a mystery that man unites with his gift. My action was once equated with the action of fire, believing that I consume the sacrifices offered to Me. I accept them, but I do not eat them. Today you know this; that is why the fire that you light for Me does not seem holy to you. And yet it is holy, because it burns for Me. The candles that you light for My worship are a sacrifice, in which you place your intentions. You light a symbolic fire, asking Me to accept it for My glory. If the intention is good, I accept it. Thus, each candle is a small altar upon which you give Me glory. So treat it with due respect, because it burns for Me. Although everything that you offer to Me is My gift, and by lighting the candle to My glory you see precisely that you do not make the fire appear and you do not create the wax from which it is made, I accept it as a sacrifice because I know that you never have anything from yourself anyways. Everything is My gift. Every one of your sacrifices, though it seems to you that it is not so. Every one of your fasts is My gift that you can offer to Me, but it is no more yours than the fire, which you neither create nor control. It is exactly the same with every sacrifice. However, offering Me fire is the purest sacrifice, because it shows you the truth about the fact that you are nothing and you have nothing. Everything that you have, you have it from Me.

So remember this when lighting the candles on your altar. It is not indifferent to Me whether you light them. Emphasize My presence in order not to forget about it. Let the candles that you burn for Me be My exclusive property. Do not use them at meals or other activities for yourself. If you offer them for Me, let them be for Me. Try to remember that every item that concerns My worship is holy, and although the candles burning on the Altar are only holy, your little sacrifice is also holy because it is dedicated to Me. Thus, also respect the candle burning for Me when you extinguish it, because it is an object used in My worship, and since I accepted this sacrifice, it became holy. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: Orędzia o czci i kulcie Boga, Grzechynia 2018, p. 69-73