Time of the justice of God (4)


[ If people knew how Good You are… ]

Lord Jesus:  (…) I’ve been telling them about it for years, but nobody wants to believe. They think that I am a vengeful and unjust, but I will not show My love to those who slander Me. The same way as I kept silent before the high priest, so I will be silent towards those unbelievers and they will not see how Good is the Son of Man, (…).

They blaspheme against Me with cold hearts and cold blood. How much longer should I bear My humiliation!?  How much longer will I still be a humble Lamb?! But I tell you, who will not love Me in the defenseless Infant, who will not fall on his knees before Me hanging silent on the cross, who will not humble himself before My beloved Mother, he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For when you will see My Power and you will see your own misery and vulnerability… Children, … you will fall sobbing to your knees, but I tell you, it will be too late.

What do I need your fear for ? This is not the fear of God. (…) And you ingrates you not even want to know Me and you will not get to know anymore, because I will not reveal Myself to you in My Mercy, but in My Justice and you will not get to know My Merciful Heart, you who spat on My works of Love! I have no gifts for you anymore. I will distribute them among My beloved sheep. I will gather My holy herd and let mankind, who denied Me, be lost!

(…) how long should I look at this pagan society?! Is this My world? This is not My world anymore! I have created you and every blade of grass that you walk upon, and you are joking around of My Passion! Oh ungrateful people! What have I done to you that you have disgraced and demeaned Me so?! Daughter, how great are My Wounds today! Relieve the suffering of Your God. Comfort Me.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 6970