ORDO MISSÆ – Catechesis 12


My Son has paid for sin. You, however, must make satisfaction for the rejection of My Sacrifice. I have made it in the human body of My Son for all human souls. I have shown magnanimity to the world and I have accomplished everything; I have accomplished the plenitude of Redemption and justification. However, who will make satisfaction for the refusal to accept My Sacrifice, a Sacrifice so great, filled with all the possible pain and suffering?

Daughter, My Sacrifice would have been enough for the whole world and would have saved the whole world, if the world would have accepted it and immersed itself in it. But the world did not accept it. Worse still, My perfect Sacrifice is belittled by the imperfection of man, who in his pride wants to perform it for his own glory. My Sacrifice requires sacrifice. I desire reparation for the incomprehension of My design and the rejection of My Sacrifice by the world. My Sacrifice is accepted by many souls, but I have made it for all souls. I desire that the world makes amends to Me for this rejection.

In every Holy Mass in which you call upon My name, think about My glory and about My Sacrifice. In every Holy Mass, make amends to Me for the lack of love for My Sacrifice. Ask Me for mercy for the world through the lips of My Son and offer Me an act of voluntary reparation for the insufficient appreciation of My Sacrifice. Pray with the words (Oratio satisfaciens ante Missam). You will say this prayer before every Holy Mass, in order to offer Me your heart as reparation for the lack of appreciation and the rejection of the Sacrifice, that I Myself made for the world.

Translated from : Orędza na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, t. 23, Grzechynia 2017