ORDO MISSÆ – Catechesis 10


I come out to meet you in the plenitude of My power and glory, and that is how I dwell in the Tabernacle. Look at your attires. Are they festive and worthy? A festive attire is not only the obligation of the priest. Dress up as if you were going to an audience with the king. I am a King, but such a King of whom you have not even dreamed of. However, when you will see Me in the full glory of My Majesty, it will be too late to correct your irreverent habits. Your attire is the answer to your faith in My real presence in the Tabernacle.

By coming to the Holy Mass, you come to the Passion of My Son. Take your own cross with you and bring it to the proper Golgotha, to suffer and save souls here together with My Son. A late arrival to the Holy Mass is a misunderstanding. If there is no important reason for this, it is a lack of understanding of the Mystery of the Passion of the Lord.  You cannot jump into it at any moment at will. It is a lack of respect for the suffering God. When you yourselves will be irreproachable before Me, make satisfaction to Me for what is independent of you and what you cannot change. I can, if I want to. Thus, apologize to Me from a sincere heart and ask for mercy, in accordance with the prayer that I have taught you (Father, through the wounds of Jesus, I apologize to you. Have mercy upon us sinners). Pray sincerely and leave the rest to Me. Demoralization and corruption began at the very bottom of the Church, in its lowest members. There, healing will also begin. My Word is a balm that I pour onto the wound of sin of this generation. So do not concern yourselves with the sick head, but with the ulcerous legs that I have entrusted to you. I will take care of the head Myself, when the legs will be healthy and will be willing to go where I will order them. I bless you. I bless the generation that will be willing to listen. Amen.

Translated from : Orędza na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, t. 29, Grzechynia 2017