Outside the Church there is no salvation


Lord Jesus:  (…) I would like to tell you about the nature of the Church. In one of My statements at the beginning of this message, I did not express Myself clearly to you. The priest asked Me to clarify this, so I want to explain this to him now. I said that I am One, whether it is the God of Catholics, Jews or Muslims. By saying this, I did not want to state that all religions worship the same one God, but that every man has been saved and created by the same Hand, the only Hand, and everyone desires to worship God in his soul, everyone misses Him. Yet, many of My children have gone astray and let themselves be deceived; this is why they do not give Me glory. They worship their deities, persist in religions in which their parents persisted, and are not seeking the truth.

And the truth is such that I am the Only God in three Persons. The Church that I have founded on earth is the Catholic Church and its head on earth is the pope. Only such a church is My true home, in which I am living. All the other religions are not Mine, and I cannot reveal Myself in them. Thus, the statement that salvation is only in the Catholic Church is by all means true. No other Church possesses Jesus as its head and in no other Church there is full sacramental unity with the Person of God. (…) The Orthodox Church is the closest to the truth, but must be subjected to My head on earth in order to be fully united with Me. (…)

I will explain to you what are the causes of this. I have set up this Church Myself precisely for this reason, so it may be for you the path to the truth. Only this path leads to the fullness of truth and understanding. Therefore the departure, even not too distant, from this designated path is a departure from truth, and thus also from salvation. I have shed all My love and Blood for this Church; it is the treasury of My graces. I have left you in it all the tools necessary for the salvation of souls. Every soul who truly participates in the sacraments of salvation obtains graces thanks to which she will attain salvation.

However, a man not knowing Christ is not excluded and precipitated to hell for that reason. Nevertheless, whoever does not get to know Christ in this world will have to learn to love Him in the next one, because no one who does not recognize Christ as his Lord and King can cross the gates of Heaven, where He rules. (…) Let no one think that he will find himself in Heaven after death, if he did not make use of the holy sacraments. (…) Baptism takes away the original sin. Baptism only. Nothing else. (…) The other sacraments help you on this path and possess the power of My presence contained in them. And thus whoever makes use of the holy sacraments already gets close to Heaven while being on earth.

No man is able to pay for his sins; only I could have paid for them and I did it, I did it for all. Whoever does not want to acknowledge this truth must learn it after death and depending on the life he lead, he will be given the grace of getting to know Me and falling in love with Me after death, or not. However, man must recognize his Savior, because salvation has been accomplished through the Person of the Savior, through Jesus Christ, and only the one who believes in Him and who recognizes Him as His Savior can be taken to Heaven. Only in Jesus Christ salvation is accomplished and only He is the path to Heaven. Therefore, the one who does not know his Lord and Redeemer cannot enter Heaven.

Children, I have suffered for each of you, but not everyone makes use of this grace, because only through faith you can truly participate in this Sacrifice, and thus be saved. You must believe that I have poured My Blood precisely for you. The path, which all Catholics find, is the simplest and shortest path to salvation. All other people find themselves in complete darkness and, depending on their religion, have access to a greater or lesser amount of light. This means that they are open to My grace in different ways (…) every man is called to serve Me in eternity and everyone receives enough light in order to be saved.

Translated from : Kompendium III z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2014, p 47-49