ORDO MISSÆ – Catechesis 2


The Church is not only the people. The Church is the sacraments, the Church is the grace and law, but the Church is above all else Me. I am its Head and thus I am its Center; I am the Vine and you are My branches. I possess full authority in the Church, because I have established it for the glory of My Father in Heaven.

(…) people’s greed, their deviousness and stupidity, and above all their pride, led to the result that the Church appears to forget about its Founder and Sanctifier. I am overlooked and pushed aside in the same way as you are. Man seems to be infallible and yet you all, from the baptized child joining My Church to the bishops and cardinals, are the descendants of Adam and Eve, defiled by the original sin. You are subjected to constant temptations and attacks of the evil spirit.

Thus, the decisions of the Church, which removes its Head from the center, begin to lose their sense and assume the form of hostility towards those who are fertile ground for the Church, those in whom grace can take root and yield fruit.

Translated from : Orędza na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, t. 16, Grzechynia 2017