Holy Communion (1)


Lord Jesus:  When you receive Me, think about Me, and not about the prayer or about the priest in front of whom you are kneeling. Think only about Me, because you are receiving Me. I enter into your heart and your soul. You are carrying Me in the same way My Mother was carrying Me in Her, so be aware of this great grace. It is I Myself, the Most Holy God, that descend from Heaven into you and live in you, so behave worthily and remember about it all the time. You do not realize how great a grace this is.  

Your soul is illuminated by My Light, is full of heavenly brightness, and My angels surround you and adore Me in you. Do you know how great a grace I have given to you? And I do not speak now only to you. You love Me, although you do not realize everything yet. I am saying this to all those who receive Me. Kneel on your knees, because it is I, Omnipotent God, who descend from Heaven into a small host and enter into man through it, in order to guide him. I know how weak you are. I lead you by the hand. I took residence in you to strengthen you, so you would not go astray again, but who will appreciate such graces?

Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded that it does not matter to God if you are standing or kneeling, if you receive Me on the tongue or the hand. Children, I am the Light of the world.  If you could see the true state of affairs, with what Glory I am descending from Heaven into the Most Holy Host, you would fall face down before Me, and you do not even want to kneel. Beloved children, what should I do when I am so harassed and pushed away from My Altar? Will you soon order Me to die in the cloisters ? What is My Church, if not a House of My Glory, then what? For what purpose do you come to Me, if you do not want to worship Me? I am the most worthy of Glory, the Son of God who suffered for you. At the present, I humbly accept what you are doing with Me, but not for long.

I do not want to take away from you My Sacrament, because you would perish without Me. However, My Father cannot endure anymore this lack of reverence for Me in My Own House, in My Church. And what should I say about the unworthy hands giving Me out?! Oh, how much pain this causes Me! What torments I am suffering when you thoughtlessly follow the new trend, the satanic trend insulting Me. Why do you serve him? Come to your senses. He is laughing into My face at your stupidity. My child, what good is it that he is defeated when you choose his lies? I died for you and you still cling to him, not to Me. How hideous are his paws, with which he is luring you. My beloved children, what should I do with you? I feel so sorry for you, that you are still not listening.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 118-119

Image credit: ”If Our Eyes were Opened…” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.